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Tobias Matthay Collection


Tobias Matthay Collection
Matthay, Tobias
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International Piano Archives at Maryland
International Piano Archives at Maryland, University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, MD, 20742, Tel: 301.405.9224, Email:

Tobias Matthay (1858-1945) was a pianist, composer, and music writer. He wrote chamber music, piano, and vocal pieces, as well as books on music technique. Matthay also taught various music students at the Royal Academy of Music and occasionally performed. The collection consists of scores, books, lists, concert programs, and biographical materials related to Matthays career and his relationships with his pupils, including Denise Lassimonne.

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Historical Note

Summary: Tobias Matthay (1858-1945) was born in London. He was a member of the faculty of the Royal Academy of Music (1880-1925) and opened his own music school in the United Kingdom (1925). Matthay also wrote extensive publications on music and was active as an occasional public piano performer and composer.

Full History: Tobias Matthay (1858-1945) was a British piano pedagogue, pianist, composer, and music writer. Born in London, his early studies took place at the Royal Academy of Music. He joined the faculty of that school in 1880, continuing there until 1925. He also opened his own school which attracted hundreds students from throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Matthays reputation was based partly on his extensive publications dealing with aspects of piano technique and interpretation. His most famous work was titled The Act of Touch in All Its Diversity; its first edition appeared in 1903. Matthays preoccupation with the physical and anatomical elements of piano playing generated much positive interest as well as considerable controversy. He guided several players toward music careers: Dame Myra Hess, Irene Scharrer, Harriet Cohen, Dame Moura Lympany, Denise Lassimonne, Eileen Joyce, York Bowen and Sir Clifford Curzon among them.

Matthay was also active as an occasional performer in public and as a composer with many published works. His output is chiefly for the piano. A detailed, scholarly study of Matthays life and career appeared in 2011: Englands Piano Sage by Stephen Siek (Scarecrow Press).

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Tobias Matthay Collection covers the period from 1885 to 2009; the bulk of the materials date from 1908 to 1929. The materials consist of scores, books, lists, and biographical materials related to Matthays work as a composer, music educator, and music technique writer, including his publications on childrens piano technique his work with Denise Lassimonne and various other pupils.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Donation was made by James Matthew Holloway through the offices of Theodore Guerrant in January 2009. This collection originally belonged to Denise Lassimonne, who also created the collection.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Scores, 1885-1954, and Undated (null)

This series contains chamber music, piano music, and vocal music scores written by Matthay. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

Subseries 1.1: Piano Scores, 1885-1954, and Undated

This subseries includes piano scores of lyric pieces, novelettes, tocattas, stray fancies, and intermezzos, and includes scores of other pieces.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
A Booklet of Toys for the Young and Old, Op. 46 -- Augener, 1948series 1.1box 1folder 1
A Mood-Phantasy, Op. 27 -- Joseph Williams, Ltd., 1916series 1.1box 1folder 2
A Summer Day Dream, Op. 8 -- The Anglo French Music Company, 1918series 1.1box 1folder 3
A Waltz-Whim, Op. 9 -- Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 4
An Autumn Song, Op. 6 -- Stanley, Lucas, Weber & Co., Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 5
Ballade in A Minor, Op. 39 -- Oxford University Press, 1926series 1.1box 1folder 6
Cadenza to Beethovens Concerto No. 1 -- Augener, 1929series 1.1box 1folder 7
5 Cameos for Miniature Players, Op. 29 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1919series 1.1box 1folder 8
Concert-Piece, Op. 23 for piano and orchestra -- Two-Piano Score -- Ricordi, Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 9
Elves, Op. 17 -- Weekes & Co., 1911series 1.1box 1folder 10
First Solo Book, Op. 37 -- Oxford University Press, 1926series 1.1box 1folder 11
From My Sketchbook, Op. 24 -- First Book -- Anglo-French Music Co., 1914series 1.1box 1folder 12
From My Sketchbook, Op. 24 -- Second Book -- Anglo-French Music Co., 1914series 1.1box 1folder 13
7 Historiettes in the Form of a Suite, Op. 43 -- Winthrop Rogers Edition, 1941series 1.1box 1folder 14
Hommage a Chopin: Melody, Op. 4 -- London Music Publishing, Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 15
In Spring Time: Op. 7, No. 1 -- Anglo-French Music Co. and London Music Publishing, 1885, and Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 16
In Winter: Silhouette, Op. 10 -- International Music Co., Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 17
Love-Phases, Op. 12, 1912series 1.1box 1folder 18
3 Lyric Studies, Op. 33 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1921series 1.1box 1folder 19
Lyrics, Op. 14 -- Paterson & Sons, Undatedseries 1.1box 1folder 20
5 Miniatures, Op. 45 -- Winthrop Rogers Edition, 1945series 1.1box 1folder 21
Mono-Themes: Confidences and Confessions, Op. 13 -- Forsyth Brothers, 1891series 1.1box 1folder 22
Mono-Themes: Second Book: By My Fireside, Op. 25 -- Joseph Williams Ltd., 1914series 1.1box 1folder 23
Moods of a Moment, Op. 11 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1920series 1.1box 1folder 24
Nocturne in D-flat Major, Op. 3 -- Edwin Ashdown, 1913series 1.1box 2folder 1
Novellette in F minor, Op. 1, No. 1-4 -- Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co., Undatedseries 1.1box 2folder 2
On Surrey Hills, Op. 30 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1919series 1.1box 2folder 3
Playthings for Little Players: 10 Little Studies, Op. 35 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1925series 1.1box 2folder 4
Playthings for Players Young and Old, Op. 38 -- Book 2 -- Oxford University Press, 1924series 1.1box 2folder 5
Playthings: A Miniature Suite for Young and Old -- Book 3 -- Oxford University Press, 1954series 1.1box 2folder 6
Romanesque, Op. 19 -- Weekes & Co., 1900series 1.1box 2folder 7
3 Romantic Pieces, Op. 31 -- Ballade, Duetto, à la Mazurka -- Anglo-French Music Co, 1920series 1.1box 2folder 8
Scottish Dances and Melodies, Op. 15 -- Concert-arrangement -- Paterson & Sons, 1927series 1.1box 2folder 9
Stray Fancies, Op. 22 -- The Anglo-French Music Co. and Oxford University Press, 1888series 1.1box 2folder 10
Stray Fancies, Op. 41 -- Oxford University Press, 1939series 1.1box 2folder 11
Studies in the Form of a Suite: Op. 16, 1910-1923, and Undatedseries 1.1box 2folder 12
Summer Twilights, Op. 32 -- The Anglo-French Music Co, 1921series 1.1box 2folder 13
Toccata, Op. 21 -- Storm Clouds -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1907series 1.1box 2folder 14
Toccata No. 2 in F -- Moto Perpetuo, Op. 34 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1922series 1.1box 2folder 15
Toccatina in D -- Study in Double Notes, Op. 36 -- The Anglo-French Music Co., 1925series 1.1box 2folder 16
Variations & Derivations from an Original Theme, Op. 28 -- Augener, 1918series 1.1box 2folder 17
17 Variations on an Original Theme in C, Op. 5 -- London Music Publishing, Undatedseries 1.1box 2folder 18

Subseries 1.2: Chamber Music/Vocal Scores, 1896-1936, and Undated

This subseries includes chamber music for piano and strings, as well as vocal scores about roses, larks, and willow trees.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Ballade for cello and piano, Op. 40 -- Joseph Williams Limited, 1936series 1.2box 2folder 19
Quartet in One Movement for Piano and Strings, Op. 20 -- Tobias Matthay, 1906series 1.2box 2folder 20
Songs, 1896-1908, and Undatedseries 1.2box 2folder 21

Series 2: Books/Piano Methods, 1905-1972, and Undated (null)

This series contains books on childrens first piano steps, finger exercises, technique, and musical expression written by Matthay. Materials are arranged alphabetically by book title.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Children's Piano How-to Guides, 1912-1942 series 2box 3folder 1
Relaxation Studies in the Muscular Discriminations Required for Touch, Agility and Expression -- Bosworth & Co., 1908 series 2box 3folder 2
Pianoforte Technique Books -- Miscellaneous, 1905-1972 series 2box 3folder 3
First Principles of Pianoforte Playing (Bosworth & Co.), 1905 series 2box 3folder 3item 1.0
Musical Interpretation (Tobias Matthay), 1913 series 2box 3folder 3item 2.0
On Memorizing (Oxford University Press), 1926 series 2box 3folder 3item 3.0
The Visible and Invisible in Pianoforte Technique (Oxford University Press), 1972 series 2box 3folder 3item 4.0

Series 3: Miscellaneous, 1981-2009, and Undated (null)

This series contains materials related to James Holloway, Denise Lassimonne, and Matthays students. Materials are arranged by subject.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
James Holloway and Dennisse Lassimone, 1981-2009, and Undated series 3box 3folder 4
Matthay and Pupils, Undated series 3box 3folder 5
Matthay Notes, Undated series 3box 3folder 6
Matthay Notes, Undated series 3box 3folder 6item 1.0

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