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Clifford V. Buttelman Papers


Clifford V. Buttelman Papers
Buttelman, Clifford
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21.25 linear feet
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Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

Clifford V. Buttelman (1886-1970) served as the first executive secretary of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), now known as the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), from 1930 until 1955, and as managing editor and director of publications of the Music Educators Journal from 1930 until 1962. His collection consists of professional papers related to his positions with MENC and MEJ, professional and personal correspondence, writings, photographs, and books. This collection is unprocessed; an inventory is available upon request.

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Clifford V. Buttelman Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.

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Materials from this collection must be used in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library's Irving and Margery Morgan Lowens Special Collections Room, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please make an appointment with the curator: Vincent J. Novara Tel: 301.405.9220, Email:


This collection is PROCESSED.

Historical Note

The career of Clifford V. Buttelman (April 8, 1886 - September 8, 1970) started with forays into journalism, music publishing, and music instrument sales, before finding him named as the first full-time Executive Secretary of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), now known as the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), in 1930. A 1907 graduate of the Ferris Institute (now Ferris State University), Buttelman also served as the Editor of the Music Educators Journal, MENC's official magazine, until 1960. After World War II, Buttelman was cited for his service on the sub-committee on music of the Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation. He was also part of a joint committee to establish a standardized version of "The Star Spangled Banner" and to encourage its use in schools. Following his retirement from the position of MENC's Director of Publications of the Conference in 1962, Buttelman retired to his home in Horton, MI.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Clifford V. Buttelman Papers cover the period from 1845 to 1980; the bulk of the materials date from 1948 to 1966. The collection consists of materials related to Buttelman's career as first executive secretary of the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), now known as the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), and managing editor and director of publications of the Music Educators Journal, as well as his personal life. Materials include writings by and about Buttelman; correspondence written and received by Buttelman and his colleagues; business documents; bound volumes of Music Educators Journal; news clippings; photographs; and writings related to the history of MENC.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Three boxes of the Clifford V. Buttelman Papers were donated as part of an official records submission to the Music Educators National Conference Historical Center at the University of Maryland in 1973. The bulk of the collection came in one shipment at some point between 1988 and 1989 from the Estate of Eulalia Buttelman, Clifford's wife.

Processing Information

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EAD markup created using EAD databased in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by Nicole Horstman, February 2013.

Arrangement of Collection

The collection is processed as one series that, for the most part, reflects the original order found in Buttelman's file cabinets.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Clifford V. Buttleman Papers, 1845-1980 (21.25 linear feet)

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / FrameItem
MENC Report of Annual Audit - 1961-1962, 1958-1960 series 1box 1folder 1
MENC Membership Reports, 1957-1965 series 1box 1folder 2
MENC Meeting of Board of Directors Minutes, 1955 series 1box 1folder 3
Report of Advisory Committee to the Executive Committee, 1953 series 1box 1folder 4
Report of the Executive Office to the National Board of Directors, 1950-1952 series 1box 1folder 5
MENC Letters to Board of Directors, 1949-1950 series 1box 1folder 6
MEJ Budget, 1956-1959 series 1box 1folder 7
MEJ Circulation Data [Data and Correspondence], 1950 series 1box 1folder 8
MENC: Music in America Life Commissions and Committees [Directories and Correspondence], 1956 series 1box 1folder 9
State Pres. National Assembly [Reports], 1958-1960 series 1box 1folder 10
Report of the Board of Directors, 1950 series 1box 1folder 11
MENC Minutes Biennial Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1952 series 1box 1folder 12
MENC Meeting of the Board of Directors Minutes, 1956 series 1box 1folder 13
MENC Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1958 series 1box 1folder 14
MENC Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1959 series 1box 1folder 15
MENC Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1960 series 1box 1folder 16
MENC Interim Meeting, 1959 series 1box 1folder 17
Minutes of the MENC Executive Committee Meeting, 1956 series 1box 1folder 18
MENC Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, 1954 series 1box 1folder 19
MENC Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1962 series 1box 1folder 20
MENC Interim Meeting, 1961 series 1box 1folder 21
State Presidents National Assembly, 1956 series 1box 1folder 22
MENC Interim Meeting [Correspondence, Membership Renewal Forms, Press Clippings, Directory], 1965 series 1box 1folder 23
MEJ Related Material, 1930-1960 series 1box 1folder 24
State Periodicals - Arizona, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 25
State Periodicals - Arkansas, 1964-1965 series 1box 1folder 26
State Periodicals - Colorado, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 27
State Periodicals - Connecticut, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 28
State Periodicals - Hawaii, 1964-1965 series 1box 1folder 29
State Periodicals - Indiana, 1964-1966 series 1box 1folder 30
State Periodicals - Kentucky, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 31
State Periodicals - Maine, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 32
State Periodicals - Massachusetts, 1964-1966 series 1box 1folder 33
State Periodicals - Michigan, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 34
State Periodicals - Minnesota, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 35
State Periodicals - Mississippi, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 36
State Periodicals - Missouri, 1965-1966 series 1box 1folder 37
American Music Conference [Correspondence, Promotional Materials, Photographs], 1950 series 1box 1folder 38
Actions of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, 1953-1963 series 1box 1folder 39
Clippings [Press Clippings, Correspondence], 1963 series 1box 2folder 1
CVB Photos Citations [Programs, Photographs, Press Clippings], 1966-1980 series 1box 2folder 2
CVB Clippings [Press Clippings, Undated], 1935-1961 series 1box 2folder 3
College Band Directors National Association [Convention Materials and Correspondence], 1949 series 1box 2folder 4
Copyright Law Revision [Memoranda, Correspondence], 1964 series 1box 2folder 5
Cultural Arts [H.R. 4172 and 4174-related materials, re: Federal Funding for Arts: Correspondence, Memoranda, Cartoons], 1959-1961 series 1box 2folder 6
Ferris Institute - CVB Citations [Press Clippings, Correspondence, Publications], 1961-1962 series 1box 2folder 7
Fine Arts Advisory Council Hearing [CVB Statement], 1957 series 1box 2folder 8
Hawaii - Kamehameha School Pictures and Material [Photographs, Press Clippings, Correspondence], 1955-1956 series 1box 2folder 9
MENC History - Form Letters No. 1, undated series 1box 2folder 10
In and About Chicago Club [Bulletin, Stationery, Correspondence], 1924-1930 series 1box 2folder 11
International Soc. For Music Education [Report], 1955 series 1box 2folder 12
Materials Not Originally in a Folder, Annual Membership Calls, MENC Publication Lists, 1962-1963 series 1box 2folder 13
MENC Forms, Data, Reports [Memoranda, Minutes], 1961 series 1box 2folder 14
Forms and Data [Rosters, Rate Cards, Memoranda], 1963 series 1box 2folder 16
Forms and Data [Rate Cards, Promotional Materials, Memoranda], 1964 series 1box 2folder 17
Forms and Data [Correspondence, Rate Cards, Memoranda], 1965 series 1box 2folder 18
MENC Forms and Data [EMPTY], 1966 series 1box 2folder 19
Mailing Address as per Address Cards Mailed, January 1966 series 1box 2folder 20
Advertising Rate Cards Includes Revision, 1961 [Correspondence], 1932-1961 series 1box 2folder 21
Standard Rate and Data Correspondence, ect, 1961-62 , 1958-1964 series 1box 2folder 22
Standard Rate and Data N.W. Ayer and Son, 1956-57, 1954-1957 series 1box 2folder 23
MENC Memos Misc [MENC Various Memoranda 1961], 1961 series 1box 2folder 24
MENC Misc. Files [Correspondence, Memoranda], 1962 series 1box 2folder 25
MENC Correspondence, 1963 series 1box 2folder 26
MENC Correspondence, 1964 series 1box 2folder 27
MENC Correspondence, 1964-1965 series 1box 2folder 28
Stationary, Misc., undated series 1box 2folder 29
Copies of MENC Constitution, 1958-1962 series 1box 2folder 30
National Anthem Pamphlets, undated series 1box 3folder 1
Yearbook Portraits That Will Be Omitted, [Reports, Speeches], 1914 series 1box 3folder 2
Yearbook [Speeches, Articles], 1916 series 1box 3folder 3
ABA Research Center Materials [Announcement, Form, Pamphlet], 1964 series 1box 3folder 4
A [Correspondence, Forms, Programs], 1962-1966 series 1box 3folder 5
American Music Conference [Correspondence], 1961 series 1box 3folder 6
B [Correspondence], 1941-1966 series 1box 3folder 7
Bachman, Harold [Correspondence, Articles], 1962-1966 series 1box 3folder 8
Baldwin, Ralph [Writings On], undated series 1box 3folder 9
Bills, 1961-1963 series 1box 3folder 10
Blanchard, Gerald - Pitts [Correspondence], 1965-1966 series 1box 3folder 11
Breach, Wm [Correspondence], 1964 series 1box 3folder 12
C [Correspondence], 1941-1966 series 1box 3folder 13
Congress [Correspondence, Questionnaires], 1966 series 1box 3folder 14
Constitution and Bylaws MENC and Associated Organizations, 1962-1964 and undated series 1box 3folder 15
Continuous Calendar, 1961-1965 series 1box 3folder 16
Copyrights Bill H.R.-4347, 1965 series 1box 3folder 17
Curtis, George and Arthur, 1962-1966 series 1box 3folder 18
Hodgepodge - from the pen of CVB [Poetry, Writings], 1965 and undated series 1box 3folder 19
CVB Birthday Cards [80th Birthday, Holiday Cards], 1966 series 1box 3folder 20
CVB Personal File [Correspondence, Family Information], 1945-1963 series 1box 3folder 21
D [Correspondence], 1962-1966 series 1box 3folder 22
E [Correspondence], 1958-1965 series 1box 3folder 23
Editorial Board [Correspondence, Memoranda], 1957-1964 series 1box 3folder 24
Enrichment Teaching Materials [Correspondence and Promotional Materials], 1963-1966 series 1box 3folder 25
MENC Expense Accounts [Correspondence], 1963-1965 series 1box 3folder 26
F [Correspondence], 1964-1965 series 1box 3folder 27
Ferris Institute [Correspondence, Promotional Materials, Articles], 1963-1966 series 1box 3folder 28
Ford Foundation Project, [Promotional Materials], 1962-1964 series 1box 3folder 29
G [Correspondence], 1960-1964 series 1box 3folder 30
Charles Gary [Correspondence], 1964-1965 series 1box 3folder 31
Edwin Franko Goldman Memorial Citation 1964 [Award, Correspondence], 1964 series 1box 3folder 32
Goranson, Arthur [Correspondence], 1965-1966 series 1box 3folder 33
Charles Griffith [Correspondence], 1964 series 1box 3folder 34
H [Correspondence], 1963-1966 series 1box 3folder 35
Hanover Township Library [Correspondence, Report], 1962 series 1box 3folder 36
Historical Society of Michigan [Form Letter, Map], 1965 series 1box 3folder 37
Hood, Marguerite [Correspondence], 1963-1965 series 1box 3folder 38
Horton Mill Pond Association [Notice, 1965 series 1box 3folder 39
Horton Telephone Bills Paid, 1966 series 1box 3folder 40
Correspondence - I, 1962-1965 series 1box 4folder 1
ISME [Journal], Spring 1962 series 1box 4folder 2
J [Correspondence], 1962-1966 series 1box 4folder 3
Jefferson Hotel, Duplicates of Bills [Correspondence, Stationery], 1962-1964 series 1box 4folder 4
K [Correspondence], 1962-1966 series 1box 4folder 5
L [Correspondence], 1964-1966 series 1box 4folder 6
Lawler, Vanett [Correspondence], 1966 series 1box 4folder 7
Mc [Correspondence], 1966 series 1box 4folder 8
M [Correspondence, Clippings], 1964-1966 series 1box 4folder 9
Joseph E. Maddy [Correspondence, Writings] On], 1965 series 1box 4folder 10
Masons [Correspondence, Forms], 1964 series 1box 4folder 11
Misc. File [Writings, Correspondence, Journal Info], 1960-1961 and undated series 1box 4folder 12
Music Educators Journal [Correspondence, Article, Memorandum], 1964-1965 series 1box 4folder 13
MENC, Contemporary Music Project [News Release], 1964 series 1box 4folder 14
MENC Biennial Session [Forms, Ballot, Memoranda], 1965-1966 series 1box 4folder 15
MENC Correspondence, 1966 series 1box 4folder 16
MENC Ballot North Central, 1966 series 1box 4folder 17
Birge: Correspondence About Book, 1952-1966 series 1box 4folder 18
MENC Charles Gary [Correspondence], 1963-1966 series 1box 4folder 19
N [Correspondence], 1963-1966 series 1box 4folder 20
NAMM, National Association of Music Merchants [Programs, Memorandum, Newsletter], 1961-1964 series 1box 4folder 21
NEA - (MENC) [Correspondence, Memo, Agreement], 1963-1966 series 1box 4folder 22
NIMAC [History], 1962 series 1box 4folder 23
National Anthem [Pamphlets], 1964 series 1box 4folder 24
Correspondence - O [EMPTY], undated series 1box 4folder 25
Old American Insurance Co. [Correspondence], 1965 series 1box 4folder 26
Shirley Oldman, Time Slips, 1962-1964 series 1box 4folder 27
Office Supply House, 1965 series 1box 4folder 28
P [Correspondence, 1961-1966 series 1box 4folder 29
Phoenix, Arizona [Pamphlets], 1965 series 1box 4folder 30
Pitts, Lilla Belle [Correspondence], 1961-1963 series 1box 4folder 31
Post Office 1960-61 Reports/Postage Rates Data, 1960-1963 series 1box 4folder 32
Postal Rate Information and Postal Zipcode Directory, 1963-1964 series 1box 4folder 33
Questionnaire Re: History, undated series 1box 4folder 34
R [Correspondence], 1961-1966 series 1box 4folder 35
Ross, Roberta [Timesheets, 1965-1966 series 1box 4folder 36
S [Correspondence, 1964-1966 series 1box 4folder 37
Sams, Lynn [Correspondence, 1964-1966 series 1box 4folder 38
Stamped Envelopes, undated series 1box 4folder 39
Standard Oil Bills Paid, 1964 series 1box 4folder 40
State Periodicals, Current List, 1964 series 1box 4folder 41
Style Sheets, 1958 series 1box 4folder 42
T [Correspondence], 1963 series 1box 4folder 43
Telephone Company Horton Mutual Southern Court proceedings, 1960 series 1box 4folder 44
Time Sheets, 1965 series 1box 4folder 45
Tremaine, C.M. [Biography, Correspondence], 1962 series 1box 4folder 46
U [Correspondence], 1962 series 1box 4folder 47
V [Correspondence], 1966 series 1box 4folder 48
Paul Van Bodegraven [Correspondence], 1956 series 1box 4folder 49
W [Correspondence], 1963-1964 series 1box 4folder 50
X Y Z [Correspondence], 1962-1966 series 1box 4folder 51
CVB, Notes to be Written , 1962-1963 series 1box 4folder 52
Follow-Up File, 1966 series 1box 4folder 53
Untitled [Montana-related], 1966 series 1box 4folder 54
Ferris State College Commencement Program, 1966 series 1box 4folder 55
For Income Tax Folder, 1966 series 1box 4folder 56
Editor's Foreword, undated series 1box 4folder 57
Dedication, 1966 series 1box 4folder 58
Before 1900 And, [History, Program], 1928 series 1box 4folder 59
1907 Keokuk Meeting [Book Excerpt], 1907 series 1box 4folder 60
1910 Yearbook [Early Music Conference-related Writings], 1910 series 1box 4folder 61
Chapter 4 Section 1, 1911 Detroit Meeting, 1911 series 1box 5folder 1
Copy of Pamphlet, 1911 series 1box 5folder 2
Constitution By-Laws, 1910 series 1box 5folder 3
Music for Every Child, Karl Gehrkens [Writings], undated series 1box 5folder 4
Dallas meeting, 1927 series 1box 5folder 5
Music Industry Council, [History, Pamphlet], 1959 series 1box 5folder 6
Status of School Music, 1914 series 1box 5folder 7
Community Songs and Singing [Writings], undated series 1box 5folder 8
Inception of National and Sectional Biennial Meetings, 1924 series 1box 5folder 9
Section 3: National Music Supervisors Chorus and Orchestra, 1921-1926 series 1box 5folder 10
Introductory Material [Eastern Conference, Southern Conference, Western Conference, Southwestern Conference, Northwestern Conference, North Central Conference], 1907 series 1box 5folder 11
Section 4: Music in the Grades, Blanche Woody, 1918-1920 series 1box 5folder 12
Section 5: Class Piano Instruction and the MENC, 1949 series 1box 5folder 13
Section 9: New England Music Festival Association, 1934 series 1box 5folder 14
Band, Orchestra, Chorus Festivals, 1934 series 1box 5folder 15
American Bandmaster's Association History, undated series 1box 5folder 16
The Advent of School Bands and School Band Contests and Festivals, 1923-1966 series 1box 5folder 17
National Music Camp, Interlochen, Folder for History, 1959-1965 series 1box 5folder 18
National Anthem, 1964 series 1box 5folder 19
Ever Widening Horizons, 1966 series 1box 5folder 20
Music and the First World War, 1920 series 1box 5folder 21
World War II, In Two World Wars, 1966 series 1box 5folder 22
Statement of Belief and Purpose, 1947 series 1box 5folder 23
Mileposts and Stepping Stones, 1942-1955 series 1box 5folder 24
Silver Anniversary Journal , 1932 series 1box 5folder 25
Questions for Which I Might Look for Answers in the MENC History, undated series 1box 5folder 26
The Official Magazine of the MENC, 1963 series 1box 5folder 27
Golden Anniversary MEJ, 1957 series 1box 5folder 28
Making History, undated series 1box 5folder 29
Historical Outline, undated series 1box 5folder 30
History Duplicate Copies - Old, 1907 series 1box 6folder 1
Sour Notes [Complaint and Report], 1961 series 1box 6folder 2
Music Appreciation, 1930 series 1box 6folder 3
Postcard Questionnaire, Answers, 1963 series 1box 6folder 4
Official Directory Elections, etc. From MEJ Files, 1951 series 1box 6folder 5
Evaluation of Music Ed., undated series 1box 6folder 6
National Committee for Music Education, 1928 series 1box 6folder 7
Yearbook, 1897 series 1box 6folder 8
Yearbook, 1910 series 1box 6folder 9
CVB Manuscripts, Minnesota Historical Material, Minnesota Historical Material MEEA and MBA, Armchair Gossip Column, 1932-1963 series 1box 6folder 10
Ohio Music Education Association History, Music Education by Radio (Cleveland), 1934-1963 series 1box 6folder 11
Cleveland Instrumental Music by Helen Hannen, 1962 series 1box 6folder 12
Harry Clarke by Helen Hannen, 1962 series 1box 6folder 13
Photostat, Old Menus - Keokuk Meeting, 1907 series 1box 6folder 14
Music Clinics, undated series 1box 6folder 15
Stationary, undated series 1box 6folder 16
Music Education Leaders of Dallas , 1966 series 1box 6folder 17
Victor Rebmann [Writings], 1962 series 1box 6folder 18
Anglo-American Conference Correspondence from Paul Weaver, 1961 series 1box 6folder 19
History Misc. Notes, 1932 series 1box 6folder 20
History, 1961-1965 series 1box 6folder 21
Code Of National Anthem [Pamphlets], 1956 series 1box 6folder 22
Council of State Editors, undated series 1box 6folder 23
Resolutions, 1932 series 1box 6folder 24
History, 1961-1968 series 1box 6folder 25
Stationary, undated series 1box 6folder 26
1900 And Before - Original Handwritten Drafts, 1962 series 1box 6folder 27
The State Music Educators Association, 1938 series 1box 6folder 28
Vital Elements in Music, Butler, 1931- series 1box 6folder 29
Ever-Widening Horizons Plan [Drafts], 1966 series 1box 6folder 30
National Music Camp [Programs], 1958 series 1box 6folder 31
Circulation Data [Music Educators Journal], 1957 series 1box 6folder 32
Personalities - History [Writings, Clippings], 1927-1946 series 1box 6folder 33
Abel - The Trouble With High School Bands [Evaluations], 1958 series 1box 6folder 34
Edward B. Birge, 1901-1952 series 1box 6folder 35
Bryant, Laura [Clippings, Correspondence], 1957 series 1box 6folder 36
Cahn - Music and People - An Unfortunate Dichotomy [Evaluations], 1959 series 1box 6folder 37
Carrow - The Problem of Integrated Theory [Evaluations], 1959 series 1box 6folder 38
John Elliot Clark Correspondence, 1952-1963 series 1box 6folder 39
Frances E. Clark Manuscript, undated series 1box 6folder 40
Frances E. Clark - History, 1924-1964 series 1box 6folder 41
Peter Dykema, 1918-1951 series 1box 6folder 42
Frances Elliot Clark, 1907-1963 series 1box 6folder 43
Will Earhart, 1938-1961 series 1box 7folder 1
EG NER - College Training for Band Directors, 1958 series 1box 7folder 2
Marion Flagg, 1963 series 1box 7folder 3
Karl Wilson Gehrkens, 1960-1966 series 1box 7folder 4
Gehrkens, McConathy, Aikens, etc., 1921-1965 series 1box 7folder 5
Giddings - Recess, 1932 series 1box 7folder 6
T.P. Giddings - History, 1939-1961 series 1box 7folder 7
Greenleaf CD for Article by CVB, 1961-1963 series 1box 7folder 8
Hannen, Helen, 1961-1965 series 1box 7folder 9
Hohner - History, 1957 series 1box 7folder 10
Hood, Marguerite V. - Kendall R. - Clarke, Henry Leland, 1955 series 1box 7folder 11
Edith M. Keller - History, Triad Magazine, 1959 series 1box 7folder 12
Kleeman, Frances A. "Bringing Great Composers into the Classroom", 1959-1961 series 1box 7folder 13
McKenzie, Duncan Dealing with Problems in the 'Break Arts of Boys' Voices in the Junior High School, 1959 series 1box 7folder 14
Miller - Music in Advertising, 1958 series 1box 7folder 15
Albert Mitchell - History, 1950 series 1box 7folder 16
Meissner, Otto - History, 1949-1956 series 1box 7folder 17
Richards, Sarah - Listening in the Elementary School [Manuscripts], 1957 series 1box 7folder 18
Jack Wainwright, 1924-1963 series 1box 7folder 19
Wassell, Albert - History, 1953-1954 series 1box 7folder 20
Worrel, J.W., Glorious History . . . No Preservation, 1958 series 1box 7folder 21
Paul Yoder, 1963-1964 series 1box 7folder 22
CVB - Misc. to Be Sorted [Correspondence, Writings, Charts, Minutes], 1952-1958 series 1box 7folder 23
Examine For Photos, 1957-1959 series 1box 7folder 24
Correspondence from CVB basically Concerning Publications, 1959 series 1box 7folder 25
Lawler's Memo, 1956-1958 series 1box 7folder 26
Kable, Mailing and Distribution, 1958-1959 series 1box 7folder 27
Music Education as I Have Lived It, Frances Elliott Clark, 1929 series 1box 7folder 28
CVB Misc. Personal and Sensitive Material, 1937-1955 series 1box 7folder 29
American Music Conference, 1949 series 1box 7folder 30
Miscellaneous - Out of Folder, Possibly History Material, 1955-1966 series 1box 7folder 31
American Music Conference, 1950 series 1box 7folder 32
CVB Personal, 1948-1952 series 1box 7folder 33
Charles Dennis, Vanett Lawler and Others, 1949-1950 series 1box 7folder 34
Luther Richman -Possible History Material, 1947-1949 series 1box 8folder 1
CVB Personal, Clippings, 1930-1950 series 1box 8folder 2
John Kendel and Others - Possible History Material, 1945-1946 series 1box 8folder 3
Carbons of Ralph Rush Letters - Possible History Material, 1952-1953 series 1box 8folder 4
Vanett Lawler/South America, 1944-1945 series 1box 8folder 5
Margerite V. Hood - Possible History Material, 1952 series 1box 8folder 6
C.V. Buttelman, Personal - Possible History Material, 1929-1952 series 1box 8folder 7
Vanett Lawler Correspondence - Possible History Material, 1951-1952 series 1box 8folder 8
C.V Buttelman, Personal, To Be Sorted, 1946-1953 series 1box 8folder 9
State Presidents, 1952 series 1box 8folder 10
MENC, 1948 series 1box 8folder 11
Rate Card Material, 1950-1954 series 1box 8folder 12
MENC Material - Exec. Committee Minutes, 1954-1955 series 1box 8folder 13
Landmark Enrichment Club, 1954-1955 series 1box 8folder 14
Marguerite V. Hood, Historical Material and Correspondence (1 of 2), 1952 series 1box 8folder 15
Marguerite V. Hood, Historical Material and Correspondence (2 of 2), 1952 series 1box 8folder 16
Marguerite V. Hood [Correspondence], 1951 series 1box 8folder 17
CVB Loose Correspondence and Enrichment Club Materials, 1967-1969 series 1box 8folder 18
Follow-Up Report, MENC Materials, Correspondence, 1965-1968 series 1box 8folder 19
Charles Alexander Fullerton, 1964 series 1box 8folder 20
MENC - CVB Correspondence, 1953-1954 series 1box 9folder 1
Vanett Lawler Memos to CVB and Others, 1953-1954 series 1box 9folder 2
CVB Forms and Data, 1952 series 1box 9folder 3
Vanett Lawler Memos and Correspondence to CVB and Others, 1950-1952 series 1box 9folder 4
Salary Schedule and Job Duties, 1954 series 1box 9folder 5
Music Education as a Career, 1954 series 1box 9folder 6
St. Louis, CVB, 1956 series 1box 9folder 7
CVB VL Correspondence, 1953-1954 series 1box 9folder 8
Golden Anniversary Commission, Lila Belle Pitts Correspondence, 1954-1955 series 1box 9folder 9
CVB - Personal, 1923-1944 series 1box 9folder 10
CVB Misc. Correspondence and Things To Keep, 1941-1957 series 1box 9folder 11
CV Buttelman Correspondence, 1943-1963 series 1box 9folder 12
CVB Various Correspondence, 1928-1965 series 1box 9folder 13
Music Supervisor's Journal, 1924-1925 series 1box 9folder 14
The Founders - History, 1942, 1966 series 1box 9folder 15
International Material, 1930-1931 series 1box 9folder 16
Northwest Conference, 1936-1963 series 1box 9folder 17
California Western and State, undated series 1box 9folder 18
Catharine Strouse - Southwestern History, 1957 series 1box 9folder 19
Eastern Conference, First Meeting Correspondence, 1918. and Other Materials, 1917-1918 series 1box 9folder 20
American Music Conference, 1943-1950 series 1box 9folder 21
Southern Conference, 1953 series 1box 9folder 22
California Western, 1953 series 1box 9folder 23
North Central Conference, 1953 series 1box 9folder 24
Eastern Conference , 1953 series 1box 9folder 25
American Music Conference, 1949-1950 series 1box 9folder 26
Southwestern Conference [Expenses and Income], 1952 series 1box 9folder 27
Robert Choate, 1954 series 1box 9folder 28
Student Chapters, 1954 series 1box 9folder 29
MENC Membership Statistics and Financial Statement, 1930-1948 series 1box 9folder 30
Student Membership Material, 1948-1949 series 1box 9folder 31
MENC Correspondence - Dues and Journal Subscriptions, 1940 series 1box 9folder 32
Misc. [Forms, Correspondence], 1966-1968 series 1box 9folder 33
CVB Miscellaneous Information, 1962-1964 series 1box 9folder 34
MENC - Study of Administrative Revision, 1964 series 1box 9folder 35
Eastern Music Camp, 1961-1966 series 1box 9folder 36
Relocation of MENC Hdqt's Office, 1965 series 1box 9folder 37
MENC Correspondence Pertaining to Location Of Office, 1930 series 1box 9folder 38
Marion Flagg - Curriculum/Orff, 1963-1965 series 1box 9folder 39
MENC Leaders/Planning Committee, 1962-1966 series 1box 9folder 40
MENC Convention, Detroit, 1948 series 1box 9folder 41
Music Educators Journal, 1952-1953 series 1box 9folder 42
Wartime Educational Material, 1945 series 1box 9folder 43
National Convention, Detroit (legal size, on top), 1948 series 1box 9folder 44
Southwestern Division Correspondence [Reports], 1953 series 1box 10folder 1
Vanett Lawler Memos and Correspondence, 1951-1955 series 1box 10folder 2
Budget Committee, Board of Directors, Roll Call, 1946-1952 series 1box 10folder 3
Misc. Reports and Correspondence, 1944-1952 series 1box 10folder 4
Charles M. Dennis Correspondence, 1949-1950 series 1box 10folder 5
Charles M. Dennis Correspondence, 1949-1950 series 1box 10folder 6
NW Conference, 1953 series 1box 10folder 7
Vanett Lawler Correspondence, 1953 series 1box 10folder 8
Correspondence [Photographs, Pamphlets], 1954 series 1box 10folder 9
History (Early Days) - Manuscripts and Clippings, 1921-1941 series 1box 10folder 10
From Early Files - Miscellany, 1891-1957 series 1box 10folder 11
Making History, undated series 1box 10folder 12
History - Reminiscences, Personal Opinions, 1963 series 1box 10folder 13
History - MENC Leaders Who's Who, 1963-1964 series 1box 10folder 14
The Early Days, 1922 series 1box 10folder 15
History (Questionnaire), 1926-1962 series 1box 10folder 16
History - Membership Roll, 1907 series 1box 10folder 17
Correspondence, 1938-1955 series 1box 10folder 18
MENC Conference Material - Folder 1 of 2, 1941-1965 series 1box 10folder 19
MENC Conference Material - Folder 1 of 2, 1941-1965 series 1box 10folder 20
Petrullo and Others, Articles and Clippings, 1947-1964 series 1box 10folder 21
Early MENC Exec. Committee Records, 1930-1952 series 1box 10folder 22
C.V. Buttelman [Correspondence], 1932-1954 series 1box 10folder 23
Karel - Missouri Joint Conference, 1930-1952 series 1box 10folder 24
John W. Molnar - Historical Perspectives, 1932-1954 series 1box 10folder 25
John W. Molnar - History of MENC Excerpts, 1958-1960 series 1box 10folder 26
Fred A. Holtz, Sr., 1957 series 1box 10folder 27
Silver Anniversary Meeting Exec. Committee, 1950 series 1box 10folder 28
History - Chautauqua Institution, 1961 series 1box 10folder 29
Public Schools - 100th Anniversary, 1932 series 1box 10folder 30
Constitutions - From 1935 Yearbook - National School Band Association and National School Orchestra Association, 1960 series 1box 10folder 31
Ricordi Anniversary, From Ralph Satz, 1937 series 1box 10folder 32
St. Louis Schools, 100 Years of Progress, 1938 series 1box 10folder 33
Various Articles by Various People, 1953-1956 series 1box 11folder 1
Stephen Collins Foster, Memorial of the University of Pittsburgh, 1944 series 1box 11folder 2
Supplement to the School Music Monthly, 1904 series 1box 11folder 3
The Congdon Music Readers, Number one The Primer, 1909 series 1box 11folder 4
Natural Course in Music, undated series 1box 11folder 5
Natural Course in Music, Third Series, 1899-1900 series 1box 11folder 6
Music Appreciation for Little Children, 1920 series 1box 11folder 7
Franz Schubert by G. Kirkham Jones, undated series 1box 11folder 8
The Song of Man, 1846 series 1box 11folder 9
A Tribute, David Stevens, Harvey Worthington Loomis, undated series 1box 11folder 10
Grace Before Meat by William Arms Fisher, undated series 1box 11folder 11
Liberty Chorus Song Book, Anne Shaw Faulkner e.d., undated series 1box 11folder 12
Vocal and Chamber Music, undated series 1box 11folder 13
Historical - CVB, 1956 series 1box 11folder 14
Correspondence with W.L. Housewright/MEJ Editorial Board, 1958-1964 series 1box 11folder 15
A Second Book of Reading Lessons in Music Appreciation, 1922-1923 series 1box 11folder 16
Music Appreciation for Every Child, Intermediate Grades, 1935 series 1box 11folder 17
Music Appreciation for the Junior High School, Teacher's Manual, 1928 series 1box 11folder 18
Golden Treasury Book 1, 1921 series 1box 11folder 19
Two Great Illusions, 1945 series 1box 11folder 20
The Rainbow Festival, 1888 series 1box 11folder 21
The Golden Treasury of Recorded Music, 1928 series 1box 11folder 22
Indiana School Journal, 1956-1886 series 1box 11folder 23
A Garland of Green Mountain Song, 1934 series 1box 11folder 24
Tone Plays for Children, undated series 1box 11folder 25
The Coda, 1887 series 1box 11folder 26
Journal of Education, 1845-1933 series 1box 11folder 27
RCA Victor Family News, 1948 series 1box 11folder 28
The American Institute of Normal Methods, 1937 series 1box 11folder 29
Boston, The Cradle of Public School Music in America, 1910 series 1box 11folder 30
Rhythmic Method of Music Teaching, 1921 series 1box 11folder 31
Crescendo, 1926-1928 series 1box 11folder 32
Evening Courier, Camden New Jersey, 1930 series 1box 11folder 33
Showcase Music Clubs Magazine, 1960 series 1box 11folder 34
MENC Conference Unsent Correspondence, undated series 1box 11folder 35
Songs of the Yellowstone Park camps, undated series 1box 11folder 36
Folk Dances and How to Do Them, 1929 series 1box 11folder 37
Small Volumes by American Book Company, 1929 series 1box 11folder 38
The Condgen Music Readers, Number Four, 1918 series 1box 11folder 39
Music Appreciation with the Victrola for Children, 1928 series 1box 11folder 40
Practical Lesson Plans in Musical Appreciation by Means of the Gramaphone, 1933 series 1box 11folder 41
Books, 1944-1954 series 1box 11folder 42
Music Educators Journal, 1944-1947 series 1box 11folder 42item 1.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 33-34, Sept 1945-June 1948 series 1box 11folder 42item 2.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 25-26, Sept 1948-June 1950 series 1box 11folder 42item 3.0
Music Educator's Journal, Sept. 1950-July 1952 series 1box 11folder 42item 4.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 34-40, 1952-1954 series 1box 11folder 42item 5.0
Books, 1913-1964 series 1box 12folder 1
Music Educator's Journal, 1954-1956 series 1box 12folder 1item 1.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1925 series 1box 12folder 1item 2.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1924 series 1box 12folder 1item 3.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1923 series 1box 12folder 1item 4.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1922 series 1box 12folder 1item 5.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1921 series 1box 12folder 1item 6.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1920 series 1box 12folder 1item 7.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1919 series 1box 12folder 1item 8.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1918 series 1box 12folder 1item 9.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1917 series 1box 12folder 1item 10.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1916 series 1box 12folder 1item 11.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1915 series 1box 12folder 1item 12.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1914 series 1box 12folder 1item 13.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1913 series 1box 12folder 1item 14.0
U.S. participation in the U.N., 1959 series 1box 12folder 1item 15.0
NEA handbook, 1952-1953 series 1box 12folder 1item 16.0
NEA Telephone Directory, 1962 series 1box 12folder 1item 17.0
NEA Telephone Directory, 1964 series 1box 12folder 1item 18.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1933 series 1box 12folder 1item 19.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1932 series 1box 12folder 1item 20.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1931 series 1box 12folder 1item 21.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1930 series 1box 12folder 1item 22.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1929 series 1box 12folder 1item 23.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1927 series 1box 12folder 1item 24.0
Music Supervisor's National Conference, 1926 series 1box 12folder 1item 25.0
Books, 1889-1948 series 1box 13folder 1
MENC National Conference, 1934 series 1box 13folder 1item 1.0
MENC National Conference, 1935 series 1box 13folder 1item 2.0
MENC National Conference, 1936 series 1box 13folder 1item 3.0
MENC National Conference, 1937 series 1box 13folder 1item 4.0
MENC National Conference, 1938 series 1box 13folder 1item 5.0
MENC National Conference, 1939-1940 series 1box 13folder 1item 6.0
Music Education Source Book, 1947 series 1box 13folder 1item 7.0
Kable Brothers Company, 1889-1948 series 1box 13folder 1item 8.0
Mount Morris: Past and Present, 1938 series 1box 13folder 1item 9.0
School Orchestras and Bands, undated series 1box 13folder 1item 10.0
Music Supervisor's Journal, 1918-1920 series 1box 13folder 1item 11.0
Music Teachers National Association, Volume of Proceedings for 1925, 1925 series 1box 13folder 1item 12.0
Music Teachers National Association, Volume of Proceedings for 1937, 1937 series 1box 13folder 1item 13.0
Music Teachers National Association, Volume of Proceedings for 1933, 1933 series 1box 13folder 1item 14.0
Music Teachers National Association, Volume of Proceedings for 1932, 1932 series 1box 13folder 1item 15.0
1 Envelope containing a small book - First Reader, undated series 1box 14folder 1
1 Envelope - First Conference on Special Activities in Connection with the Advancement Program, undated series 1box 14folder 2
Books, 1930-1944 series 1box 14folder 3
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 23-24, 1936-1938 series 1box 14folder 3item 1.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 17-18, 1930-1932 series 1box 14folder 3item 2.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 19-20, 1932-1934 series 1box 14folder 3item 3.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 21-22, 1934 series 1box 14folder 3item 4.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 27-28, circa 1940 series 1box 14folder 3item 5.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols. 29-30, 1942-1944 series 1box 14folder 3item 6.0
Music Educator's Journal Vols.?, 1938-1940 series 1box 14folder 3item 7.0

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The Clifford Buttelman Papers are part of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Historical Center, formerly known as the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) Historical Center.

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