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The Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture


The Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture
Keesing, Hugo and Wouter
Collection number:
160 linear feet
Bulk dates:
Inclusive dates:
Collection Area:
Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

The Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture consists of books, serials, recordings, sheet music, clippings, memorabilia, and teaching and research materials related to twentieth-century American popular music, and to rock and roll music in particular. The materials were collected by Hugo Keesing, a popular culture scholar and former professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, and by Dr. Keesing's brother, Wouter Keesing. The bulk of the collection covers the period from the 1950s to the 1990s. Serials in the collection include Rolling Stone, Pulse, Discoveries, Goldmine, and many other national and regional music serials. Research and teaching materials include Dr. Keesing's University of Maryland syllabi and class notes, writings, auction lists, catalogues, and price guides. In addition to the books housed with the archival collection, there are an additional 3,000 books that are can be found through the University of Maryland catalog. The collection is broad in its coverage of twentieth-century popular music; however, the collection originally contained a significant number of books, magazines, clippings, and memorabilia related to Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Roy Orbison, and Fats Domino, respectively. These materials have been organized into four separate collections; each collection has its own finding aid. Please note: While the majority of this collection has been processed, select series may not yet have complete inventories. Please contact the curator for more information.

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The collection is open for research use.

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The Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.

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Materials from this collection must be used in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library's Irving and Margery Morgan Lowens Special Collections Room, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact the curator for an appointment:


This collection is PROCESSED.

Historical Note

Hugo Arnold Keesing is a popular culture scholar and a former professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is particularly known for his expertise on popular music and the Vietnam War. Keesing was born in the Netherlands in 1943 and moved to the United States when he was seven years old. An avid collector, Keesing's interest in popular music began when he started collecting records in the mid-1950s.

From 1970 to 1971, after earning degrees from Duke University and George Washington University, Keesing taught psychology courses for the University of Maryland to U.S. military personnel and their dependents stationed in Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. He then taught courses for the University in various European countries, and became the head of the University's European Division Office in 1974. During this time, Keesing was also conducting the research that would culminate in his doctoral dissertation, "Youth in Transition: A Content Analysis of Two Decades of Popular Music." He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Adelphi University in 1972.

In the mid-1970s, Keesing returned to the United States and began teaching a course entitled "Popular Music in American Society" at the University of Maryland in College Park. This course sought to interest students in contemporary history through topical music. As a result of this course and others he taught for the University, Keesing amassed large collections of teaching and research materials related to popular music and other aspects of popular culture, with a particular strength in Vietnam War-era materials. These materials ranged from music records and radio recordings to reference books, popular books, and realia. Keesing taught at the University of Maryland until the mid-1990s. He also worked for the graduate school program of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1980 until 2006.

In 1996, Keesing began a partnership with Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, eventually donating large portions of his popular music and culture collections to the University, as well as collections amassed by his brother, Wouter Keesing.

Keesing is currently active as a lecturer, writer, and consultant. In 2010, he curated the 13-CD boxed set Next Stop is Vietnam: The War on record, 1961-2008 and wrote the accompanying 304-page book.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Keesing Collection on Popular Music and Culture has been separated into five collections; each collection has its own finding aid. This collection consists of books, serials, recordings, sheet music, clippings, memorabilia, and teaching and research materials related to twentieth-century American popular music, and to rock and roll music in particular.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Gift of Hugo Keesing received in shipments beginning in September 1996. Receipt of materials is ongoing (as of 2014).

Processing Information

Processed by:

Mary Crauderueff

Encoded by:

EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Mary Crauderueff, September 2008 and revised by Cassandra N. Berman, June 2011.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Realia, 1965-2003, undated (13 linear feet)

This series contains popular music and culture realia including 3D objects such as drinking glasses, t-shirts, empty LP jackets, lunch boxes and bobble heads.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Collector's games: The Partridge Family Games, 1971 series 1box 1folder 1
Collector's games: The Donny and Marie Dress-up Set, 1977 series 1box 1folder 2
Collector's Jigsaw Puzzles: American Bandstand, undated series 1box 1folder 3
Collector's Jigsaw Puzzles: Michael Jackson, undated series 1box 1folder 4
Collector's game: Rock Trivia, 1984 series 1box 2folder 1
Collector's Plastic Cups: Supremes (2), undated series 1box 3folder 1
Collector's Plastic Cups: Johnny Mathis (2), undated series 1box 3folder 2
Collector's Plastic Cups: Smokey Robinson (3), undated series 1box 3folder 3
Collector's Plastic Cups: Jose Feliciano (3), undated series 1box 3folder 4
Collector's Plastic Cups: Charley Pride (2 copies), undated series 1box 3folder 5
Collector's Plastic Cups: The DeFranco Family, undated series 1box 3folder 6
Collector's Plastic Cups: Yes, undated series 1box 3folder 7
Collector's Plastic Cups: Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 1976 series 1box 3folder 8
Collector's Plastic Cups: Leon Russell, undated series 1box 3folder 9
Collector's Plastic Cups: Rick Wakeman, undated series 1box 3folder 10
Collector's Plastic Cups: David Essex, undated series 1box 3folder 11
Collector's Plastic Cups: George Michael, 1991 series 1box 3folder 12
Collector's Plastic Cups: MTV Video, 1990 series 1box 3folder 13
Collector's Plastic Cups: Scorpions, 1991 series 1box 3folder 14
Collector's Plastic Cups: Rolling Stones, undated series 1box 3folder 15
Collector's soda cans: Chuck Berry, undated series 1box 3folder 16
Collector's soda cans: The Jacksons, 1984 series 1box 3folder 17
Piano Clock, undated series 1box 3folder 18
Bee Gees Lunch Box, 1978 series 1box 3folder 19
RCA 45 rpm turn table, undated series 1box 3folder 20
Can cooler, undated series 1box 3folder 21
Collector Jigsaw Puzzles: Elvis, 1978, 1992 series 1box 4folder 1
Collector Jigsaw Puzzles: Shaun Cassidy, 1978 series 1box 4folder 2
Collector Jigsaw Puzzles: Andy Gibb (2), 1978 series 1box 4folder 3
Collector Jigsaw Puzzles: Bee Gees (2), 1979 series 1box 4folder 4
Collector's lunchboxes: Bee Gees, 1978 series 1box 5folder 1
Collector's lunchboxes: The Osmond's, 1973 series 1box 5folder 2
Collector's lunchboxes: Bobby Sherman, 1972 series 1box 5folder 3
Collector's lunchboxes: Kiss, 1977 series 1box 5folder 4
Collector's shirts: Bon Jovi, undated series 1box 5folder 5
Collector's shirts: Rock Around the Clock, undated series 1box 5folder 6
Collector's shirts: March of Dimes, 1980 series 1box 5folder 7
Collector's shirts: Bryan Adams, 1987 series 1box 5folder 8
Collector's shirts: Debbie Gibson, undated series 1box 5folder 9
Collector's thermos: Partridge Family, 1971 series 1box 5folder 10
Collector's thermos: Bee Gees, 1978 series 1box 5folder 11
Puzzle - Old-Time Tunes, 1981 series 1box 5folder 12
Collector's Jigsaw puzzles: Kiss (2), 1977, 1978 series 1box 6folder 1
Collector's Jigsaw puzzles: The Dukes of Hazzard, 1981 series 1box 6folder 2
Collector's Jigsaw puzzles: Shaun Cassidy, 1978 series 1box 6folder 3
Collector's games: Dallas the Television Role-Playing Game, 1980 series 1box 6folder 4
Collector's games: David Cassidy Dress-up Set, 1972 series 1box 6folder 5
Michael Jackson figure, 1984 series 1box 6folder 6
Kiss Mask, 1978 series 1box 6folder 7
Posters - Chicago (2), undated series 1box 7folder 1
Popular Culture brochure, undated series 1box 7folder 2
Play bills: Forever Ivor, undated, Rock' n' Roll Revival, 1991 series 1box 7folder 3
Autograph: Jimmy Dean, undated series 1box 7folder 4
Kellogg's Crispix box, undated series 1box 7folder 5
Concert tickets: John Denver (2), 1983, (1), undated, Neil Diamond (2), 1984, various dates series 1box 7folder 6
Photograph: Charlie Daniels Band (autographed), undated series 1box 7folder 7
Photograph: Joe Jones, undated series 1box 7folder 8
Photograph: Garnet Mimms, undated series 1box 7folder 9
Photograph: Jimmy Charles, 1960 series 1box 7folder 10
Photograph: Johnny Thunder, 1963 series 1box 7folder 11
Photograph: Goldband's Archive Complex and Studio, undated series 1box 7folder 12
Photograph: The Cardinals, undated series 1box 7folder 13
Photograph: Mountain, undated series 1box 7folder 14
Photograph: Charlie Daniels, undated series 1box 7folder 15
Photograph: Michael Jackson with the Reagan's, 1984 series 1box 7folder 16
Postcards: Gerard Joling, 1988 series 1box 7folder 17
Postcards: Design (autographed), undated series 1box 7folder 18
Postcards: Expose (autographed), undated series 1box 7folder 19
Airplay and Record Report, December, vol.1 no.3, 1985-1986(?) series 1box 7folder 20
Tower Records Top, March 1997 series 1box 7folder 21
Mailings (9), various dates series 1box 7folder 22
Music Mania trivia game, 1996 series 1box 7folder 23
166 LP Inserts, various dates series 1box 7folder 24
Poster: Jefferson Airplane, Civic Auditorium, June 4 series 1box 7folder 25
Poster: Country Joe and The Fish with Iron Butterfly, Merriweather Pavilion, August 24 series 1box 7folder 26
Poster: Atlantic City Pop Festival, Atlantic City Race Track, August 1-3 series 1box 7folder 27
Black T-shirt in plastic wrap unopened: Madonna Blond Ambition World Tour, 1990 series 1box 8folder 1
Flat white plastic bag (18in.x18in.) w/black label: Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill, undated series 1box 8folder 2
Bruce Springsteen picture on reflective metallic surface in cardboard frame with gold colored artwork on it, undated series 1box 8folder 3
Rad Rollers Collectable Action Marbles: New Kids on the Block in original package, set of five marbles, 1990 series 1box 8folder 4
White cloth Michael Jackson Thriller hat with brim, undated series 1box 8folder 5
Postcards and greeting cards, 1983, undated series 1box 8folder 6
Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, addressed to Hugo Keesing, 1983 series 1box 8folder 6item 1.0
Grafika Graphics - PC285 WHAM, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 2.0
Grafika Graphics - PC278 Prince, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 3.0
Grafika Graphics - PC280 Madonna, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 4.0
Grafika Graphics - PC211 Tina Turner, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 5.0
Grafika Graphics - PC289 Hall & Oates, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 6.0
Bruce Springsteen, blank, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 7.0
The Rolling Stones, blank, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 8.0
greeting card: pink with a picture of a walrus wearing rabbit ears, undated series 1box 8folder 6item 9.0
Yellow window sign with suction cup: "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", 1985 series 1box 8folder 7
Hot Pink Water Bottle with Black lid and straw: New Kids on the Block Label, 1989 series 1box 8folder 8
Two paint by numbers, already painted in plastic sleeve: One of the entire group The Monkees and one of two members of the group, undated series 1box 8folder 9
Sealed Red tin container: Pink Lady, English and Asian characters, undated series 1box 8folder 10
Puffy Stickers: Culture Club Puffy Stickers in sealed package, undated series 1box 8folder 11
Puffy Stickers: Lionel Richie Puffy Stickers in sealed package, undated series 1box 8folder 12
Puffy Stickers: 2 different sets of KISS Rockstics Puffy Stickers in sealed packages, 1978 series 1box 8folder 13
Puffy Stickers: BeeGees Rockstics Puffy Stickers in sealed package, 1979 series 1box 8folder 14
Puffy Stickers: 4 different sets of Village People Rockstics, 1979 series 1box 8folder 15
Puffy Stickers: Duran Duran Puffy Stickers in sealed package, undated series 1box 8folder 16
Puffy Stickers: Mix & Match Rock Stars sticker sheet, three ladies on the sheet, 1984 series 1box 8folder 17
Puffy Stickers: Package of 10 Super Great Iron-on Transfers, sealed package, undated series 1box 8folder 18
Puffy Stickers: Unlabeled package of Michael Jackson Thriller puff stickers, undated series 1box 8folder 19
White knitted glove, gold glitter paint designs and label "Motown" on back hand if right handed glove, undated series 1box 8folder 20
Yellow and blue patch "Keep on truckin'..." with picture of walking man, button attched to patch "Good ol' Grateful Dead" with design based on the American Flag, undated series 1box 8folder 21
Sealed "Hammer Time" School Kit, 1991 series 1box 8folder 22
Wanted "The Worlds Worst Guitar Player" white plastic bag (20inx15in), undated series 1box 8folder 23
The Monkees plastic Doll, big head no legs, probably Davy Jones, 1970 series 1box 8folder 24
Medium white Beatles T-shirt, Yellow Submarine artwork, undated series 1box 8folder 25
Large brown "Roadhouse Oldies" T-shirt, undated series 1box 8folder 26
Large mint green Warner Brothers Jazz label T-shirt, undated series 1box 8folder 27
Large yellow "The Sun Rhythm Section" T-shirt, undated series 1box 8folder 28
Large white "The Rock n' Roll Diner" T-shirt, 1987 series 1box 8folder 29
Medium yellow "Rocky Mountains" John Denver Tour T-shirt, 1983 series 1box 8folder 30
Medium beige "Here, There & Everywhere" John Denver Tour T-shirt, 1980 series 1box 8folder 31
Large black "Family Tree of America Rock" T-shirt, 1990 series 1box 8folder 32
The Mills Brothers CD jacket, 1990 series 1box 10folder 1
Memory Lane Records business card, undated series 1box 10folder 2
Record Mart flyer, undated series 1box 10folder 3
International Auction List, undated series 1box 10folder 4
"All Time Best Country Songs" flyer, undated series 1box 10folder 5
2 Wolftrap programs, 1999 series 1box 10folder 6
Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis ticket stub from the Wolftrap Performance Center, 1999 series 1box 10folder 7
2 autographed photos - Gary Puckett, and Goldy the DJ, 1999, undated series 1box 10folder 8
Oldies 100 FM paraphernalia, 1998 series 1box 10folder 9
WebMD Rock and Race T-shirt, 2000 series 1box 10folder 10
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame T-shirt, 1995 series 1box 10folder 11
Nifty Fifty's T-shirt, undated series 1box 10folder 12
Walking Encyclopedia of Rock N'Roll T-shirt, undated series 1box 10folder 13
Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill T-shirt, undated series 1box 10folder 14
Jerry Garcia Tie, undated series 1box 10folder 15
Framed Picture: Mick Jagger: Newsweek January 4, 1971 series 1box 10folder 16
Framed Picture: Bruce Springsteen: Time October 27, 1975 series 1box 10folder 17
Framed Picture: Jerry Butler and the Impressions, undated series 1box 10folder 18
Framed Picture: Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (autographed), undated series 1box 10folder 19
Framed Picture: Bobby Rydell (autographed), undated series 1box 10folder 20
Framed Picture: Hank Ballard and the Midnighters (autographed), undated series 1box 10folder 21
Concert photos- The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean (3), unknown artist (1), undated series 1box 10folder 22
head shots (autographed)- Johnny Dark, undated, Dave Adler, undated, The Majestic Neons, undated, 1986 series 1box 10folder 23
Postcards- Elvis (2), 1985, undated series 1box 10folder 24
Brochures and bumper sticker- Oldies 100FM, 2001 series 1box 10folder 25
Concert ticket Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, 2003 series 1box 10folder 26
Photos-head shots: Bruce Springsteen, undated series 1box 10folder 27
Photos-head shots: Billy Joel, undated series 1box 10folder 28
Photos-head shots: Joe Niagara (just autograph), undated series 1box 10folder 29
Photos-head shots: David Jones (autographed), undated series 1box 10folder 30
Donny and Marie Frame-Tray Puzzle, 1977 series 1box 10folder 31
7 inch LP covers - less than 650 covers (V-Z), various dates series 1box 10folder 32
Virgin Records bag-red, undated series 1box 10folder 33
LP Album Covers: Approx 51, various dates series 1box 11folder 1
7 inch LP covers - more than 870 covers (A-U), various dates series 1box 12folder 1
Posters-Beatles-Palladium 1987, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1987 Jon Bon Jovi, 1986, The Dead Milkmen, 1987, 1988, undated, (2), Dirty Dancing, -- Pringle's Presents Billboard's Rock '87 (5), "Skate Hard or Die" Christian Hosoi, 1987, Tower Records 1990 (3), Tower Records 1988 (2), 1986-1990, undated series 1box 13folder 1
Mock Decorative LPs (6), undated series 1box 13folder 2
Rhythm and Blues Foundation framed articles, February 22, 1965 series 1box 13folder 3
4 Various Greeting Cards, 1975, 1980, undated series 1box 14folder 1
"The Chipmunks" glasses, 1986 series 1box 14folder 2
Record Clock-"The Best of the Everly Brothers", undated series 1box 14folder 3
Jacksons' World Tour '84 Pepsi Cola can, undated series 1box 14folder 4
Neil Sedaka concert 7-11 plastic cup, undated series 1box 14folder 5
Rock and Roll Beer can, undated series 1box 14folder 6
WETA Summer '87 at Merriweather Post Pavilion plastic cup (2), undated series 1box 14folder 7
2 pins: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Class of 1986 and 1987 Inductees, undated series 1box 14folder 8
Plastic Bag and Wristband from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, undated series 1box 14folder 9
Songburst (boardgame), undated series 1box 14folder 10

Series 2: Ephemera, 1976-2002, undated (5.50 linear feet)

This series contains popular music and culture ephemera including bubble gum boxes (empty), calendars, note cards, and cut outs (such as Pepsi-Britney Spears).

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
MTV Rock 'n' Roll Calendar (365 day), 1995 series 2box 1folder 1
1997 Rock and Roll & Museum Calendar with select dates kept, 1997 series 2box 1folder 2
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame folder - 2 pamphlets, 14 leaves from a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame daily calendar, undated series 2box 1folder 3
Rock'N Flowers toy, 1988 series 2box 1folder 4
Brown cigar box, undated series 2box 1folder 5
Chris, NSync Bobble Head figurine, 2001 series 2box 1folder 6
Assembled Box (with Header Card): 1 Box, CHU-BOPS miniature album collection - bubble gum records & hit lyrics, original selling price: .35 per record, undated series 2box 1folder 7
Assembled Box (with Header Card): 1 Box, THE ROLLING STONES miniature album collection - bubble gum records, original selling price: .35 per record, 1983 series 2box 1folder 8
Assembled Box (with Header Card): 1 Box, LOONEY TUNES comic ball cards (Series #1) -limited edition, original Chuck Jones stories & drawings, counterfeit-proof, 99 cards in each set, undated series 2box 1folder 9
Assembled Box (with Header Card): 1 Box, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - 48 packs, 6 color stickers per pack, undated series 2box 1folder 10
2 plastic bags, 1995, undated series 2box 1folder 11
Grease playbill from Victoria Palace Theatre, 2002 series 2box 1folder 12
'Scuse Me While I kiss this Guy and Other Misheard Lyrics calendar, 2002 series 2box 1folder 13
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, Elvis, bubble gum cards, 1978 series 2box 2folder 1
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ALF cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 48 ct. (box empty), undated series 2box 2folder 2
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, DINOSAURS ATTACK! cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 48 ct., 1988 series 2box 2folder 3
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, E.T. the extra-terrestrial in his adventure on earth movie photo cards & bubble gum, 1982 series 2box 2folder 4
1 Box, HERE'S BO! photo cards by John Derek - bonus "fold-out" mini poster & gum, 1981 series 2box 2folder 5
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM movie photo cards & bubble gum - original selling price: .39 per pack, 1984 series 2box 2folder 6
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, MORK BUBBLE GUM - gravity-fed display contains 24 plastic eggs of gum, 1978 series 2box 2folder 7
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, MORK & MINDY picture cards & bubble gum - original selling price: .20 per pack, 1979 series 2box 2folder 8
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ROCKCARDS (series one) - 35 holographic packs inside box (no cards in packs), 1991 series 2box 2folder 9
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, STAR WARS movie photo cards & bubble gum - new Cantina scenes, 5th series, 1977 series 2box 2folder 10
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, THREE'S COMPANY stickers & bubble gum - original selling price: .20 per pack, 1978 series 2box 2folder 11
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, BATMAN cards, stickers, & bubble gum (New 2nd series) - original selling price: .45 per pack, 1989 series 2box 2folder 12
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS stickers & bubble gum - all new 11th series, 1987 series 2box 2folder 13
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS stickers & bubble gum - all new 15th series, 1988 series 2box 2folder 14
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, MENUDO photo cards & Bazooka bubble gum - original selling price: .5 per pack, undated series 2box 2folder 15
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, SPIDER-MAN II collector cards - 30th Anniversary, 1992 series 2box 2folder 16
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, STAR TREK official trading cards (Series II) - completes 25th anniversary collector set, 1991 series 2box 2folder 17
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION collector cards - Inaugural Edition, 1992 series 2box 2folder 18
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, TERMINATOR 2 JUDGMENT DAY official T2 cards - 12 movie cards, 1 offer card, 1991 series 2box 2folder 19
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, TERMINATOR 2 JUDGMENT DAY official T2 cards - 12 movie cards, 1 offer card, 1992 series 2box 2folder 20
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box Top, BEVERLY HILLS 90210 - photo cards & stickers (box top only - selling price: .60), undated series 2box 2folder 21
Flattened Happy Meal Boxes: 1 McDonald's GARFIELD Happy Meal box, 1989 series 2box 2folder 22
Flattened Happy Meal Boxes: 1 McDonald's MAC TONIGHT Happy Meal box, 1988 series 2box 2folder 23
Flattened Happy Meal Boxes: 1 McDonald's MICKEY'S BIRTHDAYLAND Happy Meal box, 1989 series 2box 2folder 24
Flattened Happy Meal Boxes: 1 McDonald's NEW FOOD CHANGEABLES Planet of Funny Faces Happy Meal box, 1988 series 2box 2folder 25
Flattened Happy Meal Boxes: 1 McDonald's NEW FOOD CHANGEABLES Planet of Roving Robots Happy Meal box, 1988 series 2box 2folder 26
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ALF cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 48 ct., 1987 series 2box 3folder 1
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ALF cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 2nd series, 48 ct., 1987 series 2box 3folder 2
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II movie cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 36 ct., 1989 series 2box 3folder 3
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, DINOSAURS ATTACK! cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 48 ct. packs,, 1988 series 2box 3folder 4
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, DINOSAURS ATTACK! cards, stickers, & bubble gum -(duplicate of above, but more damaged), 1988 series 2box 3folder 5
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, GROWING PAINS cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 36 ct., 1988 series 2box 3folder 6
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK super gloss photocards & stickers - 2nd series, 1990 series 2box 3folder 7
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES glossy movie cards & stickers - Topps brand, 36 ct., 1991 series 2box 3folder 8
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ROBOCOP 2 cards, stickers, & bubble gum - plus 1st movie scenes, 36 ct., 1990 series 2box 3folder 9
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, THE ROCKETEER super glossy movie cards & stickers - 36 ct., orig. selling price: .50 per pack, undated series 2box 3folder 10
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, THE SIMPSONS cards, stickers, & puzzles - 36 ct., original selling price: .50 per pack, 1990 series 2box 3folder 11
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 48 ct., 1989 series 2box 3folder 12
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES AWESOME 2nd SERIES cards, stickers, & bubble gum, 1990 series 2box 3folder 13
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie cards & stickers - orig. selling price: .50 per pack, 1990 series 2box 3folder 14
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II the secret of the ooze movie cards & stickers - 36 ct., original selling price: .50 per pack, 1991 series 2box 3folder 15
Assembled Boxes: 2 Boxes, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, 1989 series 2box 3folder 16
Damaged/Flattened Boxes, undated series 2box 3folder 17
1 Box, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER bubble gum & cards - (top torn off), undated series 2box 3folder 17item 1.0
1 Box, WELCOME BACK KOTTER picture card bubble gum - original selling price: .10 per pack (top torn off), undated series 2box 3folder 17item 2.0
Assembled Boxes: 2 Boxes, CHARLIE'S ANGELS picture cards & bubble gum - original cast photo, "all new series", 1977 series 2box 4folder 1
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, CHARLIE'S ANGELS picture cards & bubble gum - later cast photo (Farah Fawcett on box), damaged - top torn off,, undated series 2box 4folder 2
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND photo cards & bubble gum, Topps, 1978 series 2box 4folder 3
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, Elvis, 1978 series 2box 4folder 4
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, DICK TRACY super glossy movie cards & stickers - box has photos of the actors in their characters including Warren Beatty and Madonna as Dick Tracy and Breathless, respectively, undated series 2box 4folder 5
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, GREASE photo cards & bubble gum - drawing of John Travolta & Olivia Newton John, 1978 series 2box 4folder 6
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, JAMES BOND 007 MOONRAKER photo cards & bubble gum, Topps, 1979 series 2box 4folder 7
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, JAWS 2 movie photo cards & bubble gum - original selling price: .15 per pack, Topp, 1978 series 2box 4folder 8
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, KING KONG movie photo cards & bubble gum -original selling price: .10 per pack, Topps, 1976 series 2box 4folder 9
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, ROCKY II rematch movie photo cards & bubble gum - Topps, box bought for $5.10, 1979 series 2box 4folder 10
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, SPACE: 1999 bubble gum cards - 24 ct., orig. selling price: .10 per pack, 1976 series 2box 4folder 11
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, STARS WARS movie photo cards & bubble gum - 36 ct. "new series", 1977 series 2box 4folder 12
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, STARS WARS movie photo cards & bubble gum - 36 ct. "3rd series - extra sticker in every pack", 1977 series 2box 4folder 13
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, STARS WARS movie photo cards & bubble gum - 36 ct. "4th series - extra sticker in every pack", 1977 series 2box 4folder 14
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, SUPERMAN THE MOVIE photo cards & bubble gum - photo of Christopher Reeve, 1978 series 2box 4folder 15
Assembled Boxes: 1 Box, THE WIZARD OF OZ trading cards - featuring frames from the original 1939 film, 1990 series 2box 4folder 16
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - 48 packs, 6 color stickers per pack, 1984 series 2box 4folder 17
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, DICK TRACY super glossy movie cards & stickers - extra villain sticker inside, undated series 2box 4folder 18
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, DINOSAURS ATTACK cards, stickers, & bubble gum - 36 ct., box bought for $5.00, 1989 series 2box 4folder 19
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, The Soaps of ABC featuring ALL MY CHILDREN cardart - 36 StarPaks, 1991 series 2box 4folder 20
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, SUPER STARS MusiCards - 10 pop, rock & rap musicards per pack, 1991 series 2box 4folder 21
Flattened Boxes: 1 Box, SUPER STARS MusiCards Series II - 10 hot music stars and a gamepiece in each pack, 1991 series 2box 4folder 22
"Wanted: Guitar Boys", undated series 2box 5folder 1
Twist'n'Shout Trivia by the Week - A Record of Rock 'n' Roll in 52 weeks, 1996 calendar, 1995 series 2box 5folder 2
Ticket Stub for Beach Boys/Everly Brothers Concert July 28, 1991 series 2box 5folder 3
Thanks for the Memories Reader's Digest selection of music - the guide to it, 1978 series 2box 5folder 4
Rock & Roll Forever sticker, undated series 2box 5folder 5
I Love Rock & Roll sticker, undated series 2box 5folder 6
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum 1996 Calendar, 1995 series 2box 5folder 7
The 1985 Rock and Roll Calendar, 1984 series 2box 5folder 8
Music to Remember: 45 Classic Hits from the 50's and 60's - case, 1993 series 2box 5folder 9
Super Box of Rock II: 45 Fantastic Hits from the Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll, 1993 series 2box 5folder 10
Masters of Melody LP insert, 1964 series 2box 5folder 11
Among Your Souvenirs insert, undated series 2box 5folder 12
The Story of the Great Bands insert, undated series 2box 5folder 13
Music is the Medium for Communication: Disco Teach, 1971 series 2box 5folder 14
Folk Song and Minstrelsy, 1962 series 2box 5folder 15
New Releases inserts (6), ca. 1986 series 2box 5folder 16
Little Richard: The Specialty Sessions. Case and insert, 1989 series 2box 5folder 17

Series 3: Clippings/Scrapbooks, undated (23 linear feet)

This series contains popular music and culture clippings from newsprint and magazines, as well as scrapbooks and Top 40 lists. It has been divided into three subseries.

This series is in progress. The subseries contain many topics, including Advertisement, specific Artists, Music Related Topics, Criticism and Commentary, Local Music, and Obituaries, among others. Each box has a brief description of what is included, however, more detailed inventories can be requested through the Curator.

Subseries 3.1: Newsprint, undated (unknown)

This subseries contains clippings on various music topics.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Newspaper and magazine clippings, including Rockhouse News Flash, 1996-1998series 3.1box 1folder 1
Performers and Groups, Obituaries, festivals, all-time hits, 1957-1990series 3.1box 2folder 1
Topical Clippings, 1958-1997series 3.1box 3folder 1
Advertisements, Music Related Topics, Criticism, unknownseries 3.1box 4folder 1
Artists, Criticism, Technology, Reviews, unknownseries 3.1box 5folder 1
Pop Culture, American Culture Association Papers, Miscellaneous, various datesseries 3.1box 6folder 1
Artists, Criticism, Music Related Topics, unknownseries 3.1box 7folder 1
Rock 'n Roll, unknownseries 3.1box 8folder 1
Newspaper Articles, 1990-2000sseries 3.1box 9folder 1
Music Newspaper Clippings, Auction Pamphlets and other magazines, unknownseries 3.1box 10folder 1
Newspaper Clippings, unknownseries 3.1box 11folder 1
Newspaper Clippings, unknownseries 3.1box 12folder 1

Subseries 3.2: Magazine, undated (unknown)

This subseries contains clippings from miscellaneous magazines.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Magazine Clippings and articles, unknownseries 3.2box 13folder 1
Newspaper and Magazines Clippings, unknownseries 3.2box 14folder 1

Subseries 3.3: Scrapbooks and Top 40 Lists, undated (unknown)

This subseries includes chart listings, play lists, and Top chart lists.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Music folders: tops song lists- newspaper and magazine clippings and flyers, 1950-1996, undatedseries 3.3box 15folder 1
Songs of the 1940s Binders: Part 1 A-H, Part 2 I-N, Part 3 O-Z, unknownseries 3.3box 16folder 1
Top 40 Lists, 1940-1990, undatedseries 3.3box 17folder 1
Songs of the 1950's Binders: Part 1 A-H, Part 2 I-N, Part 3 O-Z, unknownseries 3.3box 18folder 1
Radio Station and Record Store Play Lists, 1955-1967series 3.3box 19folder 1
Washington Star Teen Section Biographies, other Top Hit Lists, unknownseries 3.3box 20folder 1

Series 4: Magazines, 1969-1996, undated (45.50 linear feet)

This series contains magazines including runs from Rolling Stone, Pulse, Discoveries, and Goldmine, as well as many other titles. Many magazines are duplicated. It has been divided into five subseries.

Subseries 4.1: Rolling Stone, 1969-1991 (14 linear feet)

This subseries includes Rolling Stone magazines from 1969 to 1991 (issues 27-599). This subseries does not contain a full run; to view the box inventory, please contact the Curator.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 27-49 -- except 31 and 36, 1969series 4.1box 1folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 50-70, 1970series 4.1box 2folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 71-87 -- except 77, 1970-1971series 4.1box 3folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 88-102, 1971-1972series 4.1box 4folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 103-117, 1972series 4.1box 5folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 118-135, 1972-1973series 4.1box 6folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 136-152, 1973-1974series 4.1box 7folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 153-161, 1974series 4.1box 8folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 162-173, 1974series 4.1box 9folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 174-182, 1974-1975series 4.1box 10folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 183-188, 1975series 4.1box 11folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 189-195, 1975series 4.1box 12folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 196-200, 1975series 4.1box 13folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 201-207, 1975-1976series 4.1box 14folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 208-213, 1976series 4.1box 15folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 214-221, 1976series 4.1box 16folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 222-229, 1976series 4.1box 17folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 230-240, 1977series 4.1box 18folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 241-249, 1977series 4.1box 19folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 250-255, 1977series 4.1box 20folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 256-264, 1978series 4.1box 21folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 265-273, 1978series 4.1box 22folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 274-282, 1978-1979series 4.1box 23folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 283-291, 1979series 4.1box 24folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 292-302, 1979series 4.1box 25folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 303-312, 1979-1980series 4.1box 26folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 313-322, 1980series 4.1box 27folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 323-332, 1980series 4.1box 28folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 333-415 -- except 346 and 387-414, 1980-1984series 4.1box 29folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Numbers 421-540 -- except 423-442, 444, 447, 450, 452, 453, 455-458, 468, 471-492, 494, 503-507, 509, 511-512, 515, 516, 1984-1988series 4.1box 30folder 1
Rolling Stone Magazine - Number 541-599 -- except 543-44, 570-73, 1988-1991series 4.1box 31folder 1

Subseries 4.2: Pulse, 1986-1996 (4.50 linear feet)

This subseries contains issues of Pulse magazine from 1986 to 1996. Listings switch from Volume/Number to Issue Number in 1993.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Pulse Magazine - 27 issues, 1987-1989series 4.2box 32folder 1
Pulse Magazine - 30 issues, 1989-1991series 4.2box 33folder 1
Pulse Magazine - 17 issues (2 or 3 copies of many), 1991-1994series 4.2box 34folder 1
Pulse Magazine - 24 issues (2 or 3 copies of many), 1994-1996series 4.2box 35folder 1

Subseries 4.3: Discoveries, 1988-1996 (3.50 linear feet)

This subseries contains issues of Discoveries magazine from 1988-1996 (Volume 1 Number 1 to Volume 6 Number 100). To view the box inventory, please contact the Curator.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Volume 1 Numbers 1-7, 1988series 4.3box 36folder 1
Volume 2 Numbers 1-12, 1989series 4.3box 36folder 2
Volume 3 Numbers 1-12, 1990series 4.3box 36folder 3
Volume 4 Numbers 1-12, 1991series 4.3box 37folder 1
Volume 5 Numbers 1-12, 1992series 4.3box 37folder 2
Issues 56-67, 1993series 4.3box 37folder 3
Issues 68-79, 1994series 4.3box 38folder 1
Issues 80-91, 1995series 4.3box 38folder 2
Issues 92-100, 1996series 4.3box 38folder 3

Subseries 4.4: Goldmine, 1979-1996 (12.50 linear feet)

This subseries contains issues of Goldmine magazine from 1979 to 1996 (Issues 27 through 421. This subseries does not contain a full run; to view the box inventory, please contact the Curator.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Goldmine - Issues 27-65 except Issue 28, 1979-1981series 4.4box 39folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 66-90, 1981-1984series 4.4box 40folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 91-142, 1984-1986series 4.4box 41folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 143-195, 1986-1988series 4.4box 42folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 196-245, 1988-1989series 4.4box 43folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 246-283, 1990-1991series 4.4box 44folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 284-317, 1991-1992series 4.4box 45folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 318-345 except 340, 1992-1993series 4.4box 46folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 346-372, 1993-1994series 4.4box 47folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 373-400, 1994series 4.4box 48folder 1
Goldmine - Issues 401-421 two different issues 411, no issue 412, 1995-1996series 4.4box 49folder 1
Goldmine Press Kit, undatedseries 4.4box 49folder 2
Goldmine Bookshelf Catalogs, 1981-1984series 4.4box 49folder 3

Subseries 4.5: Other Titles, 1969-1996, undated (11.50 linear feet)

This subseries contains magazines from miscellaneous magazines.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Artrock - Numbers 9, undatedseries 4.5box 50folder 1
Beat - Numbers 7 and 16, 1986series 4.5box 50folder 2
Beats - Volume 3 Issue 9, 1989series 4.5box 50folder 3
Billboards select issues, 1975-1989series 4.5box 50folder 4
Circus, 1983series 4.5box 50folder 5
Concert Magazine Vol. 2 No. 2 and 4, 1973series 4.5box 50folder 6
Concertkrant Vor Nederland, 1991series 4.5box 50folder 7
Contemporary Music, 1974series 4.5box 50folder 8
Crawdaddy - Issues 21 and 22, 1969, 1977series 4.5box 50folder 9
The EntertainAir, 1994series 4.5box 50folder 10
Gig, 1985series 4.5box 50folder 11
Guitar Player, 1989series 4.5box 50folder 12
Harmonies, 1989series 4.5box 50folder 13
The History of Rock - Issues 10, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20-25, 27, 28, 76, 96, 117, undatedseries 4.5box 50folder 14
Hit Parader, 1971, 1972series 4.5box 50folder 15
Hit Zone (2 issues), 1990-1991series 4.5box 50folder 16
Hitkrant (4 issues), 1983-1986series 4.5box 50folder 17
Imagine, 1979series 4.5box 50folder 18
Juke Blues, winter 1986/1987, 1991series 4.5box 50folder 19
Listen! Cool Music Inside, 1991series 4.5box 50folder 20
Living Blues, 1983, 1987series 4.5box 50folder 21
Music Express - Issues 126, 127, 131, 136, 1988-1989series 4.5box 50folder 22
Music Life, 1979series 4.5box 50folder 23
Music Live: Das Concert Magazin, December 1988/January 1989series 4.5box 50folder 24
Musical - No. 5, 1981series 4.5box 50folder 25
Muziek Parade, undatedseries 4.5box 50folder 26
Musik Express Sounds, 1978-1988series 4.5box 50folder 27
Network, 1987series 4.5box 50folder 28
Northwest Airlines World Traveler, June 1996series 4.5box 50folder 29
The New York Review of Records - Vol. 3 No. 1, undatedseries 4.5box 50folder 30
Nutshell Fall, 1983series 4.5box 50folder 31
Offbeat February, 1994series 4.5box 50folder 32
Option, 1988series 4.5box 50folder 33
Overseas Life -Numbers 3, 8, 1980series 4.5box 50folder 34
Personics, 1990series 4.5box 50folder 35
Philadelphia Scan - Vol. 6 No. 2, 1988series 4.5box 50folder 36
Philly Rock Guide (10 issues), 1991-1993series 4.5box 50folder 37
PopFoto - Number 2, 1984series 4.5box 50folder 38
Popcorn, 1992series 4.5box 50folder 39
Premiere, 1991series 4.5box 50folder 40
Record World, 6/1979; 4/26/80- 7/12/80 except 6/14 and 6/28 (11 issues), 1979-1980series 4.5box 50folder 41
Relix - Vol. 8 No. 3 (11 issues), 1981series 4.5box 50folder 42
Request (20 issues), 1989-1994, 1995series 4.5box 50folder 43
Song hits of the Super 70s vol. 2 no. 4, November 1975series 4.5box 50folder 44
16 Magazine-Vol. 7, 1966series 4.5box 51folder 1
Flip Teen Magazine (3 issues), 1971-1972series 4.5box 51folder 2
Hard Rock Comics- Issues 3 and 4, 1992series 4.5box 51folder 3
Journal of Popular Culture- Vol. 17 No. 2, Vol. 22 and 23 No. 1-4, 1983, 1988-1990series 4.5box 51folder 4
Partridge family Song Special, Winter 1971series 4.5box 51folder 5
One unknown (either 16 or SPEC), undatedseries 4.5box 51folder 6
Popular Music- Vol. 6 No. 1, 1987series 4.5box 51folder 7
Popular Music and Society - Various Issues, various datesseries 4.5box 51folder 8
Revu, 1990series 4.5box 51folder 9
Rhythms- Vol. 1 No. 2, 1991series 4.5box 51folder 10
Rock 'n' Roll Comics- Issues 1-7, 10, 11, 14, 19, 21, 22, 25, 29, 31, 34, 35, 45-47, 51, 1989-1992series 4.5box 51folder 11
Rock 'n' Roll Comics- Issues 1-7, 10, 11, 14, 19, 21, 22, 25, 29, 31, 34, 35, 45-47, 51, 1987series 4.5box 51folder 12
Rockpile (5 issues), 1995-1996series 4.5box 51folder 13
Saturday Review, 1978series 4.5box 51folder 14
Sh-Boom, 1990series 4.5box 51folder 15
SPEC- No. 33 and 40, 1971-1972series 4.5box 51folder 16
Song Hits Collector's Edition, 1972-1973series 4.5box 51folder 17
Sound (5 copies), 1974-1976series 4.5box 51folder 18
Tiger Beat (6 issues), 1971-1972series 4.5box 51folder 19
TOP (5 issues), 1988-1995series 4.5box 51folder 20
Wallpaper - Volume 1 Issue 1, 1994series 4.5box 51folder 21
Washington Rock Concert Magazine, 1979series 4.5box 51folder 22
WOM, 1988-1990, 1994, 1996series 4.5box 51folder 23
98 Rock Street Sheet- Vol. 4 No. 1, 1985series 4.5box 52folder 1
Alligator- Vol. 6 No. 10, 1985series 4.5box 52folder 2
Ampersand- various issues, 1978-1984series 4.5box 52folder 3
Argus Magazine (2 issues), 1976, 1979series 4.5box 52folder 4
Audio Cafe, 1982series 4.5box 52folder 5
Backstage Pass, 1978series 4.5box 52folder 6
Baltimore-Washington Phonograph Issues 76, 77, 1977series 4.5box 52folder 7
BAM, various datesseries 4.5box 52folder 8
Big Shout Magazine- Vol. 2 No.12, 1991series 4.5box 52folder 9
Billboard, 1971series 4.5box 52folder 10
Blow Yer Mind!- February, 1986series 4.5box 52folder 11
Country Plus- Vol.1 No. 1, 1986series 4.5box 52folder 12
The Choice Magazine, 1985-1986series 4.5box 52folder 13
Fine Times Magazine - Vol. 8 No. 4, 1986series 4.5box 52folder 14
Go - No. 67, 74-77, 79, 89, 105, 109, 112-114, 116-122, 130, 131, 133, 147-151, 154, 155, 157, 158, 161, 162, 164-168, 170, 174, 178, 179, 181-185, 187-190, 1967-1969series 4.5box 52folder 15
It's Hip!- 3 issues, 1989-1990series 4.5box 52folder 16
Jamm - Issues 1, 2, 4,5, 6, 1985-1987series 4.5box 52folder 17
Like A Rolling Stone -- Issue 1, 1985series 4.5box 52folder 18
Look - Vol. 35 No. 14, 1971series 4.5box 52folder 19
Maryland Musician - Vol. 3 No. 8, 1986series 4.5box 52folder 20
NOW- Vol 5 No. 13, 1985series 4.5box 52folder 21
The Philadelphia Phonograph- Vol. 6 Issue 6, 8, 10 and Issues 67, 71, 73 1976, undatedseries 4.5box 52folder 22
The Record- No. 6, 1979series 4.5box 52folder 23
The Splatter Effect- Vol. 2 No. 29, 1991series 4.5box 52folder 24
Billboard -- including Vol. 99, No. 52 and Vol. 101 No. 51 1989, 1975-76, 1978, 1987, 1989series 4.5box 53folder 1
Rock 'n' Roll Movie Posters, 1979series 4.5box 53folder 2
The Wall Paper -- Vol. 4, Issue 4, c. April 1996series 4.5box 53folder 3
[incomplete, unidentified publication] -- pp. 45-64series 4.5box 53folder 4
Action World -- Vol. 1, No. 9, 1970series 4.5box 54folder 1
Air Play -- Vol. 3, No. 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 1986series 4.5box 54folder 2
De Nationale Hitparade -- No. 34, 1976series 4.5box 54folder 3
Melody Maker, 1973series 4.5box 54folder 4
Metropolitan Report -- Vol. 3021, 1984series 4.5box 54folder 5
The Music Gig, 1976series 4.5box 54folder 6
Music on Tape -- No. 5, 1973series 4.5box 54folder 7
Music Biz -- Vol. 1 No. 7, 1990series 4.5box 54folder 8
Music World -- No. 56, 69, 79 and 80, 1979-1980series 4.5box 54folder 9
Musiek Blad, undatedseries 4.5box 54folder 10
New Musical Express, 1973, 1980series 4.5box 54folder 11
Paris Match, July 1984series 4.5box 54folder 12
The Planet -- Vol. 8, No. 45, 1977series 4.5box 54folder 13
Popular Folk Music Today -- Vol. 4, No. 3 and Vol. 5, No. 1, 1990-1991series 4.5box 54folder 14
Rock, 1972series 4.5box 54folder 15
Rock Around the World -- Issue 10, 1977series 4.5box 54folder 16
Rockin and Rollin, 1986series 4.5box 54folder 17
Rhythm and News -- Vol. 3, No. 12, 1987series 4.5box 54folder 18
Scene -- Vol. 7, No. 40, 1976series 4.5box 54folder 19
Sound Advice, 1977series 4.5box 54folder 20
Sound Off, 1987series 4.5box 54folder 21
Sounds, 1985series 4.5box 54folder 22
Sounds Fine -- No. 12, 1986series 4.5box 54folder 23
1981: Washington's Alternative Newspaper -- Nos. 11 and 16, 1981series 4.5box 55folder 1
The Hillsborough/Somerville Bulletin -- Vol. 2, No 2, 1986series 4.5box 55folder 2
The New York Review -- Vol. 24, No. 1, 1977series 4.5box 55folder 3
Recreation News -- Vol. 3 No. 10, 1985series 4.5box 55folder 4
SSAM -- No. 28, 1981series 4.5box 55folder 5
Unicorn Times -- 23 issues, 1976-1985series 4.5box 55folder 6
Washington City Paper -- Vol. 8, No. 37 and Vol. 10. No. 32, 1986, 1988series 4.5box 55folder 7
The Washington Star -- TV 11/79, Portfolio 7/77, Calendar 5/76 (2 issues), 1976-1979series 4.5box 55folder 8
Weekend with Newsday, September 1970series 4.5box 55folder 9
Woodwind -- Vol. 3, 1972series 4.5box 55folder 10
The World of Folk and Country -- Vol. 4, No. 10, 1972series 4.5box 55folder 11
LI Newday's Magazine for Long Island, November 1978series 4.5box 55folder 12
Dial, 1987series 4.5box 56folder 1
Ebony, 1984, 1985series 4.5box 56folder 2
Entertainment Weekly -- Nos. 39 and 794, 1990, 2004series 4.5box 56folder 3
Jet -- Feb 4, 1985; Feb 11, 1985; Feb 25, 1985; April 1, 1985; April 8, 1985, 1985series 4.5box 56folder 4
Moviegoer -- January and February (2 issues), 1984series 4.5box 56folder 5
Movie Max, July 2004series 4.5box 56folder 6
Newsweek -- 1/71, 1/74, 10/74, 10/75, 5/76, 11/76, 12/76 (2 copies), 7/78, 2/79, 8/79, Spring 1983, 1/84, 7/84, 3/85 (3 copies) 8/85 (2 copies), 8/85, 2/86, Summer '86, 3/87, 8/87, 11/87 (2 copies), 4/89, 8/90, Covers: 11/80, 9/80, 11/80, 12/80, 2/83, Fall/90, 1971-1984series 4.5box 56folder 7
Newsweek On Campus -- 9/82 and 11/82, 1982series 4.5box 56folder 8
Off Duty, 1981series 4.5box 56folder 9
People -- 1/77, 5/84, 7/84, 9/84, 9/84, 11/84, 2/85, 5/85, 7/85, 7/85, 9/85, 9/85, 7/87, 3/89, 7/92, 1977, 1984-1985, 1987, 1992series 4.5box 56folder 10
The Saturday Evening Post, 1980series 4.5box 56folder 11
Time -- 3/71 (clipping), 3/72 (2 copies), 2/73 (2 copies), 5/74, 12/74, 7/75, 10/75, 5/76, 2/77, 4/78 (2 copies), 12/79 (2 copies), 8/80, 12/80, 7/83, 3/84, 5/85, 2/86, 10/86, 3/87, 4/87, 9/89, 11/89, 5/90,8/90, 3/92, 4/92, 8/92, 9/92 (cover), 11/92, 1971-1980, 1983-1987, 1989-1990, 1992series 4.5box 56folder 12
US, 1984series 4.5box 56folder 13
YM, 1991series 4.5box 56folder 14
Kicks -- Issues #3 - #6, undatedseries 4.5box 57folder 1
Now Dig This -- Issues #10, 27, 42, 57-59, 63, 76-77, 129-130, 132, undatedseries 4.5box 57folder 2
Record Exchanger -- #5 - #31 (9 issues), undatedseries 4.5box 57folder 3
Record Profile Magazine (11 issues) -- August 1983 - October/November 1985 (11 issues), 1983-1985series 4.5box 57folder 4
Sailor's Delight -- Issues #4, 6-8, 10, undatedseries 4.5box 57folder 5
Time Barrier Express -- January/February 1977, July/August 1977, 1977series 4.5box 57folder 6
Washingtonian, February 2003series 4.5box 57folder 7
Remember Then, December 1974series 4.5box 57folder 8
Rounder Roundup -- No. 1, 1995series 4.5box 57folder 9
Down Home Music catalog, 1989series 4.5box 57folder 10
Paul Simon: Now and Then supplement, January 1976series 4.5box 57folder 11
The Music Bookshelf -- No. 4 (1984) and No. 1 (1985), 1984, 1985series 4.5box 58folder 1
Rare Records Unlimited catalogue -- No. 72, Catalogue Nos.79-101 (28 copies), undatedseries 4.5box 58folder 2
Record Auction Monthly -- Nos. 1,2,4, and 5, July-November 1984series 4.5box 58folder 3
Record Roundup -- No. 45 - No. 88 (50 copies), undatedseries 4.5box 58folder 4
Primitive CD packaging: The Best of The Flying Burrito Brothers - Farther Along, undatedseries 4.5box 58folder 5
The Philadelphia Phonograph -- March 1974-May 1974, August 1974 - July 1975 (except October 1974), September 1975 - December 1975, January 1976, March 1976, May-June 1976, August 1976 - September 1976, November 1976-December 1976, 1974-1976series 4.5box 58folder 6
American Heritage -- "Seeking the Greatest Bluesman", July/August 1991series 4.5box 59folder 1
Bim Bam Boom -- Vol. 1, Issue 1, Aug-Sept 1971; Vol. 1, Issues 3, 6, 7, 8; Vol. 2, No. 3, Issues 9, 11; Vol. 2, No. 4, Issue 10; Vol. 2, No. 6, Issue 12; Vol. 3, No. 1, Issue 13;, 1971, undatedseries 4.5box 59folder 2
Bobby Fuller: Never to be Forgotten, 1983series 4.5box 59folder 3
Broadside Magazine -- Issue 147- Phil Ochs, December 1983series 4.5box 59folder 4
Celebrity Yearbook, 1977series 4.5box 59folder 5
Charts, 2001-2002series 4.5box 59folder 6
Country America, October 1992series 4.5box 59folder 7
Dave Clark and the Fabulous Five, 1964series 4.5box 59folder 8
Dave Clark 5 Collector's Edition -- Vol.1, No.1, 1964series 4.5box 59folder 9
Fabian: Boy of Mystery!, 1959series 4.5box 59folder 10
Hootenanny National Folk Singing Magazine -- Vol. 1, No. 1, 1963series 4.5box 59folder 11
Hootenanny Songs and Stars Collector's Edition -- Number 1, undatedseries 4.5box 59folder 12
The Infinity Gauntlet -- magazine insert, 1991series 4.5box 59folder 13
Kicks -- Issue 7, 1992series 4.5box 59folder 14
Life -- 18 issues, March 14, 1969 - July 1985series 4.5box 59folder 15
Like a Rolling Stone, Summer 1985series 4.5box 59folder 16
Meet the Rolling Stones -- Vol. 1, Issue 1, 1964series 4.5box 59folder 17
Now Dig This -- Issue 76 and Issue 81, July 1989, December 1989series 4.5box 59folder 18
The Original Beatles Book, 1964series 4.5box 59folder 19
Philately -- No. 1, April 1983; No. 2, December 1983; No. 3, Spring 1984; No. 5, Spring 1985, 1983-1985series 4.5box 59folder 20
Photoplay -- Vol. 53, Issue 5, undatedseries 4.5box 59folder 21
Pulse! 1990 Country Report, 1990series 4.5box 59folder 23
Rock 'n' Roll Magazines, undatedseries 4.5box 59folder 24
Songster Magazine: The Dave Clark Five, -- Vol.1, No.1, 1964series 4.5box 59folder 25
Song Hits, August 1963, July 1966series 4.5box 59folder 26
Star Special -- Number 11 - Meet Jet and Tonyseries 4.5box 59folder 27
Time -- May 25, 1998; Fall 2001, September 11, 2001, October 1, 2001, December 10, 2001(2 copies); March 2, 2002; August 5, 2002; August 29, 2005, 1998, 2001-2002, 2005series 4.5box 59folder 28
TV Star Parade, August 1958series 4.5box 59folder 29
The History of Rock -- Vol. 3, Issue 26, undatedseries 4.5box 59folder 30
U.S. News and World Report -- April 22, 1985, October 28, 1985, February 10, 1986, July 8-15, 2002. "American's Music From Yankee Doodle to Hip-Hop", 1985-1986, 2002series 4.5box 59folder 31
15 Top Hits. Miller Music Corp, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 1
Amazing Spider Man, 1991series 4.5box 60folder 2
American Film, February 1978series 4.5box 60folder 3
American Humor -- VII, No. 2, Fall 1975series 4.5box 60folder 4
Archie's Joke Book -- No. 159, April 1971series 4.5box 60folder 5
Archie -- Issue 208, April 1971series 4.5box 60folder 6
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Senior Citizen Version) - lyrics, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 7
Bonanza -- No. 1, 1985series 4.5box 60folder 8
Baseball Digest, February 1993series 4.5box 60folder 9
Charts -- No. 50 and 51/52, December 2002series 4.5box 60folder 10
Continental Profiles, May 1990series 4.5box 60folder 11
Daedalus Music, Fall 2003series 4.5box 60folder 12
Disney, January 1976series 4.5box 60folder 13
Dynamite -- No. 152series 4.5box 60folder 14
Esquire -- Two issues, January 1977/January 1982series 4.5box 60folder 15
Familiar Songs To Play On The Hammond Organseries 4.5box 60folder 16
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, 1976series 4.5box 60folder 17
Fave!, October 1971series 4.5box 60folder 18
Films Incorporated, 1983/1984series 4.5box 60folder 19
Free Charts, January 2003 - July 2008series 4.5box 60folder 20
Goldmine -- No. 32-29, 1979series 4.5box 60folder 21
Honey Westseries 4.5box 60folder 22
Jazz Heritage Society, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 23
Kastlemusik Monthly Bulletin -- Vol. 4, No. 3, No. 6, 1979series 4.5box 60folder 24
Mad Special, Fall 1970, 1980series 4.5box 60folder 25
McCall's, October 1977series 4.5box 60folder 26
McKeever and the Colonel, 1962series 4.5box 60folder 27
Mega Records and CD Fair catalogue, November, year not providedseries 4.5box 60folder 28
Mother Jones -- Premier issue, February/March 1976series 4.5box 60folder 29
Ms., July 1973series 4.5box 60folder 30
National Enquirer, September 1989series 4.5box 60folder 31
Panorama -- No. 52, 19-27, December 2001series 4.5box 60folder 32
Playboy Philosophy -- Parts 1-4series 4.5box 60folder 33
Pointer System For Wurlitzer Organ, Book 1series 4.5box 60folder 34
Pointer System For Wurlitzer Organ, Book 2series 4.5box 60folder 35
Punk -- Vol. 1, No. 12, 1978series 4.5box 60folder 36
Record Store, December 2009/January 2010series 4.5box 60folder 37
Rhythm Backgrounds, Music Minus Oneseries 4.5box 60folder 38
Serenade, Holiday 2003, Christmas 2003, Winter 2004series 4.5box 60folder 39
Sheet Music, October 1979, April/May 1980, October 1984, December 1984, January 1985series 4.5box 60folder 40
Sports Illustrated, August 1979, October 1983, February 1989series 4.5box 60folder 41
Star, August 1985series 4.5box 60folder 42
Stars and Stripes -- Vol. 33, No. 114, August 1974series 4.5box 60folder 43
Superteen, March 1983series 4.5box 60folder 44
Teen Stars Fax and Pix -- No. 4, 1981series 4.5box 60folder 45
Time Life Music Catalog, Spring 2003, Summer 2003series 4.5box 60folder 46
Time Life - Our Song, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 47
Time Life - The Swing Era, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 48
Tonight's The Night - program Victoria Palace Theatre, Autumn 2003series 4.5box 60folder 49
Top Teen, October 1971series 4.5box 60folder 50
True Blue Music, Spring 2003series 4.5box 60folder 51
Twilight Zone, November 1965series 4.5box 60folder 52
TV Star Annual -- No. 18, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 53
TV Weekeinde, 2002/2003series 4.5box 60folder 54
Video Collection, September 2003series 4.5box 60folder 55
Woodies, 1986series 4.5box 60folder 56
Yestermusic - Holiday issue and Undated catalogues, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 57
Chord -- Issue 21, 1984series 4.5box 60folder 58
The Folk Era Today! -- Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1988series 4.5box 60folder 59
Popular Culture Methods -- (includes annotated bibliography by Hugo Keesing), undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 60
Rockin' In The Fourth Estate -- No. 2, Spring 1979series 4.5box 60folder 61
Salem Soundwaves -- Issue 2, 1989series 4.5box 60folder 62
Sub Wars: Submarine Movies -- micro-mag by Bill Knight, 1983series 4.5box 60folder 63
Who Put The Bomp!, Spring 1976series 4.5box 60folder 64
You've Got A Right To Rock: Don't Let Them Take It Away, 1990series 4.5box 60folder 65
Your Wonderful World Of Records: How Records Are Made, undatedseries 4.5box 60folder 66

Series 5: Personal, 1919-1958, 1971-1997, undated (14.00 linear feet)

This series includes classwork, recordings of classes, research, books with marginalia, and index cards of the KMA books. It has been divided into five subseries.

Subseries 5.1: Classwork, 1976-1990 (1.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes syllabi for Hugo Keesing's American Studies courses, 1979 to 1990.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1976series 5.1box 1folder 1
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1976series 5.1box 1folder 2
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1977series 5.1box 1folder 3
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1977series 5.1box 1folder 4
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1978series 5.1box 1folder 5
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1978series 5.1box 1folder 6
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1979series 5.1box 1folder 7
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1980series 5.1box 1folder 8
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1981series 5.1box 1folder 9
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1981series 5.1box 1folder 10
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1982series 5.1box 1folder 11
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1982series 5.1box 1folder 12
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1983series 5.1box 1folder 13
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1983series 5.1box 1folder 14
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1984series 5.1box 1folder 15
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1984series 5.1box 1folder 16
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1985series 5.1box 1folder 17
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1985series 5.1box 1folder 18
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1986series 5.1box 1folder 19
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1988series 5.1box 1folder 20
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Fall, 1989series 5.1box 1folder 21
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1989series 5.1box 1folder 22
American Studies (AMST 298A) Syllabi: Spring, 1990series 5.1box 1folder 23
Slides- "Hit Clippings", undatedseries 5.1box 1folder 24
Slides- "Doubles", undatedseries 5.1box 1folder 25

Subseries 5.2: Recordings of Classes, 1979-1990 (8.5 linear feet)

This subseries includes recordings of Hugo Keesing's American Studies courses, as well as recordings used in the courses.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)- Fall #1-14 except #11, 1979series 5.2box 2folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall #1-14, 1980series 5.2box 2folder 2
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall #1-5,8,10-14, 1981series 5.2box 2folder 3
Tapes- "The Beatles: The Days in Their Life" # 1-10, undatedseries 5.2box 2folder 4
Tapes- "The Beatles: The Days in Their Life" #11-20, undatedseries 5.2box 2folder 5
Tapes- Elvis 1-3 and 8/16/77, Beatles, Beatles White Album (2 copies), Lennon Interviews, Assassination of John Lennon: It's Cultural Impact, undatedseries 5.2box 2folder 6
1984 tapes 1-7 and Jackie Cook- El Paso, Motown, Eve of Rest-Sugar Sugar, undatedseries 5.2box 2folder 7
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-15, 1982series 5.2box 3folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1982series 5.2box 3folder 2
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1983series 5.2box 4folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-14, 1983series 5.2box 4folder 2
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1984series 5.2box 5folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-8, 12-15, 1984series 5.2box 5folder 2
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-15, 1985series 5.2box 6folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1985series 5.2box 6folder 2
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-14, 1986series 5.2box 7folder 1
Reel to Reel-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring Reel to reel 1-8, cassette tape 7, 9-14, 1987series 5.2box 7folder 2
Mixed Cassette Tapes - See Curator for full listing., various datesseries 5.2box 7folder 3
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1987series 5.2box 8folder 1
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Fall tapes 1-14, 1988series 5.2box 8folder 2
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tape 1, 1988series 5.2box 8folder 3
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)- Fall tapes 1-14, 1989series 5.2box 8folder 4
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)- Spring tapes 1-14, 1989series 5.2box 8folder 5
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)-Spring tapes 1-16, 1990series 5.2box 8folder 6
Tapes-American Studies (AMST 298A)- tapes 1-9, undatedseries 5.2box 8folder 7
Mixed Cassette Tapes - See Curator for full listing., various datesseries 5.2box 8folder 8

Subseries 5.3: Research, 1919, 1958, 1971-1993, undated (3.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes writings and research of Hugo Keesing, as well as research of Wouter Keesing.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
American Forces Network Address and other information, 1973-1974, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 1
Keesing Subject Files: Adam and the Ants - Student Essay including 2 pictures, 1981series 5.3box 9folder 2
Keesing Subject Files: Blondie, 1978-1979, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 3
Keesing Subject Files: 'Twixt Twelve and Twenty by Pat Boone, 1958series 5.3box 9folder 4
Keesing Subject Files: Bowie, David, 1985, 1987series 5.3box 9folder 5
"Alias David Bowie: A Biography" by Peter and Leni Gillman (reviews) publication date, 1987series 5.3box 9folder 5item 1.0
Bowie by Jerry Hopkins, uncorrected book proof, 1985series 5.3box 9folder 5item 2.0
The Original Guckert's Chords for the Guitar At Sight without Notes or Teacher, 1919series 5.3box 9folder 6
Keesing Subject Files: The Carpenters - Carpenters: The Singles 1969-1973, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 7
Keesing Subject Files: Katrina and the Waves, Photographs and reviews about their debut album, 1985series 5.3box 9folder 8
Keesing Subject Files: Kiss - Kiss Alive: Spring Catalog, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 9
Keesing Subject Files: Lead Belly - "Take this Hammer" by Alan Lomax with song lyrics, 1950series 5.3box 9folder 10
Keesing Subject Files: Lombardo, Guy - Guy Lombardo's Photo Scrap Book, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 11
Keesing Subject Files: New Kids On the Block - NKOTB Harvey Rockomics 14 issues, 1990-1991series 5.3box 9folder 12
Keesing Subject Files: Newton, Juice - Juice on the Loose- World Tour, 1982series 5.3box 9folder 13
Keesing Subject Files: The Police, 1983series 5.3box 9folder 14
Keesing Subject Files: Ray, Johnnie, 1990, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 15
Keesing Subject Files: Richard, Cliff: Cover of The Wonderful World of Cliff Richard by Bob Ferrier, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 16
Keesing Subject Files: "Why the FCC Can't Muzzle Howard Stern" by Paul Farhi; The Washington Post Magazine, 1995series 5.3box 9folder 17
Keesing Subject Files: Summer, Donna- 1979 Calendar, 1978series 5.3box 9folder 18
Keesing Subject Files: Yes - Photograph book, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 19
Content of Music and the Lyrics of Records. September 19, 1985. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation United States Senate. 99-529. (2 copies), 1985series 5.3box 9folder 20
Independent Regulatory Commissions. January 3, 1961. Report of the Special Subcommittee on Legislative Oversight of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. 2238., 1961series 5.3box 9folder 21
Investigation of Regulatory Commission and Agencies. February 9, 1960. Interim Report of this Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. 1258, 1960series 5.3box 9folder 22
Notice of Pendency of Class Action, of Proposed Settlement, and of Hearing on Proposed Settlement; and Claim Form against Rob Pilatus. Circa, 1991series 5.3box 9folder 23
Responsibilities of Broadcasting Licensees and Station Personnel. February-March 1990. Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. House of Representatives. Payola Hearings Volumes 1 and 2, 1960series 5.3box 9folder 24
Academic papers written by Keesing or sent to Keesing, 1971-1993, undatedseries 5.3box 9folder 25
Keesing Subject Files: Book of Lists - Book of Lists 2: Greatest Rock Albums of All Time 1-20, 1980series 5.3box 10folder 1
Keesing Subject Files: Allman, Duane - Duane Allman: an Anthology, 1972series 5.3box 10folder 2
Keesing Subject Files: Charles, Ray - Record insert, undatedseries 5.3box 10folder 3
Keesing Subject Files: Cheap Trick - Record insert with Photographs and Japanese Writing, undatedseries 5.3box 10folder 4
Keesing Subject Files: Chicago - Chicago World Tour; Record insert of photographs, 1971, 1977series 5.3box 10folder 5
Keesing Subject Files: Dylan, Bob - Bob Dylan Biography, 1985series 5.3box 10folder 6
Keesing Subject Files: Jethro Tull - Living in the Past, undatedseries 5.3box 10folder 7
Keesing Subject Files: Kingston Corner - Kingston Korner Katalog Fall/Winter, 1986-1987series 5.3box 10folder 8
Keesing Subject Files: McCartney, Mike - The Macs: Mike McCartney's Family Album cover page, 1981series 5.3box 10folder 9
Keesing Subject Files: Osbourne, Ozzy - Bark at the Moon World Tour, 1984series 5.3box 10folder 10
Keesing Subject Files: Pitney, Gene - The Gene Pitney Show, undatedseries 5.3box 10folder 11
Keesing Subject Files: Wonder, Stevie - Songs in the Key of Life, 1976series 5.3box 10folder 12
Keesing Subject Files: Authors Note/ Lou Reed - A Fan Remembers, undatedseries 5.3box 10folder 13

Subseries 5.4: Books with marginalia/autographs/inscriptions, 1976-1997 (1.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes books that have autographs by the author or subject of the book, or inscriptions to either Keesing brother.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Crow, Bill. Jazz Anecdotes. Oxford University Press: New York, 1990series 5.4box 11folder 1
Edwards, Joseph. Top 10's and Trivia of Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues 1950-1980. Blueberry Hill Publishing Co.: St. Louis, MO: 1981; Inscribed to Keesing 12-13-86., 1981series 5.4box 11folder 2
Shore, Michael with Dick Clark. The History of American Bandstand. Ballantine Books: New York: 1985. Signed by Dick Clark and Bobby Rydell., 1985series 5.4box 11folder 3
Krebs, Gary M. The Rock and Roll Reader's Guide. Billboard Books, An imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications: New York: 1997. Gift from Dave Tucker 10-8-99., 1997series 5.4box 11folder 4
O'Shea, Shad. Just for the...Record. Positive Feedback Communications Incorporated: Cincinnati, OH: 1986. Signed by the author 2-21-87., 1986series 5.4box 11folder 5
Allan, Johnnie and Bernice Larson Webb. Born to be a Loser: The Jimmy Donley Story. Jadfel Publishing Company: Lafayette, LA: 1992. Signed by the authors (Allan: 810-93)., 1992series 5.4box 11folder 6
Guralnick, Peter. Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley. Little, Brown and Company: New York: 1994. Inscribed to Keesing., 1994series 5.4box 11folder 7
Knight, Tim. Chantilly Lace: The Life & Times of J. P. Richardson. Port Arthur Historical Society: Port Arthur, TX: 1989., 1989series 5.4box 11folder 8
Miller, Jim, editor, and Robert Kingsbury, designer. The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll. Rolling Stone Press (Random House, Inc.): New York: 1976. Inscribed to Keesing 1976; Christmas present., 1986series 5.4box 11folder 9
Madonna. Sex. Warner Books: New York: 1992, 1992series 5.4box 12folder 1

Subseries 5.5: Index Cards, 1976-199, undated (0.50 linear feet)

This subseries includes cards from "KMA" - Keesing Music Archives - that were used to record the date of a book's accession, other information about the book, and often names and dates that might correspond to a borrower of the book. Books were collected between: 1976-1994, undated.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Index Cards KMA Books - Approximately 1250 cards, 1976-1994, undatedseries 5.5box 13folder 1
Index Cards KMA Books - Approximately 1250 cards, 1976-1994, undatedseries 5.5box 14folder 1
Index Cards KMA Books - Approximately 820 cards, 1976-1994, undatedseries 5.5box 15folder 1

Series 6: Sheet Music, 1952, 1961-1999, undated (11.25 linear feet)

This series contains sheet music, and sheet music books. It includes sheet music from 1970-1987, as well as from the 1990s.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Sheet music: approximately 165 pieces, 1970-1971 series 6box 1folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 150 pieces, 1971-1973 series 6box 2folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 150 pieces, 1973-1974 series 6box 3folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately. 165 pieces, 1975-1976 series 6box 4folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 180 pieces, 1977-1978 series 6box 5folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 185 pieces, 1978-1979 series 6box 6folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 160 pieces, 1980-1981 series 6box 7folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 135 pieces, 1981-1982 series 6box 8folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 155 pieces (L-P), 1983-1984 series 6box 9folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 165 pieces (R-Z), 1984-1985 series 6box 10folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 140 pieces (A-D), 1986-1987 series 6box 11folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 30 pieces (L-Z), 1987 series 6box 12folder 1
Sheet Music: approximately 160 pieces, 1988-1989 series 6box 13folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 55 pieces, 1989 series 6box 14folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 185 pieces, 1990s series 6box 15folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 212 pieces, 1990s series 6box 16folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 160 pieces, 1990s series 6box 17folder 1
Sheet music: approximately 160 pieces, 1990s series 6box 18folder 1
Sheet Music: A-C(ome Undone): approximately 155 pieces, 1990s series 6box 19folder 1
Sheet Music: C(ome With Me)-F(orgive Us): approximately 165 pieces, 1990s series 6box 20folder 1
Sheet Music: F(orest Gump)-I approximately 170 pieces, 1990s series 6box 21folder 1
Sheet Music: I (Got A Date)-J(oyride) approximately 100 pieces, 1990s series 6box 22folder 1
Sheet Music: J-M approximately 110 pieces, 1990s series 6box 23folder 1
Sheet Music: M-M approximately 20 pieces, 1990s series 6box 24folder 1
Sheet Music Book: Berlin's Best Song Folio Volume 1. Piano/Vocal, 1964 series 6box 25folder 1
Sheet Music Book: The Best of Hollywood. Easy Guitar/Easy Piano, 1966 series 6box 25folder 2
Sheet Music Book: Jimi Hendrix- pictures and easy guitar/easy piano, 1975 series 6box 25folder 3
Sheet Music Book: John Denver: Back Home Again. Piano/Vocal, 1974 series 6box 25folder 4
Sheet Music Book: John Denver's Greatest Hits. Easy Guitar (solos and/or accompaniment), 1976 series 6box 25folder 5
Sheet Music Book: The Paul Simon Song Book: The Best of Simon and Garfunkel. Piano/Vocal, 1966 series 6box 25folder 6
Sheet Music Book: Picking with a Teen-Age Beat, 1961 series 6box 25folder 7
Sheet Music Book: Solos from the Stars. Trumpet/Piano, 1952 series 6box 25folder 8
Sheet Music Book: The Songs of Don McLean. Piano/Vocal, 1972 series 6box 25folder 9
Sheet Music Book: Starland Vocal Band. Piano/Vocal, 1976 series 6box 25folder 10
Sheet Music Book: Travis Tritt, 1992 series 6box 25folder 11

Series 7: Recordings, 1951-1992, undated (10.50 linear feet)

This series contains recordings in various media. It has been divided into four subseries.

Subseries 7.1: Compact Discs, 1989-1992, undated (1.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes approximately 120 Compacts Discs from artists other than the four series artists.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Turn it up & Pass it On Volume 3, undatedseries 7.1box 1folder 1
Sony/Billboard Decade of Music: Volume 1, 1992series 7.1box 1folder 2
Sony/Billboard Decade of Music: Volume 2, 1992series 7.1box 1folder 3
Sony/Billboard Decade of Music: Volume 3, 1992series 7.1box 1folder 4
Smiley Lewis: The Best of Smiley Lewis, I Hear you Coming (2 copies), 1992series 7.1box 1folder 5
Smiley Lewis: New Orleans 30 of his Best, 1990series 7.1box 1folder 6
Smiley Lewis: Volume One, 1989series 7.1box 1folder 7
Smiley Lewis Volume Two, 1989series 7.1box 1folder 8

Subseries 7.2: LPs, 1951-1991, undated (9.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes LPs.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
46 12-inch LPs, 1971-1990, undatedseries 7.2box 3folder 1
4 10-inch LPs, 1951-1958, undatedseries 7.2box 3folder 2
107 12-inch LPs, 1968-1990, undatedseries 7.2box 4folder 1
93 12-inch LPs,, 1970-1991, undatedseries 7.2box 5folder 1
1 10-inch LP, 1981series 7.2box 5folder 2
47 12-inch LPs, 1957-1985, undatedseries 7.2box 6folder 1
54 12-inch LPs, 1963-1982, undatedseries 7.2box 7folder 1
47 12-inch LPs, 1971-1984, undatedseries 7.2box 8folder 1
30 12-inch LPs, 1969-1988, undatedseries 7.2box 9folder 1
48 12-inch LPs, 1969-1984, undatedseries 7.2box 11folder 1

Subseries 7.3: 45s, 1990-1999 (0.50 linear feet)

This subseries includes 45s.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
Book of 7 inch LPs, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1
Les Paul, How High the Moon/Walkin' and Whistlin' Blues, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 1.0
Gary (U.S.) Bonds, Trip to the Moon/School is In, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 2.0
Gordon Jenkins and Artie Shaw, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/ You're Mine, You!, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 3.0
Roger Williams, A Lover's Symphony/ The Song of the Rain, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 4.0
Jorgen Ingmann, Apache/Echo Boogie, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 5.0
Larry Verne, OKeefenokee Two Step/Mr. Custer, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 6.0
The Innocence, There's Got to be a Word!/ I don't want to be around you, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 7.0
Hugo Winterhalter, The Flying Dutchman/ Count Every Star, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 8.0
Eddy Howard, I'll See you in my Dreams/Stolen Love, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 9.0
The Geezinslaw Brothers, Tender Hearted Me/Chubby (Please Take You Love to Town), undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 10.0
The Swan Lake sides 6A&B, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 11.0
Side A: Crazy Otto Rag, I Wonder Whose Kissing her Now, I Love you Truly, The Band played On; Side B: Bicycle Built for Two, The Bowery, the Sidewalks of New York, Sorrento, Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 12.0
Modesto Duran, Silent Island/ Goro-Gu, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 13.0
Recorded by Schoster Ent'p 1695 Stuyvesant Ave: Birthday Greetings To Barbara Armstrong Sung by Byll Schuster, undatedseries 7.3box 2folder 1item 14.0
2 Compact Discs, The Aladdin Records Story, 1994series 7.3box 2folder 2
The Byrds 4 Compact Disc Box Set, 1990series 7.3box 2folder 3

Subseries 7.4: Limited Edition Picture Discs, 1965-1986 (1.00 linear feet)

This subseries includes Limited Picture Discs, including Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
GangGreen, 1987series 7.4box 10folder 1
Ghostbusters, 1984series 7.4box 10folder 2
Pac-Man Fever, 1980series 7.4box 10folder 3
Bobby Caldwell, What You Won't Do For Love, 1979series 7.4box 10folder 4
The Who, Who Are You, 1978series 7.4box 10folder 5
Jerry Lee Lewis, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 6
"Precious Stones," Interviews with The Rolling Stones, 1965series 7.4box 10folder 7
Linda Ronstadt, Living in the USA, 1978series 7.4box 10folder 8
Previous Interviews with The Beatles, 1981series 7.4box 10folder 9
Chuck Berry, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 10
Buddy Holly, 1982series 7.4box 10folder 11
Fats Domino, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 12
A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, 1973series 7.4box 10folder 13
Michael Jackson, Thriller, 1982series 7.4box 10folder 14
The Jacksons, Victory, 1984series 7.4box 10folder 15
Metal Church, 1987series 7.4box 10folder 16
Genesis, interview picture disc, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 17
Mr. T's Commandments, 1984series 7.4box 10folder 18
Michael and the Jackson 5 14 Greatest Hits, 1984series 7.4box 10folder 19
Beastie Boys, Interview Picture Disc, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 20
David Bowie Rare interview, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 21
The Runaways, Little Lost Girls, 1981series 7.4box 10folder 22
Cinderella, Night Songs, 1986series 7.4box 10folder 23
ET, (soundtrack?), undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 24
Bee Gees, Spirits Having Flown, 1979series 7.4box 10folder 25
Wayne Newton, You Stepped Into MY Life, undatedseries 7.4box 10folder 26

Series 8: Auction Lists, Catalogues, and Price Guides, 1965-2010, undated (11.5 linear feet)

This series includes auction lists from both personal auctions and organizational ones that Hugo and Wouter Keesing bought from. It also includes catalogues and price guides, both in magazine and book form. Many items contain marginalia. It has been divided into two subseries.

Subseries 8.1: Books, 1968-1995 (2.50 linear feet)

This series consists of books, arranged alphabetically by author's last name.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Cates, Jim. The Official Picture Sleeve Price Guide, 1986series 8.1box 1folder 1
Cates, Jim. Picture Sleeve Guide (Cates), 1979series 8.1box 1folder 2
Christgau, Robert. Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums of the '70s (Ticknor & Fields), 1981series 8.1box 1folder 3
Christgau, Robert. Christgau's Record Guide: The '80s (Pantheon), 1990series 8.1box 1folder 4
Cox, Perry and Joe Lindsay. The Complete Beatles U.S. Record Price Guide (O'Sullivan Woodside), 1983series 8.1box 1folder 5
Dellar, Fred and Barry Lazell, comp. The Essential Guide to Rock Records (Omnibus), 1983series 8.1box 1folder 6
Docks, L. R. American Premium Record Guide 1915-1965 (Books America), 1980series 8.1box 1folder 7
Eddy, Chuck. Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe (Harmony), 1990series 8.1box 2folder 1
Fox, Alison. Phillips Collectors Guides: Rock & Pop (Boxtree), 1988series 8.1box 2folder 2
Gambaccini, Paul, comp. Rock Critics' Choice: The Top 200 Albums (Quick Fox), 1978series 8.1box 2folder 3
Garodkin, John. Little Richard Special, 1984series 8.1box 2folder 4
Gibeault, Andre. Canadian Records: A Discography and Price Guide of Canadian 45's and LP's from 1955-1975, 1987series 8.1box 2folder 5
Goodman, Fred and Parke Puterbaugh. The 100 Greatest Albums of the 80s (Rolling Stone), 1990, 1990series 8.1box 2folder 6
Gould, Susan and Robert Fredericks. The Official Price Guide to Music Collectibles (House of Collectibles), 1980series 8.1box 2folder 7
Griggs, Bill and Jim Black. Buddy Holly: A Collector's Guide, 1983series 8.1box 2folder 8
Guide 1985 AKAI: Disques Jazz, Blues, Pop-Rock (written in French), 1985series 8.1box 3folder 1
Heggeness, Fred. Rarest of the Rare., 1991series 8.1box 3folder 2
Henkel, David K. The Official Price Guide: Rock and Roll Magazines, Posters, and Memorabilia First Edition (House of Collectibles), 1992series 8.1box 3folder 3
Hibbert, Tom, ed. The Perfect Collection (Proteus), 1982series 8.1box 3folder 4
Hibbert, Tom. Rare Records: Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures (Proteus), 1982series 8.1box 3folder 5
Hill, Randal C. The Official Price Guide to Collectible Rock Records First Edition (House of Collectibles), 1979series 8.1box 3folder 6
Hill, Randall C. The Official Price Guide to Collectible Rock Records Second Edition (House of Collectibles), 1981series 8.1box 4folder 1
Hounsome, Terry. Rock Record 3rd Edition (Facts on File), 1987series 8.1box 4folder 2
Hudgeons, Thomas E. III, ed. The Official 1984 Price Guide to Collectible Records (House of Collectibles), 1973series 8.1box 4folder 3
Hudgeons, Thomas E. III, ed. The Official 1985 Price Guide to Collectible Records (House of Collectibles), 1985series 8.1box 4folder 4
Humphries, John, ed. Music Master: The World's Greatest Record Catalogue (Humphries), 1988series 8.1box 5folder 1
Humphries, John, ed. The Music Master Record Catalogue: The Official Guide to Popular Singles, Albums, Cassettes, and Compact Discs (Humphries), 1984series 8.1box 5folder 2
Jakubowski, Maxim. The Rock Album Vol. 2 (Zomba), 1984series 8.1box 5folder 3
Kirsch, Don R. Rock n' Roll Obscurities Volume 1 (Kirsch), 1979series 8.1box 6folder 1
Kirsch, Don R. Rock n' Roll Obscurities Volume 2 (Kirsch), 1981series 8.1box 6folder 2
Leadbitter, Mike and Neil Slaven. Blues Records 1943-1966, 1968series 8.1box 6folder 3
Lesueur, Daniel. Les Disques Rares Des 60's, 1983series 8.1box 6folder 4
Marsh, Dave and John Swenson, ed. The Rolling Stone Record Guide (Random House), 1979series 8.1box 6folder 5
Musique Boutique, 1976series 8.1box 6folder 6
Nash, Bruce and Allan Zullo The Wacky Top 40, 1993series 8.1box 6folder 7
Original Jazz Classics Collector's Guide (Fantasy), 1995series 8.1box 6folder 8
Osborne, Jerry. The Official Price Guide to Records 8th Edition (House of Collectibles), 1988series 8.1box 7folder 1
Osborne, Jerry. Record Album Price Guide (O'Sullivan Woodside), 1977series 8.1box 7folder 2
Osborne, Jerry. Record Collector's 1st Edition Price Guide (O'Sullivan Woodside), 1976series 8.1box 7folder 3
Osborne, Jerry. The Official Price Guide to Memorabilia of Elvis Presley and The Beatles (House of Collectibles), 1988series 8.1box 7folder 4
Osborne, Jerry and Bruce Hamilton. Blues/Rhythm and Blues/Soul., 1980series 8.1box 7folder 5
Osborne, Jerry and Bruce Hamilton. A Guide to Record Collecting (O'Sullivan Woodside), 1979series 8.1box 8folder 1
Osborne, Jerry and Bruce Hamilton. Popular and Rock Price Guide., 1978series 8.1box 8folder 2
Osborne, Jerry and Bruce Hamilton. Record Album Price Guide., 1978series 8.1box 8folder 3
Osborne, Jerry and Bruce Hamilton. Record Album Price Guide (O'Sullivan Woodside), 1980series 8.1box 8folder 4
Perry, Neil. Rare Rock: An A-Z Illustrated Price Guide to Collectable Albums from the Progressive Era (Perry and Perry), 1989series 8.1box 8folder 5
Perry, Neil, comp. Rare Singles from the Beat and Psychedelic Era: An A-Z Price Guide to Collectable Beat, Psychedelic, R & B, Garage and Obscure Op Singles from the Sixties (Perry and Perry), 1990series 8.1box 8folder 6
Propes, Steve. Golden Goodies: A Guide to 50's and 60's Popular Rock & Roll Record Collecting (Chilton), 1975series 8.1box 8folder 7
Propes, Steve. Golden Oldies: A Guide to 60's Record Collecting (Chilton), 1974series 8.1box 8folder 8
Propes, Steve. Those Oldies But Goodies: A Guide to 50's Record Collecting (Collier), 1973series 8.1box 8folder 9
Rees, Tony. Rare Rock: A Collectors' Guide (Blandford), 1985series 8.1box 9folder 1
Robbins, Ira A., ed. The Rouser Press Guide to New Wave Records (Scribners), 1983series 8.1box 9folder 2
Shapiro, Bill. Rock and Roll Review: A Guide to Good Rock on CD (Andrews & McMeel), 1991series 8.1box 9folder 3
Soderbergh, Peter A. Olde Records Price Guide 1900-1947: Popular and Classical 78RPM's (Wallace Homestead), 1980series 8.1box 9folder 4
Umphred, Neal. Goldmine's Price Guide to collectible Record Albums (Krause), 1989series 8.1box 9folder 5
What's It Worth? 1982 Price Guide: Records Rock and Country (2 copies), 1982series 8.1box 10folder 1
Whitburn, Joel. Billboard's Top 1000 1955-1984: The 1000 Biggest Hits of the Rock Era (Record Research), 1984series 8.1box 10folder 2

Subseries 8.2: Auction Lists, 1965-2010, undated (8.00 linear feet)

Arranged alphabetically as much as possible.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
45 Centre, Fall 1985 - Spring 1991series 8.2box 11folder 1
A. Levin Rare Records, April 1976 - December 1982series 8.2box 11folder 2
Alexander, Sevy, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 3
Bass, Richard A., November 1977 - November 1982series 8.2box 11folder 4
Bill's Collectible Records, 1997series 8.2box 11folder 5
Black Daphne Records, June 1977 - c.late 1980series 8.2box 11folder 6
Blackburn, Dick, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 7
Blues Unlimited -- No. 69, January 1970series 8.2box 11folder 8
BMG Music catalogs -- 20-33, 1996, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 9
BMG Music catalogs -- 34-44, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 10
BMG Music catalogs -- 45-60, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 11
BMG Music catalogs -- 61-62, 65, 67-70, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 12
Boogie Boy Records, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 13
Boogie Music, March 1979 - c. December 1981series 8.2box 11folder 14
Boogie Music, c. January 1982 - September 1984series 8.2box 11folder 15
Burden, Danny R., November 1992 - July 1995series 8.2box 11folder 16
C & L Records, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 17
Cappy's Record Mart, October 1981 - October 1982series 8.2box 11folder 18
Chad & Jeremy Music, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 19
Cleary, Don, October 1980 - c. March 1990series 8.2box 11folder 20
Collectors' Choice Music, c. December 1993 - February 1995series 8.2box 11folder 21
Collectors' Choice Music, March 1995 - June 1996series 8.2box 11folder 22
Collectors' Choice Music, c. December 2001 - late fall 2002series 8.2box 11folder 23
Collectors' Choice Music, Christmas 2002 - August 2003series 8.2box 11folder 24
Collectors' Choice Music, October 2003 - August 2005series 8.2box 11folder 25
Collectors' Choice Music, September 2005 - late spring 2008series 8.2box 11folder 26
Collectors' Choice Music, July 2008 - February 2010series 8.2box 11folder 27
Collins, Peter M., September 1980 - January 1982series 8.2box 11folder 28
The Colony House, January 1983series 8.2box 11folder 29
Conrad, William A., October 1975 - January 1986series 8.2box 11folder 30
Cowan, Robert W., undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 31
Critics' Choice, c. 2002 - May 2003series 8.2box 11folder 32
Critics' Choice, June 2003 - May 2006series 8.2box 11folder 33
D-L Music, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 34
Daigle, Paul P., July 1993 - September 1994, undatedseries 8.2box 11folder 35
Disc, January 1965 - April 1965series 8.2box 11folder 36
Disc of Doo-Wop, August 1985 - July 1986series 8.2box 11folder 37
Disco-Disc, 1972series 8.2box 11folder 38
Discover Music Magalogue, spring 1995series 8.2box 11folder 39
Discovery Channel, 2000 - 2001series 8.2box 11folder 40
Down Home, May 1980 - January 1991series 8.2box 12folder 1
Duke of Discs, April 1977 - April 1978series 8.2box 12folder 2
E. F. Records, undatedseries 8.2box 12folder 3
Eddie's Golden Oldies, December 1991 - August 1992series 8.2box 12folder 4
Ernst, W. Patrick, undated, July 1979 - October 1988series 8.2box 12folder 5
Moerer, Craig, January 1979 - 1988, undatedseries 8.2box 12folder 6
Moerer, Craig, December 1989 - 1997series 8.2box 12folder 7
Carl Gurley Co., June 1979 - 1985series 8.2box 12folder 8
Fantasy, 1992 - 1994series 8.2box 12folder 9
Fantasy, 1995 - 2002series 8.2box 12folder 10
Florida-Rock, Inc, November 1980 - August 1986series 8.2box 12folder 11
Floyd, Larry G., January 1978 - December 1978series 8.2box 12folder 12
Floyd, Larry G., April 1979 - December 1980series 8.2box 12folder 13
Frank-s Records, January 1984 - September 1985series 8.2box 12folder 14
Gary-s Record Exchange, November 1988series 8.2box 12folder 15
Gavlick, John, August 1975 - November 1975series 8.2box 12folder 16
Golden Discs Unlimited -- Sell Sheets 11-18, 20, December 1972 - August 1986series 8.2box 12folder 17
Golden Memories Records, Inc, September 1972 - Fall 1974series 8.2box 12folder 18
Golden Memories Records, Inc, 1975 - May 1978series 8.2box 12folder 19
Golden Memories Records, Inc, October 1978 - 1980series 8.2box 12folder 20
Golden Memories Records, Inc, February 1980 - Summer 1980series 8.2box 12folder 21
Golden Memories Records, Inc, August 1980 - September 1980series 8.2box 12folder 22
Golden Memories Records, Inc, November 1980 - 1982series 8.2box 12folder 23
Golden Memories Records, Inc, undated, part oneseries 8.2box 12folder 24
Golden Memories Records, Inc, undated, part twoseries 8.2box 12folder 25
Golden Memories Records, Inc, undated, part threeseries 8.2box 13folder 1
Harold's Record Outlet, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 2
Harry the K Records, April 1991series 8.2box 13folder 3
Harvard Square Records, Inc., 1992series 8.2box 13folder 4
Heartland Music, October 1995 - winter 2003series 8.2box 13folder 5
Heartland Music, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 6
Heartland Music, undated, continuedseries 8.2box 13folder 7
Relic Rack, Inc., undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 8
Holichek, Jerry E., May 1975 - August 1975series 8.2box 13folder 9
Holichek, Jerry E., May 1975 - August 1975series 8.2box 13folder 9
Home of the Blues, June 1977 - February 1984series 8.2box 13folder 10
Home of the Blues, June 1977 - February 1984series 8.2box 13folder 10
Jackson, John, October 1983 - April 1985series 8.2box 13folder 11
Jazz Record Co., July 1978 - winter 1982series 8.2box 13folder 12
Jazz Store, Fall 2005series 8.2box 13folder 13
John's Boy, undated, September 1983 - July 1987series 8.2box 13folder 14
John's Boy, August 1987 - February 1990series 8.2box 13folder 15
John's Boy, March 1990 - September 1993series 8.2box 13folder 16
John's Boy, October 1993 - January 1997series 8.2box 13folder 17
Jones, Jack L., Fall 1981series 8.2box 13folder 18
Kadet, Jeff, circa 1992series 8.2box 13folder 19
Karavan Records, November 1980series 8.2box 13folder 20
Ken Stone Records, May 1986series 8.2box 13folder 21
King, Gary, September 1981 - November 1982series 8.2box 13folder 22
Kirsch, Don, August 1975 - April 1983series 8.2box 13folder 23
L. R. Docks, March 1977 - September 1990, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 24
Lenny's List, August 1984 - December 1984series 8.2box 13folder 25
Loader, Jim, January 1979 - June 1979series 8.2box 13folder 26
Lockwood Company, The, December 1988, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 27
Lost-Nite Records, Inc., undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 28
Lou's Music Connection, 1982, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 29
Mark's One Stop, November 1981 - June 1982, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 30
Memory Lane Records, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 31
Merrill, Frank, late 1986 - March 1990series 8.2box 13folder 32
Merrill, Frank -- marginalia, July 1990 - February 1996series 8.2box 13folder 33
Metro Music, 1985 - 1991series 8.2box 13folder 34
Mettee, Martin, September 1994 - October 1994series 8.2box 13folder 35
Minor, Richard, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 36
Mosaic Records, January 2003 - November 2005series 8.2box 13folder 37
Movies & Memories, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 38
Muse Records, 1989 - April 1991, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 39
Music Book ENZ, c. April 1985 - c. February 1987, undatedseries 8.2box 13folder 40
National Record Collectors, February 1985 - July 1987series 8.2box 13folder 41
Nina's Discount Oldies, c. Fall 2001 - Holiday 2001series 8.2box 13folder 42
Nina's Discount Oldies, 2002 - 2003series 8.2box 13folder 43
Nina's Discount Oldies, 2003 - 2005, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 1
Norton Records, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 2
Old Record Rack, February 1979 - October 1983series 8.2box 14folder 3
Olympic Records, c. August 1977series 8.2box 14folder 4
Original Chess Masters, The, 1988 - 1996series 8.2box 14folder 5
Pattison, Terry, June 1978 - August 1994, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 6
Popular Culture, Ink, 1992series 8.2box 14folder 7
Portmann, Jim, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 8
Pumpkin Patch, The, September 1996 - October 1996series 8.2box 14folder 9
Punjab's Records, March 1988 - July 1996, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 10
Radio Spirits, Spring 2002series 8.2box 14folder 11
Rapid Records LTD, July 1985 - March 1986. undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 12
Rare Records Unlimited, April 1979 - March 1982, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 13
Rarities Inc., November 1980 - March 1981, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 14
Razzamatazza, undated, December 1983 - March 1986series 8.2box 14folder 15
Record Collector, The, undated, spring 1980 - fall 1982series 8.2box 14folder 16
Record Exchanger, December 1969 - February 1971series 8.2box 14folder 17
Record Exchanger, Summer 1971 - April 1973series 8.2box 14folder 18
Record Exchanger, June 1973 - August 1987, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 19
R. T. O. Records, December 1970 - c. 1978, undatedseries 8.2box 14folder 20
Record Roundup, The, December 1983 - c. January 1986series 8.2box 14folder 21
Record Roundup, The, March 1986 - c. December 1993series 8.2box 14folder 22
Record Roundup, The, January 1994 - c. December 1994series 8.2box 14folder 23
Record Scavengers, May 1975 - fall 1978, undated, marginaliaseries 8.2box 14folder 24
Rediscover, Winter 1990 - Spring 1995series 8.2box 14folder 25
Rhino Records, Summer 1988 - 1992series 8.2box 14folder 26
Rhino Records, Spring/Summer 1992 - c. October 1993series 8.2box 14folder 27
Rhino Records, 1994 - Fall 1995series 8.2box 14folder 28
Rhino Records, 1996 - Holiday 1996, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 1
Rip Lay, May 1984 - February 1991, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 2
Riseman, Paul A., January 2002 - November 2009series 8.2box 15folder 3
Riswick, Don, December 1973 - January 1980series 8.2box 15folder 4
Rockaway Records, c. December 1980series 8.2box 15folder 5
Rockhouse, c. May 1975, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 6
Roots & Rhythm, July 1994 - October 2004series 8.2box 15folder 7
Roots & Rhythm, November 2004 - December 2007series 8.2box 15folder 8
Russwurm, Lynn, December 1983 - September 1984series 8.2box 15folder 9
Savage, Guy, March 1994 - January 1996, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 10
Scherzer Rare Records, Inc., November 1988 - August 1995series 8.2box 15folder 11
Scherzer Rare Records, Inc., August 1995 - February 1997, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 12
Scoppa, Jordan, June 1977 - September 1979series 8.2box 15folder 13
Smith, Ed, February 1979 - June 1979series 8.2box 15folder 14
Songs & Records, February 1975 - November 1975series 8.2box 15folder 15
Songs & Records, February 1976 - July 1976series 8.2box 15folder 16
Songs & Records, August 1976 - December 1976series 8.2box 15folder 17
Songs & Records, February 1977 - August 1977series 8.2box 15folder 18
Stein, D. A., April 1982series 8.2box 15folder 19
Stolper, Jeff, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 20
Good Music Co., The / Yestermusic, c. August 2001 - c. February 2003series 8.2box 15folder 21
Pavlicek, Gil, August 1977 - May 1978series 8.2box 15folder 22
Studstill-s Records, c. 1987 - June 1995series 8.2box 15folder 23
Sugar Hill Records, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 24
Time Barrier Express, March 1975 - June 1975series 8.2box 15folder 25
Time Life, 2002, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 26
Time Warner & Sony Sound Exchange, c. August 1993 - c. February 1997, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 27
Times Square Records, November 1987 - January 1989series 8.2box 15folder 28
Trabosci, T., May 1996, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 29
Tradition Records, January 1976 - February 1978series 8.2box 15folder 30
University Records, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 31
Waltham Record Shop, December 1977 - April 1978, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 32
Ward, Jean -- marginalia, January 1983series 8.2box 15folder 33
Wax Museum, The, November 1976, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 34
Welz, Joey, 1982series 8.2box 15folder 35
West, Dennis W., 1987, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 36
Who Put The Bomp Auction Lists, May 1974 - June 1974, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 37
Wilmette Record Sales, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 38
Wix Records, July 1977 - March 1983, undatedseries 8.2box 15folder 39
Worldwide Record Auction, June 1989series 8.2box 15folder 40
Miscellaneous, 45 Records Unlimited - Arcade Recordsseries 8.2box 16folder 1
45 Records Unlimited; marginalia, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 1.0
Ace Records, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 2.0
Ace Video and Music; Comedy LPs, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 3.0
Ace Video and Music; Jazz & Big Bands LP Supplement, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 4.0
Ace Video and Music; Soundtrack LPs, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 5.0
Ace Video and Music; Collectable LPs Garage Sale, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 6.0
Ace Video and Music; Spring 1991 Mail Order Catalogseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 7.0
Allen, Michael Lee; List #903, c. 1987series 8.2box 16folder 1item 8.0
American Pie Oldies; Catalog No. 8, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 1item 9.0
American Royal Arts, c. December 2007series 8.2box 16folder 1item 10.0
Amy's Vintage Records, September 1977series 8.2box 16folder 1item 11.0
Arcade Records, August 1997series 8.2box 16folder 1item 12.0
Arcade Records, December 1977series 8.2box 16folder 1item 13.0
Miscellaneous, Arhoolie Records - Back Room Records Distributing Co.series 8.2box 16folder 2
Arhoolie Records; Arhoolie Catalog, 1988series 8.2box 16folder 2item 1.0
Armand's Philly Gold Report, November 1989series 8.2box 16folder 2item 2.0
Art Rock Catalogue; No. 7, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 2item 3.0
Art Rock Catalogue; No. 9, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 2item 4.0
Atlantic Atco, New Releases, June 1976series 8.2box 16folder 2item 5.0
Attic Records, March 1993series 8.2box 16folder 2item 6.0
B & J Records, September 1977series 8.2box 16folder 2item 7.0
Back Room Record Distributing Company; Artist Catalog, 1981series 8.2box 16folder 2item 8.0
Miscellaneous, Baron Records - Both Sides Now Stereo Recordsseries 8.2box 16folder 3
Baron Records; "Dear Collectors", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 1.0
Baron Records; 1974 Catalogseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 2.0
Baron Records; 1976 Catalogueseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 3.0
Baron Records; Recorded Live - On Stage, marginalia, March 1978series 8.2box 16folder 3item 4.0
Barton, Ralph, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 5.0
Baytown Record Store, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 6.0
Bear Family Records; Catalog 84, 2 copies, 1984series 8.2box 16folder 3item 7.0
Bear Family Records; Release #: BFX 15318, April 1990series 8.2box 16folder 3item 8.0
Bear Family Records; Release #: BCD 15451, April 1990series 8.2box 16folder 3item 9.0
Bear Family Records; Release #: BFX 15319, April 1990series 8.2box 16folder 3item 10.0
Bear Family Records, c. 1993series 8.2box 16folder 3item 11.0
Bedford, Ray; Nifty Fifty, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 12.0
Bermont, Harold, January 1984series 8.2box 16folder 3item 13.0
Big Nickel Productions, January 1993series 8.2box 16folder 3item 14.0
Bill Cole Enterprises; Catalog No. 981, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 3item 15.0
Both Sides Now Stereo Records, marginalia, May 1983series 8.2box 16folder 3item 16.0
Both Sides Now Stereo Records, February 1984series 8.2box 16folder 3item 17.0
Both Sides Now Stereo Records, May 1984series 8.2box 16folder 3item 18.0
Miscellaneous, Blue Angel, Inc. - Charly Recordsseries 8.2box 16folder 4
Blue Angel, Inc. (see also Razzamatazza), undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 1.0
Bluesland Oldies Record Shop, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 2.0
Brown, Leigh, July 1977series 8.2box 16folder 4item 3.0
Brown, Leigh; Mr. Music's Auction, December 1981series 8.2box 16folder 4item 4.0
Bruce the Cat Inc. (Rich Buckland), November 1994series 8.2box 16folder 4item 5.0
Bullseye Blues, 1993series 8.2box 16folder 4item 6.0
Bunnell, Wayland; List #103, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 7.0
C5 Records, February 1990series 8.2box 16folder 4item 8.0
Candlelight Music, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 9.0
Capitol Records, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 10.0
Cattaneo, Bob; Super Soul Catalog #10, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 11.0
CBS, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 4item 12.0
Charley Records; additions to Catalogue, 1987series 8.2box 16folder 4item 13.0
Charley Records; The Charly Catalogue, 1989series 8.2box 16folder 4item 14.0
Miscellaneous, Coast Records - Golden Oldies Clubseries 8.2box 16folder 5
Coast Records; Vocal Group Auction Doo-Wop, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 1.0
Collector's Sound, The, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 2.0
Collins, Peter, April 1981series 8.2box 16folder 5item 3.0
Continential Productions; Newsletter Issue #1, March 1974series 8.2box 16folder 5item 4.0
Conway, Bob, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 5.0
Cycle Enterprises; Rare Record Auction, January 1975series 8.2box 16folder 5item 6.0
Cycle Enterprises; Rare Record Auction #DZ-2, February 1975series 8.2box 16folder 5item 7.0
Cycle Enterprises; Auction #AO-3, September 1975series 8.2box 16folder 5item 8.0
Dascenzo, Victor J, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 9.0
Demon Records, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 10.0
Elmwood Record Sales, November 1978series 8.2box 16folder 5item 11.0
Elvis International Forum, 1992series 8.2box 16folder 5item 12.0
Feld, Gary; 45 RPM Set Sale Catalogue, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 13.0
Flyright, March 1977series 8.2box 16folder 5item 14.0
Frazier, Jack; Blues & Jazz 78s, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 15.0
Frey, Greg, May 1978series 8.2box 16folder 5item 16.0
Getreuer, Bob, 2 copies, 1984series 8.2box 16folder 5item 17.0
Getreuer, Bob, 1985series 8.2box 16folder 5item 18.0
Goldband Records; Goldband Catalog of Fine Recordings, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 5item 19.0
Golden Oldies Club, 1979series 8.2box 16folder 5item 20.0
Miscellaneous, Gotham Distributing Corporation - Hamer, Beverly A.series 8.2box 16folder 6
Gotham Distributing Corporation, 1988series 8.2box 16folder 6item 1.0
Gronda, Steve and Ken Benedict; "Auction closes June 1", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 6item 2.0
Gronda, Steve and Ken Benedict; marginalia, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 6item 3.0
Gronda, Steve and Ken Benedict; "Auction closes April 20", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 6item 4.0
Grossberg, Bruce, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 6item 5.0
Hamer, Beverly A., undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 6item 6.0
Miscellaneous, Harmer, John - Interdiscseries 8.2box 16folder 7
Harmer, John, February 1976series 8.2box 16folder 7item 1.0
Harrison, R., undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 7item 2.0
Haswick Promotions Limited; Mr. R&B, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 7item 3.0
Heanor Record Centre Ltd.; "Dear Friend:", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 7item 4.0
HMV, c. December 1993series 8.2box 16folder 7item 5.0
IMT Sheet Music; Sheet Music for the Enthusiast, 2 copies, November 1994series 8.2box 16folder 7item 6.0
Interdisc; Japanese Imports, February 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 7.0
Interdisc; German Imports, February 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 8.0
Interdisc; Japanese Imports, March 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 9.0
Interdisc; "Dear Friends,", c. May 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 10.0
Interdisc; Imports, July 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 11.0
Interdisc; "Dear Customer,", September 1983series 8.2box 16folder 7item 12.0
Interdisc; Imports, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 7item 13.0
Interdisc; Japanese Imports, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 7item 14.0
Miscellaneous, Interstate Music - Jazz Depot, Theseries 8.2box 16folder 8
Interstate Music, c. 1991series 8.2box 16folder 8item 1.0
J & F Southern Record Sales; Blues, Gospel, and Rhythm & Blues, see also Harmer, John; Scott, Frank; and Southern Record Sales, 1975series 8.2box 16folder 8item 2.0
J & F Southern Record Sales; Record Special, May 1976series 8.2box 16folder 8item 3.0
J & F Southern Record Sales; Catalogue of 45s & EPs, Spring 1976series 8.2box 16folder 8item 4.0
J & F Southern Record Sales; Supplement Number 18, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 8item 5.0
J & F Southern Record Sales; CMH presents, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 8item 6.0
J & R Music World; Record & Cassette Compact Disc, Winter 1985series 8.2box 16folder 8item 7.0
Jaffrey Record Center, October 1976series 8.2box 16folder 8item 8.0
Jazz Depot, The, 1996-1997series 8.2box 16folder 8item 9.0
Miscellaneous, Jellyroll Productions - Ligon, Peggyseries 8.2box 16folder 9
Jellyroll Productions; "Your Name is in Our Two New Books!!", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 1.0
Jellyroll Productions; The Complete Elvis, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 2.0
Jentoft, Bjorn; No. 348, November 1995series 8.2box 16folder 9item 3.0
Kaplan, Fred (See also Memory Lane Records), undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 4.0
Kicking Mule Records, 1976series 8.2box 16folder 9item 5.0
Kirby, Harry D.; "Rare Store-Stock 78's", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 6.0
Kirby, Harry D.; Rare R&B 78's - Many Early, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 7.0
Kleehammer, Robert; 45 RPM Auction List, June 1972series 8.2box 16folder 9item 8.0
Le Guyader, Jackie, February 1976series 8.2box 16folder 9item 9.0
Legacy International, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 10.0
Library of Congress; Folk Records Selected from the Archive of Folk Culture, 1989series 8.2box 16folder 9item 11.0
Ligon, Peggy; R & B & Blues Set Sale, October 1977series 8.2box 16folder 9item 12.0
Ligon, Peggy; Rockabily, R&B, Country Boogie Set Sale, January 1978series 8.2box 16folder 9item 13.0
Ligon, Peggy; includes list from Marty Pahls, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 14.0
Ligon, Peggy; Rockabilly and Rock & Roll Set Sale, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 15.0
Ligon, Peggy, includes a list from Mary Pahls as well (See also Lee Records, October 1977 - January 1978, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 9item 16.0
Miscellaneous, London Records - Mars Compact Disc & Collectiblesseries 8.2box 16folder 10
London Records, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 10item 1.0
Lucito, Frank, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 10item 2.0
Macknic, Ray, May 1979series 8.2box 16folder 10item 3.0
Mail Order Music, 1988 - 1989series 8.2box 16folder 10item 4.0
Mail Order Music; Mail Order Music 88/89 Order Form, 1988 - 1989series 8.2box 16folder 10item 5.0
Marlaine, Mark, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 10item 6.0
Mars Compact Disc & Collectibles, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 10item 7.0
Miscellaneous, McGuiness, Bob - Moldy Recordsseries 8.2box 16folder 11
McGuiness, Bob, September 1974series 8.2box 16folder 11item 1.0
Mean Mountain Music, c. mid-1976series 8.2box 16folder 11item 2.0
Mean Mountain Music; Records of the 50's, vol. 4 supp., 2 copies, 1978series 8.2box 16folder 11item 3.0
Michel, Michael; Stax of Wax Sale list #11, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 11item 4.0
Michel Michael; Record Sale List #12, June 1978series 8.2box 16folder 11item 5.0
Mike's Memory Records; Jim Beattie list included, marginalia, February 1980series 8.2box 16folder 11item 6.0
Milliner, Paul; "Hi Record Collectors:", August 1979series 8.2box 16folder 11item 7.0
Milliner, Paul; "Hello Again,", June 1980series 8.2box 16folder 11item 8.0
Minor, Richard, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 11item 9.0
Mobile Record Service Co.; Third Edition, 1985series 8.2box 16folder 11item 10.0
Moldy Records, List #6, see also Don Kirsch, September 1974series 8.2box 16folder 11item 11.0
Miscellaneous, M.O.M. - Nineteen Sixty-Fiveseries 8.2box 16folder 12
M.O.M. Records; New from M.O.M. , undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 1.0
M.O.M. Records; Golden Treasure Series, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 2.0
M.O.M. Records; Old Original Sun Singles, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 3.0
Motown catalog, Fall/Winter 1985series 8.2box 16folder 12item 4.0
Music House Publishing, October 2001series 8.2box 16folder 12item 5.0
Music Man Murray, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 6.0
Music Mood; List #1 Part #10-14, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 7.0
National Hits, May 1979series 8.2box 16folder 12item 8.0
National Record Collectors, August 1984series 8.2box 16folder 12item 9.0
National Record Collectors, July 1986series 8.2box 16folder 12item 10.0
Nineteen Sixty-Five, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 12item 11.0
Miscellaneous, Noteworthy Music - Perkins, Richardseries 8.2box 16folder 13
Noteworthy Music, Spring 1992series 8.2box 16folder 13item 1.0
Official Star Souvenirs; 2 Exciting New Elvis Presley Souvenirs, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 13item 2.0
Ohio Rockabilly, 2 copies, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 13item 3.0
Old Time Sounds, April 1973series 8.2box 16folder 13item 4.0
Old Time Sounds; marginalia, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 13item 5.0
Original Sound Records; "Now there are 12 volumes!", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 13item 6.0
Out of the Past, Ltd., Spring 1980series 8.2box 16folder 13item 7.0
Pahls, Marty, October 1977series 8.2box 16folder 13item 8.0
Passantino, S.J; Auction and Set Sale #, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 13item 9.0
Pavlow, Al, May 1986series 8.2box 16folder 13item 10.0
Pavlow, Al, September 1986series 8.2box 16folder 13item 11.0
Pavlow, Al, February 1988series 8.2box 16folder 13item 12.0
Pearlin, Victor; The Hits are in the Groove, February 1975series 8.2box 16folder 13item 13.0
Perkins, Richard; Marquis Records Proudly Presents, April 1979series 8.2box 16folder 13item 14.0
Miscellaneous, Pilon, J. - RCAseries 8.2box 16folder 14
Polosky, Frank M., undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 14item 3.0
Postings; Music Encore!, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 14item 4.0
Princeton Record Exchange, 1995series 8.2box 16folder 14item 5.0
R & H Records, December 1987series 8.2box 16folder 14item 6.0
R & H Records, February 1988series 8.2box 16folder 14item 7.0
R & H Records, May 1976series 8.2box 16folder 14item 8.0
Radwill, Allen; Novelty, Unusual and Weird, 2 copies, March 1985series 8.2box 16folder 14item 9.0
Radwill, Allen; Novelty, Weird, Unusual & Answer Records - Pt. 1, February 1987series 8.2box 16folder 14item 10.0
Radwill, Allen, March 1988series 8.2box 16folder 14item 11.0
Radwill, Allen, March 1990series 8.2box 16folder 14item 12.0
Radwill, Allen, March 1993series 8.2box 16folder 14item 13.0
Raw Blues Record Club; Blues Supplement #1, June 1972series 8.2box 16folder 14item 14.0
Raw Blues Record Club; English Rock Imports, March 1973series 8.2box 16folder 14item 15.0
Raw Blues Record Club, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 14item 16.0
Razor & Tie Music; 1995 Catalog, c. Fall 1995series 8.2box 16folder 14item 17.0
Rare Records, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 14item 18.0
RCA; Nipper's Best Buys, 1989series 8.2box 16folder 14item 19.0
Pilon, J., March 1977series 8.2box 16folder 14item 1.0
Polosky, Frank M., see also Frank's Records, April 1981series 8.2box 16folder 14item 2.0
Miscellaneous, Record Digest - Record Research (1982)series 8.2box 16folder 15
Record Groove, February 1981series 8.2box 16folder 15item 2.0
Record Groove, June 1981series 8.2box 16folder 15item 3.0
Record Groove, October 1981series 8.2box 16folder 15item 4.0
Record Groove; Record Collectors Exchange 2, c. April 1982series 8.2box 16folder 15item 5.0
Record Museum; "Save $5.00; Special Offer", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 15item 6.0
Record Museum; Mail Order Catalog; Oldies But Goodies, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 15item 7.0
Record Research, 1982series 8.2box 16folder 15item 8.0
Record Digest; Music World News, see also Music World, Keesing Popular Music Collection, Series 4.5, September 1977series 8.2box 16folder 15item 1.0
Miscellaneous, Record Research (c. 2004 - 10/2008) - Rounder Recordsseries 8.2box 16folder 16
Record Research; "Get More of '04!", c. 2004series 8.2box 16folder 16item 1.0
Record Research; "Turn Your iPod Into 'myPod'!", c. 2004series 8.2box 16folder 16item 2.0
Record Research; "Country Fresh!", c. 2005series 8.2box 16folder 16item 3.0
Record Research; "Do All Your Holiday Shopping Right Here!", c. Christmas 2005series 8.2box 16folder 16item 4.0
Record Research; "Free Top Pop T-Shirt!", c. 2008series 8.2box 16folder 16item 5.0
Record Research; "The 60s Multiplied, c. 2008series 8.2box 16folder 16item 6.0
Record Research; "This Country's Never Been Bigger!", c. 2008series 8.2box 16folder 16item 7.0
Record Sleeve, The, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 16item 8.0
Record World, April 1979 - October 1979series 8.2box 16folder 16item 9.0
Reicheg, D.; Fixed Price Sale, September 1977series 8.2box 16folder 16item 10.0
Rich's Record Exchange, January 1979series 8.2box 16folder 16item 11.0
Richie Allen Cassettes; The $5.95 Black Tape/LP Catalogue, c. Fall 1987series 8.2box 16folder 16item 12.0
Ripete Records; Ripete Goldie Oldies, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 16item 13.0
Ripete Records; "Cost - .85 per disc", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 16item 14.0
Ripete Records; 1988 Wholesale Catalogueseries 8.2box 16folder 16item 15.0
Roadhouse Oldies, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 16item 16.0
Rockin' Records; Record Rap Vol. 1 No., October 1977series 8.2box 16folder 16item 17.0
Rocky Mountain Oldies (See also Charboneau, Bob), Fall 1993series 8.2box 16folder 16item 18.0
Rounder Records; Louisiana Catalog, 2 copies, c. 1990series 8.2box 16folder 16item 19.0
Miscellaneous, Roundup Records - Saint Expedite Distributing Co.series 8.2box 16folder 17
Roundup Records catalog, 1983series 8.2box 16folder 17item 1.0
Roundup Records; 1988 Artist Catalogseries 8.2box 16folder 17item 2.0
Rykodisc / Hannibal; Ryko 10: 1983 - 1993, the catalogue, 1993series 8.2box 16folder 17item 3.0
Saint Expedite Distributing Co.; order form, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 17item 4.0
Saint Expedite Distributing Co.; New Orleans and Regional Music, January 1991series 8.2box 16folder 17item 5.0
nullseries 8.2box 16folder 18
Scheller, Art; 45 RPM Records, June 1979series 8.2box 16folder 18item 1.0
Scheller, Art; Auction #2, November 1980series 8.2box 16folder 18item 2.0
Scheller, Art; Auction List #, December 1980series 8.2box 16folder 18item 3.0
Scheller, Art; Auction List #5, January 1981series 8.2box 16folder 18item 4.0
Scheller, Art; Auction List #7, marginalia, February 1981series 8.2box 16folder 18item 5.0
Scheller, Art, May 1985series 8.2box 16folder 18item 6.0
Scheller, Art, June 1985series 8.2box 16folder 18item 7.0
Scheller, Art; LP Set Sale LP, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 8.0
Scherl, Robert E.; "This is to announce...", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 9.0
Scott, Frank & John Harmer (see also John Harmer), December 1976series 8.2box 16folder 18item 10.0
Shurley, Ralph; Set Sale List, c. October 1978series 8.2box 16folder 18item 12.0
Sierra Records; Winter 1994/1995 Updateseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 13.0
Slobodian, Dave; "Hi....Time for another list!....", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 14.0
Slobodian, Dave; "Hi....Here we are again", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 15.0
Slobodian, Dave; "Hello again....", c. Fall 1977series 8.2box 16folder 18item 16.0
Snyder, Walter P.; Old Records Wanted, January 1978series 8.2box 16folder 18item 17.0
Southern Music Shop , December 1978series 8.2box 16folder 18item 18.0
Southern Record Sales; Ace of Spades, see also J & F Southern Record Sales; Harmer, John; and Scott, Frank, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 19.0
Southern Record Sales; "Dear Customer:", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 20.0
Southern Record Sales; Hot, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 21.0
Southern Record Sales; Special Mid-Summer Limited Time Sale Lists, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 22.0
Specialty Records; Albums, Singles, Tapes Catalog, marginalia, 2 copies, November 1978series 8.2box 16folder 18item 23.0
Specialty Records; 40th Anniversary, c. 1986series 8.2box 16folder 18item 24.0
Shaw, Greg; Giant LP Sale, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 18item 11.0
Miscellaneous, Spin Dizzy - Stash-Daybreak M.O., Fall 1992 - 1993series 8.2box 16folder 19
Spin Dizzy; Winter, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 19item 1.0
Stadler, Dick, February 1975series 8.2box 16folder 19item 2.0
Stadler, Dick, September 1975series 8.2box 16folder 19item 3.0
Stak-O-Wax, April 1977series 8.2box 16folder 19item 4.0
Starfire Records; 12 Wild Classics from Robin Luke, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 19item 5.0
Starfire Records; 45's Still Available on Starfire, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 19item 6.0
Starfire Records; Our Lineup of Stars is Growing, January 1980series 8.2box 16folder 19item 7.0
Stash-Daybreak M.O.; Fall Christmas Catalogue, 1992series 8.2box 16folder 19item 8.0
Stash-Daybreak M.O.; Spring Inventory Clearance, 1993series 8.2box 16folder 19item 9.0
Stash-Daybreak M.O.; R&B, Doo-Wop, Blues, 1993series 8.2box 16folder 19item 10.0
Miscellaneous, Stash-Daybreak M.O. - Witzcrreck, H., Spring 1994series 8.2box 16folder 20
Stash-Daybreak M.O., Spring 1994series 8.2box 16folder 20item 1.0
Steinmetz, Melvin; Long Playing Albums Set Sale List, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 2.0
Steinmetz, Melvin; Sheet Music and Songbook Set Sale List, December 1981series 8.2box 16folder 20item 3.0
Stopler, Darryl; "Auction closes April 13th", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 4.0
Stopler, Darryl; "Auction closes July 10th", undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 5.0
Street Level Trading Company Inc., undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 6.0
Taylor, Richard D.; Blues, R & B, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 7.0
Time Warner Direct Entertainment; Music and Gifts by Mail, 1991series 8.2box 16folder 20item 8.0
Twist & Shout; My Back Pages vol. 2 no. 2, Winter 1994series 8.2box 16folder 20item 9.0
Tuff City Records; note on prices, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 10.0
Tuff City Records; Night Train International, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 11.0
Tuff City Records; Catalog, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 12.0
Wells, George , August 1983series 8.2box 16folder 20item 13.0
Wenzel's Music Town, February 1977series 8.2box 16folder 20item 14.0
Widon 1540, August 1977series 8.2box 16folder 20item 15.0
Witzcrreck, Arnie, August 1996series 8.2box 16folder 20item 16.0
Witzcrreck, H.; 78 RPM Auction, undatedseries 8.2box 16folder 20item 17.0
B & B Music Express, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 1
F. L. Moore, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 2
Golden Discs Unlimited, November 1972 - October 1975series 8.2box 17folder 3
Jazz Etc., c. 1980 - January 1988, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 4
Lynn-Art Enterprises, Lists 54-57, December 1972 - c. April 1973series 8.2box 17folder 5
Mark's One Stop Shop, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 6
Munshaw, Chuck, July 1995 - February 1996series 8.2box 17folder 7
Oilschlager, Kay, marginalia, July 1983series 8.2box 17folder 8
Pattison, Terry, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 9
Rare Records Unlimited, November 1972 - April 1973series 8.2box 17folder 10
Ray Avery-s Rare Records, August 1970 - December 1970, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 11
Rip Lay, September 1973, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 12
Scott, Joe, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 13
Scherzer Rare Records, Inc., July 1995 - September 1995, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 14
Stein, D.A., December 1982, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 15
Stopler, Jeff, July 1975 - August 1978series 8.2box 17folder 16
Sturm, Adriaan J., December 1977 - September 1986series 8.2box 17folder 17
West, Dennis W., August 1977 - March 1985series 8.2box 17folder 18
West, Dennis W., May 1985 - December 1988, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 19
Who Put the Bomp Auction Lists, November 1975 - May 1976series 8.2box 17folder 20
Misc. Oversize Lists, Ace Video & Music - McCallum, Hughseries 8.2box 17folder 21
Ace Video & Music, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 1.0
Biard, Rhonda, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 2.0
Cattaneo, Bob, Super Soul Catalog #11, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 3.0
Charboneau, Bob, List #15, April 1977series 8.2box 17folder 21item 4.0
Charboneau, R., List #16, August 1977series 8.2box 17folder 21item 5.0
Collectors Directory, c. 1976series 8.2box 17folder 21item 6.0
Comeau, Paul E., undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 7.0
Davis Jr. Raymond, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 8.0
D.J. Concert Productions "Salute to the Sixties: Sounds of Philadelphia", September 2002series 8.2box 17folder 21item 9.0
Durrell, David, marginalia, April 1976series 8.2box 17folder 21item 10.0
Ferlingere, Bob, Auction list #4, September 1975series 8.2box 17folder 21item 11.0
Flyright, January 1977series 8.2box 17folder 21item 12.0
Fortune Records, September 1981series 8.2box 17folder 21item 13.0
Harmer, John, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 14.0
House of Oldies, Best Selling Hip Oldies, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 15.0
House of Sounds, Inc., Oldies Listing No. 326, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 16.0
International Artists, List #201, November 1975series 8.2box 17folder 21item 17.0
Knights of the Turntable, October 1977series 8.2box 17folder 21item 18.0
Knights of the Turntable, February 1978series 8.2box 17folder 21item 19.0
Knights of the Turntable, February 1981series 8.2box 17folder 21item 20.0
Knights of the Turntable, March 1981series 8.2box 17folder 21item 21.0
Knights of the Turntable, July 1981series 8.2box 17folder 21item 22.0
Knights of the Turntable, October 1981series 8.2box 17folder 21item 23.0
Lee Records, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 21item 24.0
Liptak, George, November 1978series 8.2box 17folder 21item 25.0
Liptak, George, February 1979series 8.2box 17folder 21item 26.0
McCallum, Hugh, April 1986series 8.2box 17folder 21item 27.0
Misc. Oversize Lists, Moerer, Craig - Waxie Maxie'sseries 8.2box 17folder 22
Moerer, Craig, January 1976series 8.2box 17folder 22item 1.0
Music Scene , June 1981series 8.2box 17folder 22item 2.0
National Record Collectors, August 1985series 8.2box 17folder 22item 3.0
The Old Sound, August 1993series 8.2box 17folder 22item 4.0
The Old Sound, October 1993series 8.2box 17folder 22item 5.0
Paul, Fred, March 1976series 8.2box 17folder 22item 6.0
Paul, Fred, July 1976series 8.2box 17folder 22item 7.0
Presley, Norman, January 1985series 8.2box 17folder 22item 8.0
Ram Records, September 1980series 8.2box 17folder 22item 9.0
Record Museum, Best Selling Hip Oldies, c. 1976series 8.2box 17folder 22item 10.0
Record Museum, Best Selling Hip Oldies, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 11.0
Record Showcase, April 1977series 8.2box 17folder 22item 12.0
Rockit Records, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 13.0
Saint Expedite Distributing Co., undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 14.0
Schusler, Wilfried, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 15.0
Shimohara, Koji, List No. 9, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 16.0
Shimohara, Koji, List No. 10, August 1976series 8.2box 17folder 22item 17.0
Stonesifer, Marty W., undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 18.0
Tuff Stuff Records, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 19.0
Valle, Mike, Sell Sheet #6, December 1972series 8.2box 17folder 22item 20.0
Vetco Records, News Release: Charlie Feathers, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 21.0
Waxie Maxie's, undatedseries 8.2box 17folder 22item 22.0
Bear Family Records, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 1
Capers Corner, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 2
Collector's Choice Music, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 3
D-L Music, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 4
Golden Memories Records, Inc., undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 5
Golden Oldies Records, December 1979 - Winter 1981series 8.2box 18folder 6
Goldmine, February 1984 - March 1984series 8.2box 18folder 7
Heartland Music, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 8
The King's Collection, January 1981series 8.2box 18folder 9
Lost-Nite Records, Inc. / Discount Oldies, August 1981series 8.2box 18folder 10
L. R. Docks, October 1985series 8.2box 18folder 11
Memory Lane Records, August 1983 - December 1985, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 12
Merrill, Frank, April 1990, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 13
Midnight Records #19, 20, 22, 1986 - 1987, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 14
Midnight Records #23, 24, Spring 1988 - Fall 1988series 8.2box 18folder 15
Midnight Records, #27-29, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 16
Midnight Records, #30-32, undatedseries 8.2box 18folder 17
Midnight Records, #34-37, Spring 1993 - 1995series 8.2box 18folder 18
Music Mart, October 1990 - April 1991series 8.2box 18folder 19
Music Monthly, April 2002series 8.2box 18folder 20
Nina's Discount Oldies, Early Summer 2002 - Holiday 2003series 8.2box 18folder 21
Nina's Discount Oldies, Holiday 2004 - February 2005series 8.2box 19folder 1
Nina's Discount Oldies, March 2005 - c. April 2005series 8.2box 19folder 2
Nina's Discount Oldies, May 2005 - August 2005series 8.2box 19folder 3
Nina's Discount Oldies, August 2005 - September 2005series 8.2box 19folder 4
Nina's Discount Oldies, Fall 2005 - October 2005series 8.2box 19folder 5
Nina's Discount Oldies, November 2005 - December 2005series 8.2box 19folder 6
Nina's Discount Oldies, c. December 2005, undatedseries 8.2box 19folder 7
Olympic Records, August 2005 - September 2005series 8.2box 19folder 8
Pennsylvania Musician, April 2002series 8.2box 19folder 9
Popular Culture Ink., undatedseries 8.2box 19folder 10
Record Collector's Monthly, July 1982 - September 1983series 8.2box 19folder 11
Record Collector's Monthly, October 1983 - May 1984series 8.2box 20folder 1
Record Collector's Quarterly, undatedseries 8.2box 20folder 2
Record Finder, The, May 1978 - March 1981series 8.2box 20folder 3
Record Finder, The, April 1981 - October 1984series 8.2box 20folder 4
Record Finder, The, June 1985 - March 1990series 8.2box 20folder 5
Record Finder, The, July 1990 - January 1993series 8.2box 20folder 6
Record Finder, The, February 1994 - May 1994series 8.2box 20folder 7
Record Finder, The, June 1994 - July 1994series 8.2box 20folder 8
Record Finder, The, July 1994 - September 1994series 8.2box 20folder 9
Record Finder, The, October 1994 - December 1994series 8.2box 20folder 10
Record Finder, The, January 1995 - November 1995, undatedseries 8.2box 20folder 11
Rockaway, Summer/Fall 1989 - January 1990series 8.2box 21folder 1
Rockhouse, January 1990 - March 1991series 8.2box 21folder 2
Time Barrier Express, The, March 1978series 8.2box 21folder 3
Used (But Not Abused) Records, Summer 1988 - Spring 1989series 8.2box 21folder 4
Vinyl Vendors, 1992series 8.2box 21folder 5
Wortman, Cap, May 1977 - October 1977series 8.2box 21folder 6
Yesteryear, December 1976 - May 1977series 8.2box 21folder 7
Yesteryear / Wax Museum, July 1978, undatedseries 8.2box 21folder 8
Miscellaneous, Newspaper oversizeseries 8.2box 21folder 9
Brennan, Bob, April 1988series 8.2box 21folder 9item 1.0
Brennan, Bob; 20th Year of Record Auctions, April 1995series 8.2box 21folder 9item 2.0
Hamilton, Edward R.; Bargain Books, December 2004series 8.2box 21folder 9item 3.0
Mays Record & Talking Machine Co.; Auction 45, March 1977series 8.2box 21folder 9item 4.0
Mays Record & Talking Machine Co.; Auction 47, December 1977series 8.2box 21folder 9item 5.0
Mays Record & Talking Machine Co.; Auction 50, December 1981series 8.2box 21folder 9item 6.0
Nostalgia World; No. 3, undatedseries 8.2box 21folder 9item 7.0
Nostalgia World; No. 22, undatedseries 8.2box 21folder 9item 8.0
Pierian Press, October 1988series 8.2box 21folder 9item 9.0
Polosky, Frank M.; S.A. #103, January 1982series 8.2box 21folder 9item 10.0
Polosky, Frank M.; S.A. #107, September 1982series 8.2box 21folder 9item 11.0
Radwill, Allen; Novelty, Unusual, & Atrocious - Pt. 1, February 1989series 8.2box 21folder 9item 12.0
Record Groove, The; Record Collectors Exchange No. 1, February 1982series 8.2box 21folder 9item 13.0
Spectrum Music Video, 1994series 8.2box 21folder 9item 14.0
The Video Disc; Catalog #1, undatedseries 8.2box 21folder 9item 15.0

Series 9: World War I, undated (1.50 linear feet)

This series includes sheet music from the World War II era, and in reaction to or in support of the war. This series is still being processed.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Please contact Curator for the most recent inventory of this series., unknown series 9box 1folder 1

Series 10: World War II, undated (0.50 linear feet)

This series includes sheet music from the World War II era, and in reaction to or in support of the war. This series is still being processed.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Please contact Curator for the most recent inventory of this series., unknown series 10box 1folder 1

Series 11: Miscellaneous, undated (unknown)

This series includes material that may be sorted back into the collection at a later point. This series is still being processed.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Please contact Curator for the most recent inventory of this series., unknown series 11box 1folder 1

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