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Lilla Belle Pitts Papers


Lilla Belle Pitts Papers
Pitts, Lilla Belle
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9.00 Linear Feet
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Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

Lilla Belle Pitts (1884-1970) was a prominent music educator known for her advocacy of "child-centered" music education, the promotion of diverse cultural experiences through music, the use of folk and popular music for children, and the integration of music into the wider public school curriculum. The collection consists of manuscript, mimeographed and published music used in workshops by Pitts, manuscripts and typescripts of scholarly articles by Pitts, teaching materials related to her tenure at Columbia University, numerous press clippings arranged (by Pitts) by subject, personal and professional correspondence, and papers of a personal nature.

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Historical Note

Lilla Belle Pitts was born September 26, 1884 in Aberdeen, Mississippi. As a child, Lilla Belle excelled as a pianist, violinist, and singer. Pitts studied at the Kidd-Key Conservatory (North Texas Female College) in 1905 before moving to the Chicago Conservatory of Music in 1907 where she worked with Birdie Alexander. Between 1910 and 1923, Pitts worked for the Amarillo and Dallas public schools before becoming an educational representative for Columbia Records between 1921 and 1923. Pitts is thought to have established the first orchestra in the Texas panhandle during her tenure in Amarillo.

In 1923, Pitts resigned from Columbia Records and enrolled at Columbia University Teachers College. Here she was first exposed to the progressive education ideas of John Dewey. Pitts left Columbia in 1924 for her first long-term teaching assignment at the Grover Cleveland Junior High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where she taught until 1938. Here Pitts developed and experimented with numerous progressive ideas in music education, such as using popular, ethnic, and folk music in the classroom and integrating music with other aspects of the curriculum, primarily history and social studies.

In 1935, Pitts received her bachelors degree from Columbia at the age of 51, and in 1938, she was hired as an assistant professor of music education at Columbia and published her first book, Music Integration in the Junior High School. According to her biographer, Gerald L. Blanchard, Pitts became the most influential music educator in the nation, since teachers from all over the country came to Columbia for workshops and summer sessions. Pitts retired from Columbia in 1954, but remained active as a clinician. During this period, Pitts coauthored the influential textbook series Our Singing World. Pitts was forced by illness to retire from active teaching in 1962. She died in 24 January 1970 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Lilla Belle Pitts Papers covers the period from 1928 to 1961; the bulk of the materials date from 1938 to 1961. The collection consists of both personal, professional, and scholarly papers including manuscript, mimeographed, and published music used in workshops by Miss Pitts; manuscripts and typescripts of scholarly articles by Miss Pitts; teaching materials related to her tenure at Columbia University; numerous press clippings arranged (by Miss Pitts) by subject; personal and professional correspondence; and personal papers related to Pittss career as a music educator and work as a scholar of music education.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Lilla Belle Pitts left these papers to her brother, Miller B. Pitts, at the time of her death in 1970, who felt they should be housed with the official papers of the Music Educators National Conference, and so turned them over to the official MENC repository at SCPA in 1984.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Classroom Music, 1928-1958 (1.00 linear feet)

This series includes song lists, mimeographed and manuscript music copies, lyric sheets, and some clippings of printed music, representing Pittss accumulation of educational material. Also included are program notes relating to specific pieces or types of music (specifically, Stravinskys Petrouchka and Saint-Saenss Carnival of the Animals). Pitts arranged the songs, song-lists, and supplementary material by subject matter (i.e. Christmas, Halloween, cowboy songs), by interest groups (i.e. songs for boys), and by geographic areas or ethnic groups (i.e. songs from Hawaii and songs of Native Americans). There are more music scores and resources available in Series 4.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Black binder titled "Journal", 1956-1964 series 1box 1folder 1
Clippings, Mailings, and Letters, 1956-1964 series 1box 1folder 2
Middle Grades 4-5-6, circa 1960 series 1box 1folder 3
Christmas and Bell Songs, 1957-1959 series 1box 1folder 4
Halloween, undated series 1box 1folder 5
Dramatized Rounds, circa 1960 series 1box 1folder 6
Train Songs - Folk and Jazz, 1945, 1952 series 1box 1folder 7
Bell Songs - Christmas Bells, undated series 1box 1folder 8
Fanfares - Trumpets, Horns, Drums, undated series 1box 1folder 9
Lets Harmonize, 1954 series 1box 1folder 10
Petrouchka (Stravinsky), 1927, 1938 series 1box 1folder 11
Hawaii - University of Hawaii Songs, 1956 series 1box 1folder 12
Maggie can Read by John Crosby, 1945, 1961 series 1box 1folder 13
Now Run Along Home - Let Us Sing Together, undated series 1box 1folder 14
Danse Macabre, 1958 series 1box 1folder 15
Piano Pieces, circa 1920-1930 series 1box 2folder 1
Songs to Sing About Everything, undated series 1box 2folder 2
Jack Songs, circa 1960 series 1box 2folder 3
Quodlibet - Dona nobis pacem - Gaudeamus Igitur, undated series 1box 2folder 4
Selected Songs for Middle Grades, undated series 1box 2folder 5
Selected Series of Songs for Jr. and Sr. High School, undated series 1box 2folder 6
Boys Book - Jr. High, 1947-1948 series 1box 2folder 7
Gregorian Chant - Plain Song (Sacred), 1928-1954 series 1box 2folder 8
Pergolesi - Style in Church Music, 1936-1960 series 1box 2folder 9
Clippings - Lilla Belle Pitts - C.V.B., 1937-1956 series 1box 2folder 10
American Music - Folk Music and Art, 1942-1948 and undated series 1box 2folder 11
Happy Song - Singing Games - Danny Boy, 1924, 1929, 1962 series 1box 2folder 12
Christmas 1943 (by George Sokolsky), 1952-1957 series 1box 2folder 13

Series 2: Published Articles and Clippings, 1938-1961 (1.75 linear feet)

This series includes manuscript notes, typescripts, galley proofs, and author copies of journal articles by Pitts; the bulk of the clippings appear to cover the years 1956-1962. Also included is correspondence relating specifically to Pittss publications, including the Guide to 16 mm Films for Music Education, the Our Singing World series, and her promotional work for Teaching Film Custodians, Inc. There are numerous folders containing press and magazine clippings on political figures, musicians, and news events. However, most of the clippings in this series relate to Pittss interest in educational psychology and philosophy and to music in childhood. Since the filing arrangement was clearly created by Miss Pitts, and the clippings often make it somewhat easier to date other materials in the file, the original order was retained.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
The President of the United States, 1960-1962 series 2box 3folder 1
Robert Frost, circa 1959 series 2box 3folder 2
Barzum-Conant-McLeish-Heckinger-Wm. Carr, circa 1958 series 2box 3folder 3
Conductors - Leonard Bernstein, 1959 series 2box 3folder 4
Handbook for 16 mm Teaching Films, 1952 series 2box 3folder 5
Form and Design - Symphonic Form - Paul Lang - Germany, 1954-1955 series 2box 3folder 6
Concept of Meaningful "Wholes", 1934, 1949 series 2box 3folder 7
Gestalt Psychology: Implications for Music Reading, undated series 2box 3folder 8
Albert Camus - Albert Schweitzer - Kahlil Gilbran - Carlos Chavez, 1958 series 2box 3folder 9
Aaron Copland and Henry Pleasants - Modern Music, 1955-1961 series 2box 3folder 10
El Salon Mexico - Aaron Copland, 1956-1960 series 2box 3folder 11
225 Pounds and All Elephant - Belles Baby, 1962 series 2box 3folder 12
Personality - Youths Dreams - Delinquency: Causes, Cures, 1953-1959 series 2box 3folder 13
Creative Expressions and Growth, circa 1949 series 2box 3folder 14
Do Re Mi and Our Children, 1938-1956 series 2box 3folder 15
Philharmonic Childrens Concerts, 1954 series 2box 3folder 16
Contemporary Trends, 1948-1960 series 2box 3folder 17
Dr. Saks - Musicology Committee - The Musical Historian, 1948, 1955 series 2box 3folder 18
The Emperor Shi-Hwang-Fli, undated series 2box 3folder 19
Clippings [Composers and Performers], circa 1961 series 2box 3folder 20
[Clippings of President John F. Kennedy and the News], 1963 series 2box 3folder 21
Clippings - Kovacs Children, undated series 2box 3folder 22
Singing as a Profession, circa 1955 series 2box 3folder 23
Mrs. Mabel Dodge Luham, 1962 series 2box 3folder 24
Carl Orff Carmina Burana, 1960 series 2box 3folder 25
Passover Clippings - Palm Sunday and Holy Week, 1962 series 2box 3folder 26
Stravinsky on Microgroove, 1964 series 2box 3folder 27
Ruth Seeger, 1961 series 2box 3folder 28
Jacques Barzum - The House of Intellect, 1961 series 2box 3folder 29
A Brilliant Nightthe White House, 1962 series 2box 3folder 30
Clippings to Keep - General Interest, 1961 series 2box 3folder 31
Articles for Possible Publication, 1959 series 2box 3folder 32
Possible Article, 1950-circa 1959 series 2box 3folder 33
Lilla Belle Pitts Book Reviews and forwards, 1949-1958 series 2box 4folder 1
[Clippings on William Faulkner], circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 2
[Clippings on Jazz Musicians], circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 3
[Clippings on Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg], circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 4
[Clippings on Ernest Hemmingway], circa 1952 series 2box 4folder 5
MENC - Possible Articles for Journal, circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 6
Magazine article: suggested in these pages, circa 1956 series 2box 4folder 7
Mr. Stanley M. Isaacs Clippings, 1962 series 2box 4folder 8
Guy Fawkes Day, 1961 series 2box 4folder 9
Clippings from News of the Times, circa 1962 series 2box 4folder 10
Fennell, Fred, Time and the Winds, circa 1957 series 2box 4folder 11
Famous Composers [Selected Bibliography], circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 12
Psychology of Music, circa 1959 series 2box 4folder 13
Dr. Hopkinsons Group, circa 1947 series 2box 4folder 14
Child Book, circa 1947 series 2box 4folder 15
Lilla Belle Pitts Published Articles, 1962 series 2box 4folder 16
Teaching Film Custodians [Inc.]. Dr. John E. Braslin, 1960 series 2box 4folder 17
23-25 November 1961 clippings, 1961 series 2box 4folder 18
[All That Writing on] All That Jazz - Dr. Paul Henry Lang, 1960 series 2box 5folder 1
Susanne Langer Article, circa 1960 series 2box 5folder 2
Conductors of Music - Instrumental and Vocal, 1960-1962 series 2box 5folder 3
Leontyne Price - Opera Star, 1961 series 2box 5folder 4
Lilla Belle Pitts Published Articles - Typed Copies, 1937-1959 series 2box 5folder 5
"The Climax of a Project in Integration and its History", circa 1937 series 2box 5folder 6
Special Report: An Approach to Music Reading, circa 1959 series 2box 5folder 7
Report on General Music, 1960 series 2box 5folder 8
"Minnie" Stadium Concerts, 1961 series 2box 5folder 9
Book Week Article on Childrens Books, circa 1961 series 2box 5folder 10
Film Committee Educational Consultant for Entertainment Films, circa 1962 series 2box 5folder 11
Reviews of the film Exodus, circa 1960 series 2box 5folder 12
Little Girl with Mothers Shoes, 1951-1957 series 2box 5folder 13
Music Reading: Developmental Approach, circa 1960 series 2box 5folder 14
Releasing the Music Talents of Children, 1950 series 2box 5folder 15
Michael Mahon - Boy, 13, Gives Self Up in Gun Killing of Pal, undated series 2box 5folder 16
Clippings, Articles on Childrens Books, Illustrations, etc., circa 1960 series 2box 5folder 17
Books, Articles, and Pictures about Children, 1936-1946 series 2box 5folder 18
Of Children - Ake of Nain, Small Talk, The Carefree Child, The Daughter at Evening, 1941-1961 series 2box 5folder 19
Beginnings of Music and Song, circa 1946 series 2box 5folder 20
Matters of Taste - Childrens Comments, Poppy goes to the Opera, 1963 series 2box 5folder 21
["The Climax of a Project in Integration and its History" by Lilla Belle Pitts], undated series 2box 6folder 1
Sadie Rafferty, 1963 series 2box 6folder 2
[Article Drafts by Lilla Belle Pitts], undated series 2box 6folder 3
Ginn and Company, circa 1957 series 2box 6folder 4

Series 3: Personal/Professional Files, 1942-1961 (1.75 linear feet)

This series includes most of Pittss correspondence with Birdie Alexander, Robert van Doren, James Mursell, Jack Robbins, and others. Also included is business-related correspondence between Pitts and Teaching Film Custodians, Warner Brothers, and Western Union. There are many items related to Pittss teaching duties, including contracts, recommendations for employment or graduate study, and material related to Pittss frequent educational workshops given during the 1950s. Along with Series 6, this series also contains some files relating to Pittss involvement with the MENC. However, those files relating to her tenure as MENC president are generally housed in Series 6.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
R Correspondence, circa 1955 series 3box 7folder 1
Recommendations, circa 1956 [Restricted] series 3box 7folder 2
RCA Victor Co., circa 1957 series 3box 7folder 3
Christmas Cards; Snapshots of Children, circa 1960 series 3box 7folder 4
Los Angeles State Teachers College/Washington State College, 1962 series 3box 7folder 5
Keith Snyder - Los Angeles State Teachers College Summer School Engagement, 1962 series 3box 7folder 6
Photos and Professional Date, 1955 series 3box 7folder 7
Legal Department, Warner Brothers, 1952 series 3box 7folder 8
Teaching Film Custodians - Correspondence, 1950-1956 series 3box 7folder 9
The Great Waltz - Lilla Belle Pitts, Louis Curtis, William Hartshorn (Walt Disney) - Commission on Motion Pictures, 1946-1956 series 3box 7folder 10
Teaching Films - Aims and Purposes, undated series 3box 7folder 11
Teeny Tiny, 1960 series 3box 7folder 12
Publicity Department, Ginn and Co., circa 1947 series 3box 7folder 13
Presser Foundation (1 of 2), 1961 series 3box 7folder 14
Presser Foundation (2 of 2), 1961 series 3box 7folder 15
W Correspondence, 1954-1961 series 3box 7folder 16
V Correspondence, 1954-1961 series 3box 7folder 17
U Correspondence, 1955-1960 series 3box 7folder 18
M Correspondence, 1954-1960 series 3box 7folder 19
A Correspondence, 1954-1960 series 3box 8folder 1
Mursell, James L., 1955-1960 series 3box 8folder 2
Vanett Lawler - Executive Secretary MENC, 1957-1961 series 3box 8folder 3
L Correspondence, 1956-1961 series 3box 8folder 4
Lilla Bell Pitts Professional Data, circa 1959 series 3box 8folder 5
K Correspondence, 1957-1961 series 3box 8folder 6
B Correspondence, 1957-1962 series 3box 8folder 7
F Correspondence, 1955-1962 series 3box 8folder 8
E Correspondence, 1954-1961 series 3box 8folder 9
Christmas and other letters to be answered, circa 1959 series 3box 8folder 10
C Correspondence, 1937-1962 series 3box 8folder 11
D Correspondence, 1954-1961 series 3box 8folder 12
"Music Education for Tomorrow" by Lilla Belle Pitts, undated series 3box 8folder 13
Conrad Hilton Hotel - Mr. T. M. Smith, 1962 series 3box 8folder 14
Henry H. and John S. Stoneham - Engagements Pending, 1961-1962 series 3box 8folder 15
Glenn, Mabelle and children, 1961-1962 series 3box 8folder 16
G Correspondence, 1958-1961 series 3box 8folder 17
Halvorson, Henry M. - Ginn and Company, 1959-1962 series 3box 8folder 18
P Correspondence, 1954-1961 series 3box 9folder 1
T Correspondence, 1958-1960 series 3box 9folder 2
Teachers College Students and Doctoral - Where Placed, 1958-1960 series 3box 9folder 3
Lilla Bell Pitts Itinerary, 1954-1959 series 3box 9folder 4
Teachers Names and Addresses, circa 1962 series 3box 9folder 5
Names and Addresses of Friends, circa 1958 series 3box 9folder 6
Christmas - Cards, Letters, etc., 1956 series 3box 9folder 7
Lilla Belle Pitts Engagements, 1954-1960 series 3box 9folder 8
Ginn and Co., 1955-1960 series 3box 9folder 9
Westmoreland, John S., 1961-1962 series 3box 9folder 10
Letter from Miller re: inactive account at M and P Bank in Sherman, Texas, 1962 series 3box 9folder 11
[Presser Foundation documents], 1962 series 3box 9folder 12
Egon Kraus, 1956 series 3box 9folder 13
J Correspondence, 1954-1959 series 3box 9folder 14
Hotels - Information, names, etc., circa 1959 series 3box 9folder 15
H Correspondence, 1953-1961 series 3box 10folder 1
XYZ Correspondence, 1957-1960 series 3box 10folder 2
N Correspondence, 1956-1960 series 3box 10folder 3
Mc Correspondence, 1956-1961 series 3box 10folder 4
O Correspondence, 1954-1957 series 3box 10folder 5
Peterson, Alden A., 1961 series 3box 10folder 6
Norman Phillips, 1960 series 3box 10folder 7

Series 4: Special Topics for Music, 1938-1960 (2.50 linear feet)

This series includes manuscripts, annotated clippings, and some typescripts and mimeographed sheets relating to Pittss music-research interests. Many of the files relate to her interest in opera education for elementary and junior-high age students, and some relate to Pittss tenure on the board of the Metropolitan Opera. This series includes predominantly supplemental and secondary materials on music, but it also contains enough actual music that it should be consulted as a counterpart to Series 1.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Thanksgiving, circa 1955 series 4box 11folder 1
Opera Singer Song Sheets, circa 1950 series 4box 11folder 2
Christmas and Bell Songs, 1951-1957 series 4box 11folder 3
Halloween, 1951-1954 series 4box 11folder 4
Songs of the Arab - Compiled by Rolla Foley, 1958 series 4box 11folder 5
Songs from Hawaii (Dorothy Gillette), 1956-1961 series 4box 11folder 6
Workshop Material: An Indians Day, 1957 series 4box 11folder 7
Impressions of Italy, 1937-1945 series 4box 11folder 8
Opera Selections for Young Children, 1961 series 4box 11folder 9
Childrens Songs composed by college students, undated series 4box 11folder 10
The American Cowboy (Horses), 1944-1958 series 4box 11folder 11
Folk Songs from the Negro, who created their own Work Chanteys, 1927 series 4box 11folder 12
Don Giovanni - Mozart (Student Performances, March 1960), undated series 4box 11folder 13
Wozzeck, 1959 series 4box 11folder 14
[Battle of Flats and Sharps], undated series 4box 11folder 15
"Where is Thumbkin?" and other songs, 1945 series 4box 11folder 16
Music Drama - Opera, 1959-1960 series 4box 11folder 17
Wings, undated series 4box 11folder 18
[Manuscript Songs and Song Lists], 1942-1954 series 4box 11folder 19
Porgy and Bess - Godwyn Film, 1959 series 4box 11folder 20
In the Steppes of Central Asia - Camels and Mules, circa 1940s series 4box 11folder 21
Horses and Riders, 1939-1954 series 4box 11folder 22
[Animal Clippings], 1962 series 4box 11folder 23
Opera Selections for Children, 1959 series 4box 11folder 24
Academic Festival - College Song - Folk Song Themes, 1927-1934 series 4box 11folder 25
Informal and Social Instruments, 1958 series 4box 11folder 26
Work Shop Material - Home Made Instruments, circa 1958 series 4box 12folder 1
Animals, Clocks, Doorbells: Trains and Planes and many other things to sing, 1932-1950 series 4box 12folder 2
Listening Pieces - Suggestions for Recording - Young Children, undated series 4box 12folder 3
Songs of the World - Earth and Sky - Wind and Water, Flowers and Trees, 1937-1954 series 4box 12folder 4
Inside Opera - Naughty Marietta - Little Fugue in G minor - Films: The Great Waltz, The Schumann Story, 1951 series 4box 12folder 5
The Music of Bells: Rides and Riders, Jr. High School, 1934-1959 series 4box 12folder 6
Negro Spirituals and Blues, 1941-1946 series 4box 12folder 7
Songs for Dramatic Plays - Grades 4-6, 1961 series 4box 12folder 8
Three Blind Mice, undated series 4box 12folder 9
[Misc. Clippings and Manuscripts], 1953-1962 series 4box 12folder 10
Rounds and Ring Games, 1956 series 4box 12folder 11
Lilla Belle Pitts - Childrens Songs and Finger Plays, 1953 series 4box 12folder 12
Hiking, Marching, Walking Songs, 1957-1961 series 4box 12folder 13
Bells - Extra Copies, 1956 series 4box 12folder 14
Bells as a Theme, 1956-1959 series 4box 12folder 15
Saint-Sans: Suite: Carnival of the Animals, 1935-1953 series 4box 12folder 16
Carnival of the Animals - Songs by Children, undated series 4box 12folder 17
An Indians Day, 1957 series 4box 13folder 1
Mast Hugues of Saxe-Gottra, undated series 4box 13folder 2
Music, Art, and Great Wars - Guernica in Spain, 1946-1948 series 4box 13folder 3
Music and Historic Events - Great Music from Patriotism in Wars, 1941-1944 series 4box 13folder 4
The Lord is My Shepherd - Pastoral Themes, 1932-1946 series 4box 13folder 5
The Sea and Sea Shanty Songs, 1940-1956 series 4box 13folder 6
Grieg, Edvard - Peer Gynt, 1939-1961 series 4box 13folder 7
Instrumental Themes - The Fugue, undated series 4box 13folder 8
Seventy-Six Trombones, 1961 series 4box 13folder 9
Jazz Clippings, 1954-1962 series 4box 13folder 10
Jazz - Suggested Reading, 1959 series 4box 13folder 11
Jazz - Background and Influences, 1939-1961 series 4box 13folder 12
Jazz and Cultural Heritage - MENC - St. Louis, 1931-1956 series 4box 13folder 13
[Christmas Flyers], 1957-1958 series 4box 13folder 14
Men and Machines - Trains as a Theme, 1942-1945 series 4box 13folder 15
[Clippings and Manuscripts], circa 1957 series 4box 13folder 16
[Bulletins and Programs], 1962-1963 series 4box 14folder 1
Rise Up, O Flame - Cathedral Bells - Down in the Valley - Colorado Trails, undated series 4box 14folder 2
Walking, Marching, Tramping Songs for Young and Old, undated series 4box 14folder 3
River Boat, Canal Songs of Frontier Days, 1957 series 4box 14folder 4
Songs for Children, 1942 series 4box 14folder 5
[Miscellaneous Manuscripts], undated series 4box 14folder 6
Approaches to Part Singing, circa 1962 series 4box 14folder 7
La Traviata, 1962 series 4box 14folder 8
The Spirit of the Pueblo, circa 1948 series 4box 14folder 9
Thanksgiving Songs, 1960 series 4box 14folder 10
Bridges Crossing Over, undated series 4box 14folder 11
Music Based on Poems - Faade by Tom Walton, 1949 series 4box 14folder 12
Portraying People in Words, Pictures, Songs, Symphonies, undated series 4box 14folder 13
People at Theme: Song Approach - Folk Ballad and Art Ballad, undated series 4box 14folder 14
Bell Songs - Sleigh Rides - Mozart - Leroy Anderson Tchaikovsky, 1955-1958 series 4box 14folder 15
Dramatic Play, 1960-1968 series 4box 14folder 16
An Indians Day, 1957 series 4box 14folder 17
Indian Songs and Poems, undated series 4box 15folder 1
[Songs and Stories of the American Indians], 1949 series 4box 15folder 2
Selected Rounds, Descants Mixed Melodies, 1948-1958 series 4box 15folder 3
Sleigh Rides - Mozart - Leroy Anderson, 1948-1958 series 4box 15folder 4
Clocks and Watches in Song and Symphony, 1946-1958 series 4box 15folder 5
The Values of Delight, 1941-1961 series 4box 15folder 6
Symbolism - Shepherds and their Sheep - Pastorals, undated series 4box 15folder 7
Religious Themes - Folk Songs, undated series 4box 15folder 8
Great Emotion - Love as a Theme, 1924-1953 series 4box 15folder 9
Tchaikovsky - Romantic Love as a Theme, 1939-1941 series 4box 15folder 10
Mozart - The Supreme Classicist - Also Galant and Rococo Styles, 1950-1957 series 4box 15folder 11
Rounds, 1945 series 4box 15folder 12
Church Music - Gregorian Chants, 1960 series 4box 15folder 13
Calypso and Jazz, 1960 series 4box 15folder 14
Bridges Crossing Over, 1950-1960 series 4box 15folder 15
Music of Arizona, 1960 series 4box 15folder 16

Series 5: Music and Related Arts, 1938-1960 and undated (2.25 linear feet)

This series consists primarily of clippings, with some handwritten manuscripts and note sheets. The materials reflect Pittss interest in integrating music education into the wider humanities curriculum. Many of the clippings relate to humanities, art, and social science instruction in the classroom; some include annotations by Pitts relating to music.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Creativity and Dramatic Interpretation "Leave it to the Kids", circa 1950 series 5box 16folder 1
Mrs. Belmont, Mr. Bing, and the Metropolitan Opera, 1959 series 5box 16folder 2
Speakers Bureau, 1960 series 5box 16folder 3
Meaning of Civilization - No Magic Formulas, 1953 series 5box 16folder 4
Salute to First Grade Teachers, 1955 series 5box 16folder 5
Imagination and Play, undated series 5box 16folder 6
People Pictured at Work and Play, 1961 series 5box 16folder 7
Poems - Grade 9 Book on Boys, 1959 series 5box 16folder 8
The Circus, undated series 5box 16folder 9
Poems - Primary, undated series 5box 16folder 10
Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Dwarfs in Land of Cockaigne, 1948 series 5box 16folder 11
Rides and Riders in Songs and Stories, 1954 series 5box 16folder 12
Jr. High School - Rivers, 1961-1962 series 5box 16folder 13
Henry Simmons Lecture in Dreams, Music, Poetry, 1949 series 5box 16folder 14
Periods of Architecture, Art, and Music, 1950-1960 series 5box 16folder 15
Human Values in the Arts, 1953 series 5box 16folder 16
Christmas is their Business - Saturday Evening Post, 1953 series 5box 16folder 17
Christmas [songs], circa 1953 series 5box 16folder 18
Christmas [clippings], circa 1959 series 5box 16folder 19
Poems - Grade 4-5-6, undated series 5box 17folder 1
New York Expressed in Literature, Music, and Painting, 1940 series 5box 17folder 2
Places - Rome the Fountains and Pines - Venice, undated series 5box 17folder 3
Fused Arts - Worship (religious emotions), circa 1946 series 5box 17folder 4
Coda: Words to Live By, undated series 5box 17folder 5
With Scalloped Shells, 1960 series 5box 17folder 6
Recordings Broadcasts - TV - Film, 1958 series 5box 17folder 7
Lincoln Center, circa 1959 series 5box 17folder 8
Lincoln Center of the Arts, circa 1960 series 5box 17folder 9
Children and Abstract Art, 1958 series 5box 17folder 10
Childrens Expression in Speech and Writing, undated series 5box 17folder 11
Dramatic Play - Impersonation - Initiative Play, circa 1958 series 5box 17folder 12
Fused Art: Making Festival, circa 1941 series 5box 18folder 1
Classic Myths - Poetry for Children and Television Crime and Horror Stories, 1955-1960 series 5box 18folder 2
Machine Age - Musical Interpretation, 1938 series 5box 18folder 3
Folk and Fairy Tales - Illustrations, 1949-1956 series 5box 18folder 4
Style in the Arts, 1953 series 5box 18folder 5
Characteristics of Great Art, 1952 series 5box 18folder 6
Invitation to the Arts, 1941 series 5box 18folder 7
Age of Mass Culture - Mass Media in the US, circa 1954 series 5box 18folder 8
Great Emotions, Sorrow - Tragic Death, 1937 series 5box 18folder 9
Classics - Music, Pictures, and Literature - Modern, 1956 series 5box 18folder 10
Great Emotions - Personal - Beethovens 5th Symphony, Sibelius, undated series 5box 18folder 11
Rhythm - Pictured in the Dance, Architecture, circa 1961 series 5box 18folder 12
Poems for "Danse Macabre" "Swan of Tuonela", undated series 5box 18folder 13
Soviet Ballet, 1961 series 5box 18folder 14
Ben-Hur, 1960 series 5box 18folder 15
Drama, Plays, Shows, Actor, Theatre, etc., 1960 series 5box 18folder 16
Fused Art - People Parts, undated series 5box 18folder 17
The Horse in Greek Mythology, 1940 series 5box 18folder 18
Imaginary Worlds of Rainbow Rivers and Bridges as Symbols, undated series 5box 18folder 19
Audiences, undated series 5box 18folder 20
Words to Live By, circa 1962 series 5box 18folder 21
Dance Theatre, 1955-1958 series 5box 18folder 22
Space - The Dimensions of Space - Music and Spatial Relation, 1947 series 5box 19folder 1
People - A Theme for Coordinated Courses, 1946 series 5box 19folder 2
The American Character, 1959 series 5box 19folder 3
Yom Kippur - Penitence Period - Day After Atonement, 1961 series 5box 19folder 4
Important Clippings, 1962 series 5box 19folder 5
Liquors, Hors doeuvres, Toasts, etc., undated series 5box 19folder 6
[Dr. Pao-Chen Lees Lecturing Tour in Taiwan], undated series 5box 19folder 7
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 1962 series 5box 19folder 8
A First Look at New York, undated series 5box 19folder 9
[Loose Materials], undated series 5box 19folder 10
The Poems for Jr. High School, undated series 5box 19folder 11
Words to Live By - Lincoln, A Figure of Hope, 1958 series 5box 19folder 12
The Shining Ones of the Expressive Arts, 1939 series 5box 19folder 13
Great Battles of the Civil War, 1963 series 5box 19folder 14
Famous People - Clippings, undated series 5box 20folder 1
Fused Arts, 1962 series 5box 20folder 2
The Day the Civil War Began, 1960-1962 series 5box 20folder 3
The Great Turning Point, 1953 series 5box 20folder 4
Quotations from the Bible and a few from Mythology, 1960 series 5box 20folder 5
[Clippings], 1960-1962 series 5box 20folder 6

Series 6: Education, Music Education, MENC, 1938-1962 (3.50 linear feet)

This series consists of files relating to Pittss tenure as vice president and president of MENC (1938-1942 and 1942-1944 respectively) and files relating to Pittss extensive activities with MENC after 1942. Also included are typescripts of reports and papers given at MENC local and regional meetings, and the bulk of Pittss professional correspondence relating to the MENC, including serving as chair of the MENC Executive Committee and material on the reorganization of the MENC governing structure.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
[Assorted Music Education Material], 1937-1950 series 6box 21folder 1
Guided Observation Grades 1-2-3, 1953-1954 series 6box 21folder 2
Verbalization of Symbols of Musical Notation in Confusing, undated series 6box 21folder 3
Songs Expressing Truth, Life, Beauty, are Songs to Read, 1939-1941 series 6box 21folder 4
Listening - Child Audience, 1945 series 6box 21folder 5
Music (General) for Children - Why, What, Where, When - Human Approaches, 1941 series 6box 21folder 6
What Makes a Good Teacher?, 1951-1956 series 6box 21folder 7
Tonality, Modes, and Scales, 1947-1949 series 6box 21folder 8
Workshop Materials - Junior High School, 1961 series 6box 21folder 9
Londonderry Air - Summer Time, 1955 series 6box 21folder 10
Junior High School General Music, undated series 6box 21folder 11
Teaching a Song to Children or Grownups, undated series 6box 21folder 12
Chas. Seeger Music in Education, 1953 series 6box 21folder 13
Brehmer (Fritz) Study of Tonal Thinking of Children, undated series 6box 21folder 14
MENC - Committee on Audio Visual Materials, 1950-1952 series 6box 21folder 15
MENC - The Issues Before Us, 1960-1961 series 6box 21folder 16
State of Music Today, 1958 series 6box 21folder 17
Culture, Civics, and Educational Resources, undated series 6box 21folder 18
Open Letter to Music Educators, 1954 series 6box 21folder 19
Taking Scarecrows out of Wisdoms Garden, 1959 series 6box 21folder 20
El Paso - Trans Pecos - Convention, 1962 series 6box 22folder 1
["Adventures in Music": Film Nos. 1, 3, 4], 1946 series 6box 22folder 2
["Musical Security Through Understanding"], 1955 series 6box 22folder 3
My Pedagogic Creed by John Dewey, 1929 series 6box 22folder 4
Education Committee (Guild), 1960-1961 series 6box 22folder 5
[What can Music Contribute to Elementary Ed], undated series 6box 22folder 6
[Workshops in Elementary Music Education, 1955-1956 series 6box 22folder 7
Responsibility of Education in an Age of Uncertainty, 1946-1953 series 6box 22folder 8
[ISME: Forward on Irish Music], 1954 series 6box 22folder 9
MENC: Eastern Division, 1960-1961 series 6box 22folder 10
MENC: Atlantic City - National Convention, 1960 series 6box 22folder 11
MENC and ISME, 1960-1961 series 6box 22folder 12
MENC - Committee on Goals and Purposes - Working Draft, 1958 series 6box 22folder 13
MENC Publications and Constitution /By-Laws, 1958 series 6box 22folder 14
MENC - Los Angeles - National Convention, 1958 series 6box 22folder 15
Leadership Meeting - "Help Each Other", 1957 series 6box 22folder 16
[Miscellaneous "S" Correspondence], 1948-1961 series 6box 22folder 17
MENC Southern Conference - New Orleans/MENC Eastern Division - Boston, 1955 series 6box 23folder 1
MENC Resolutions & Code - a7m-MENC-AASA-1955, 1944-1956 series 6box 23folder 2
MENC Committee on Internal Relations, 1950-1955 series 6box 23folder 3
MENC International Relations and Music in Education, 1954 series 6box 23folder 4
MENC President Lilla Belle Pitts Board of Directors and Officers, 1942-1944 series 6box 23folder 5
MENC Committee Organization, Sept/Oct Journal, 1943 series 6box 23folder 6
MENC General News Stories & Group Photos, 1955-1956 series 6box 23folder 7
MENC, UNESCO, and International Society for Music Educators, 1958 series 6box 23folder 8
St. Louis Biennial, 1944 series 6box 23folder 9
MENC Activity & Research Programs, M.E. Journal of Research, 1959 series 6box 23folder 10
MENC - Gene Morlan, 1960 series 6box 23folder 11
MENC - C.V. Buttelman Publications, 1961 series 6box 23folder 12
MENC - Council of Past Presidents, 1950-1958 series 6box 23folder 13
Present Status of Music Reading, undated series 6box 23folder 14
Music Reading - Harmonic Aspects, Grades 5-6, 1946 series 6box 23folder 15
Music Reading - i.e. Readiness Essential, Original manuscript clippings, 1955-1956 series 6box 23folder 16
Education is a Process - To Educate is to Educe, not an attribute to bestow, undated series 6box 23folder 17
do mi sol, sol do sol la ti do / Songs to Sing, 1936-1940 series 6box 23folder 18
Janson High School - Demonstration of Fugues, Bach Fugue No.2, Fugue in g minor, undated series 6box 23folder 19
Teaching Musicianship in Music Education Teachers College, 1961 series 6box 23folder 20
MENC Golden Anniversary, 1956-1957 series 6box 23folder 21
Golden Anniversary, 1957 series 6box 23folder 22
Creating Expression in Young Children, Beginnings of Spontaneous Chant, Rhyming, Singing, etc., undated series 6box 23folder 23
Opera as Good Theatre, undated series 6box 24folder 1
Scholarship Committee - Metropolitan Opera Guild, 1960-1961 series 6box 24folder 2
Our Opera Heritage (In-service Course for Teachers Feb 13 - May 29), 1962 series 6box 24folder 3
Our Opera Heritage (In-service Course for NYC Teachers, Spring), 1961 series 6box 24folder 4
MENC Purposes & Goals, 1956-1958 series 6box 24folder 5
[Music Workshop for the Elementary Grades], 1959 series 6box 24folder 6
MENC National Cultural Center, 1962 series 6box 24folder 7
MENC Biennial Meeting, March 16-20, Chicago, 1962 series 6box 24folder 8
Music Education of Talented Children, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1956 series 6box 24folder 9
Teaching Indirect and Abstract Features of the Score, 1949 series 6box 24folder 10
International Society for Music Education, undated series 6box 24folder 11
What Boys & Girls Say About Music: The Value of Music in their Lives, circa 1949 series 6box 24folder 12
The Classroom Teachers Resourcefulness in Music, New Mexico Music Magazine, 1959 series 6box 24folder 13
University of New Mexico, Eastern New Mexico University articles, 1957 series 6box 24folder 14
University of Arkansas/Seattle Public Schools, 1960 series 6box 24folder 15
Income Tax - 1960, Engagements Expenses, Travel, Hotels, Colleges, School Boards, Entertaining, etc., 1960-1961 series 6box 25folder 1
University of Arkansas Workshop, 1960 series 6box 25folder 2
Workshop on Music Education, undated series 6box 25folder 3
Music Reading - Primers, Singing as New Play, Singing all the Day, undated series 6box 25folder 4
General Music, Visual & Verbal Paths to Different Abilities & Preferences, undated series 6box 25folder 5
A Psychological Approach to Music Reading (Film-Stories), undated series 6box 25folder 6
Movable "Do" System, undated series 6box 25folder 7
Pre-Reading Musical Experience (Home; Pre-School; Kindergarten), circa 1952 series 6box 25folder 8
Tonic Sol-Fa, undated series 6box 25folder 9
Utah Guide - Correspondence & Music Education, 1958 series 6box 25folder 10
[Trans-Pecos Convention], 1962 series 6box 25folder 11
MENC - The Music Curriculum in a Changing World, 1962 series 6box 25folder 12
Contemporary Scene in Music for Elementary Schools, MENC Biennial, 1960 series 6box 25folder 13
Southern MENC, Roanoke, VA, April 1-6, 1959 series 6box 25folder 14
MENC Committee on Goals and Purposes for next 50 years, 1958 series 6box 25folder 15
MENC Speech - "Our Golden Anniversary", 1956 series 6box 25folder 16
Commissions Interim Report, St. Louis, 1956 series 6box 25folder 17
MENC Anniversary Commission Chairman, 1955 series 6box 25folder 18
Conservatory of Music - University of Kansas City, June 1961 series 6box 25folder 19
Kansas City Workshop, June 12-23, 1961 series 6box 25folder 20
University of Kansas, June 12-23, 1961 series 6box 26folder 1
Tucson, University of Arizona, June 5-9, 1961 series 6box 26folder 2
Professor Harold Orendorf, Indiana State College, Indiana, Pennsylvania, 1961-1962 series 6box 26folder 3
Western Washington College of Education - Frank DAndrea, 1962 series 6box 26folder 4
OMEA Conference, January 10, 1961 series 6box 26folder 5
Music Reading - Familiar Vocabulary, Karl Adler, 1955-1960 series 6box 26folder 6
Music Reading - Point and View, undated series 6box 26folder 7
Music Reading - Lectures, 1945 series 6box 26folder 8
Clippings - Children and Music Reading, 1940-1947 series 6box 26folder 9
Music Reading - Clippings, general, 1939-1948 series 6box 26folder 10
Plato - Horrace Mann - Marco Polo - Kublai Kahn, 1953 series 6box 26folder 11
General Music Program, 1951-1952 series 6box 26folder 12
Information, Concepts, and Generalizations, undated series 6box 26folder 13
Three Stages of Music Reading, undated series 6box 26folder 14
Methods as Means to Ends, 1952 series 6box 26folder 15
, the primary and most characteristic element in music, 1953 and undated series 6box 26folder 16
Psychological Approach to Rhythmic Notation, undated series 6box 26folder 17
Music Reading Concepts Imagery - Eye movements, etc, 1948 series 6box 26folder 18
What Does the Classroom Teacher Expect from the Music, undated series 6box 26folder 19
Music to Grow On, undated series 6box 26folder 20
[Arizona Music Journals], 1954-1960 series 6box 26folder 21
Tonality - mi songs, sol songs re songs, etc., circa 1958-1959 series 6box 27folder 1
Informal Instruments - Sources, catalogs, etc., 1951-1952 series 6box 27folder 2
"An Ear for Music" - Notes, undated series 6box 27folder 3
[The Metropolitan Opera Guild, Inc. (1 of 2)], 1960-1961 series 6box 27folder 4
[The Metropolitan Opera Guild, Inc. (2 of 2)], 1960-1961 series 6box 27folder 5
[Elementary Music - Conference Workshops], 1954-1958 series 6box 27folder 6
For Atlantic City MENC Conference - Jazz, circa 1956 series 6box 27folder 7
[International Music Educators Clinic brochure], 1962 series 6box 27folder 8
Listening to Music - Concerts and Recordings, 1940 series 6box 27folder 9

Series 7: Miscellaneous, 1948-1960 and undated (.25 linear feet)

This series includes clippings on numerous subjects and manuscript notes by Pitts. The manuscripts include notes on readings, some notes for possible future article topics, and some notes relating to Pittss educational activities in the 1950s. It is suspected that Pittss sister created this series as a filing scheme during Pittss final illness.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Alex (2) Cant Go to School, undated series 7box 28folder 1
Look Through These, undated series 7box 28folder 2
"Old School" - Katzner and Ibert, 1951-1953 series 7box 28folder 3
Stick-Horse Pattern, undated series 7box 28folder 4
[The Rising Sun - Alumni Edition, Volume XXXII, Number VIII], undated series 7box 28folder 5
Charlottesvilles Heritage, Town 200 years old, 1962 series 7box 28folder 6
Quotations - La Farg and Monteux, Toscanini, Tate, Understanding, and Appreciation, undated series 7box 28folder 7
Concert - Italian Information Center - a Tribute to Maestro Gian-Carlo Menotti, 1962 series 7box 28folder 8
Kidd-Key College, undated series 7box 28folder 9
Pupils comments on "La Boheme", 1949 series 7box 28folder 10
"La Boheme" - For Young Peoples Matinee, February 12, 1960 series 7box 28folder 11

Series 8: Illustrations, undated (.50 linear feet)

This series contains clippings of thematic photographs and artwork that can be used as visual aids for music classes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Childrens Paintings - Pictures, undated series 8box 28folder 12
Symbolical Illustrations for Songs and Poems, undated series 8box 28folder 13
[Children musical signs], undated series 8box 28folder 14
Carnivals - the Circus and Merry-Go-Round, undated series 8box 28folder 15
Children and Grown-ups, undated series 8box 28folder 16
Pictures of Bagpipes - Playing to Madonna at Christmas, undated series 8box 28folder 17
Christmas Pictures, undated series 8box 28folder 18
[Miscellaneous Pictures], undated series 8box 28folder 19
[U.S. History Pictures and Articles], 1961-1962 series 8box 28folder 20
[Sheet Music], undated series 8box 28folder 21
A Christmas Play - Lawrence Dilsner, undated series 8box 28folder 22
[RCA Record Library for Elementary Schools], undated series 8box 28folder 23
Great Wars and Music, undated series 8box 28folder 24
[Childrens Poetry], undated series 8box 28folder 25
Grade nine, undated series 8box 28folder 26
People - Composers, undated series 8box 28folder 27
Blue Bonnet Legend - Grade 4, undated series 8box 28folder 28
[Music and Lessons for Children], undated series 8box 28folder 29
Teacher Material - Persons of Importance (Composers), undated series 8box 29folder 1
[Il Trovatore by Guiseppe Verdi, simplified by John Graham], undated series 8box 29folder 2
[Music for Freedom Songs], undated series 8box 29folder 3
[Folk Songs], undated series 8box 29folder 4
["Descant for Fun" by Richard L. Kline], undated series 8box 29folder 5
[Songbook for Journeys in Music Land, Prof. Edgar B. Gordon], 1946-1947 series 8box 29folder 6
[Term Projects of Education 189B and 190B, Teachers College, Columbia University], 1947-1948 series 8box 29folder 7
[Miscellaneous Childrens Songs], 1947-1948 series 8box 29folder 8
[Lilla Belle Pitts - "Nutcracker Suite"], undated series 8box 29folder 9

Series 9: Catalogues, Pamphlets, Books, Bibliographies, etc.,, 1935-1961 and undated (.75 linear feet)

This series contains catalogues, pamphlets, books, and bibliographies collected by Pitts covering a variety of topics related to music and music education.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
[Integrating Curriculum - Music and Latin/Mass and Knighthood], 1935 series 9box 29folder 10
[The World of Music], 1956-1961 series 9box 29folder 11
["The Developmental Approach to Music Reading" by Lilla Belle Pitts, 1950 series 9box 29folder 12
["Invitation to the Arts," Philadelphia Public Schools], 1944 series 9box 29folder 13
["Teaching Suggestions, Singing Juniors & Teenagers"], 1955 series 9box 29folder 14
[Resources for Music Education], 1952, 1960 series 9box 29folder 15
["Extracurricular Activities at Princeton"], undated series 9box 29folder 16
["Children, the Music Makers"], 1961 series 9box 29folder 17
["Visions of Sir Launfal," by James Russell Lowell], undated series 9box 29folder 18
["CBS American School of the Air," by Calendar Manuel], 1945-1946 series 9box 30folder 1
[Instrument Pictures Ads], undated series 9box 30folder 2
Book Lists for Workshop, undated series 9box 30folder 3
[Leka Nuhou, Hawaii], 1961 series 9box 30folder 4
[Brochure for "The Lunavanians"], undated series 9box 30folder 5
[Record Catalogs - Recordings], 1940-1950 series 9box 30folder 6
Picture Sources, undated series 9box 30folder 7
[Recommended New Christmas Choral music of Special Interest], undated series 9box 30folder 8
["56 Practices for the Gifted," the University of the State of New York], 1958 series 9box 30folder 9
["The Arts in the Educational Program in the Soviet Union" by Vanett Lawler], 1961 series 9box 30folder 10
[Various Concert Programs], 1960, 1962 series 9box 30folder 11
["Ginn Music News"], 1960 series 9box 30folder 12
["Automation in Education," Teachers College Record], 1960 series 9box 30folder 13
[Brochures for music books, supplies, etc for music programs], undated series 9box 30folder 14
["The Lincoln Center campaigner"], 1962 series 9box 30folder 15
["Music for your School," The Music Industry Council], 1960 series 9box 30folder 16
[The Metropolitan Opera Guild Silver Jubilee (1935-1960)], 1960 series 9box 30folder 17
Student Performances, 1962 series 9box 30folder 18
Third Street School Settlement - Annual Spring Concert, 1962 series 9box 30folder 19
Metropolitan Opera Studio presented four new ballets for "Our Opera Heritage", 1962 series 9box 30folder 20
["Tannhuser" by Wagner, vocal score, G. Schirmer Inc., New York], undated series 9box 30folder 21
[Opera News], 1955-1960 series 9box 30folder 22
[Reference Copies of vocal Christmas carol collections], undated series 9box 30folder 23
[Full Band and Symphonic Band miniature scores], undated series 9box 30folder 24

Series 10: Singbooks and Scores, 1909-1961 and undated (2.00 linear feet)

This series consists of songbooks and scores collected by Lilla Belle Pitts. Many of these songbooks contain notes from Pitts about possible classroom uses of particular songs.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
"Merry Hours: Favorite Hungarian Folk Songs." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service, 1957. (Songbook), 1957 series 10box 31folder 1
"A Little Carol Book." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 2
"Little Book of Carols." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 3
Rohrbough, Lynn, ed. "Joyful Singing." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 4
"Swiss Alpine Songs." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1949 series 10box 31folder 5
McIntosh, D. S. "Singing Games and Songs from Southern Illinois." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1941 series 10box 31folder 6
"Music of One World: UN Songs for US Singing." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 7
"Happy Meeting: 20 Folk Songs from Czechoslovakia." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 8
"Good Fellowship Songs." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 9
Smith, Alfred B., ed. "Action No.2: Special Songs and Choruses for Boys and Girls." Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan. (Songbook), 1947 series 10box 31folder 10
Buchtel, Forrest L., ed. "100 Songs You Remember for School, Home, and Community Singing." Chicago: Neil A. Kjos. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 11
"Youth Sings: A Praise Book of Hymns and Choruses." Mound, Minnesota: Praise Book Publication. (Songbook), 1951 series 10box 31folder 12
"Let Us Be Joyful: Folk Songs and Play for Juniors." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 13
"The Pagoda: Thirteen Chinese Songs." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1946 series 10box 31folder 14
"Hymns of Christian Living." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 15
Rohrbough, Lynn, ed. "Country Life Songs." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), undated series 10box 31folder 16
Turechek, Alma, ed. "Whither Little Path and other authentic folk songs from traditional sources." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1943 series 10box 31folder 17
Rohrbough, Lynn, ed. "Song Sampler, No.3, July 1956: Folk Songs of Asia." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1956 series 10box 31folder 18
"A Sampler of 33 Folk Songs for Group Singing." Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1958 series 10box 31folder 19
Sanders, Phyllis and Olcutt, eds. "Amigos Cantando." Delware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service. (Songbook), 1948 series 10box 31folder 20
"Vra Vicor: I. Fr Frsta Skolret." Stockholm: Skriv- & Ritboks-Aktiebolaget. (Songbook), 1953 series 10box 31folder 21
Rodeheaver, Homer A. and Charles H. Gabriel, eds. "Songs for Service for the Church, Sunday School, and Evangelistic Services." Chicago: Rodeheaver Co., undated series 10box 31folder 22
Pitts, Lilla Belle, et al. Music Makers: Songs for Youth. Boston: Ginn and Company., 1956 series 10box 31folder 23
Bach, Johann Sebastian. Sleepers, Wake! London: Novello, 1901 series 10box 32folder 1
Cadman, Charles Wakefield. From the Land of the Sky-blue Water, Op.45, No.1. [N.P.]: n.p., 1909 series 10box 32folder 2
Dann, Hollis, ed. Fifty-eight Spirituals for Choral Use. Boston: C. C. Birchard and Co., 1924 series 10box 32folder 3
Gillette, James R., ed. Early Carols of Christmas. Evanston, Illinois: Summy-Birchard, 1958 series 10box 32folder 4
Marzo, Eduardo, ed. Fifty Christmas Carols of all Nations. Cincinnati: Willis Music Co., 1923 series 10box 32folder 5
Krones, Beatrice, and Max Krone, ed. Inter-Americana: Folk Songs of our Southern Neighbors. Chicago: Neil A. Kjos Music. A World in Tune, Book 3., 1945 series 10box 32folder 6
Whitner, Mary Elizabeth. Joyous Carols for two-part chorus of boys and/or girls. New York: Carl Fischer, 1956 series 10box 32folder 7
Tozer, Ferris. Fifty Sailors Songs or "Chanties." New York: Boosey, undated series 10box 32folder 8
Sharp, Cecil J. Seventeen Nursery Songs from the Appalachian Mountains. New York: H. W. Gray, undated series 10box 32folder 9
Combs, Josiah, ed. Folk-Songs from the Kentucky Highlands. New York: G. Schirmer. Schirmers American Folk-Song Series, Set 1., 1939 series 10box 32folder 10
deVore, Nicholas, ed. Piano Classics the Whole World Plays. New York: D. Appleton-Century. "Whole World" Series, No. 30., 1935 series 10box 32folder 11
Franck, Csar. Panis Angelicus (SSA). Boston: C. C. Birchard, 1947 series 10box 32folder 12
Billings, William. Oliver Daniel, ed. Modern Music (SATB). Boston: C. C. Birchard, 1948 series 10box 32folder 13
Hausman, Ruth L. Sing and Dance with the Pennsylvania Dutch. New York: Edward B. Marks, 1953 series 10box 32folder 14
Liemohn, Edwin. Lullaby at the Manger (SATB). New York: Galaxy Music, 1955 series 10box 32folder 15
Boatner, Edward, arr. Trampin (SATB). New York: Galaxy Music, 1954 series 10box 32folder 16
Weaver, Mary. Like Doves Descending (SATB). New York: Galaxy Music, 1954 series 10box 32folder 17
Stone, Norman, arr. A brisk young lad he courted me (SATB). New York: Galaxy Music. The Elkin Choral Series., 1955 series 10box 32folder 18
Vale, Charles, arr. The Drummer and the Cook (SATB). New York: Galaxy Music. The Elkin New Choral Series., 1955 series 10box 32folder 19
Martini, G. B. The Tickling Trio (Vadasi via di qua) (SAB). New York: M. Witmark, 1931 series 10box 32folder 20
Hanson, Howard. Song of Democracy for chorus of mixed voices with piano. New York: Carl Fischer, 1957 series 10box 32folder 21
Warnick, Clay, arr. In the Evening by the Moonlight (SSAA). New York: Sam Fox. The Sound of Nina Simone., 1961 series 10box 32folder 22
Warnick, Clay, arr. Flo Me La (SATB). New York: Sam Fox. The Sound of Nina Simone., 1961 series 10box 32folder 23
Warnick, Clay, arr. Little Liza Jane (SATB). New York: Sam Fox. The Sound of Nina Simone., 1961 series 10box 32folder 24
Choral Arrangements: Delibes and Mozart., undated series 10box 32folder 25
Christmas Choruses, undated series 10box 32folder 26
Music Bibliography, undated series 10box 32folder 27
[Loose Notes], undated series 10box 32folder 28
Strauss, Richard. Don Jaun, op. 20 (Klavier zu zwei Hnden). Leipzig: C. F. Peters, 1932 series 10box 33folder 1
Bach, Johann Sebastian. Das wohltemperirte Klavier, erster Theil. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Hrtel, undated series 10box 33folder 2
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Haydn: "Surprise" Symphony No. 6 in G Major. Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 1, 1927 series 10box 33folder 3
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Schubert: Symphony No. 7 in B minor, "Unfinished." Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 4., 1927 series 10box 33folder 4
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A minor. Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 26., 1932 series 10box 33folder 5
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor. Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 3., 1927 series 10box 33folder 6
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Dvo?k: Symphony No. 5 in E minor, "From the New World." Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 9., 1928 series 10box 33folder 7
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Franck: Symphony in D minor. Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 10., 1928 series 10box 33folder 8
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, "Pathetique." Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No.7., 1927 series 10box 33folder 9
Goetschius, Percy, ed. Brahms: Symphony No. 2 in D major. Boston: Oliver Ditson. Analytic Symphony Series, No. 6., 1927 series 10box 33folder 10
Bourdon, Rosario. Great Moments in Music. New York: Leeds Music Corps, 1951 series 10box 34folder 1
Pease, Sharon. Boogie Woogie Piano Styles. Chicago: Forster Music Publisher, 1940 series 10box 34folder 2
Westervelt, Marie, arr. Rodeo. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Oliver Ditson, 1953 series 10box 34folder 3
Popular Themes by Great Masters in piano solo arrangements. Boston: Boston Music, 1942 series 10box 34folder 4
Boylen, Jeanne. Lets Play Hansel and Gretel: Folk Tunes and Melodies from Humperdincks Opera. New York: G. Schirmer, 1939 series 10box 34folder 5
Pinto, Octavio. Marcha do Pequeno Polegar. New York: G. Schirmer, 1940 series 10box 34folder 6
Mompou, Frederic. Scnes denfants. Philadelphia: Elkan-vogel, 1921 series 10box 34folder 7
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony in B minor, "Unfinished" by Franz Shurbert. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 5., 1941 series 10box 34folder 8
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony No. 4 in F minor by Peter Ilich Tschaikowsky. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 7., 1942 series 10box 34folder 9
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony No. 3 in F major by Johannes Brahms. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 8., 1943 series 10box 34folder 10
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony in D minor by Csar Franck. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 3., 1940 series 10box 34folder 11
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony No. 5 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethoven. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 1., 1940 series 10box 34folder 12
Katzner, Violet, ed. Symphony in G minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser. Symphonic Skeleton Scores, No. 6., 1941 series 10box 34folder 13
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Deutsche Tnze (KV 600, 602, & 605). Carl Czerny, ed. New York: C. F. Peters, 1939 series 10box 34folder 14
Churchill, Frank, and Larry Morey. (The Dwarfs Marching Song) "Heigh-Ho" from the Walt Disney Feature Production "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." New York: Irving Berlin, 1938 series 10box 34folder 15
Churchill, Frank, and Larry Morey. Whistle While You Work from the Walt Disney Feature Production "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." New York: Irving Berlin, 1937 series 10box 34folder 16
Churchill, Frank, and Larry Morey. Souvenir Album: Words and Music of all the Songs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. New York: Irving Berlin, 1938 series 10box 34folder 17
Respighi, Ottorino. Pini di Roma: poema sinfonico per orchestra trascrizione per piano forte a Quattro mani. Milano: G. Ricordi, 1925 series 10box 34folder 18

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