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Martha Brooks Papers


Martha Brooks Papers
Brooks, Martha
Collection number:
LAB 99-88
5.75 linear feet
Bulk dates:
Inclusive dates:
1924-1991 and undated
Collection Area:
Mass Media and Culture
Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries, Hornbake Library, College Park, MD 20742. Tel: 301-405-9212, Fax: 301-314-2709, Email:

Martha Brooks (1908-1999) was a legendary New York broadcaster whose "Martha Brooks Show" aired over WGY-Radio Schenectady from 1937 to 1971. Originally an actress, Ms. Brooks (nee Irma Lemke) began with pioneering radio station WGY in 1931. Later, Ms. Brooks became a TV pioneer, on WGY's sister station, WRGB-TV by writing, producing and often starring in live, on-air productions. The Martha Brooks Papers spans the years 1924 to 1991 and consists mainly of photos from many of the early TV productions on which Ms. Brooks starred (and sometimes wrote).

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Historical Note

Martha Brooks (nee Irma Lemke Forman) (1908-1999) was an American broadcast producer and on-air personality at station WGY-Radio and WGY-TV in Schenectady, NY from 1931 to 1971.

Born on April 25th in Binghamton, NY, Irma Lemke was a 1925 graduate of Albany High School, where she was active in theatrics, and, after high school, attended Emerson College in Boston where she majored in British literature.

Her first job out of college was with the Jenkins Television Company in Jersey City. It is believed she was the world's first television program director, male or female. That ended however in 1931 when the US Communications Commission ruled that television was not yet ready for commercial use. And perhaps they were right: according to Brooks herself, the early images broadcast by Jenkins were of silhouettes or occasionally an old silent movie. Still, such primitive conditions did not prevent Brooks from producing live 24-hour coverage of the opening of the Lincoln Highway, a telecast which featured Ruth Etting, Ethel Barrymore and vacuum tube inventor Lee DeForest.

Brooks joined WGY radio in 1931. She played a small role on a Christmas Eve program. Other acting roles at the station quickly followed including playing the role of "Miss Anne" on "Frontier Days" and on the East Coast version of "One Man's Family," prior to that show's coast-to-coast transmission. In time, Brooks began to write and produce programs along with starring in them. She wrote, directed and performed in "The Mister and the Misses" with Gene O'Haire, and she worked on the series "The FBI in Action," which ran from 1945 to 1955. Typical of the time, Brooks often worked under various other professional names; among them: Alice Lee Underwood, Joan Davis, and Sarada Gray.

In the late 1930s, the station asked her to host its female-oriented, consumer affairs show "Market Basket". . . and to change her name one more time, this time to something with the same initials as the program. Thus was born "Martha Brooks."

Brooks's/Lemke's legendary morning radio talk show, "The Martha Brooks Show" began on the air in 1937 and would endure for a remarkable 34 years!

Originally the program's content was typical "women's news" of the era--fashion tips, interior design, cooking, etc. But, with time, Brooks expanded the perimeters of her program and would bring to the airwaves thoughtful discussion on such once taboo subjects as marital strife, childbirth, and menopause. Brooks said of her program's progression, "I was looking around for something more serious than topics like interior decorating and household hints. I felt that the listening audience of this day and age might appreciate maturity in their programming."

In 1945, Brooks married David Boris Kroman, an area math teacher. Shortly thereafter, the couple took to the air with a morning program, "Breakfast with the Brooks." Kroman would later helm a highly-viewed academic quiz show over WGY-TV.

Just as WGY had been a pioneering force in radio broadcast, so too would they in television.

WRGB-TV began experimental broadcasts in 1928. In the early 1940s over WRGB, Brooks starred in the station's--and some believe the nation's--first commercially-sponsored program, "Keeping Your Home Shipshape." For it, Brooks assumed another alias, Mrs. Ima Fixit, and starred on the program opposite a puppet created by Joe Owens.

Other early WRGB productions in which Brooks appeared included full presentations of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "The Sorcerer," and "Pinafore." As one of the few people on the planet to know anything about television, Brooks often found herself called upon to try to educate and train others about the new medium. New York agencies frequently sent up famous names so that Martha could put them through their TV pacings.

Throughout it all, Martha Brooks remained on radio creating documentaries like "Portrait of a City" and doing her daily talk show, which over the years would feature interviews with the likes of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Tallulah Bankhead, Imogene Coca, Estelle Winwood, Lillian Roth, Faye Emerson, Gene Autry, Beatrice Lillie, Eva Gabor, Gloria Swanson, Diana Barrymore, Gertrude Berg, Rudy Vallee, Uta Hagen, Sir Cedric Hardwick, Ed Begley, Maragret Truman, Thomas E. Dewey, and others.

Martha Brooks retired from the air in 1971. She died in 1999.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Martha Brooks Papers spans the years 1924 to 1991, with the bulk of the material dated between 1940 and 1960. This collection includes photos (approximately 300), correspondence, speeches, scripts and short stories, certificates, clippings, station publications, station program schedules, audio tape, film, framed objects, personal items like jewelry, and other items.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

The Martha Brooks Papers was donated to the Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland Libraries, by Jane Barton, a friend of the late Ms. Brooks, in May of 1999.

Processing Information

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Processed by Cary O'Dell, April 2004. Revised by Melanie Brown, May 2005.

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EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Cary O'Dell, April 2005. Markup checked and verified by Karen E. King, July 2005.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Biographical, 1933-1999 and undated (1 folder)

This series contains a handful of items that pertain directly to Ms. Brooks' life, including several company-produced bios, legal documents, and an obituary from 1999 all arranged by date. See also Clippings files.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Biographical Materials, 1939-1999; undated series 1box 1folder 1

Series 2: Correspondence, 1931-1976 (4 folders)

This series contains letters (111 total) sent to Ms. Brooks from colleagues, fans, sponsors, business associates, friends and others as well as inter-office memos, etc. The majority of these letters pertain to Ms. Brooks' 35th anniversary on the air or to her retirement from broadcasting in 1971. Some of the authors/sources of the letters are E.K. Foster, Emerson College, "The Lux Radio Theatre," Nelson Rockefeller, Kitty Carlisle Hart, and Julie Chase Fuller (of AWRT), among others. This series also contains unused examples of Ms. Brooks personal stationary. The letters are organized by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Correspondence, 1931-1969 series 2box 1folder 2
Correspondence, 1971-1976 series 2box 1folder 3
Correspondence, undated series 2box 1folder 4
Correspondence -- Personal Stationary, undated series 2box 1folder 5

Series 3: Clippings, 1924-1976; undated (2 folders)

Vast collection (102 items total) of newspaper and magazine clippings documenting nearly every aspect of Ms. Brooks' life and career. While most are related to her on-air activities and her 1971 retirement, some are on her work as an accomplished painter. Some oversize clippings are in Oversize Box #5. This series is arranged chronologically by date, followed by undated materials.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Clippings -- Dated, 1924-1976 series 3box 1folder 6
Clippings -- Undated, undated series 3box 1folder 7

Series 4: Speech, 1943 (1 folder)

Typed copy of a speech Ms. Brooks made to the female employees of the General Electric Company on November 3, 1943.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Speeches, 1943 series 4box 1folder 8

Series 5: Scripts and Short Stories, 1944-1954 (6 folders)

A prolific writer, Ms. Brooks not only wrote for her radio and TV but for potential publication as well. This series contains 32 examples of Ms. Brooks' works.

Included are the scripts: "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" (2 copies); a radio adaptation by Brooks of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (c. 1944); script, "Portrait of a City" (1952); "Captain Owl" by Brooks (scripts and short stories and a bound but unpublished story); a short story for children, "Mah-Cah The Mighty (1933); the short story, "The Strange and Exciting Adventure of Snuffy..." (undated); a second version of "Snuffy" exists in scrapbook (9" x 11") form, typed and illustrated with cut-and-paste pictures (the scrapbook is in oversize storage box #5); script for "Umptydump" (undated); short story, untitled but labeled "Sarada Gray" (one of the Irma's aliases) (April 21, 1933); and a second short story, untitled but labeled "Sarada Gray" (March 24, 1933).

Also included is the script "Crisis in Kenishaw" by Edward Langley (1954) and radio ad copy for the following Wel-Tex Clothing for Men (January 30, 1942), Waterville Laundry (undated), and the New York State Bureau of Milk Publicity (9 scripts) (circa 1942).

All items are arranged by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Scripts and Stories -- "Captain Owl," "Snuffy," etc., 1944-1945 series 5box 1folder 9
Scripts and Stories -- Ad copy, etc., 1944-1954 series 5box 1folder 10
Scripts and Stories -- "Patchwork Girl of Oz", 1944-1954 series 5box 1folder 11
Scripts and Stories -- "Uncles Tom's Cabin" ", 1944-1954 series 5box 1folder 12
Scripts and Stories -- "Portrait of a City", 1944-1954 series 5box 1folder 13
Scripts and Stories -- "Crisis in Kenishaw", 1944-1954 series 5box 1folder 14

Series 6: Dave Kroman, circa 1944-1966 (1 folder)

Various materials pertaining directly to Dave Kroman, Ms. Brooks' husband and frequent on-air partner. Most items concern Mr. Kroman's work as a local actor or his highly successful TV academic quiz show, "The Little Red Schoolhouse." Other items: clippings, correspondence, promo items, blank stationary, and certificates, etc. Items are organized by type and then, internally, by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Dave Kroman, circa 1944-1954 series 6box 2folder 1

Series 7: Stations--WRGB and WGY, 1938-1987 (7 folders)

This series has four subseries.

Subseries 7.1: WGY and WRGB Programming Guides, 1944-1954 (2 folders)

Station-produced listening and viewing guides mailed to area viewers. Forty items total. This series is arranged first by station and then by date. Arranged by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Stations -- Programming guides -- WRGB, 1944-1947series 7.1box 2folder 2
Stations -- Programming guides -- WGY, 1946-1954series 7.1box 2folder 3

Subseries 7.2: Press Releases, 1957- circa 1969 (1 folder)

Two station-generated press releases: one announcing Ms. Brooks's victory in the nation-wide Grocery Manufacturers of America's "Life Line of America" award for her series on how meat is processed (1957); the second announces Ms. Brooks being included in the forthcoming book, "2000 Women of Achievement" (circa 1969). Arranged by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Stations -- Press releases, 1957-circa1969series 7.2box 2folder 4

Subseries 7.3: Public Service Announcement and Interview Schedules, 1957-1961 (1 folder)

This series contains three typed lists noting various PSAs that have aired during "The Martha Brooks Show." These reports might have been created for submitting to the FCC. Arranged by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Stations -- PSA reports/Interview schedules, 1957-1961series 7.3box 2folder 5

Subseries 7.4: Station-produced pamphlets/publications/postcards, 1938-1987 (3 folders)

Wide assortment--56 total items--of station-produced booklets, fliers, and hand-outs, including: an audience analysis report from 1958, newsletters, list of sponsors, annual reports. Some of the titles are: "Martha Brooks Party Plans";"WGY News";"GE Report of the 62nd Annual Meeting";"Life at WGY";"Your product in the WGY Kitchen";"Mike and Camera" and "Market Basket Facts" among other titles. Some publications are stored in Oversize Box #6. Items are ordered by date. (Note: A complete list of materials is located at the end of this finding aid.)

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Stations -- Station publications, 1938-1987series 7.4box 2folder 6
null -- Station publications -- "Mike and Camera", 1951-1956series 7.4box 2folder 7
Stations -- Station publications, undatedseries 7.4box 2folder 8

Series 8: Certificates of Achievement, 1955-1966 and undated (2 folders)

Contains three certificates bestowed on Ms. Brooks by the following organizations: GE/New York World's Fair Operation (1965); the American Institute of Chefs/American Culinary Association (1966); and an undated document from the US Naval Reserve. (See also Series 17, Artifacts.) This series also contains materials related to Ms. Brooks' 1955 and 1957 awards from the Grocery Manufacturers of America for radio reports she broadcast. Items arranged by date.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Awards and Certificates -- General, 1955-1956 series 8box 2folder 9
Awards and Certificates -- Grocery Manufacturers of America, 1955, 1957 series 8box 2folder 10

Series 9: American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) Convention, 1958 (1 folder)

This series contains documents related to activities at the above convention held that year in San Francisco. It includes a printed excerpt from an address, "You're More Resourceful Than You Know: Business Needs Ideas," by Dr. G. Herbert True; a printed excerpt from an address, "Educational Programming is Good Business," by Donald H. McGannon; and excerpts from an address by Robert J. Burton on the "responsibility of American women in radio and television." There is also a printed summary of an address by Harold E. Fallows, then President of the NAB, delivered at the conference and a summery of a speech given by Pauline Frederick.

It also contains printed summations of the following panel discussions: "Resourcefulness in Promoting Stations and Programs" with the panelists Charles Russell (BBD&O), Florence Lowe ("Variety"), and Dan Jenkins ("TV Guide"); "Showmanship in Salesmanship," Dorothy Bullitt (King Broadcasting, Seattle), speaker; "New Trends in TV Commercials," Harry V. McMahan, speaker; "Showmanship in Telecasting," Lee Hogan Cass (Fashion Director, Bullock's), Mercedes Bates (advertising food consultant), Norman Hagen, (US Weather Bureau), panelists; "How Believable is Your Copy," Charles Lee Hutchins (McCann-Erickson), James Milton (Honig-Cooper-Miner), Mildred Alexander (WTAR, Norfolk), and Terrence O'Flaherty ("San Francisco Chronicle"), panelists; "Resourcefulness in Promoting Products and Services," Norma Young (KHJ), Dene Raterrman (National 4-H Club), Dean Dickens (WAGA, Atlanta), Ruth M. Glass (National Livestock and Meat Board, Chicago), Peggy Ware (Radio and TV home economist, Dudley-Anderson-Yutsy), and Margaret McDonald (WEAP-TV, Fort Worth), panelists; and "New Resources for Educational Radio and Television," James Day (KQED, San Francisco), Lillian Brown (Washington University), Stanley Donner (Stanford University), and Bill Dempsey (PIZ, San Francisco), panelists.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) convention, 1958 series 9box 2folder 11

Series 10: Photos, circa 1940-1963 and undated (0.75 linear foot)

Vast collection of 400-plus photos, most are 8" x 10" and unidentified in terms of date, individuals in them or titles of productions. Where a title could not be ascertained, photos of radio presentations and live TV broadcasts have been grouped based upon commonalties in each picture.

Martha Brooks and her husband David Kroman were often employed as performers in these broadcasts, over both TV and radio, and they are frequently pictured either individually or together in a great many of the stills.

Some oversize photos are in stored in Oversize Box #6.

This series is divided into the eight subseries.

Subseries 10.1: Martha Brooks, undated (4 folders)

This subseries contains photos of Ms. Brooks taken throughout her career. These photos include: portraits and candids of Ms. Brooks, alone, both formal and casual; on- and off-air publicity photos; photos of Ms. Brooks at Howe's Cave (NY); photos of Ms. Brooks with her husband, David Kroman; of Ms. Brooks playing softball or showing one of her paintings; Ms. Brooks being presented an award; at a tribute to her; on remote broadcasts; with school children; or with the following individuals Sandy Greed, Earl Pudney, and Charlie McGarotan.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- Martha Brooks -- Portraits/candids, undatedseries 10.1box 3folder 1
Photos -- Martha Brooks -- At the Circus, undatedseries 10.1box 3folder 2
Photos -- Martha Brooks -- Howe's Cave, undatedseries 10.1box 3folder 3
Photos -- Martha Brooks -- Off-air, undatedseries 10.1box 3folder 4
Photos -- "The Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks", undatedseries 10.1box 3folder 5

Subseries 10.2: "Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks", undated (5 folders)

This subseries contains photos realed to Brooks' radio interview programs. These photographs include: Mrs. W. Averell Harriman, Charles Stevenson, Dr. Katherine Blodgett, Earl Pudney, Chef Herman Hodich, the Amsterdam Sisters (club), Ed Hudowolski, Edward Everett Horton, Emerson Markham, Eileen Durning, Bert Lahr, Faye Emerson, June Lockhart, Jeffrey Lynn, Julie Haydon, "Aunt Jemima," Sarah Churchill, Marian Anderson, Billie Burke, and Mrs. Irma C. Clements.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- "The Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks", undatedseries 10.2box 3folder 6
Photos -- "The Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks", undatedseries 10.2box 3folder 7
Photos -- "The Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks", undatedseries 10.2box 3folder 8
Photos -- "The Martha Brooks Show"/"Breakfast with the Brooks" -- Celebrities, undatedseries 10.2box 3folder 9
Photos -- AWRT, 1958series 10.2box 3folder 10

Subseries 10.3: American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT), undated (1 folder)

Photos pertaining to the work of AWRT and Ms. Brooks' activities on its behalf.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- David Kroman -- Portraits, undatedseries 10.3box 3folder 11

Subseries 10.4: David Kroman, circa 1947-1963; undated (6 folders)

This subseries contains photos of Ms. Brooks' husband, David Kroman. These photos include portraits, production candids and stills from his programs: "The Record Shop" (c. 1947); "Answer Please" (c. 1963); and "Little Red Schoolhouse" (c. 1963) as well as photos related to such program sponsors as Coca-Cola and Woodco.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- David Kroman -- Casual/Programs, undatedseries 10.4box 3folder 12
Photos -- David Kroman -- Unidentified/Coca-Cola, undatedseries 10.4box 3folder 13
Photos -- David Kroman -- TV commercial for Woodco, late 1940sseries 10.4box 3folder 14
Photos -- David Kroman -- "Answers Please"/"Little Red Schoolhouse", undatedseries 10.4box 3folder 15
Photos -- David Kroman -- Other, undatedseries 10.4box 3folder 16

Subseries 10.5: Station Staff, circa 1943 (2 folders)

Also includes photos of station musician Gordy (Gordie?) Randall and Gary Stevens.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- Station staff -- Portraits, circa 1943series 10.5box 3folder 17
Photos -- WGY/WRGB musicians, undatedseries 10.5box 3folder 18

Subseries 10.6: Radio Programs, circa 1940-1945; undated (5 folders)

Backstage and on-air photos from several radio programs Ms. Brooks produced, including: "FBI in Action," featuring Peg Houpt (sound effects artist), Jerry Coyle, Howard Reig, Lola Sommers, and Ed Dalstead; "Those Who Mourn" (August, 10, 1945) featuring, among others, Florence Sanford and Dave Kroman; "The Children's Hour" (c. 1940s) featuring, among others, Bob Stone, the show's director and pianist; "Sports Spotlight" (1960) featuring Bill Carpenter and Herb Koster; and unidentified programs. When dated, photos are arranged chronologically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- Radio programs -- "FBI in Action", undatedseries 10.6box 3folder 19
Photos -- Radio programs -- "Those Who Mourn", August 10, 1945series 10.6box 3folder 20
Photos -- Radio programs -- "Children's Hour", 1940sseries 10.6box 3folder 21
Photos -- Radio programs -- "Sports Spotlight", 1960series 10.6box 3folder 22
Photos -- Radio programs -- Miscellaneous productions, variousseries 10.6box 3folder 23

Subseries 10.7: Television Productions, 1944; undated (34 folders)

Production still and candids from various television presentations by Ms. Brooks. These presentations include titled and untitled programs such as: a cooking demonstration with Martha Brooks; "Flight 40"; "Backstage"; "Enemy"; "ABC's Town Meeting"; "Glory in the Daytime"; a WWII South Pacific dramatization; and many unidentified presentations.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Cooking demonstration, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 1
Photos -- TV Presentations -- "Flight 40", undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 2
Photos -- TV Presentations -- "Backstage", undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 3
Photos -- TV Presentations -- "Enemy", 1944series 10.7box 4folder 4
Photos -- TV Presentations -- "ABC's Town Meeting", circa 1947series 10.7box 4folder 5
Photos -- TV Presentations -- "Glory in the Daytime", undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 6
Photos -- TV Presentations -- WWII South Pacific Drama, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 7
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #1 -- Clara the Cleaning Woman, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 8
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #2 -- Martha with the swami, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 9
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #3 -- Farming drama, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 10
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #4 -- Radio operator, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 11
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #5 -- Train/bus station, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 12
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #6 -- Cobbler, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 13
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #7 -- Living portraits, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 14
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #8 -- Two women, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 15
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #9 -- Radio drama, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 16
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #10 -- Figaro, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 17
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #11 -- California Squirtless, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 18
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #12 -- Man in sombrero, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 19
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #13 -- Arabian, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 20
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #14 -- Italian restaurant, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 21
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #15 -- Turnbull, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 22
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #16 -- Living room, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 23
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #17 -- Kitchen sink drama, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 24
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #18 -- Christopher Columbus, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 25
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #19 -- Woman in a black dress, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 26
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified #20 -- Revolutionary War?, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 27
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified--miscellaneous, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 28
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified--miscellaneous, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 29
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified--miscellaneous, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 30
Photos -- TV Presentations -- Unidentified--miscellaneous, undatedseries 10.7box 4folder 31

Subseries 10.8: Miscellaneous Photos, undated (3 folders)

Includes: 10 solo portraits of Vern Cook (actor), Charles John Stevenson, Milt Lang, and various unidentified people; three stills of a man in an Indian costume - station mascot, perhaps; and photos of various stage performances.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Photos -- Miscellaneous -- Unidentified people, undatedseries 10.8box 4folder 32
Photos -- Miscellaneous -- Indian, undatedseries 10.8box 4folder 33
Photos -- Miscellaneous -- Stage, undatedseries 10.8box 4folder 34

Series 11: Miscellaneous, 1964; undated (1 folder)

Odds and ends from the Brooks collection: two play programs; one-page of sheet music ("Drinking Song") (in Box #5); place cards; a couple of poems; a couple of cartoons clipped from magazines; a how-to article on public speaking by Charles John Stevenson; and an article on free speech by William F. Buckley and Arthur Schlesinger from a 1964 issue of "TV Guide."

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Miscellaneous, 1964 series 11box 4folder 35

Series 12: Artifacts, 1947-1988 and undated (32 items)

The Martha Brooks collection also includes the following objects. All objects are in box #6 unless otherwise noted. Items are: metal ID plate (3" x 9") stating "WGY General Electric" (probably was once attached to a piece of remote equipment); plaque/award for serving as president of AWRT (NY/DC region). Inscribed: "MARTHA BROOKS, PAST PRESIDENT, NEW YORK STAE CAPITAL DISTRICT CHAPTER AMERICAN WOMEN IN RADIO AND TELEVISION"; framed citation (13" x 18") from the Mayor of Schenectady on the occasion of Ms. Brooks' retirement. (Box #6); assorted jewelry (one silver pair cufflinks, engraved "WRGB," gold pin engraved "WRGB: 60th Year," 1988, silver pin engraved "WGY: 25th Anniversary," 1947, gold pin engraved "Quarter Century Club/GE," oval gold pin, engraved "WMRF-WGY-WB," cloth and zippered pink jewelry satchel, and a medallion (2 1/2" across) celebrating WGY's 65th anniversary, 1987); and one scrapbook (Box #5)

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Artifacts (oversize), 1947-1988; undated series 12box 5folder 1
Scrapbook "Snuffy", undated series 12box 5folder 1item 1.0
Artifacts (oversize), 1947-1988; undated series 12box 6folder 1
ID plate - "WGY General Electric", undated series 12box 6folder 1item 1.0
Plaque/award - AWRT President, undated series 12box 6folder 1item 1.0
Framed citation, undated series 12box 6folder 1item 1.0
Assorted jewelry, 1947, 1988, undated series 12box 6folder 1item 1.0
Medallion, 1987 series 12box 6folder 1item 1.0

Series 13: Media, 1954-1971 and undated (2 boxes)

This series contains reel-to-reel audiotapes and film. Included are: 16 7 1/2" reels; 12 5 1/2" reels; 1 3" reel and 3 16mm film reels.

The tapes are labeled: "Clocking a Stagecoach" (British Travel Association) (RT: 3:45); "Cab Driver" (2 reels); "Beefeater" (British Travel Association) (RT: 2:53); "May 12th: Florence Nightengale" (RT: 3:05); "May 22nd: A. Conan Doyle 106th Birthday" (RT: 2:30); "House of Horrors"; "Loch Ness Monster"; "Great Britain's Pageant of Spring"; Interview: "M. Brooks & Bea Lillie"; Interview: "Ed Begley"; "Gus Burgin"; "Hermoine Gringold"; "Don Ameche"; "Lillian Roth"; "Friday, April 30, 1971"; "Interview with Ms. M. Anderson/Wednesday, January 30, 1956" [Miriam?]; "Charles Coburn"; "Billie Burke"; "E.E. Horton" "Retirement Dinner Speech, May 8, 1971, Hyatt House; "Bow Bells" (British Travel Association) (RT: 3:45); "Eva Gabor"; "Limme-Kingo Flowers"; "Joan Crawford/April 9, 1959"; "Stockholm Musical Festival"; "My Swedish Village--BobTrebor"; "Famous Writers School: Rod Serling--Box 5"; "USS Hardhead: L.C. McMullen--retired sub after WWII and brought out of mothballs for Korean conflict; sunk 9 enemy ships; April 20, 1959"; "1960--Swedish [?] Christmas"; "News Report: Chicago: George Wallace, Dick Gregory (Campaigning); 1954 (?); Communist Party candidates"; and one unidentified reel.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Media -- Audiotapes (oversize), 1954-1971; undated series 13box 7folder 1
Media -- Film (oversize), 1954-1971; undated series 13box 8folder 1

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