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Susan Fratkin Papers


Susan Fratkin Papers
Fratkin, Susan
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NPBA 90-192
8.50 linear feet
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Mass Media and Culture
Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries, Hornbake Library, College Park, MD 20742. Tel: 301-405-9212, Fax: 301-314-2709, Email:

Susan Fratkin represented the concerns of higher education to the public broadcasting community when she was Director of Special Programs for the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) from the late 1970s to 1992. She was particularly involved with the Educational Television Committee. Furthermore, she served as first treasurer and then president of the Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications (JCET) from 1984 to 1992. The collection includes reports, correspondences, publications, and legal papers that document issues of concern to Fratkin as she tried to link the worlds of higher education to that of telecommunications technology.

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Historical Note

Susan Fratkin described herself as "the point person" representing the concerns of higher education to the public broadcasting community during her tenure as Director of Special Programs for the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) from the late 1970s to 1992. Fratkin's vehicle within the NASULGC for furthering her interests was the Educational Television Committee. As part of her work, Fratkin also served as an active member of the interassociation Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications (JCET). Fratkin served as JCET president from 1984 to 1992. In 1992, she stepped down from her work at the NASULGC and JCET to form a private consulting firm.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Susan Fratkin Papers cover the years 1975 to 1986 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1981 to 1985. The papers include correspondence, minutes and agendas of meetings, notes, reports, and clippings. The collection documents issues of concern to Fratkin as she sought to link the worlds of higher education to that of telecommunications technology.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

The Susan Fratkin Papers were donated to the National Public Broadcasting Archives, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries by Susan Fratkin in March of 1990.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Committee Work, 1977-1986 (2.00 linear feet)

This series details Fratkin's committee work as the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) director of special programs, in particular her work with the NASULGC's Educational Telecommunications Committee and her work with the Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications.

Subseries 1.1: Educational Telecommunications Committee (ETV), 1977-1987 (1.25 linear feet)

This subseries documents Susan Fratkin's work as a member and driving force behind NASULGC's Educational Telecommunication's Committee, from 1977 to 1987. Issues dealt with by the Committee include establishing teleconferencing networks, lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and cooperation with theCorporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)). The Committee was made up of circa 25 representatives from NASULGC member institutions. The materials are divided broadly between correspondence and meetings, although there is some overlap. Thereafter materials appear chronologically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Educational Telecommunications Committee Correspondence, 1977-1978series 1.1box 1folder 1
ETV Correspondence, 1979-1980series 1.1box 1folder 2
ETV Correspondence -- Joint Project -- AASU Joint Project-- AASU, 1979-1980series 1.1box 1folder 3
ETV Correspondence -- Educational Television, 1980-1983series 1.1box 1folder 4
ETV Correspondence, 1981-1982series 1.1box 1folder 5
ETV Correspondence, 1982series 1.1box 1folder 6
ETV Correspondence, 1982-1983series 1.1box 1folder 7
ETV Correspondence, 1983-1984series 1.1box 1folder 8
ETV Correspondence, 1983-1984series 1.1box 1folder 9
ETV/Technology Committee Correspondence, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 1
ETV Correspondence, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 2
ETV Correspondence -- Teleconference, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 3
ETV Correspondence -- "Must Carry" Memo, 1986series 1.1box 2folder 4
ETV Correspondence, 1986series 1.1box 2folder 5
ETV Commercials and PBS, 1986series 1.1box 2folder 6
ETV Mailing, September 2, 1983series 1.1box 2folder 7
ETV Mailing, July 11, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 8
ETV Mailing, August 6, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 9
ETV Mailing, September 20, 1985series 1.1box 2folder 10
ETV/Educational Technology Committee Mailing, November - December 1985series 1.1box 2folder 11
ETV/Educational Technology Committee Mailing, November - December 1985series 1.1box 2folder 12
ETV Meetings, 1982-1983series 1.1box 2folder 13
ETV and Educational Technology Committee. Meetings, 1983series 1.1box 2folder 14
ETV Teleconference, May 23, 1983series 1.1box 2folder 15
ETV Minutes - Audio Teleconference, 1983series 1.1box 2folder 16
ETV Meetings, 1980-1981series 1.1box 2folder 17
ETV Annual Meetings, 1981series 1.1box 2folder 18
ETV Audio Teleconference, 1982series 1.1box 2folder 19
ETV Annual Meetings, 1984-1985series 1.1box 3folder 1
ETV Annual Meetings, 1984-1985series 1.1box 3folder 2
ETV/Educational Technology Meeting, 1985series 1.1box 3folder 3
ETV/Educational Technology Meeting, November 10, 1985series 1.1box 3folder 4
ETV Meetings with Kevin Crain, Ken Tolo, President Knapp, Boston, 1986series 1.1box 3folder 5
ETV Annual Meetings, 1986series 1.1box 3folder 6
ETV Annual Meeting, 1987series 1.1box 3folder 7

Subseries 1.2: Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications (JCET), 1978-1986 (0.75 linear foot)

This subseries documents Fratkin's work, from 1978 to 1986, as a member and, from 1984, president of the JCET. Founded in 1950 as the Joint Committee on Educational Television, and later the Joint Council on Educational Television, this organization had the original aim of persuading the Federal Communications Commission to reserve broadcast channels for non-commercial television. Now, with the new name Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications, the organization serves as "a consortium of national and regional non-profit organizations and associations in education, public broadcasting, telecommunications, and library and information sciences." Issues considered by the JCET include Instructional Television Fixed Service, AT&T rates and tariffs, deregulation, and JCET administrative matters. Materials are arranged chronologically and include correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, agendas, clippings, and Fratkin's notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Correspondence, 1983series 1.2box 3folder 8
Correspondence, 1985series 1.2box 3folder 9
Correspondence, 1986series 1.2box 3folder 10
Correspondence, 1978-1980series 1.2box 3folder 11
Correspondence and Memoranda, 1980-1981series 1.2box 3folder 12
Correspondence, 1982series 1.2box 3folder 13
Correspondence, 1982-1983series 1.2box 4folder 1
Correspondence, 1983series 1.2box 4folder 2
Correspondence, 1983-1984series 1.2box 4folder 3
Meeting, June 27, 1983series 1.2box 4folder 4
Meetings, 1984series 1.2box 4folder 5
Meetings, June 1984series 1.2box 4folder 6
Meetings, September 10, 1984series 1.2box 4folder 7
Meeting, February 4, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 8
Meeting, February 4, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 9
Meetings, May 6, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 10
Meetings, May 6, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 11
Meetings, September 30, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 12
Meetings, February 1986series 1.2box 4folder 13
Meetings, February 3, 1986series 1.2box 4folder 14
Meetings, June-July 1986series 1.2box 4folder 15
Accountant's Report, 1986series 1.2box 4folder 16
Mailing List, 1985series 1.2box 4folder 17

Series 2: Conferences, Workshops and Other Organizations, 1980-1985 (1.00 linear foot)

This series details Fratkin's participation in several conferences and workshops relating to telecommunications and her work with other organizations of interest to her goal of uniting the worlds of higher education and telecommunications. Materials are divided between those pertaining to Conferences and Workshops and those regarding other organizations.

Subseries 2.1: Conferences and Workshops, 1980-1985 (13 folders)

Subseries chronicles Fratkin's participation in several conferences and workshops all pertaining to telecommunications issues, from 1980 to 1985. Included are programs sponsored by the Joint Committee on Television, the Telecommunications Research and Action Center, and the Council on Learning. Materials include correspondence, agendas, programs, drafts of speeches and reports.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
National Conference on Communications Technology in Education and Training, 1980series 2.1box 5folder 1
Change Magazine Conference, George Bonham, 1980series 2.1box 5folder 2
National Conference on Communications Technology in Education and Training, 1981series 2.1box 5folder 3
Telecommunications Research and Action Center (TRAC) -- Deregulation and Quantification, 1983series 2.1box 5folder 4
Telecommunications Research and Actions Center -- Public Access Radio, 1983series 2.1box 5folder 5
Telecommunications Research and Action Center -- Meetings and Access, 1983series 2.1box 5folder 6
ACCESS, publication by TRAC, 1983series 2.1box 5folder 7
ACAFAD, "Technology" Conference, October 6-8, 1983series 2.1box 5folder 8
Joint Committee on Telecommunications, March 20, 1984series 2.1box 5folder 9
Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, 1984series 2.1box 5folder 10
Carnegie Telecommunications Report, 1985series 2.1box 5folder 11
CIT-DIT Networking Workshop, October 15-16, 1985series 2.1box 5folder 12
Public Radio Conferences, undatedseries 2.1box 5folder 13
Educational Telecommunications Task Force, 1981series 2.1box 5folder 14
Higher Education Interassociation Committee on TV, 1981series 2.1box 5folder 15
Interassociation Committee on Telecommunications, 1981series 2.1box 5folder 16
Interassociation Committee on Telecommunications, 1981series 2.1box 5folder 17
National University Teleconferencing Network, 1984series 2.1box 5folder 18
SECA Report on Technology, 1984series 2.1box 5folder 19
Public Satellite Consortium, 1985series 2.1box 5folder 20
National Governor's Association Task Force-Electronic Communicatioins, 1985series 2.1box 5folder 21
American Association for Higher Education, undatedseries 2.1box 5folder 22
Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators, undatedseries 2.1box 5folder 23
Kirkwood Community College Paper, undatedseries 2.1box 5folder 24

Subseries 2.2: Work with Other Organizations, 1981-1986 (11 folders)

This subseries documents organizations with which Fratkin had at least some measure of direct involvement, from 1981 to 1986, as part of her efforts to bridge the world of higher education with that of technology and telecommunications. Educational organizations with which Fratkin worked included the Southern Educational Communications Association, the Higher Education Interassociation Committee on Television, and the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Also included are organizations more concerned with technology such as the Public Service Satellite Consortium, and the National University Teleconferencing Network. Materials are arranged chronologically by organization and include correspondence, memoranda, reports, newsletters, and Fratkin's notes.

The box inventory for this subseries is not currently available online. Please refer to the subseries description above for a broad description of the materials or contact the department for more information.

Series 3: Subject Files, 1975-1986 (6.50 linear feet)

Fratkin's subject files include material on a wide variety of topics relating to her concerns with telecommunication issues as the NASULGC's director of special programs. The material was probably gathered as part of her work with the NASULGC's Educational Telecommunications Committee and the JCET. Subjects are arranged alphabetically with files appearing chronologically within each subject file. A final subseries includes a group of single, miscellaneous subject files.

Subseries 3.1: Adult Learning, 1978-1984 (6 folders)

Materials gathered relating to various programs and projects for adult education and telecommunications, from 1978 to 1984. Of particular concern was the CPB Station-College Executive Project in Adult Learning (SCEPAR) as well as other programs for adult education, sponsored by the American Open University and the Bay Area Community College Consortium. Materials includes correspondence, reports, and pamphlets.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Other Studies in Adult Learning and Television, 1978-1979series 3.1box 5folder 25
Adult Learning (Not CPB Project),, 1979-1981series 3.1box 5folder 26
CPB Adult Learner Project, 1979series 3.1box 6folder 1
Adult Learning Service, 1979-1980series 3.1box 6folder 2
PBS Adult Learning Service, 1981series 3.1box 6folder 3
Adult Learning, 1983-1984series 3.1box 6folder 4

Subseries 3.2: Restructuring AT&T, 1981-1985 (9 folders)

Materials gathered concerning the breakup of the AT&T phone monopoly, from 1981 to 1985, in particular in regards to its effect on higher education, with many colleges and universities establishing their own phone systems. Included are memoranda, newsletters, clippings, testimony, and pamphlets.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Restructuring AT&T: Legislation, 1981-1982series 3.2box 6folder 5
Restructuring AT&T: Courts and FCC, 1981series 3.2box 6folder 6
Telephone Issues, 1983series 3.2box 6folder 7
Telephone, 1983-1984series 3.2box 6folder 8
H.R. 4102, Universal Phone Service, 1983series 3.2box 6folder 9
Telephone, 1985series 3.2box 7folder 1
AT&T Tariff Filing, 1985series 3.2box 7folder 2
AT&T Tariff Filing, 1985series 3.2box 7folder 3
Telephone, WATS, 1986series 3.2box 7folder 4

Subseries 3.3: Cable, 1979-1985 (0.50 linear foot)

This subseries contains materials relating to the rapid expansion of cable television, from 1979 to 1985. Of particular concern for Fratkin were several pieces of legislation regarding regulation of cable and the possibility of universities and colleges entering joint ventures with cable companies. Included are correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, and reports.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Cable Television, General Information, 1979-1983series 3.3box 7folder 5
Cable - Reference Sources, 1980-1982series 3.3box 7folder 6
Cable Television & Higher Education, 1981-1982series 3.3box 7folder 7
Cable - Employment, 1981series 3.3box 7folder 8
Cable - Legislative - S2172, 1982series 3.3box 7folder 9
Cable Business Magazine, 1982series 3.3box 7folder 10
Cable Legislation- HR 4103, Draft Final Copy, 1982series 3.3box 7folder 11
Cable "Cable Reports," CTIC newsletter, 1982series 3.3box 7folder 12
Cable Access Bill, S-66, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 13
Cable Access Bill, S-66, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 14
Cable - University Projects, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 15
Cable - University Projects, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 15
Cable Legislation, HR 4103, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 16
Cable Legislation, HR 4103, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 17
Cable Issues, 1983series 3.3box 7folder 18
Cable - International, 1983series 3.3box 8folder 1
Cable Rates, 1983-1984series 3.3box 8folder 2
Cable - Miscellaneous General Information, 1983-1984series 3.3box 8folder 3
Cable Legislation - S.66, 1983-1984series 3.3box 8folder 4
Cable Correspondence, 1984series 3.3box 8folder 5
Cable Channel, Wayne State, 1984series 3.3box 8folder 6
Cable - Pennarama - PA Learning Network, undatedseries 3.3box 8folder 7
Cable Articles, 1984series 3.3box 8folder 8
Cable Television Developments, 1985series 3.3box 8folder 9
Cable Convention News, 1985series 3.3box 8folder 10
Cable, 1985series 3.3box 8folder 11

Subseries 3.4: Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1975-1986 (12 folders)

This subseries is made up of reports and materials relating to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), from 1975 to 1986. Reports by and about the CPB are included, as well as material regarding the Annenberg School funded CPB project to explore advancing higher education through telecommunications. Included are reports, memoranda, clippings, newsletters, and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) - Education Division, 1975-1980series 3.4box 8folder 12
CPB Study Reports - Miscellaneous, 1977series 3.4box 8folder 13
CPB Study of Public Stations Educational Services, 1978-1979series 3.4box 8folder 14
CPB - A Study of Public Radio Stations' Educational Services, 1978-1979series 3.4box 8folder 15
CPB - Accounting and Financial Reporting, 1980series 3.4box 8folder 16
CPB - Carnegie Report on the Future of Public Broadcasting, 1979series 3.4box 8folder 17
CPB - Report, 1981-1982series 3.4box 8folder 18
CPB/Annenberg Project, 1981series 3.4box 8folder 19
CPB/Annenberg Project, 1983series 3.4box 9folder 1
CPB/Annenberg Project, 1981-1983series 3.4box 9folder 2
CPB/Annenberg Project, 1984series 3.4box 9folder 3
CPB HEUS Study Overview, 1986series 3.4box 9folder 4

Subseries 3.5: Fairness Doctrine, 1983-1984 (6 folders)

This subseries documents Fratkin's opposition, from 1983 to 1984, to the possible repeal of the "fairness doctrine," which required broadcasters after covering a story "to afford a reasonable opportunity for the presentation of contrasting views." In this endeavor, Fratkin worked with a group called the Friends of the Fairness Doctrine. Material includes correspondence, statements, press releases, newsletters, and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Fairness Doctrine, 1982-1984series 3.5box 9folder 5
Fairness Doctrine, 1983series 3.5box 9folder 6
FCC - Docket #83-484, NASULGC response, 1983series 3.5box 9folder 7
Fairness Doctrine, 1983-1985series 3.5box 9folder 8
Fairness Doctrine, 1985series 3.5box 9folder 9
Fairness Doctrine, "Equal Time Provisions", undatedseries 3.5box 9folder 10

Subseries 3.6: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 1978-1988 (15 folders)

This subseries contains material relating to particular cases before the FCC of concern to Fratkin from 1978 to 1988. Included are materials on television and radio deregulation, licensing, low power television broadcasting, and multiple ownership rules. Materials include correspondence, memoranda, legislation, FCC case briefs, clippings, and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
FCC - Miscellaneous Actions and Proposals, 1978-1983series 3.6box 9folder 11
FCC - Radio Deregulation, 1979-1982series 3.6box 9folder 12
Articles on Television Deregulation, 1981-1984series 3.6box 9folder 13
FCC - Policy on Airing of Public Services Licensees, 1979series 3.6box 9folder 14
FCC Eligibility Rules for Non-Commercial Educational FM and TV Broadcast Stations Licensees, 1978series 3.6box 9folder 15
FCC Multiple Ownership Rules for Educational FM and TV Stations, 1979series 3.6box 9folder 16
FCC Policy Concerning the Non-Commercial Nature of Educational Broadcast Stations, 1978-1979series 3.6box 10folder 1
FCC Inquiry Into the Future Role of Low Power TV Broadcasting, 1981-1982series 3.6box 10folder 2
FCC Rules Concering Subscription TV Authorization for Commercial Education TV Station Licensees, 1982series 3.6box 10folder 3
FCC - CPE and Inside Wiring, 1983series 3.6box 10folder 4
FCC: Syndication and Financial Interest, 1983-1984series 3.6box 10folder 5
FCC Broadcast Deregulation: Legislation, 1983-1984series 3.6box 10folder 6
FCC Regional Concentration Rule, 1984series 3.6box 10folder 7
FCC and Forest Service Correspondence, 1988series 3.6box 10folder 8
Television Broadcast Signals Cable television Systems, MM Docket #35-349, undatedseries 3.6box 10folder 9

Subseries 3.7: Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS), 1978-1985 (2.00 linear feet)

Subseries contains material relating to the threatened relocation of ITFS channels from 1978 to 1985. The Instructional Television Fixed Service was established in 1963 to reserve several broadcast channels to allow for the transmission of education or instructional video programming to various specially equipped locations. Of special concern for Fratkin were several cases before the FCC, including 80-112, 80-113, 80-116, and 80-523, all involving reallocation of ITFS stations. The series is divided between correspondence and general material relating to ITFS, and material relating directly to FCC cases. Included are correspondence, memoranda, case briefs, newsletters, clippings, and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
ITFS - PBS Narrowcast Proposal, 1978-1983series 3.7box 10folder 10
ITFS Articles, 1981-1983series 3.7box 10folder 11
ITFS CBS Applications to FCC, 1982-1983series 3.7box 10folder 12
ITFS - Standards, 1983series 3.7box 10folder 13
ITFS - Defense Department, 1983series 3.7box 10folder 14
ITFS - Sample Survey re: ITFS stations and National Security, 1983series 3.7box 10folder 15
ITFS Workshop Participants List, 1985series 3.7box 10folder 16
ITFS Information packet materials, 1982-1984series 3.7box 10folder 17
ITFS Articles, 1984series 3.7box 10folder 18
ITFS - As a Non-Broadcast Service, 1986series 3.7box 11folder 1
ITFS - University Associations/FCC, Correspondence, 1984series 3.7box 11folder 2
ITFS Correspondence, 1985series 3.7box 11folder 3
ITFS Channels - University of Maryland, President Toll's response, 1986series 3.7box 11folder 4
ITFS- General Docket #80-112, petition for further rule making, 1981-1984series 3.7box 11folder 5
ITFS - Direct Broadcast Service, 1982-1983series 3.7box 11folder 6
ITFS Letters - Universities to Commissioners et. al., 1982-1983series 3.7box 11folder 7
ITFS - Representative Markey Correspondence, 1982series 3.7box 11folder 8
ITFS Multipoint Distribution Service, 1982-1983series 3.7box 11folder 9
ITFS Inhouse Memos, 1982-1983series 3.7box 11folder 10
ITFS Letters - Universities to NASULGC, 1981-1983series 3.7box 11folder 11
ITFS Crowell and Moring Correspondence, 1983series 3.7box 12folder 1
ITFS Representative Markey Correspondence, 1983series 3.7box 12folder 2
ITFS Crowell and Moring Correspondence, 1983-1984series 3.7box 12folder 3
ITFS Crowell and Moring/FCC Correspondence, 1984series 3.7box 12folder 4
ITFS Correspondence, NASULGC to Universities, 1983series 3.7box 12folder 5
ITFS Correspondence, NASULGC to Universities, 1984series 3.7box 12folder 6
ITFS - Docket #80-112 on reallocation of educational channels, 1983series 3.7box 12folder 7
ITFS information on institutions leasing- excess time to MMDS stations, 1984series 3.7box 12folder 8
ITFS FCC comments, Dockets #80-112, 1984series 3.7box 12folder 9
ITFS Licenses: Licensees and Applicants (Colleges and Universities), 1984series 3.7box 12folder 10
ITFS - Applications to the FCC revised rules, 1983series 3.7box 12folder 11
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, #80-116, 1982-1983series 3.7box 12folder 12
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, #80-116, 1982-1983series 3.7box 12folder 13
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, #80-116, 1982-1983series 3.7box 12folder 14
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, 1982-1983series 3.7box 13folder 1
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, 1982-1983series 3.7box 13folder 2
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, 1982-1983series 3.7box 13folder 3
FCC cases re. ITFS Docket #80-112, #80-113, 1982-1983series 3.7box 13folder 4
ITFS Robert Clodius Correspondence to CEOs, 1983-1984series 3.7box 13folder 5
ITFS NASULGC to FCC Correspondence, 1984series 3.7box 13folder 6
ITFS - 4 Channel Limit, 1985series 3.7box 13folder 7
ITFS MM Docket #83-523, Amendment of part 74, 1985series 3.7box 14folder 1
ITFS/Reconsideration Issue, 1985-1986series 3.7box 14folder 2
ITFS Response to Petitions for Reconsideration, undatedseries 3.7box 14folder 3
ITFS Second Report and Order, MM Docket #83-523, 1983series 3.7box 14folder 4
FCC: ITFS MM Docket # 83-523, 1986series 3.7box 14folder 5

Subseries 3.8: Legislation, 1977-1983 (7 folders)

Subseries relates to federal legislation, from 1977 to 1983, of concern to Fratkin. Legislative topics include broadcasting to Cuba, alternatives to the CPB, home recording rights, and various annual Communications Acts. Materials includes correspondence, memoranda, statements, clippings, and newsletters.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Miscellaneous Legislation, 1977-1979series 3.8box 14folder 6
Communications Act of 1979, 1979series 3.8box 14folder 7
Communications Act of 1980, 1980series 3.8box 14folder 8
Miscellaneous Legislation, 1980series 3.8box 14folder 9
Legislative Proposal for Alternative to CPB, 1981series 3.8box 14folder 10
Tape Royalties "Betamax" Legislation, 1982series 3.8box 14folder 11
Legislation: Children and Television, 1983series 3.8box 15folder 1

Subseries 3.9: Other Organizations, 1979-1983 (6 folders)

Subseries contains material gathered by Fratkin, 1979-1983, about various organizations with which she had no direct involvement (see series one for material on organizations with which Fratkin worked directly). Organizations include the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, the Education Commission of the States, the National University Continuing Education Association and others. Materials includes reports, correspondence, newsletters, and pamphlets.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Telecommunications, 1979series 3.9box 15folder 2
Joint Projects - AACJC, 1979-1980series 3.9box 15folder 3
Educational Commission of the States - Lifelong Learning Project, 1980series 3.9box 15folder 4
National University Continuing Education Association, Telecommunications Utilization, 1982series 3.9box 15folder 5
American Council on Education, 1982series 3.9box 15folder 6
PBS/WETA Learning by Viewing Advisory Committee, 1982series 3.9box 15folder 7

Subseries 3.10: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 1979-1984 (5 folders)

Subseries contains material collected relating to PBS , from 1979 to 1984. Included are reports about PBS as well as reports generated by PBS itself, in particular in regards to its future operations. Other materials include correspondence, memoranda, clippings, and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Green Education Program Service, PBS, 1979series 3.10box 15folder 8
PBS Membership Material, 1979series 3.10box 15folder 9
PBS College Licensees Information, 1979-1981series 3.10box 15folder 10
General Material on PBS, 1980-1982series 3.10box 15folder 11
PBS - Narrowcast Service, 1984series 3.10box 15folder 12

Subseries 3.11: Satellite Technology, 1980-1984 (4 folders)

Subseries contains material gathered regarding satellite technology, from 1980 to 1984, in particular the potential for satellite broadcasting and teleconferencing. Included are clippings pamphlets, reports, and promotional materials.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Satellite Communications - General Information, 1980series 3.11box 15folder 13
Public Service Satellite Consortium Newsletter, 1983series 3.11box 15folder 14
Satellite Networks, 1985series 3.11box 16folder 1
Satellite Technology, 1985series 3.11box 16folder 2

Subseries 3.12: Teleconferences, 1981-1984 (5 folders)

Subseries contains materials regarding teleconferencing gathered by Fratkin as part of her interest in establishing a teleconferencing network among institutions of higher learning, from 1981 to 1984. Included are correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, promotional materials and notes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Teleconferencing and Networks, General Information, 1981series 3.12box 16folder 3
Teleconferencing: Mailings to Presidents of Member Institutions, 1982series 3.12box 16folder 4
Teleconferencing Network Proposals, 1982series 3.12box 16folder 5
Teleconference National University Network, 1982-1983series 3.12box 16folder 6
Teleconferencing - Audio Technology and Proposals, 1984series 3.12box 16folder 7

Subseries 3.13: Telecourses, 1983 (3 folders)

Subseries contains materials gathered regarding telecourse programs, dated 1983. Includes material on the Veterans Administration pertaining to veteran educational benefits, and on telecourse programs run by the University of California at San Diego and the Coast Community Colleges. Included are correspondence, pamphlets, reports, and promotional materials.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Telecourses - Veterans Administration, 1983series 3.13box 16folder 8
Telecourses - General information, 1983series 3.13box 16folder 9
Telecourses - UCSD Extennet, undatedseries 3.13box 16folder 10

Subseries 3.14: Teleports, 1983 (2 folders)

Subseries contains material, dated 1983, regarding teleports, a project sponsored by Port Authority of NY and NJ, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Western Union, Co. to establish a $200 million satellite communications center on Staten Island. Types of documents include correspondence and clippings.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Teleports - Port Authority, 1983series 3.14box 16folder 11
Teleport Articles, 1983series 3.14box 16folder 12

Subseries 3.15: Miscellaneous Subject Files, 1978-1986 (0.75 linear foot)

Subseries consists of single subject files covering a variety of issues relating to telecommunications, from 1978 to 1986. Topics includes Black Radio Stations, Editorial Integrity in Public Broadcasting, the New York State Appalachian Telecommunications Systems, and contact with the HEW Office of Civil Rights. Materials include correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, clippings, reports and surveys.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Freedom of Information Act, 1978series 3.15box 16folder 13
Educational Television, 1978series 3.15box 16folder 14
Educational Television and Radio: Court Cases, 1978series 3.15box 16folder 15
New York Appalachian Telecommunications Systems, by Kenneth Wasmund, 1978series 3.15box 16folder 16
Telecommunications Primer for College Presidents, 1978series 3.15box 16folder 17
HEW/ Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights,, 1977-1980series 3.15box 16folder 18
National Telecommunications and Information Administration/ Department of Commerce, 1979series 3.15box 17folder 1
Community Service Network, 1979series 3.15box 17folder 2
Educational Telecommunications, 1979series 3.15box 17folder 3
General Information on National Public Radio, 1979-1980series 3.15box 17folder 4
Campus Conference Network, 1982-1983series 3.15box 17folder 5
Communications - Articles, 1983series 3.15box 17folder 6
Association of Hospital Television Networks, 1983series 3.15box 17folder 7
Office of Management and Budget, 1983series 3.15box 17folder 8
Telecommunications Articles, 1983-1984series 3.15box 17folder 9
Educational Television Articles, 1983-1984series 3.15box 17folder 10
Technology Articles, 1983-1984series 3.15box 17folder 11
Communications/ Technology, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 12
"Thinking About Industrial and Business Education and Training Via Telecommunications," by Elwood Ehrle, Steve Eskow, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 13
"A Case for Public Television: Plans and Prospects through the 1980s," Representatives of Public Television Stations, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 14
Information Technologies: Survey of Instructional Uses in Higher Education, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 15
Project ALLTEL, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 16
Radio/Television Broadcasting, 1984series 3.15box 17folder 17
US General Accounting: Report re. Telephones, 1983series 3.15box 17folder 18
Editorial Integrity in Public Broadcasting, 1985-1986series 3.15box 17folder 19
Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board, 1986series 3.15box 17folder 20
UHF-VHF Swaps, 1986series 3.15box 17folder 21
COPA-SHEEO project Long Distance Learning by Telecommunications, undatedseries 3.15box 17folder 22
Black Radio Stations, undatedseries 3.15box 17folder 23
Green Sheet re. Telecommunications, undatedseries 3.15box 17folder 24

Series 4: Miscellaneous Notes, 1978-1983 (1 folder)

Series consists of one folder of Fratkin's notes, covering years 1978 to 1983, on a wide variety of topics relating to telecommunications, including ITFS and AT&T.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Fratkin Notes, 1978-1983 series 4box 17folder 25

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