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Balint Vaszonyi Collection


Balint Vaszonyi Collection
Vaszonyi, Balint
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24.00 linear feet
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International Piano Archives at Maryland
International Piano Archives at Maryland, University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, MD, 20742, Tel: 301.405.9224, Email:

Balint Vazsonyi (March 7, 1936-January 2003) was a Hungarian-American pianist, perhaps best known for playing all thirty-two chronological cycles of Beethovens sonatas. Vazsonyi also was an author who wrote extensively on political science in the Washington Times and other media sources. The collection consists of concert programs, reviews, correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, recordings, lectures, scrapbooks, brochures, manuscripts, books, and videos related to Vazsonyis performing and teaching careers, the ensembles he was involved in, events in his life, his political involvement, and his relationships with several people and organizations, especially his teacher, Ernst von Dohnanyi, and his management, Kazuko Hillyer International, Inc.

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Historical Note

Summary: Balint Vazsonyi was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 7, 1936. Vaszonyi toured the U.S. and Europe, performed all 32 Beethoven sonatas, and wrote extensively on political science for The Washington Times. He died in January 2003.

Full History: Balint Vazsonyi was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 7, 1936. He began his piano studies early at the Liszt Music Academy and the Vienna Academy of Music. Later, he immigrated to the U.S. and continued his studies under Ernst von Dohnanyi at Florida State University. Vazsonyi toured the U.S. and Europe, as well as making numerous television and radio appearances. He also performed several cycles of all 32 Beethovens sonatas. His recordings were issued on the Vox, Pye, and Genesis labels. Vazsonyi was also deeply interested in political science and wrote extensively on that subject for The Washington Times and elsewhere. He died in January 2003.

A separate, highly significant portion of the Vazsonyi Collection consists of materials that he gathered relating to the life and career of his teacher, Dohnanyi. Many of these unique documents, the majority in Hungarian, were used by Vazsonyi while preparing his biography of Dohnanyi. At the request of donor Barbara Vazsonyi, a portion of the Dohnanyi materials in Hungarian were transferred to the library of the Liszt academy in Budapest in 2004. This book was published by Zenemukiado in 1971.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Balint Vazsonyi Collection covers the period from 1949-2003; the bulk of the materials date from 1960-2000. The collection consists of concert programs and reviews, reel-to-reel and commercially issued recordings, flyers, scrapbooks, and biographical information and articles concerning Vazsonyi. It also contains articles, lectures, teaching activities, books, papers, and films written by Vazsonyi about music and politics, as well as information about Vazsonyis involvement in politics. Finally, this collection contains correspondences between Vazsonyi and many different organizations and people. This collection represents Vazsonyis recordings and lectures by composers such as Brahms and Liszt and articles he wrote about his former teacher, Dohnanyi. The materials reflect Vazsonyis performances and teaching activities with the Boston Conservatory, the New School of the Arts, and Indiana University, as well as his performances at the Hungarian Embassy (Washington, DC) and in places throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. It also reflects Vazsonyis political involvement with the Center for the American Founding/Potomac Foundation and his extensive writings on politics in the U.S. Finally, it represents his correspondence with various arts organizations such as the Kent Music Center, the University of Miami School of Music, the Guilford Festival, and his manager, the Kazuko Hillyer International, Inc.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Materials were received in May 2003. Donation was made by Barbara Vazsonyi, Vazsonyis wife and widow.

Processing Information

Processed by:

This collection was processed by Max Brown and Elizabeth Mason.

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EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Elizabeth J. Mason, January 2013.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Performance Files, 1949-2001 (12.50 Linear Feet)

This series contains concert programs and reviews from Vazsonyis various performances, reel-to-reel sound recordings of his playing, articles, scrapbooks, reviews, flyers, and advertisements of Vazsonyis commercially issued recordings. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Subseries 1.1: Concert Programs, Reviews, 1958-2001 (3.00 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains concert programs and reviews of Vazsonyis recitals, lecture performances, radio broadcasts, orchestra performances, and chamber ensemble performances.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Vienna, Austria Performance, 1958series 1.1box 1folder 1
Performances, 1959series 1.1box 1folder 2
Performances, 1960series 1.1box 1folder 3
Performances, 1961series 1.1box 1folder 4
Performances, 1962series 1.1box 1folder 5
Performances, 1963series 1.1box 1folder 6
Performances, 1964series 1.1box 1folder 7
Performances, 1965series 1.1box 1folder 8
Performances, 1966series 1.1box 1folder 9
Performances, 1967series 1.1box 1folder 10
Performances, 1968series 1.1box 1folder 11
Performances, 1969series 1.1box 1folder 12
Performances, 1970series 1.1box 1folder 13
Performances, 1971series 1.1box 1folder 14
Performances, 1972series 1.1box 2folder 1
Performances, 1973series 1.1box 2folder 2
Performances, 1974series 1.1box 2folder 3
Performances, 1975series 1.1box 2folder 4
Performances, 1976series 1.1box 2folder 5
Performances, 1977series 1.1box 3folder 1
Beethoven Performances, 1977series 1.1box 3folder 2
Lyric Theater and Wigmore Hall Performances, 1978series 1.1box 3folder 3
Arlington Street Church Recital, March 1979series 1.1box 3folder 4
Performances, 1981series 1.1box 3folder 5
Performances, 1982series 1.1box 3folder 6
Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Orchestra Concert, 1983series 1.1box 3folder 7
Performances, 1992series 1.1box 3folder 8
Performances, 1993series 1.1box 3folder 9
Performances -- February-June, 1994series 1.1box 4folder 1
Performances -- October 27th-30th, 1994series 1.1box 4folder 2
Performances, 1997-2002series 1.1box 4folder 3
Visit to Hungary, 2002series 1.1box 4folder 4
Performances -- Unidentified Date, Undatedseries 1.1box 4folder 5
Scores, 1983-1999, and Undatedseries 1.1box 4folder 6

Subseries 1.2: Recordings, Undated (8.00 Linear Feet; 125 Recordings)

This subseries contains sound recordings on reel-to-reel tapes and articles, reviews, and advertisements of commercially issued recordings.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Recordings -- Reel-to-Reel Tapes -- About 125 Additional Reel-to-Reel Tapes and CDs on Final Two Shelves, Undatedseries 1.2box 4folder 7
Beethoven Cycle -- General, 1976-1977series 1.2box 4folder 8
Record Reviews, 1968-1977, and Undatedseries 1.2box 4folder 9

Subseries 1.3: Print Ephemera, 1974-1977, and Undated

This subseries contains publicity flyers and concert management.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Publicity Flyers, Undatedseries 1.3box 4folder 10
Concert Management, 1974-1977, and Undatedseries 1.3box 4folder 11
Conductor's Baton, Undatedseries 1.3box 4folder 12

Subseries 1.4: Scrapbooks, 1949-1967 (0.75 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains scrapbooks that include concert programs, reviews, articles, letters, and telegrams of Vazsonyis concert activities in the United States and Europe.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Scrapbook I, 1949-1960series 1.4box 5folder 1
Scrapbook II, 1960-1963series 1.4box 5folder 2
Scrapbook III, 1963-1967series 1.4box 5folder 3

Series 2: Subject Files, 1959-1980, and Undated (null)

This series contains biographical information about Vazsonyi and articles concerning events he experienced. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Subseries 2.1: Biographical, Undated

This subseries contains Vazsonyis professional resume, obituaries, and tributes to Vazsonyi.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Biographical File -- Vazsonyi -- Resumes and Obituaries, 1985-2003, and Undatedseries 2.1box 6folder 1

Subseries 2.2: Articles Concerning Vazsonyi, 1959-1980, and Undated

This subseries contains articles concerning Vazsonyis arrival in the United States, his acquisition of pianos for various organizations, his marriage, and various Swedish and Hungarian articles.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Articles -- About Vazsonyi, 1972-1992, and Undatedseries 2.2box 6folder 2
Articles -- Hungarian, Undatedseries 2.2box 6folder 3

Series 3: Academic/Literary, 1969-2001, and Undated (null)

This series contains various articles by Vazsonyi about music and musicians, lectures and teaching activities, and his film production projects. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Subseries 3.1: Articles by Vazsonyi, 1970-2001, and Undated

This subseries contains articles by Vazsonyi on Dohnanyi for the Schumann Symposium, as well as articles included in the Encyclopedia of Modern Eastern Europe and music publication reviews.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Encyclopedia of Modern Eastern Europe, 1994-1997series 3.1box 6folder 4
Schumann Symposium, 1970-1973, and Undatedseries 3.1box 6folder 5
Reviews, 1978-2001, and Undatedseries 3.1box 6folder 6

Subseries 3.2: Lectures, 1969-1997

This subseries contains lectures given by Vazsonyi on pianists such as Bartók, Liszt, and Chopin.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Lectures, 1969-1977series 3.2box 6folder 7

Subseries 3.3: Teaching Activities, 1972-1996, and Undated

This subseries contains Vazsonyis teaching activities at the Boston Conservatory of Music, Indiana University, and the New World School of the Arts, as well as his job searches and master classes he presented.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Boston Conservatory of Music, 1972-1975series 3.3box 6folder 8
Indiana University -- Concerning Vazsonyi's Appointment, 1978-1982series 3.3box 6folder 9
Indiana University -- Evaluation and Thanks, 1979-1983, and Undatedseries 3.3box 6folder 10
Indiana University -- Various Publications, 1980-1982series 3.3box 6folder 11
New World School of the Arts, 1993-1994 and Undatedseries 3.3box 7folder 1
New World School of the Arts -- Articles, Programs, Letters, 1993-1994, and Undatedseries 3.3box 7folder 2
Job Searches, 1982-1996series 3.3box 7folder 3
Master Classes, 1982-1992series 3.3box 7folder 4

Subseries 3.4: Film Production, 1989-1990

This subseries contains articles and guidance notes for Vazsonyis Telemusic productions on classical composers lives.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Film Production, 1989-1990series 3.4box 7folder 5

Series 4: Political, 1990-2003, and Undated (3.75 Linear Feet)

This series contains articles about Vazsonyis Bloomington, Indiana mayoral candidacy, his involvement with the Center for the American Founding, newspaper articles, his political lectures, videos, and books, and miscellaneous political articles, papers, and lectures by Vazsonyi. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Subseries 4.1: Bloomington, Indiana Candidacy, 1991-1993, and Undated

This subseries contains articles about Vazsonyis candidacy for Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana and other legal and correspondence documents related to his candidacy.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Bloomington, Indiana -- Candidacy, 1991-1992, and Undatedseries 4.1box 8folder 1
Bloominton -- Candidacy -- Expenditures, 1990-1992series 4.1box 8folder 2
Bloomington -- Candidacy -- Endorsements, 1991series 4.1box 8folder 3
Bloomington -- Candidacy -- Correspondence, Mailing Lists, 1991-1993, and Undatedseries 4.1box 8folder 4
Bloomington -- Candidacy -- Legal Court 1 (Monroe Circuit), 1991-1993, and Undatedseries 4.1box 8folder 5

Subseries 4.2: Center fir the American Founding/Potomac Foundation, 1997-2000

This subseries contains brochures, discussions, and documents from the Center for the American Founding and from the Potomac Foundation.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Center for the American Founding, 1997-2000series 4.2box 8folder 6

Subseries 4.3: Newspaper Articles, 1995-2003

This subseries contains political newspaper articles from the Washington Times about Vazsonyi.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
The 'horrible' U.S. history lesson in our schools, 12/1995series 4.3box 9folder 1
Newspaper Articles, 1996series 4.3box 9folder 2
Newspaper Articles, 1997series 4.3box 9folder 3
Newspaper Articles, 1998series 4.3box 9folder 4
Newspaper Articles, 1999series 4.3box 9folder 5
Newspaper Articles, 2000series 4.3box 9folder 6
Newspaper Articles, 2001series 4.3box 9folder 7
Newspaper Articles, 2002series 4.3box 9folder 8
Newspaper Articles, 2003series 4.3box 9folder 9

Subseries 4.4: Miscellaneous Articles, Papers, Lectures, 1995-2002, and Undated

This subseries contains magazine articles, papers, and lectures that Vazsonyi wrote about the state of the U.S.A.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Miscellaneous Articles, Papers, Lectures, 1995-2003, and Undatedseries 4.4box 9folder 10
Political Shirts -- Undatedseries 4.4box 10folder 1
Political Shirt, Undatedseries 4.4box 10folder 1item 1.0
Political Shirtseries 4.4box 10folder 1item 2.0

Subseries 4.5: Books, 1996-2001 (Three Books)

This subseries contains books on Vazsonyis opinions about America.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Books, 1996-2001series 4.5box 10folder 2
America on My Mind: Potomac Foundation, 1996series 4.5box 10folder 2item 1.0
Americas 30 Years War: Whos Winning? Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing,Inc., 1998series 4.5box 10folder 2item 2.0
TV Guide, June 2001series 4.5box 10folder 2item 3.0

Subseries 4.6: Videos, 1996-2000, and Undated (Nine Videos)

This subseries contains Vazsonyis C-Span videos and other miscellaneous political videos.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Videos, 1996-2000, and Undatedseries 4.6box 10folder 3

Series 5: Correspondence, 1949-1998, and Undated (null)

This series contains Vazsonyis correspondences with various arts and musical organizations, universities, churches, financial organizations, and people. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Hans Adler Concert Management, 1971-1977 series 5box 11folder 1
Annart Artists Management, 1994-1995 series 5box 11folder 2
Artists International Management, 1969-1973 series 5box 11folder 3
Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1968-1971 series 5box 11folder 4
Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1970-1972 series 5box 11folder 5
Beethoven Cycle -- Press, 1975-1978, and Undated series 5box 11folder 6
Beethoven Cycle -- Questionnaire, 1976 series 5box 11folder 7
Boston Conservatory of Music, 1970-1977, and Undated series 5box 11folder 8
British Broadcasting Corporation, 1966 series 5box 11folder 9
British Broadcasting Corporation, 1960-1995 series 5box 11folder 10
Butler University, 1969-1972 series 5box 11folder 11
Correspondence -- A-B -- Miscellaneous, 1957-1992 series 5box 11folder 12
Nicholas Choveaux Management, 1959-1964 series 5box 12folder 1
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, 1959-1963 series 5box 12folder 2
Correspondence -- C-D -- Miscellaneous, 1961-1992 series 5box 12folder 3
Edinburgh -- National Galleries of Scotland, 1965-1966 series 5box 12folder 4
Enschede -- Stichtung Overijssels Philharmonisch Orkest, 1992-1994 series 5box 12folder 5
First Presbyterian Church -- Florida, 1960-1963 series 5box 12folder 6
Florida West Coast Symphony Orchestra, 1960-1962 series 5box 12folder 7
Foundlings Club, 1993 series 5box 12folder 8
Friday Musicale -- Florida, 1959-1966 series 5box 12folder 9
Genesis Records, 1971-1974 series 5box 12folder 10
Geneva -- Various, 1961-1965 series 5box 12folder 11
Per Gottschalk Concert Management, 1961-1963 series 5box 12folder 12
Gianna Guggenbuhl Concerts International, 1960-1961 series 5box 12folder 13
The Guilford Festival, 1968-1969 series 5box 12folder 14
Correspondence -- G -- Miscellaneous, 1968-1972 series 5box 12folder 15
Hessischer Rundfunk, 1961-1971 series 5box 12folder 16
Kazuko Hillyer, 1968-1978 series 5box 12folder 17
Hungary -- Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary -- New York, 1992-1995 series 5box 12folder 18
Hungarian Embassy, 1992-1998 series 5box 12folder 19
Hungarian Letters -- Miscellaneous -- Unidentified, 1968-1978, and Undated series 5box 12folder 20
Correspondence -- H -- Miscellaneous, 1968-1993 series 5box 12folder 21
Ibbs and Tibbett, 1964-1970 series 5box 13folder 1
Ingpen and Williams -- Concert Agents, 1972-1977 series 5box 13folder 2
International Piano Library, 1972-1975 series 5box 13folder 3
International Rescue Committee, 1993 series 5box 13folder 4
Felicitas Keller, 1960-1972 series 5box 13folder 5
Johan Koning, 1962-1965 series 5box 13folder 6
Konzertgesellschaft Zurich, 1961-1965 series 5box 13folder 7
Concertdirectie Dr. G. De Koos, 1961-1976 series 5box 13folder 8
Correspondence -- I-K -- Miscellaneous, 1967-1993 series 5box 13folder 9
Correspondence -- L -- Miscellaneous, 1968-1993 series 5box 13folder 10
Eduardo Mata, 1971-1973 series 5box 13folder 11
Minnesota Symphony Orchestra, 1971-1974 series 5box 13folder 12
Musikkollegium Winterhur, 3/1993 series 5box 13folder 13
Correspondence -- M -- Miscellaneous, 1965-1977 series 5box 13folder 14
NBC Today Show, 1962 series 5box 13folder 15
National Concert and Artist Corporation, 1963-1970 series 5box 13folder 16
Nord Deutsch Konzertdirektion, 1963-1964 series 5box 13folder 17
Nord Deutsch Rundfunk, 1962-1972 series 5box 13folder 18
Correspondence -- N-O -- Miscellaneous, 1961-1972 series 5box 13folder 19
PYE Records, 1967-1972 series 5box 14folder 1
The Phillipps Collection, 1963-1966 series 5box 14folder 2
Correspondence -- P -- Miscellaneous, 1958-1975 series 5box 14folder 3
RCA -- Munves, Benko, 1972-1973 series 5box 14folder 4
Rockefeller Fund for Music, 1965-1971 series 5box 14folder 5
Correspondence -- R -- Miscellaneous, 1961-1974 series 5box 14folder 6
South Africa, 1963-1975 series 5box 14folder 7
South Africa -- Musica Viva Society, 1971-1975, and Undated series 5box 14folder 8
SudDeutscher Rundfunk, 1961-1971 series 5box 14folder 9
Switzerland -- Institute de Hautes Musicales, 1972-1975, and Undated series 5box 14folder 10
Sweden -- Various, 1969-1975 series 5box 14folder 11
Correspondence -- S -- Miscellaneous, 1960-1994 series 5box 14folder 12
Peter Thall, 1971-1975 series 5box 14folder 13
Tillet and Holt, 1968-1969 series 5box 14folder 14
Turkey, 1973 series 5box 14folder 15
Tamas Vasary, 1992, and Undated series 5box 14folder 16
Vox, 1961-1966, and Undated series 5box 14folder 17
Alan Walker, 1992-1997, and Undated series 5box 14folder 18
West Deutscher Rundfunk -- West Deutscher Konzertdirektion, 1961-1971 series 5box 14folder 19
Correspondence -- U, W -- Miscellaneous, 1960-1994 series 5box 14folder 20
Zurich -- Radio Schweiz, 1959-1971 series 5box 14folder 21
Correspondence -- Miscellaneous -- Unidentified, 1949-1994, and Undated series 5box 14folder 22

Series 6: Dohnanyi Materials, 1853-2003, and Undated (6.00 Linear Feet)

This series contains articles by Vazsonyi about his teacher Dohnanyi, including a manuscript for his biography, correspondence with Dohnanyi, and articles written for the Grove Dictionary of Music.

Subseries 6.1: Programs, Souvenirs, Etc., 1853-2003, and Undated

This subseries contains programs, souvenirs, lists of pieces, faxes, and miscellaneous materials related to Dohnanyi. It also contains various events, such as Dohnanyis appearances at the Festival at the University of Florida and articles about him published in the Grove Dictionary of Music and the New Grove Dictionary of Opera.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Dohnanyi -- English Programs, 1971-1996, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 1
Dohnanyi -- Hungarian Programs and Souvenirs, 1941-2002, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 2
Dohnanyi Programs, 2002-2003series 6.1box 18folder 3
Grove Article by BV, 1972-2002, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 4
Dohnanyi, Balint Vazsonyi -- New Grove Dictionary of Opera, Etc., 1990-1993, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 5
Festival -- FSU, 2002series 6.1box 18folder 6
Publicity, Circa 1949-Circa 1955series 6.1box 18folder 7
Lists of Compositions, Recordings, Pieces, 1936, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 8
Lists of Pieces, Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 9
Budapest Materials -- Miscellaneous, 1853-2002, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 10
Dohnanyi -- Monograph, Biographical, Fax, 1995-2002, and Undatedseries 6.1box 18folder 11

Subseries 6.2: Correspondence: Dohnanyi Book, 1949-2002, and Undated (0.75 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains correspondence between Vazsonyi and various publishers, editors, colleagues, and friends about his book on Dohnanyi.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Correspondence -- Re: Dohnanyi Book -- A-F, 1949-2002, and Undatedseries 6.2box 19folder 1
Correspondence -- Re: Dohnanyi Book -- G-M, 1966-2002, and Undatedseries 6.2box 19folder 2
Correspondence -- Re: Dohnanyi Book -- O-Z, 1961-2002, and Undatedseries 6.2box 19folder 3
Correspondence -- Re: Dohnanyi Book -- Festival Overture, 1972-1973series 6.2box 19folder 4
Correspondence -- Miscellaneous -- Unidentified, 1951-1991, and Undatedseries 6.2box 19folder 5
Unidentified Hungarian Letters -- Miscellaneous, 2002series 6.2box 19folder 6
Correspondence -- Re: Dohnanyi Book -- Books, Budapest Radio, and BBC, 1965-1995, and Undatedseries 6.2box 19folder 7

Subseries 6.3: BV Book/Articles, 1966-2002, and Undated (0.75 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains articles about Dohnanyi in Vazsonyis BV book, including articles on Dohnanyi and Nazism and on his heritage.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
BV Book -- Excerpted Draft, Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 1
BV Book, 2002series 6.3box 20folder 2
Transcripts of BBC Broadcasts on Dohnanyi, 1966-1967, and Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 3
The Case of Ernst von Dohnanyi, 1966, and Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 4
"In Quest of a Master", 1971series 6.3box 20folder 5
"Unclaimed Heritages", Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 6
"Dohnanyi and Nazism", Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 7
Dohnanyi Materials -- Selected writings with comments from Alan Walker, 1966-1969series 6.3box 20folder 8
Dohnanyi Materials -- Miscellaneous Writings, Undatedseries 6.3box 20folder 9

Subseries 6.4: Biographies of Dohnanyi by Others, 1962-1998, and Undated (0.75 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains biographies of Dohnanyi by his wife, Ilona von Dohnanyi, and by Marion Ursula Rueth on his Tallahassee years.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
"The Tallahassee Years of Ernst von Dohnanyi" -- By Marion Ursula Rueth, 1962series 6.4box 21folder 1
Cantus Vitae Biography of Dohnanyi -- By Ilona von Dohnanyi -- p. 1-170, 1998series 6.4box 21folder 2
Cantus Vitae Biography of Dohnanyi -- By Ilona von Dohnanyi -- p. 171-347, Undatedseries 6.4box 21folder 3
Biography of Dohnanyi -- By Ilona von Dohnanyi -- p. 1-165, Footnotes, and Epitaph, Undatedseries 6.4box 21folder 4

Subseries 6.5: Articles/Books about Dohnanyi, 1900-2002, and Undated (1.00 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains English and Hungarian articles and books about Dohnanyi both by Vazsonyi and by others, including articles about Dohnanyi and Bartok.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Articles about Dohnanyi -- By Vazsonyi -- 2000-2002, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 1
English Articles about Dohnanyi -- By Others -- 1966-2002, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 2
Hungarian Articles about Dohnanyi -- By Others -- 1972-2002, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 3
Books about Dohnanyi -- 1943-2002, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 4
Dohnanyi and Bartók -- Articles by Others -- 1894-2002, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 5
Dohnanyi and Bartók -- Manuscripts -- 1900-1927, and Undatedseries 6.5box 22folder 6

Subseries 6.6: Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography, 1945-1969, and Undated (2.00 Linear Feet)

This subseries contains Vazsonyis manuscript for Dohnanyis biography.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 1-198, Undatedseries 6.6box 15folder 1
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 1-98, 1969series 6.6box 15folder 2
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 198-385, Undatedseries 6.6box 15folder 3
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 99-200, Undatedseries 6.6box 16folder 1
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 99-199, Undatedseries 6.6box 16folder 2
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 201-303, Undatedseries 6.6box 16folder 3
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 200-303, Undatedseries 6.6box 16folder 4
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 305-xxxiv, 1945series 6.6box 17folder 1
Dohnanyi Manuscript for Biography -- p. 304-357 -- Loose Manuscript Portions, Undatedseries 6.6box 17folder 2

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Florida West Coast Symphony (1962). Balint Vazsonyi piano recital. Unpublished Oversized Poster Flyer.