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The 20th/21st Century Consort Collection


The 20th/21st Century Consort Collection
20th/21st Century Consort
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03-65, 04-30, 05-28, 06-29
42.00 Linear Feet
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Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

The 20th Century Consort (now the 21st Century Consort) was founded in 1975 by Christopher Kendall and is made up of professional musicians from the Washington area, including members of the National Symphony Orchestra. Since 1978 the ensemble has been the resident contemporary music group at the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, where they present an annual concert series, often coordinating programming to compliment the museum's exhibitions. The collection consists of financial records, grant applications, programs, tour itineraries and records, correspondence, reviews, recordings, and over seven hundred scores related to the Consort's residency, and its emphasis on music by living composers and 20th century classics. Scores are searchable through the SCPA Scores Database. Five hundred of the 700+ scores have been cataloged. For information on uncataloged scores please contact the curator.

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The collection is open for research use.

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The 20th/21st Century Consort Collection, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.

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Materials from this collection must be used in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library's Irving and Margery Morgan Lowens Special Collections Room, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact the curator for an appointment:


This collection is PROCESSED.

Historical Note

The 20th Century Consort (now the 21st Century Consort) was established in 1975, founded by Christopher Kendall, who remains the current Director. The ensemble is made up of professional musicians from the Washington area, including members of the National Symphony Orchestra. Since 1978 the ensemble has been the resident contemporary music group at the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, where they present an annual concert series, often coordinating programming to compliment the museum's exhibitions.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The 20th/21st Century Consort Collection covers the period from 1975 to 2005. The collection consists of financial records, grant applications, programs, tour itineraries and records, correspondence, reviews, recordings, and 733 scores related to the Consort's residency as the contemporary music ensemble for the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and its emphasis on music by living composers and 20th century classics.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Given by Christopher Kendall, Artistic Director and Christopher Patton, Managing Director on September 6, 2002.

Processing Information

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Ben Levy, Caitlyn Callahan, and Lee Hinkle, June 2007

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EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Colleen McKnight, July 2007; updated by Amanda May, August 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Finances, 1976-1995 (0.50 Linear Feet)

This series contains financial papers including some papers relating to membership and publicity. It consists of half a linear foot, arranged in one series, chronologically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Operating Budget, 1980-1981 series 1box 1folder 1
Congressional Testimony (Congressional Arts Caucus Funding), 1982-1984 series 1box 1folder 2
Correspondence - Finances, Membership/Fundraising, Venues, 1982-1991 series 1box 1folder 3
Bank Statements Fiscal Year, 1984 series 1box 1folder 4
Mailing Lists; Resident Associates, 1987 series 1box 1folder 5
Subscribers Series Rosters, 1990-1991 series 1box 1folder 6
Financial Statements: Halt, Jackson & Thrasher, 1990-1995 series 1box 1folder 7
American Federation of Musicians Phonograph Record Labor Agreement, 1991 series 1box 1folder 8
Audience Survey, 1993 series 1box 1folder 9
Smithsonian Funding, 1993-1994 series 1box 1folder 10

Series 2: Grants, 1976-2010 (1.00 Linear Foot)

This series contains information related to grants sought by the 20th Century Consort. It is divided into two sub-series, each arranged chronologically.

Subseries 2.1: National Endowment for the Arts Grants, 1980-2002 (0.50 Linear Feet)

Grant applications submitted by the 20th Century Consort to the National Ednowment for the Arts.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1980, 1987-1990series 2.1box 2folder 1
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1991-1993series 2.1box 2folder 2
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1994series 2.1box 2folder 3
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1995-1997series 2.1box 2folder 4
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1998series 2.1box 2folder 5
National Endowment for the Arts Applications, 1999-2000series 2.1box 2folder 6

Subseries 2.2: Other Grants, 1976-2010 (0.50 Linear Feet)

Grant applications submitted by the 20th Century Consort to various other organizations, including the Andrew W. Mellon Fund, the DC Commission, the Cafritz Foundation, and the Geraldine C. & Emory M. Ford Foundation.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Broadcasting Information (PBS and WETA, Cafritz Foundation), 1976-1978series 2.2box 3folder 1
Nonesuch Commission Awards, 1981-1984series 2.2box 3folder 2
Meet the Composer / Reader's Digest Commissioning Program, 1988-1993series 2.2box 3folder 3
Andrew W. Mellon Fund, 1989series 2.2box 3folder 4
Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation Grant Applications (D. Froom, B. MacCombie, E. Milburn, D. Liptak, and K. Alexander), 1990-1992series 2.2box 3folder 5
DC Commission Grant, 1991-1992series 2.2box 3folder 6
DC Commission Grant, 1993-1995series 2.2box 3folder 7
Aaron Copland Fund for Music, 1992, 1994, 1999series 2.2box 3folder 8
Cafritz Foundation, 1993-1994series 2.2box 3folder 9
Geraldine C. & Emory M. Ford Foundation, 1997series 2.2box 3folder 10
Dimmick Foundation, 2001series 2.2box 3folder 11
Cafritz Foundation, 2010series 2.2box 3folder 12

Series 3: Tours, 1983-1995 (0.50 Linear Feet)

This series contains information on the programming and logistics of the Consort's tours and residencies.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Kennedy Center Friedheim Awards Concert; Terrace Theater, October 8, 1983 series 3box 4folder 1
Miscellaneous Tour Information, 1984-1985 series 3box 4folder 2
Fromm Music Foundation: Harvard University; Sanders Theater, March 18, 1984 series 3box 4folder 3
Chamber Music Society of Baltimore (program notes), April 15, 1984 series 3box 4folder 4
California Tour (University of California, Davis; University of California, Berkeley; Stanford; University of California, Los Angeles), January 23, 1985 - February 10, 1985 series 3box 4folder 5
University of California Santa Barbara, CA: Arts & Lectures Residency and Concert, Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall,, January 28, January 29, & January 30, 1985 series 3box 4folder 6
Library of Congress: Coolidge Auditorium, March 22, 1985 series 3box 4folder 7
Principia College: Cox Auditorium (some program note information),, Apirl 5, 1985 series 3box 4folder 8
Detroit Symphony: Recital Hall, Detroit Institute of Arts (program and set up information), February 23, 1986 series 3box 4folder 9
James Madison University: Wilson Hall; Concert and Masterclass (copies of programs, program note information), March 3 & March 4, 1986 series 3box 4folder 10
Filene Recital Hall; Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, March 30, 1987 series 3box 4folder 11
California Tour Possibilities Notes, 1988-1989 series 3box 4folder 12
Collage New Music, Boston, MA: November 5, 1988; Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA: January 7,1990, 1988-1990 series 3box 4folder 13
Fromm Music Foundation: Harvard University; Potential Concert Dates, none confirmed in information, November 10, October 21 & December 2, 1989 series 3box 4folder 14
Hidden Valley Masters Festival of Chamber Music: Hidden Valley Theatre (program), August 2 & August 4, 1990 series 3box 4folder 15
Dumbarton Oaks Friends of Music Series: Washington, D.C., January 13 & January 14, 1991 series 3box 4folder 16
Columbia University: Uptown Music Series (program notes), March 26, 1991 series 3box 4folder 17
Washington National Cathedral Summer Festival: Residency with Multiple Concerts (program notes information, copy of official schedule), June 23, June 26, June 27, & July 1, 1992 series 3box 4folder 18
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Gardens: The Smithsonian Associates Concerts (program note information, set up information), includes Kennedy Center, Shepherd College,, 1992-1993 series 3box 4folder 19
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Gardens: The Smithsonian Associates Concerts (some program notes and one program), 1993-1994 series 3box 4folder 20
Christopher Kendall; Artistic Director - Handwritten Notes, 1994-1995 series 3box 4folder 21
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Gardens: The Smithsonian Associates Concerts (some program notes and stage setups included), 1994-1995 series 3box 4folder 22

Series 4: Correspondence, 1979-2004, and undated (1.00 Linear Foot)

This series consists of letters between Christopher Kendall or the Consort's managers and various composers, performers, or promoters, arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Abrahamsen, Hans, 1983 series 4box 5folder 1
Adolphe, Bruce, ca.1985 series 4box 5folder 2
Albert, Stephen, (included w/ Marilyn Albert and G. Schirmer), 1981-1997 series 4box 5folder 3
Albert, Thomas (also re: Dan Kellogg), 2000, 2002 series 4box 5folder 4
Alexander, Kathryn, undated series 4box 5folder 5
Asia, Daniel, 2003 series 4box 5folder 6
Averitt, William, ca.1989 series 4box 5folder 7
Samuel Barber (Schirmer booklet), ca.1994 series 4box 5folder 8
Barry, Gerald (from Jeffrey Bishop), 1988 series 4box 5folder 9
Barsom, Paul, 1994 series 4box 5folder 10
Bell, Larry, 1990 series 4box 5folder 11
Bellin, Richard, 1997 series 4box 5folder 12
Benson, Warren, 1981 series 4box 5folder 13
Berl, Christine, 1994 series 4box 5folder 14
Beveridge, Thomas, 1983 series 4box 5folder 15
Bland, William, undated series 4box 5folder 16
Cacioppo, Curt (from Dennis Kucinich, Michael Oswalt), 2003 series 4box 5folder 17
Cantate Chamber Singers, (incl. James MacMillan, Gisele Becker, Marty Last), 1998 series 4box 5folder 18
Carlson, David, (program notes and bio), ca.1991 series 4box 5folder 19
Carter, Daniel, 1991 series 4box 5folder 20
Carter, Elliott (letter to E.C. only), 1998 series 4box 5folder 21
Castaldo, Joseph, 1981 series 4box 5folder 22
Chambers, Evan, 2003 series 4box 5folder 23
Chenoweth, Gerald, undated series 4box 5folder 24
Child, Peter, 1989 series 4box 5folder 25
Cohen, Edward, 1998 series 4box 5folder 26
Cohn, Stephen, 1996 series 4box 5folder 27
Copland, Aaron (publicity brochure from Boosey & Hawkes), ca.1990, undated series 4box 5folder 28
Corbett, Sidney, 1995 series 4box 5folder 29
Cornell, Richard, 1986, 1999 series 4box 5folder 30
Crawford, John (list of publications), 1985, undated series 4box 5folder 31
Crockett, Donald, 1994-1995 series 4box 5folder 32
Cucinotta, Robert, 1995 series 4box 5folder 33
Currier, Nathan, 1997 series 4box 5folder 34
Currier, Sebastian, 1993-1994 series 4box 5folder 35
Danielpour, Richard (from G. Schirmer), 1992, 1998 series 4box 5folder 36
Davies, Peter Maxwell (from Edition Wilhelm Hansen),, 1985 series 4box 5folder 37
Deak, Jon (includes pictures), 1994-95 series 4box 5folder 38
Dembski, Stephen, 1979-81 series 4box 5folder 39
Dzubay, David, 1990 series 4box 5folder 40
Eaton, John (from Richard Arndt), 2003 series 4box 5folder 41
Eben, Petr, (incl. publicity brochure), 1994 series 4box 5folder 42
Feigin, Joel, (from Rosalie Calabrese Mgt.), 1993 series 4box 5folder 43
Festinger, David, undated series 4box 5folder 44
Frank, Andrew, 1988, 1995 series 4box 5folder 45
Froom, David, 1991-2003, undated series 4box 5folder 46
Fundación Juan March, business cards, undated series 4box 5folder 47
Fung, Vivian (from Audrey Andrist), ca.2003 series 4box 5folder 48
Fussell, Charles, 1985, ca.1989, 1990, undated series 4box 5folder 49
Gandolfi, Michael (from Josephine Gandolfi), 1985 series 4box 5folder 50
Gerber, Steven (incl. Vladimir Feltsman), 1993 series 4box 5folder 51
Gibson, Robert, 2000, undated series 4box 5folder 52
Gladd, Neil, 1989 series 4box 5folder 53
Godfrey, Daniel (incl. Gaylen Davidge [?]), 1993-94 series 4box 5folder 54
Goldstein, Perry, 2002 series 4box 5folder 55
Greenbaum, Matthew, 1993 series 4box 5folder 56
Harbison, John, publicity brochure, note, ca.1994, undated series 4box 5folder 57
Harding, Susan Forrest, 1998 series 4box 5folder 58
Hagen, Daron, 1986 series 4box 5folder 59
Hearden, Kathryn, 1990 series 4box 5folder 60
Hellawell, Piers (business card only), undated series 4box 5folder 61
Hindemith, Paul (from Schott, list of works only), 1985 series 4box 5folder 62
Hobson, Bruce (publicity brochure) and letter, ca.1992, 2003 series 4box 5folder 63
Holloway, Robin (from Boosey & Hawkes), ca.1979 series 4box 5folder 64
Horne, David, 1994 series 4box 5folder 65
Ince, Kamran, 1992, 1994, 1999 series 4box 5folder 66
Correspondence about Ives, Charles (extensive program from 100th Birthday Celebration), 1974 series 4box 5folder 67
Jaffe, Stephen, (incl. from Scott Wheeler), 1986-87, 1996-2001, undated series 4box 5folder 68
Kane, David, undated series 4box 6folder 1
Kellogg, Daniel (from the Koussevitzky Fdn.), 2003 series 4box 6folder 2
Kernis, Aaron Jay (from Schirmer and W. Hansen), 1993, 1998 series 4box 6folder 3
Keyes, Christopher, 1989 series 4box 6folder 4
Knussen, Oliver (from Faber Music, Inc.), ca.1992 series 4box 6folder 5
Kohn, Karl, 1981-1985 series 4box 6folder 6
Korte, Oldřich (card from Jan Zelenka and publicity brochure), see also Eben, Petr, undated series 4box 6folder 7
Krash, Jessica, 1998-2002 series 4box 6folder 8
Krouse, Ian, 1995 series 4box 6folder 9
Kuss, Mark,, undated series 4box 6folder 10
Laitman, Lori, 2001 series 4box 6folder 11
Lazarof, Henri (incl. from A. Rideout to HL), 1988, 1990 series 4box 6folder 12
LeBaron, Anne, undated series 4box 6folder 13
Lee, Hope, 1989 series 4box 6folder 14
Leshnoff, Jonathan, 1997, 2000 series 4box 6folder 15
Levines, Thomas Allen, 1987, 1990 series 4box 6folder 16
Lewis, Robert Hall (from T. Presser to RHL), 1985 series 4box 6folder 17
Lighty, Alan, ca.1983 series 4box 6folder 18
Lindroth, Scott, 1989, undated series 4box 6folder 19
Liptak, David, 1994 series 4box 6folder 20
MMB Music (Marcia Lee Goldberg about David Liptak and John Stephens scores), 1993 series 4box 6folder 21
MacCombie, Bruce, 2001, undated series 4box 6folder 22
MacLowry, Kyle, 1990 series 4box 6folder 23
MacMillan, James (brochure only), 1993 series 4box 6folder 24
Marshall, Peter, 1994 series 4box 6folder 25
Maw, Nicholas (brochures, letters to and from, also about the Grawemeyer Award), 1994-2001 series 4box 6folder 26
Mazzoli, Melissa, ca.2003 series 4box 6folder 27
McKay, Neil, 1979 series 4box 6folder 28
Merryman, Marjorie (also about C. Fussell), 1983-1984, undated series 4box 6folder 29
Milburn, Elsworth, 1989 series 4box 6folder 30
Montague, Stephen (brochure), ca.1986 series 4box 6folder 31
Moss, Lawrence (Susan), 1992, 2003 series 4box 6folder 32
Mumford, Jeffrey, 1997 series 4box 6folder 33
Murtha, Michael, undated series 4box 6folder 34
Nelson, Larry, 1981 series 4box 6folder 35
Nielsen, Erik, 1982 series 4box 6folder 36
Noon, David, 1981 series 4box 6folder 37
Paulus, Stephen, 1994 series 4box 6folder 38
Peel, John (program), ca.1990 series 4box 6folder 39
Perera, Ronald, 1982-83 series 4box 6folder 40
Perle, George (from George Sturm), 1983 series 4box 6folder 41
Peyton, Malcom,, undated series 4box 6folder 42
Plush, Vincent, 1994 series 4box 6folder 43
Poné, Gundaris, 1983 series 4box 6folder 44
Primosch, James, 1984-2004, and undated series 4box 6folder 45
Reise, Jay, 2002 series 4box 6folder 46
Reynolds, Roger (stage directions, unknown source), undated series 4box 6folder 47
Riley, Dennis, 1984 series 4box 6folder 48
Rimple, Mark, 2003 series 4box 6folder 49
Robinson, Bill, 1991 series 4box 6folder 50
Rodriguez, Robert Xavier, 1998 series 4box 6folder 51
Rochberg, George, 1987 series 4box 6folder 52
Rorem, Ned (from Boosey & Hawkes),, 2000 series 4box 6folder 53
Ruszcynski, Michael, 1988 series 4box 6folder 54
Sametz, Steven, 1988 series 4box 6folder 55
Scheinfield, David (from James Paltridge), ca.1998 series 4box 6folder 56
Schoenfield, Paul, 1992-2003 series 4box 6folder 57
Schubel, Max, 1983 series 4box 6folder 58
Schwantner, Joseph, 1981, undated series 4box 6folder 59
Shatin, Judith, 1983, 1996, 1999 series 4box 6folder 60
Smith, Carolyn, (program of CS as soprano singing Haig Mardirosian), undated series 4box 6folder 61
Smith, James (from Bonnie Jo Dopp), 1997 series 4box 6folder 62
Snapp, Bette (about Thea Musgrave et al.), 1993 series 4box 6folder 63
Stanhope, Paul, ca.2000 series 4box 6folder 64
Stark, Anthony (see also Stockhausen, Karlheinz), 1979, 1980 series 4box 6folder 65
Stewart, Robert, 1992 series 4box 6folder 66
Stockhausen, Karlheinz (from Anthony Stark), 1994 series 4box 6folder 67
Stokes, Eric, 1995 series 4box 6folder 68
Street, Tison, 1996 series 4box 6folder 69
Stuart, Paul, 1990 series 4box 6folder 70
Undercofler, James (Eastman Institute for American Music), 1998 series 4box 6folder 71
Walton, William (from Oxford Univ. Press), 1988 series 4box 6folder 72
Warlock, Peter (program notes), undated series 4box 6folder 73
Warren, Ron, 2000 series 4box 6folder 74
Weir, Judith (from David Froom), 1992 series 4box 6folder 75
Wernick, Richard, 1997, 2002 series 4box 6folder 76
Wheeler, Scott, 1987, 2004 series 4box 6folder 77
Wheelock, Donald, 1988 series 4box 6folder 78
Wiemann, Beth, 1994 series 4box 6folder 79
Willey, James, 1988-2001, undated series 4box 6folder 80
Winges, Mark, 1980-2003 series 4box 6folder 81
Wolfson, David, 1997 series 4box 6folder 82
Wolosoff, Bruce, 1992, 1994 series 4box 6folder 83
Wright, Maurice, 1993, 1996, undated series 4box 6folder 84
Xiang, Jin, undated series 4box 6folder 85
Yannatos, James, 1984 series 4box 6folder 86
Zaimont, Judith, ca.1984-85 series 4box 6folder 87
Various (Schirmer), undated series 4box 6folder 88
Unidentified, undated series 4box 6folder 89

Series 5: Reviews, 1979-2005 (0.50 Linear Feet)

This series consists of newspaper reviews of the Consort's performances arranged chronologically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Reviews, 1979 series 5box 7folder 1
Reviews, 1980 series 5box 7folder 2
Reviews, 1983 series 5box 7folder 3
Reviews, 1984 series 5box 7folder 4
Reviews, 1987 series 5box 7folder 5
Reviews, 1988 series 5box 7folder 6
Reviews, 1989 series 5box 7folder 7
Reviews, 1990 series 5box 7folder 8
Reviews, 1991 series 5box 7folder 9
Reviews, 1992 series 5box 7folder 10
Reviews, 1993 series 5box 7folder 11
Reviews, 1994 series 5box 7folder 12
Reviews, 1995 series 5box 7folder 13
Reviews, 1996 series 5box 7folder 14
Reviews, 1997 series 5box 7folder 15
Reviews, 1998 series 5box 7folder 16
Reviews, 1999 series 5box 7folder 17
Reviews, 2000 series 5box 7folder 18
Reviews, 2001 series 5box 7folder 19
Reviews, 2002 series 5box 7folder 20
Reviews, 2003 series 5box 7folder 21
Reviews, 2004 series 5box 7folder 22
Reviews, 2005 series 5box 7folder 23

Series 6: Programs, 1975-2005 (1.00 Linear Feet)

A comprehensive set of programs of the Consort's performances. These are arranged chronologically, with a full season (corresponding to an academic year) to a folder.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Concert Programs, 1975-1976 Season series 6box 8folder 1
Concert Programs, 1976-1977 Season series 6box 8folder 2
Concert Programs, 1977-1978 Season series 6box 8folder 3
Concert Programs, 1978-1979 Season series 6box 8folder 4
Concert Programs, 1979-1980 Season series 6box 8folder 5
Concert Programs, 1980-1981 Season series 6box 8folder 6
Concert Programs, 1981-1982 Season series 6box 8folder 7
Concert Programs, 1982-1983 Season series 6box 8folder 8
Concert Programs, 1983-1984 Season series 6box 8folder 9
Concert Programs, 1984-1985 Season series 6box 8folder 10
Concert Programs, 1985-1986 Season series 6box 9folder 1
Concert Programs, 1986-1987 Season series 6box 9folder 2
Concert Programs, 1987-1988 Season series 6box 9folder 3
Concert Programs, 1988-1989 Season series 6box 9folder 4
Concert Programs, 1990-1991 Season series 6box 9folder 5
Concert Programs, 1991-1992 Season series 6box 9folder 6
Concert Programs, 1992-1993 Season series 6box 9folder 7
Concert Programs, 1993-1994 Season series 6box 10folder 1
Concert Programs, 1994-1995 Season series 6box 10folder 2
Concert Programs, 1995-1996 Season series 6box 10folder 3
Concert Programs, 1996-1997 Season series 6box 10folder 4
Concert Programs, 1997-1998 Season series 6box 10folder 5
Concert Programs, 1998-1999 Season series 6box 10folder 6
Concert Programs, 1999-2000 Season series 6box 10folder 7
Concert Programs, 2000-2001 Season series 6box 10folder 8
Concert Programs, 2001-2002 Season series 6box 10folder 9
Concert Programs, 2002-2003 Season series 6box 10folder 10
Concert Programs, 2003-2004 Season series 6box 10folder 11
Concert Programs, 2004-2005 Season series 6box 10folder 12

Series 7: Recordings, 1978-2004, and undated (3.00 Linear Feet)

This series consists of cassette tapes and CDs sent by composers to Christopher Kendall as well as live and commercially produced recordings of the Consort's performances. The collection has been divided into four sub-series and have been arranged in accession order. An alphabetical index by composer is available in the repository.

Subseries 7.1: Composer Audio Materials in Tape Format, 1978-2000, and undated (265 Items)

This sub-series contains cassette tapes sent by composers to Christopher Kendall.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Leshnoff, Jonathan M. Violin Sonata recorded by Kevin Winkler piano and Jonathan Leshnoff violin at the Peabody Conservatory. (Tape 1), May 1995series 7.1box 11folder 1
Kernis, Aaron J. Side A; Simple Songs -- Side B; Still Movement with Hymn, G. Schirmer / AMP promotional recording (Tape 2), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 2
Lindroth, Scott. Side A; Relations to Rigor recorded live at the Bang on a Can Festival in NYC -- Side B; Chasing the Trane Out of Darmstadt recorded by Andy Sterman tenor sax and Eliza Garth piano for the International Society for Contemporary Music in NYC (Tape 3), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 3
Steen, Ken. Side A; Metastasis recorded by the St. Louis Symphony at an American Symphony Orchestra League reading -- Side B; Guidonian Hands for keyboard controlled MIDI system (1988) recorded by Martha Summa keyboard (Tape 4), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 4
Steen, Ken. Side A; Septet -- Side B; Metastasis, a Steenmusic promotional recording (Tape 5), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 5
Steen, Ken. Side A; Septet for Strings (1986) -- Side B; "Ancestral Procession," "Amen," "Lord's Prayer," "Lamb of God" from Wedding Music (1985), a Steenmusic promotional recording (Tape 6), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 6
Bennett, Richard Rodney. Side A; Commedia III -- Side B; Iain Hamilton Octet (1983), a Theodore Presser promotional recording (Tape 7), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 7
Ran, Shulamit. Symphony, a Theodore Presser promotional recording (Tape 8), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 8
Ran, Shulamit. Concerto Da Camera II, a Theodore Presser promotional recording (Tape 9), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 9
Holloway, Robin. Concertino No. 3 recorded by the London Sinfonietta conducted by David Atherton, a Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording. [tape 10] (Tape 10), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 10
Holloway, Robin. Side A; The Rivers of Hell recorded by Speculum Musicae -- Side B; Alberto Ginastera Serenata recorded by the University of Michigan Contemporary Directions Ensemble, a Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 11), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 11
Leshnoff, Jonathan M. Hadran recorded by the Peabody Symphony Orchestra composers' reading session conducted by Brian Stone; extra copies of tape with the score (Tape 12), October 2, 1996series 7.1box 11folder 12
Fussell, Charles. 5 Goethe Lieder for voice and piano recorded by Joan Heller voice and Alan Rogers piano October 1988 -- Free-Fall for 7 Players recorded at dress rehearsal in Merkin Hall May 1988, Virgil Thomson Portrait I for Chamber Orchestra (Tape 13), 1988series 7.1box 11folder 13
Juusela, Kari Henrik. Bliss in four movements for cello quartet recorded in Elizabeth Hall at Stetson University (Tape 14), January 27, 1998series 7.1box 11folder 14
Kernis, Aaron Jay. Side A; dream of the morning sky (Cycle V - Pt. 1) recorded by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta with Gwendolyn Bradley soprano -- Side B; Mirror of Heat and Light (Cycle V - Pt. 2) recorded by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of New York conducted by David Alan Miller (Tape 15), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 15
Lindroth, Scott. A Fire's Bright Song recorded by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Julius Hegyi (Tape 16), June 10, 1987series 7.1box 11folder 16
Primosch, James. Dappled Things recorded by the New York Youth Symphony conducted by David Alan Miller (Tape 17), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 17
Primosch, James. String Quartet recorded by the Atlantic String Quartet (Tape 18), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 18
McTee, Cindy. Songs of Spring and the Moon for chamber ensemble (1983) recorded by Brunetta Mazzolini soprano conducted by David Robbins (Tape 19), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 19
Ince, Kamran. Hot, Red, Cold, Vibrant (1992) recorded by the California Symphony conducted by Barry Jakowsky (Tape 20), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 20
Ince, Kamran. Side A; Arches (1994) recorded by Present Music conducted by Kevin Stalheim -- Side B; Symphony No. 2 "Fall of Constantinople" (Tape 21), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 21
Ince, Kamran. Night Panage (1992) recorded by Present Music conducted by Kevin Stalheim (Tape 22), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 22
Greenbaum, Matthew. 3 Nocturnes for solo electronics (1985), Notker's Tale (1981), Chamber Music (1981) (Tape 23), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 23
Lindroth, Scott. Duo for Violins (13') recorded in Sprague Hall at Yale University, Davidge Publishing promotional recording (Tape 24), 1990series 7.1box 11folder 24
National Symphony Orchestra. RiverRun: Making of a Pulitzer, Mutual Broadcasting System (Tape 25), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 25
National Symphony Orchestra. Feature #11: Pulitzer Symposium, Mutual Broadcasting System (Tape 26), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 26
Bainbridge, Simon. Side A; Music for Mel & Nora, Concertante in Moto Perpetuo, Voicing, Three Pieces for Chamber Ensembles -- Side B; Fantasia for Double Orchestra (from rehearsal 186), a United Music Publishers promotional recording (Tape 27), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 27
Kernis, Aaron Jay. Invisible Mosaic III recorded by the American Composer Orchestra conducted by S. Skrowacewski (Tape 28), undatedseries 7.1box 11folder 28
Fussell, Charles. Wilde, A Symphony for Baritone and Orchestra recorded by Will Graham narrator Sanford Sylvan baritione and the Newton Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ronald Knudsen at Aquinas College (Tape 29), November 4, 1990series 7.1box 11folder 29
Gilioli, Fiorenza. Il Tremonto della lund recorded by the Columbia Composers (Tape 30), 1992series 7.1box 11folder 30
Phillips, Mark. Blue 2 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1989) recorded live at premiere by the Ohio University Faculty Chamber Players conducted by Mark Phillips (Tape 31), January 1990series 7.1box 12folder 1
Barsom, Paul. Side A; Ringing Changes recorded by the Montgomery Symphony conducted by T. Hinds -- Side B; Orogeny recorded by the Eastman Percussion Ensemble conducted by John Beck (Tape 32), undatedseries 7.1box 12folder 2
Hull, Garrison. Rhapsody for Clarinet (Tape 33), undatedseries 7.1box 12folder 3
Hartke, Stephen. Pacific Rim (1988) recorded by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christof Perick, Maltese Cat Blues (1986) recorded by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Peter Leonard (Tape 34), undatedseries 7.1box 12folder 4
Hodkinson, Sydney. November Voices (Tape 35), undatedseries 7.1box 12folder 5
Fuchs, Kenneth. Side A; Out of the Dark (after three paintings by Helen Frankenthaler) (excerpts) -- Side B; Out of the Dark (complete) recorded by the Denver Chamber Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta (Tape 36), undatedseries 7.1box 12folder 6
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Wright, Maurice. Side A; Stellae (1978), the Berkshire Music Center Orchestra conductor G. Schuller (first 4 bars missing); Quartet (1983), Emerson Quartet at the Aspen Music Festival -- Side B; Movement in Time for 2 percussionist and electronic sound (1985), D. Liuzzi and B. Prechtl percussion; Chamber Symphony for Eight Instruments (1986), Davidbund Chamber Players (Tape 117), undatedseries 7.1box 14folder 27
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Liptak, David. Rhapsodies (1992) (16') (Tape 123), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 3
Wuorinen, Charles. Side A; Percussion Duo, Toru Takemitsu Rain Tree, Teruyuki Noda Eclogue -- Side B; Toshi Ichiyanagi Paganini Personal, Robert Paris The Book of Imaginary Beings, Ingolf Dahl Duettino Concertante (Tape 124), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 4
Godfrey, Daniel S. Side A; From a Dream of Russia recorded by the Klangfarben Ensemble -- Side B; JIG for wind ensemble recorded by the University of Texas Wind Ensemble conducted by Jerry Junkin, Festoons for solo piano recorded by Steven Heyman in Merkin Concert Hall (Tape 125), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 5
Korde, Shirish. Arias from RASA recorded by Maria Tegzes soprano (Tape 126), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 6
Hartke, Stephen. Wir Kussen Ihnen Tausendmal die Hande, Norruth Music promotional recording (Tape 127), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 7
Barsom, Paul. Fever recorded by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble conducted by David Stock (Tape 128), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 8
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Currier, Nathan. Adagio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (1986) (6') -- Commentary Mass (1985) excerpt from movement II (2') -- Symphony in Eleven Chapters (1985) excerpts from #1 and #3 (5') -- String Quartet (1985) excerpt from movement II (4') -- The Cicada (1984) excerpt from m. 482 - 533 (2') -- Piano Sonata (1984) excerpt from movements 2, 3 and 4 (6') (Tape 132), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 12
Currier, Nathan. Verge, Carl Fischer promotional recording (Tape 133), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 13
Wright, Maurice. Side A; Chamber Symphony for Piano and Electronic Sound recorded by Marc-Andre Hamelin piano -- Side B; Sonata II recorded by Marc-Andre Hamelin piano (Tape 134), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 14
Lennon, Anthony J. Another's Fandango, Alan Hirsh Nocturne and Fantasy -- Bryan Johanson Iphigenia in Aulis, Alberto Ginastera Sonata Op. 43 (Tape 135), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 15
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Martino, Donald. Serenata Concertante commissed for and premiered by Parnassus at Merkin Hall, NY (Tape 137), April 19, 1999series 7.1box 15folder 17
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Coble, William. Eulogy for orchestra (Tape 139), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 19
Coble, William. Eulogy for orchestra recorded by the Symphony Orchestra of the Curtis Institute of Music conducted by William Coble (Tape 140), February 18, 1985series 7.1box 15folder 20
Coble, William. Intrada for solo violin recorded by Susan Synnestvedt at the Curtis Institute of Music -- William Schumann New England Triptych recorded by the Symphony Orchestra of the Curtis Institute of Music (Tape 141), April 1985series 7.1box 15folder 21
Levines, Thomas Allen. Dithyramb for chamber orchestra, Alea III conducted by Theodore Antoniou (Tape 142), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 22
Wright, Maurice. Nightwatch for soprano and piano recorded by Jody Applebaum soprano and Marc-Andre Hamelin piano -- George Antheil First Sonata for violin and piano (1923) recorded by Thomas DiSarlo violin (Tape 143), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 23
Gandolfi, Michael. Concertino recorded by Parnassus conducted by Anthony Korf at Merkin Concert Hall (Tape 144), May 16, 1984series 7.1box 15folder 24
Moss, Lawrence. Three Rilke Songs (8'30"), Songs of the Earth and Sky (12') (Tape 145), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 25
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Primosch, James. Concerto for Flute and Orchestra recorded by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mark Elder with Richard Sherman flute . (case only, tape missing) (Tape 147), March 3, 1994series 7.1box 15folder 27
Kozel, Paul. Sextet (10') (Tape 148), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 28
Macbride, David. Poet in NY, Sonnet I (Tape 149), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 29
Brief, Todd. Idols for six players (15') recorded at the CalArts Festival 1988 California E.A.R. Unit conducted by Rand Steiger (Tape 150), undatedseries 7.1box 15folder 30
Knab, Thomas. Yo Lo Vi on Goya Etchings (Tape 151), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 1
Salerni, Paul. Toddler Riffs recorded by Paul Chou violin and Paul Salerni piano, Speaking of Love recorded by Carmen Pelton soprano Paul Chou violin and Paul Salerni piano vibes and marimba -- Sad Stories recorded by Christine Schadeberg soprano with the Lehigh University Very Modern Ensemble (Tape 152), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 2
Wheeler, Scott. The Angle of the Sun recorded by Pamela Dellal mezzo-soprano David Arnold baritone and the chorus and orchestra of the Boston Cecilia Premiere conducted by Donald Teeters (Tape 153), May 9, 1994series 7.1box 16folder 3
Torke, Michael. Side A; The Yellow Pages (7') -- Side B; Bright Blue Music (9'30"), Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 154), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 4
Rands, Bernard. Madrigali (After Monteverdi and Berio) recorded by the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Ricardo Muti (Tape 155), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 5
Doppmann, William. Oktobersong (1995) recorded by Deanna Relyea mezzo-soprano and William Doppmann piano (Tape 156), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 6
Bennett, Richard Rodney. Side A; Dream Dancing, 5 Sonnets of Louise Labe -- Side B; Thea Musgrave Pierrot, Space Play, Novello promotional recording (Tape 157), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 7
Wolosoff, Bruce (Tape 158), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 8
Wolosoff, Bruce. The Book of Lies. Lyrics by Frater Perdurabo. Recorded live in New York City by Nau Hughes mezzo-soprano David Rosenblatt percussion Bruce Wolosoff piano (Tape 159), May 12, 1994series 7.1box 16folder 9
Yim, Alan. Three Chinese Poems (1981, 1985) (10'35") recorded by the Marlborough String Ensemble conducted by Alan Yamamoto with Karol Bennett soprano (Tape 160), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 10
Jaffe, Stephen. Side A; Arch, American Academy in Rome, conductor John Harbison, 1981 -- Side B; Four Images for orchestra, 1st Movement: "Intrada" RAI Orchestra of Rome, conductor M. Pradella July 1982; Centering (1978) recorded by L. Quan and C. Macomber violins (Tape 161), 1981, 1982, and undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 11
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Jaffe, Stephen. Songs of Turning recorded at the Oregon Bach Festival by the Oregon Repertory Singers with Terry Rhodes soprano James Maddelena baritone conducted by Gilbert Seeley (Tape 163), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 13
Merryman, Marjorie. In the Dreamtime recorded live at Sanders Theatre Cambridge Massachusetts by the Boston University Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Hoose (Tape 164), May 1990series 7.1box 16folder 14
Jaffe, Stephen. Chamber Concerto ("Singing Figures") for Oboe and Ensemble, two recordings of work -- 1) St. Luke's Church Ensemble at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City with Melanie Feld oboe conducted by Stephen Jaffe; 2) Duke University "Encounters: With the Music of Our Time" with Libby Van Cleve oboe conducted by Stephen Jaffe (Tape 165), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 15
Davies, Peter Maxwell. Side A; Fantasia Upon One Note, Hans Abrahamson Winternacht -- Side B; Anthony Payne A Day in the Life of a Mayfly, John Tavener The Lamb (Tape 166), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 16
Rands, Bernard. Le Tambourin recorded by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bernard Rands, Universal Edition promotional recording (Tape 167), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 17
Street, Tison. Quartet #2 "Fastasy on a Hymn Tune" recorded by the Walden Quartet at the Dunster House at Harvard University (Tape 168), 1986series 7.1box 16folder 18
Marsh, Roger. The Song of Abigail (1986) recorded by Fran Lynch soprano and the Lontano Ensemble conducted by Odaline de la Martinez (Tape 169), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 19
Greenbaum, Matthew. Psalter (text from Psalm 104) recorded by Joyce Castle mezzo-soprano and Parnassus conducted by Anthony Korf (Tape 170), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 20
Keuris, Tristan. To Brooklyn Bridge, Novello promotional recording (Tape 171), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 21
Gladd, Neil. Mandolin: Neil Gladd Toccata, Derek Healey Cinque Miniature, David A. Moore Sonata: Variations for Mandolin and Piano -- Brian Israel Surrealist Serenade, William Bardwell Little Serenade, Clare Shore Four Vocalises (Tape 172), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 22
Rodriguez, Robert Xavier. Side A; Canto (Chamber Version) -- Side B; Estample (Chamber Version) (Tape 173), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 23
MacMillan, James. Veni, Veni, Emmanuel, Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 174), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 24
Curtis-Smith, C. Christopher the Christ Bearer (1992) recorded by Da Camera in Houston, Texas (Tape 175), December 5, 1992series 7.1box 16folder 25
Froom, David. Piano Suite recorded by Eliza Garth piano (Tape 176), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 26
Cornell, Richard. Umai's Journey recorded by the Boston Musica Viva and the New England Conservatory Children's Chorus directed by Jean Maltaus narrated by Joyce Kulhawick conducted by Richard Pittman (Tape 177), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 27
Gruber, H. K. Frankenstein!! (ensemble version), Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 178), undatedseries 7.1box 16folder 28
Stern, Sara. flute and Brian Ganz piano performing J. S. Bach Sonata I in B minor, Walter Piston Sonata -- Georges Enesco Cantabile et Presto, and Andre Jolivet Chant de Linos recorded at the Weill Recital Hall (Tape 179), May 22, 1989series 7.1box 16folder 29
MacCombie, Bruce. The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo recorded by the Tidewater Chamber Players with Susan Bender soprano conducted by Christopher Kendall at St. Mary's City and the Baltimore Museum (Tape 180), July 7 & 8,1990series 7.1box 16folder 30
Crockett, Donald. Wedge for orchestra (1990) (Tape 181), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 1
Chaitkin, David. Concerto for Flute and Strings recorded by the New Hampshire Music Festival Orchestra conducted by Thomas Nee at the Hopkins Center of Dartmouth College (premier) (Tape 182), Augusts 17, 1985series 7.1box 17folder 2
Bryars, Gavin. 1, 2, 1-2-3-4, My First Hommage, The English Mail Coach -- The Vespertine Park, Hi-Tremolo (Tape 183), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 3
Hurley. Brightness, two recordings of the work -- 1) live performance by Shawnia Eaton soprano and Cary Lewis piano, Faculty Composer's Concert at Interlochen, 1983; 2) live performance by Sulie Girardi mezzo-soprano and William Crowlie, doctoral recital at Indiana University (Tape 184), 1982,1983series 7.1box 17folder 4
Holloway, Robin. Serenade in C (1979) recording from first UK Broadcast; Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 185), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 5
Albert, Stephen. Ecce Puer; G. Schirmer / AMP promotional recording (Tape 186), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 6
Crawford, John. Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (Tape 187), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 7
Child, Peter. Ensemblance recorded by the Boston Musica Viva conducted by Richard Pittman (12') -- Duo for Flute and Percussion recorded by Christopher Krueger flute and Dean Anderson percussion (15') (Tape 188), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 8
Owen, John. Swallow the Sky recorded by Aldeburgh Pelton soprano and Neyire Ashworth clarinet, Lukas Foss Time Cycle recorded by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lukas Foss (Tape 189), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 9
Samuel, Virginia. Silas for flute, violin, cello and piano, commissed by EARPLAY of San Francisco, CA and recorded by the Boston Chamber Ensemble -- Impromptu Leslie Amper piano part of Phillips Collection in Washington, DC (Tape 190), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 10
Milburn, Ellsworth. Menil Antiphons (1989) recorded by Da Camera Society (Tape 191), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 11
Plush, Vincent. Side A; Bakery Hill Rising (1980) recorded by David Stanhope horn at the Ballarat Art Gallery in Victoria Australia February 14, 1981 (8'35") -- The Hymn of the Winstan Ley Levellers recorded by the Sydney University Chamber Choir at the Great Hall in Sydney Australia July 26, 1981 (7'40") -- On Shooting Stars (Homage to Victor Jara) recorded by the Yale Ensemble conducted by Vincent Plush at Sprague Hall Yale University February 22, 1982 (14'25") -- Side B; Little Orchestra Piece/I recorded by the Saymoor Group conducted by Vincent Plush at the Sydney Opera House April 28, 1979 (2'30") -- Stevie's Wonder Music recorded by Stephen Lloyd flute at Sydney University November 4, 1979 (6'35") -- Moreton Bay from Australian Folksongs recorded by Lyndon Terracini and the Seymour Group conducted by Vincent Plush at A.B.C. Studio 225 in Sydney Australia May 14, 1978 (12'33") (Tape 192), 1978-1981series 7.1box 17folder 12
Pott, Francis. Side A; Wiss After the Event words by Francis Pott (1987) commissioned by the Wren Consort, recorded by A. Pearls and M. Elliott voice with P. Thomas and S. Keogh trumpets and F. Pott piano -- Zanzaré - Fanfaré, Mortal Combat for Human (piano) and Mosquito (oboe), In Memory of a Night in a Como Hotel Room, J. Drake piano. May 1985 -- Praise of Ysolt (Early Ezra Pound based song) recorded by Charles Pott in bar sight reading at age 22 1982 in bar with Francis Pott on piano (missing last two notes) -- Side B; Piano Quintet (1988) recorded by the Parnassus Quartet with Francis Pott piano (2 of 4 movements) -- Fenix for organ, five brass and percussion recorded by John Stafford organ and Fine Arts Brass for Oundle Organ Week 1985 (Tape 193), 1982, 1985, and undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 13
Willey, James. Duo for Flute and Piano (1994-1996) recorded by Richard Sherman flute and Ralph Votapek piano -- Three Pieces for Trombone and Piano: 1. Grit 2. Sadness 3. Hokum recorded by Mark Kellogg trombone and Diane Birr piano (Tape 194), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 14
Cornell, Richard. Umai's Journey recorded from a live performance by Musica Viva and the New England Conservatory Youth Chorus with Joyce Kulkawick narrator (Tape 195), Apirl 28, 1996series 7.1box 17folder 15
Jackson, Ralph Neel. September Rainbow for 12 players recorded by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensembler conducted by David Stock (Tape 196), December 3, 1984series 7.1box 17folder 16
Albert, Stephen. Anthem and Processionals recorded by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerard Schwartz (Tape 197), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 17
Liptak, David. Shadower for violin and percussion in 5 parts (1991) recorded by Catherine Tait violin and Benjamin Toth percussion (Tape 198), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 18
Bennett, Richard Rodney. Five Sonnetts of Louise Labe; Thea Musgrave Narcissus, Novello promotional recording (Tape 199), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 19
Hurley, Susan. Light Dance recording from Faculty Concert at National Music Camp with Trevor Williams violin and Cary Lewis piano (Tape 200), 1987series 7.1box 17folder 20
Albert, Stephen. Side A; Voices, Supernatural Songs (1961), 2nd Movement Leaves (1971-72) -- Side B; Bachae (1967-1968), Winter (1962-1963), Wedding (1964) (Tape 201), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 21
Levinson, Gerald. Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (1976) recorded by the American Chamber Trio on Radio France in Paris, in dark: three poems of the night for soprano and eight players (Tape 202), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 22
Simpson, Andrew. Chamber Concerto for Six Players (1992) recorded by Kenneth Andrews flute, Alan Woy clarinet, John Lindsey violin, Mathias Wexler cello, Andrew Simpson piano, Mark Puma percussion, James Petercsak conductor (Tape 203), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 23
Winges, Mark. Aural Colors (1992) recorded by Rohnert Park, Symphony conducted by J. Karla Lemon (Tape 204), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 24
Xiang, Jin. Musical Poem 'Cao Xuging', Musical Poem 'Nu-Wa' (Tape 205), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 25
Steen, Ken. Shadows and Light (1989) (7'30") (Tape 206), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 26
Korf, Anthony. Presences from Aforetime recorded by Marcia Butler oboe, Chris Finckel cello, Oren Fader guitar, Stacey Shames harp, Chris Oldfather piano and Anthony Korf conductor in Merkin Concert Hall (Tape 207), January 18, 2000series 7.1box 17folder 27
Primosch, James. Side A; The Secret Geometry recorded by Aleck Karis piano, Fantasy Variations recorded by the Leonardo Trio -- Side B; Weil Alles Unsagbar Ist recorded by Camerata New York, String Quartet #2 (After Zurbaran) recorded by the Cavani Quartet (Tape 208), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 28
Ware, Peter. Side A; Artua for string quartet (1973) -- Side B; The Night Rainbow (1983) (Tape 209), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 29
Albert, Stephen. RiverRun for symphony orchestra (Tape 210), undatedseries 7.1box 17folder 30
Takemitsu, Toru. Far Calls. Coming, Far!, Earl Kim 12 Caprices and Where Grief Slumbers, Thomas Oboe Lee Chorinhos -- Tania Cronin While...Bottom...Pool, Harrison Birtwistle Carmen Arcadiae, Franco Donatoni Spiri and Arvo Pärt: Cantus (Tape 211), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 1
Woolf, Randall. My Insect Bride recorded by the Common Sense Ensemble conducted by J. Wagar; Davidge Publishing (Tape 212), 1994series 7.1box 18folder 2
Woolf, Randall. Skin Deep piano concerto (Tape 213), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 3
Alexander, Kathryn. Side A, Rainbows Stretched Like Endless Reins for solo violin (1986) (10'30") -- Side B, The Azure That Is Darkness for Bb clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1986) (16'30") (Tape 214), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 4
Pollock, Robert. Nicolai Roslavetz and Susan Morton Blaustein. performed live by the American String Quartet at St. Stephen's Church (Tape 215), February 1988series 7.1box 18folder 5
Boulez, Pierre. Derive (1984) recorded by the BSO Chamber Players conducted by Pascal Verrot and Repons (1982) recorded by Ensemble Intercontemporain conducted by Pierre Boulez -- Oliver Knussen Cantata for oboe and string trio recorded by the Nash Ensemble, Aaron Kernis (fl, vcl, pno) Music for Trio, Jay Alan Yim Furiosamente for piccolo (Tape 216), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 6
Albert, Stephen. TreeStone for Soprano, Tenor and Chamber Orchestra, Music Today; Paul Hindemith Kammermusik No. 3, Music Today (Tape 217), January 16, 1985series 7.1box 18folder 7
Brouwer, Margaret. Shifting Circles for full orchestra recorded by the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra conducted by Victoria Bond (Tape 218), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 8
Kuss, Ince. Mobile Music for Wind Ensemble (8'), Five Lyric Songs for mezzo-soprano (Tape 219), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 9
Bell, Larry. Concerto for Oboe and Five Instruments recorded by Speculum Musicae with Stephen Taylor solo oboist (Tape 220), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 10
Godfrey, Daniel S. Mestengo for orchestra (1988) (11') (Tape 221), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 11
Carlson, David. Twilight Night, Theodore Presser Co. promotional recording (Tape 222), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 12
Froom, David. Sonata for Piano (1980) recorded by Earle Shenk piano (Tape 223), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 13
Harbison, John. Twilight Music recorded by the Lincoln Center Chamber Players -- Book of Hours and Seasons recorded with D'Anna Fortunato mezzo-soprano, Piano Quintet recorded at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival (Tape 224), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 14
Danielpour, Richard. First Light, G. Schirmer / AMP promotional recording (Tape 225), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 15
Ishi, Dem. Of Mere Being recorded by the National Orchestral Association (Tape 226), April 1990series 7.1box 18folder 16
Schurman, Gerard. Piano Quartet, Giles Swayne A Song for Haddi, Novello promotional recording (Tape 227), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 17
Jaffe, Stephen. Four Images for Orchestra (1982-83) recorded by RAI Orchestra of Rome conducted by Pradella and Cameron Grant / James Winn pianos (Tape 228), July 1982series 7.1box 18folder 18
Erb, Donald. Quintet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano / electric piano (Tape 229), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 19
Lippe, Cort. Music for Harp and Tape (1990) presented at the 4th World Harp Congress, Sevres-Paris, France, harpist Masumi Nagasawa (17') (Tape 230), July 13, 1990series 7.1box 18folder 20
Albert, Stephen. Distant Hills (Tape 231), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 21
Jackson, Ralph N. The Quilters for flute, cello, harp and percussion; recorded by the Center for New Music at the University of Iowa conducted by William Hibbard (Tape 232), May 3, 1986series 7.1box 18folder 22
Davies, Peter Maxwell. 4 Instrumental Motets: 1. Si Quis Diligit Me 2. All Sons of Adam 3. Our Father Whiche in Heaven Art 4. Psalm 124, Boosey & Hawkes promotional recording (Tape 233), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 23
Albert, Stephen. Wolf Time, Imitations (1963), Illuminations (Tape 234), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 24
Barsom, Paul. On Imminent Rays recorded by John Whitfield cello and Sylvia Kahan piano (Tape 235), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 25
Child, Peter. Estrella: The Assassination of Augusto César Saudino recorded by the Cantata Singer and Ensemble conducted by David Hoose with soloists Jon Osborne baritone and Gloria Raymond mezzo-soprano (Tape 236), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 26
Antheil, George. Symphony No. 4, "1942" recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Eugene Goossens (originally from Everest LP) -- Ernst Toch Symphony No. 3 recorded by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by William Steinberg (originally from Capitol LP) (Tape 237), undatedseries 7.1box 18folder 27
Godfrey, Daniel S. Two Scenes in Chiaroscuro recorded by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble (15') (Tape 238), 1994series 7.1box 18folder 28
MacMillan, James. Cantos Sagrados recorded live at Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church by the Cantate Chamber Singers conducted by Gisele Becker with Gary Davison organ (Tape 239), June 6, 1998series 7.1box 18folder 29
Korte, O. F. Philosophical Dialogues (composed 1961-75) recorded by Shizuka Ishikawa violin and O. F. Korte piano in Prague (Tape 240), 1975series 7.1box 18folder 30
Primrosch, James. Side A; Quartet #3 (1999) recorded by the Ying Quartet -- Side B; Holy the Firm (1999) recorded by Dawn Upshaw and Gilbert Kalish (Tape 241), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 1
Primosch, James. Quartet #2 recorded by the Cavani Quartet, Fantasy - Variations recorded by the Leonardo Trio (Tape 242), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 2
Dick, Robert. Composer & Flutist, Meristem for solo flute and seven instruments performed by the Musical Elements, Daniel Asia, conductor: January 8, 1986 -- Cooper Union, NYC - T Might Equal C^10 for bass flute performed at Sprague Hall, Yale University: December 12 (Tape 243), 1983series 7.1box 19folder 3
Kramer, Jonathan D. Side A; Atlanta Licks (12'59") recorded 1984 by the Atlanta Chamber Players, Another Sunrise (10'53") recorded 1990 by the CCM Contemporary Ensemble conducted by Janna Hymes -- Side B; About Face (15'30") recorded 1989 by the American Composers Orchestra conducted by Michael Gielen (Tape 244), 1989-1990series 7.1box 19folder 4
Dirksen, Richard Wayne. Sonata for String Quartet (1952), Clarinet and Piano recorded by NSO players Lywen, Harpham, Parnas and Martin; Bill Wright, clarinet and Emmerson Myers, piano (Tape 245), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 5
Kirchner, Leon. Kaleidoscope, G. Schirmer / AMP promotional recording (Tape 246), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 6
Street, Tison. Dark Tangos recorded by the Apple Hill Chamber Players in Fairfield, Connecticut (Tape 247), February 13, 1987series 7.1box 19folder 7
Albert, Stephen. Into Eclipse for tenor and orchestra (Tape 248), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 8
Dallapiccola, Luigi. Il Prigioniero recorded by the BBC Symphony Orchestra (Tape 249), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 9
Danielpour, Richard. Sonnets to Orpheus (1991), G. Schirmer / AMP promotional recording (Tape 250), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 10
Brouwer, Margaret. Third from the Sun (Tape 251), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 11
Jaffe, Stephen. The Rhythm of the Running Plough (1985/88) recorded by the Prism Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony -- Autumnal (1986) recorded by the New Hampshire Symphony (Tape 252), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 12
Simpson, Andrew. Side A; Cloysters for guitar solo (1997) recorded by Douglas Rubio guitar (11'35"), Summer Night Songs for Soprano Saxophone and Harp (1994, rev. 1997) -- Side B; Exhortation III for double bass solo (1996) recorded by Michael Cangron double bass (13'40") (Tape 253), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 13
Heininen, Paavo. Musique P'été; Veli-Matti Puumala Scroscio -- Magnus Lindberg De Tartuff, Je Crois; Michael Edlund Trio Sun; Bengt Hambraeus Nocturnals (Tape 254), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 14
Harbison, John. Side A; Due Libri recorded by the New York Philharmonic conducted by R. D. Levin with Lorraine Hunt soloist -- Side B; 3 City Blocks recorded by the New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble conducted by Frank Battisti (Tape 255), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 15
Kuss, Ince, Schoenfield, Deak (Tape 256), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 16
Kramer, Jonathan D. Cincy in C (1994) recorded by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jesús López Cobos (Tape 257), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 17
Julián Orbón. String Quartet; the Fine Arts String Quartet in Pan American Building NYC (Tape 258), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 18
Primosch, James. Side A; The Cloud of Unknowing recorded by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra with John Harbison conducting and soprano soloist Lucy Shelton -- Side B; Weil Alles Unsagbar Ist (Because Everything is Unsayable) recorded by the Camerata New York Orchestra with Eleanor Clark soprano (Tape 259), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 19
Machover, Tod. Spectres: Music for Large Ensemble and Computer Sounds; Side A; Nature's Breath recorded by the Prism Orchestra of New York conducted by Robert Black -- Side B; Spectres Parisiens ASKO Ensemble of Amsterdam conducted by Peter Eötvös (Tape 260), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 20
Erickson, Elaine. Starshell; Side A; (20'52") Night's Lodging, Mary's Song, Two Psalms of Praise, Love Poem -- Side B; (25'21) The Voice Outside (Poem), The Voice Outside, Five Songs for Solo Soprano, Starshell; American Composer Series, MPL Recordings (Tape 261), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 21
Schubert, Peter conducts The New Calliope Singers; Side A; Arthur Krieger Passacaglia on "Spring and All", Susan Hurley Vermont Poems -- Jacques-Louis Monod Elegy, Russell Pinkston Meditation -- Side B; Maurice Wright Like An Autumn Sky, Steven Gerber Illuminations a. Marine b. Départ, Otto Luening Lines from "A Song for Occupations" -- Finnadar Records, Warner Communications Company (Tape 262), 1987series 7.1box 19folder 22
Kennedy, Joe Jr. Take a Better Look; Side A; Welcome Lift Off, Healing Vibration, World Peace Please, We Will Survive, Take a Better Look, Work It Out Dance, Never Never Land (k.c.) -- Side B; Rejuvenate Yourself Daily, Take a Chance Dance, Africa is Our Mother, Cool Down Dance, Let's Help Ourselves People, Easy Life (One Day), I Know We Can, Sweet Sweet Sweat, When Oh When (Let's Save Our Planet) (Tape 263), 1993series 7.1box 19folder 23
Brouwer, Margaret. Skyriding (Tape 264), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 24
Cohen, Fred. Cello Sonata recorded by Kong and Wilson (Tape 265), undatedseries 7.1box 19folder 25

Subseries 7.2: Recordings of 20th Century Consort in Live Performance (Cassette tapes), 1992-1995, and undated (3 Items)

This sub-series contains cassette tapes of the Consort in live performances.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
The 20th Century Consort In Live Concert, Volume 1: Piano Trios by Ives & Ravel. Charles Ives Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano; Maurice Ravel Trio in A Major for Piano, Violin and Cello -- Recorded Live at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: Lambert Orkis, piano - Elisabeth Adkins, Violin - David Hardy, cello (two copies) (Consort tape 1), undatedseries 7.2box 19folder 26
The 20th Century Consort, Christopher Kendall, Artistic Director: Nicholas Maw La Vita Nuova, 2nd Movement, January 21, 1995--Paul Schoenfield Trio: 4th Movement, April 8, 1995 -- Robert Beaser Songs from The Ocassions: Movement 3, November 5, 1994--Jacob Druckman Movement 3, May 7 (Consort tape 2), 1994series 7.2box 19folder 27
The 20th Century Consort, Christopher Kendall, Artistic Director: Kamran Ince Hammer Music (12'47") -- Live Concert Recording at the Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC (Consort tape 3), January 25, 1992series 7.2box 19folder 28

Subseries 7.3: Composer Audio Materials on CD, 1997-2003, and undated (10 Items)

This subseries contains CDs sent by composers to Christopher Kendall.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Leshnoff, Jonathan M. Racing Pulse recorded by the Twentieth Century Consort conducted by Christopher Kendall -- Alive recorded by the Peabody Percussion Ensemble--Cello Sonata recorded by Don Watts cello and Kevin McCarter piano (CD 1), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 1
Chambers, Evan. Love Dogs for string trio recorded by Luitgard Spohn violin, Thomas Irvine cello and Nicola Heinrich cello in Bielefeld, Germany (CD 2), March 21, 2003series 7.3box 20folder 2
Frank, Gabriela Lena. Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout (2001) recorded by the Chiara Quartet -- Sueños de Chambi: Snapshots for an Andean Album (2002) recorded by Sergiu Luca violin and Brian Connelly piano (CD 3), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 3
Leshnoff, Jonathan M. Racing Pulse recorded by the Twentieth Century Consort conducted by Christopher Kendall (two copies) (CD 4), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 4
Mazzoli, Melissa. Interruptions (CD 5), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 5
Boyer, Justin. Quartet (CD 6), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 6
Rimple, Mark T. Gradus sextet recorded by Anthony Korf and Parnassus, Portrait of a Dying Empire recorded by Marshall Taylor saxophone and Joyce Lindorff harpsichord (CD 7), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 7
Reise, Jay. Yellowstone Rhythms for bassoon and ten instruments (14'37") recorded live by Charles Ullery bassoon and Network for New Music conducted by Jan Krzywicki (CD 8), April 22, 2001series 7.3box 20folder 8
Winges, Mark. Palette / Riffs recorded by T. Brody flute and alto flute, D. Maltester clarinet and bass clarinet, K. Piascik percussion, A. Presler violin, K. Rohde viola, R. Bonnell cello conducted by G. Thomson (CD 9), undatedseries 7.3box 20folder 9
Hobson, Bruce. Two Isorhythms (1982) recorded by Margaret Kampmeier piano--Octet (1979) recorded by the Guild of Composers Chamber Ensemble conducted by Jacques-Louis Monod -- Contours (1992) recorded by Margaret Kampmeier piano--Three Portraits recorded by Jan Opalach bass-baritone and Gaït Sirguey piano (CD 10), 1997series 7.3box 20folder 10

Subseries 7.4: 20th Century Consort Commercial Recordings on CD, 1997-2004 (5 Items)

Contains commerical recordings featuring the 20th Century Consort conducted by Christopher Kendall.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Maw, Nicholas. Ghost Dances, La vita nuova Carmen Pelton soprano, Roman Canticle William Sharp baritone; ASV Ltd (Consort CD 1), 1997series 7.4box 20folder 11
Deak, Jon. The Passion of Scrooge or A Christmas Carol William Sharp baritone; INNOVA (Consort CD 2), 2000series 7.4box 20folder 12
Orkis, Lambert, piano/harpsichord. Celestial Mechanics (Makrokosmos IV) by George Crumb recorded with James Primosch--Chamber Symphony by Maurice Wright -- Fantasy for Solo Harpsichord by William Penn--Fantasy Quintet by Dexter Morrill; INNOVA (Consort CD 3), 2003series 7.4box 20folder 13
Shelton, Lucy, Soprano. Sparrows by Joseph Schwantner (1979)--Candles by Gerald Chenoweth -- A Poison Tree by Richard Wernick--Spring Songs by William Doppmann; INNOVA (Consort CD 4), 2004series 7.4box 20folder 14
20th Century Consort with David Gordon, tenor and Sra Stern, flute. Take Me Places by Allan Schindler--Cantata for tenor voice, percussion, and electronic sounds by Maurice Wright -- Elixir (Consortium VIII) by Joseph Schwanter--Electrikaleidoscope by George Rochberg (Consort CD 5), undatedseries 7.4box 20folder 15

Series 8: Scores, 1901-2002, and undated (36.00 Linear Feet (733 scores))

The bulk of the collection consists of scores and sets of parts, many with Christopher Kendall's notes or performers' markings. These are arranged in accession order, and are searchable through the University of Maryland catalog using the search term "Twentieth Century Consort." An alphabetical index by composer is also available in the repository. Only 365 of the 700+ scores have been cataloged. For information on uncataloged scores please contact the curator.

The box inventory for this series is not currently available online. Please refer to the series description above for a broad description of the materials or contact the department for more information.

Related Material

The 20th Century Consort Scores are searchable through the University of Maryland catalog using the search term "Twentieth Century Consort." Five hundred of the 700+ scores have been cataloged. For information on uncataloged scores please contact the curator.

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