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The Hugo Keesing Collection on The Beatles


The Hugo Keesing Collection on The Beatles
Keesing, Hugo and Wouter (The Beatles)
Collection number:
2.00 linear feet
Bulk dates:
1963-1971, 1990-2000
Inclusive dates:
1963-2000, undated
Collection Area:
Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

The Hugo Keesing Collection of Popular Music and Culture consists of books, serials, recordings, sheet music, clippings, and memorabilia related to 20th century American popular music, in particular rock 'n' roll. Collected by Hugo A. Keesing, a professor at the University of Maryland and a popular culture scholar, with his brother Wouter Keesing, the bulk of the collection covers the period from the 1950s through the 1990s. The Collection has been separated into five record groups. This record group includes realia, ephemera, recordings, magazines, books, newspaper clippings, and person/tour material on The Beatles.

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The collection is open for research use.

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The Hugo Keesing Collection on The Beatles, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.

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Materials from this collection must be used in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library's Irving and Margery Morgan Lowens Special Collections Room, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact the curator for an appointment:


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Historical Note

The Beatles were a band formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. The band primarily consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. They are famous for, among many things, their role in the "British Invasion" into the United States in the mid 1960s and the subsequent "Beatlemania." They disbanded in 1970, each branching into solo careers. Throughout their career as a band, The Beatles' music evolved by their use of many different and innovative styles and recording techniques. The Beatles also produced five films, and were very influential in popular culture in general.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Hugo Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture has been separated into five record groups. This record group includes realia, ephemera, recordings, magazines, books, newspaper clippings, and person/tour material on The Beatles.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Gift of Hugo Keesing received in shipments beginning in September 1996, and is ongoing (as of 2009).

Processing Information

Processed by:

Mary Crauderueff

Encoded by:

EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Mary Crauderueff, February 2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Realia, undated (4 items)

This subseries includes posters, inflatable Beatles dolls, and other items. Materials are arranged by type.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Beatles wig, undated series 1box 1folder 1
Paul McCartney inflatable doll, undated series 1box 1folder 2
Ringo Starr inflatable doll, undated series 1box 1folder 3
Album Cover for "The Beetle Beat" featuring I want to hold your hand/ The Buggs, undated series 1box 1folder 4
4 posters - One each of The Beatles being the equivalent of a black velvet portrait. These are stored in a tube., undated series 1box 3folder 1

Series 2: Ephemera, 1967, undated (4 items)

This subseries includes calendars, postcards, and other memorabilia. Materials are arranged by type.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Lennon Color Calendar, 1981 series 2box 1folder 5
The Beatles: A 1990 Calendar, 1990 series 2box 1folder 6
blank postcard: The Beatles, undated series 2box 1folder 7
1 greeting card - "They say, 'all you need is love'... I'm here to give you all you need", undated series 2box 1folder 8
2 envelopes with decorative drawings, undated series 2box 1folder 9
100 original Beatle stamps (stamp book in protective leaf), undated series 2box 1folder 10

Series 3: Recordings, 1974-1975, 1977, undated (0.50 linear feet)

This subseries includes recordings.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
35 mm record - She Loves You / I'll Get You (warped), undated series 3box 1folder 11
35 mm record - Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That (warped), undated series 3box 1folder 12

Series 4: Magazines, 1964-1990, 1995, undated (0.50 linear feet)

This subseries includes whole magazines that are dedications or tributes to the Beatles, as well as articles from magazines.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
16 Magazine Presents John Lennon and the Beatles: A Loving Tribute, 1981, 1981 series 4box 2folder 1
The Beatles Forever, 1980 series 4box 2folder 2
John Lennon: A Tribute, December, 1980 series 4box 2folder 3
John Lennon Tribute: Winter, 1980 series 4box 2folder 4
Life: November 7, 1969 (2), February 1984, April 16, 1971, 1969, 1971, 1984 series 4box 2folder 5
Look: January 9, 1968 series 4box 2folder 6
Muziek Parade, undated series 4box 2folder 7
National Enquirer, various dates series 4box 2folder 8
National Lampoon: October, 1977 series 4box 2folder 9
Newsweek: December 22, 1980 (2), October 17, 1988. October 23, 1995 (2), 1980, 1988, 1994 series 4box 2folder 10
Parade: August 2, 1964 series 4box 2folder 11
People Weekly: December 22, 1980 (2), January 12, 1981, 1980-1981 series 4box 2folder 12
Performing Arts: December, 1978 series 4box 2folder 13
Record Collector: October, 1992 series 4box 2folder 14
Rolling Stone: June 28, 1969, July 15, 1976, January 22, 1981 (2), February 16, 1984, 1969, 1976, 1981, 1984 series 4box 2folder 15
Song Hits' Tribute to John Lennon, 1981 series 4box 2folder 16
Special Beatles: no. 37, 1978 series 4box 2folder 17
Special Editie: John Lennon, undated series 4box 2folder 18
Time: December 22 (2), 1980 series 4box 2folder 19
A Tribute to John Lennon and the Beatles, 1980 series 4box 2folder 20
TV Guide: November 21-27, November 18-24, 1981, 1994 series 4box 2folder 21
University: A Princeton Magazine: Winter, 1983 series 4box 2folder 22
The Beatles magazine (each page photocopied and in protective leaf), undated series 4box 2folder 23
Teen Life magazine, September special Beatle collector's issue, 1966 series 4box 2folder 24
Return of the Beatles magazine, limited collector's edition, 1966 series 4box 2folder 25
Time-Life Music catalog, Early Winter 2000, Beatles on cover (for release of 1), 2000 series 4box 2folder 26
Torn-out advertisement for The Best of The Beatles music box collection, undated series 4box 2folder 27
Torn-out sheets - "Camera at Work" Beatles article, pp. 20-24, undated series 4box 2folder 28
Rolling Stone magazine, January 22, John and Yoko cover, 1981 series 4box 2folder 29
Time magazine, December 22, John Lennon drawing on cover, "When the Music Died", 1980 series 4box 2folder 30
Newsweek magazine, December 22, John Lennon photo on cover, "John Lennon 1940-1980", 1980 series 4box 2folder 31
DATEbook magazine, Fall, "All About the Beatles" (in protective leaf), 1965 series 4box 2folder 32
Beatles Whole True Story magazine (in protective leaf), undated series 4box 2folder 33
Beatles Complete Story magazine (in protective leaf), undated series 4box 2folder 34
Newsweek magazine, February 24 (in protective leaf), 1964 series 4box 2folder 35
The Beatles magazine - cover reads: "pictures suitable for framing" (in protective leaf), undated series 4box 2folder 36
Teen Talk magazine, collectors edition on the Beatles (in protective leaf), undated series 4box 2folder 37
Time: George Harrison 1943-2001, 2001 series 4box 2folder 38

Series 5: Books, undated (0.25 linear feet)

This subseries includes books written about the Beatles.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
John Lennon: A Man Who Cared, 1980 series 5box 1folder 13
The Beatles Story: Strip Album Number 1 , 1978 series 5box 1folder 14
The Beatles Scrapbook, 1976 series 5box 1folder 15
"The Beatles: A Study in Drugs, Sex and Revolution" by David A. Noebel, undated series 5box 1folder 16
: "Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles" by Rev. David A. Noebel, undated series 5box 1folder 17
"Die Beatles" by Hans Rombeck and Wolfgang Neumann, undated series 5box 1folder 18
The Long and Winding Road: A History of the Beatles on by Neville Stannard, undated series 5box 1folder 19
The Beatles: A Twentieth Anniversary Booklist, undated series 5box 1folder 20
Fold-out book with 12 black-and-white Beatles photos (in protective leaf), undated series 5box 1folder 21
Newspaper Clippings, including sections from newspapers after Lennon's death, 1980, undated series 5box 1folder 39

Series 6: Clippings, undated (0.75)

This subseries includes newspaper clippings as well as photocopies of covers.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Photographs: From Beatles Whole True Story magazine: Beatles color pin-up (in protective leaf):, undated series 6box 2folder 22
Photocopies of covers:, undated series 6box 2folder 40
Here are the Beatles, Charles Hamblett, undated series 6box 2folder 40item 1.0
The Beatles: A Musical Evolution, Terence J. O'Grady, undated series 6box 2folder 40item 2.0
Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, Bill Haley - Rock n' Roll Battlers, undated series 6box 2folder 40item 3.0
1 double-sided page - table of contents / lyric sheet, undated series 6box 2folder 40item 4.0
1 double-sided page - Beatlemania / "Be a Beatle" wig advertisement, undated series 6box 2folder 40item 5.0
Concert for George newspaper section, February 24, 2002 series 6box 2folder 41
Nostalgia World Summer Vacation Guide, 1979 series 6box 2folder 42

Series 7: Personal/Tour, 1963-1964, undated (0.25 linear feet)

This subseries contains photographs, posters, and other personal items.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Photographs: 2 protective leaves, each containing 1 color photo of (total of 8 photos): George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, undated series 7box 1folder 23
Posters, undated series 7box 1folder 24
The Beatles - Andy Warhol, undated series 7box 1folder 24item 1.0
The Beatles - London Palladium (Oversized; housed in box 195), 1963, 1964 series 7box 1folder 24item 2.0
Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Oversized; housed in box 195), 1987 series 7box 1folder 24item 3.0
Sgt Peppers Band insert, undated series 7box 1folder 25

Related Material

The Keesing Collection has been separated into five record groups. Three of these groups are materials of artists: Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and The Beatles. One record group, Wouter Keesing, includes the research of Wouter Keesing, as well as material on Fats Domino, New Orleans, and Jazz/ R&B. The last record group is On Popular Music and Culture, materials that are not artist specific. The record groups contain specific material regarding the artists. This does not mean that there is no material of these artists in the rest of the collection - it is possible that in magazines and newspaper clippings there are related articles. What this does mean is that the collection does not have all of the material housed by type, but with the record group. This means that if a researcher is looking for all realia or ephemera, for example, they will need to look across the record groups to find all they are looking for. There are thousands of books from this collection that have been cataloged and are located in the Lowens Room using the prefix MKEESING. There are also thousands of LPs and records from this collection that will be cataloged.

For other related archival and manuscript collections, please see the following subject guides.