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Charles O. Moody Collection


Charles O. Moody Collection
Moody, Charles O.
Collection number:
77.5 Linear Feet
Bulk dates:
Inclusive dates:
1958-1984 and undated
Collection Area:
Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

Charles O. Moody (1927-1989) served as the Music Educators National Conference's (MENC) deputy executive secretary and director of development. His educational background concerns history, secondary education, and school administration. Prior to working with MENC, Moody was a staff consultant and project coordinator on curriculum projects with the California State Department of Education in Sacramento. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, and other documents related to his work with various MENC projects, such as the National Building Fund Campaign and the Goals and Objectives Project.

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Historical Note

Charles O. Moody was born May 31, 1927, in Mountain View, CA. Moody served as MENC's deputy executive secretary and director of development, helping the organization in a variety of ways, including fundraising, program development, and other administrative tasks. Moody attended San Mateo Junior College and the University of California, Berkeley, as an undergraduate and took graduate classes at Stanford University and University of California in history, secondary education, and school administration.

Moody was appointed as MENC's deputy executive secretary for program development in 1968. Circa 1976, he became the director of development. Before working with MENC, Moody was a staff consultant and project coordinator for the California State Department of Education in Sacramento. He helped originate the California Statewide Fine Arts and Humanities Project (also serving as its first executive secretary) and was involved with the Advanced Placement Program, K-12 statewide social sciences curricula, the reorganization of the State Department of Education, and the administration of federal aid to education programs. He served as a president of the Council of State Social Studies Specialists and was a member of the Curriculum Committee of the National Council for the Social Studies. Moody also authored social studies test materials and was an editorial reviewer and advisor for school texts.

As MENC's membership reached nearly 60,000 in the late 1960s, the organization saw the need to reshape itself. The Goals and Objectives Project (GO Project) was initiated in 1969 with the purpose of establishing more definite long-term goals and the steps to achieve them. The GO Project Steering Committee created eighteen National Committees each tasked with individual assignments that were largely drawn from the 1967 Tanglewood Symposium report on music education, with additional recommendations from MENC National Board members. As MENC's deputy executive secretary, Moody was responsible for several administrative tasks and communicated regularly with the Steering Committee and the National Committees.

In 1969, MENC changed from being a department within the National Education Association to being an affiliate organization. This development, along with MENC's booming membership and growth in activity, called for a new headquarters outside of the NEA offices. Moody played a pivotal administrative role in MENC's National Building Fund Campaign, a drive to create a new headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Other important MENC members involved in the campaign were Louis Wersen (national chairman), Paul Van Bodegraven (head, board of overseers), and Richard Davis (state campaign organizer). The consulting firm Marts and Lundy were hired to assist with the fundraising, and William F. Ludwig acquired contributions from his music industry contacts. The building was completed in 1975 and remains the location of MENC's (now NAfME) headquarters.

Moody departed MENC in October 1980 and in the following years retired to Mountain View, CA. He died on September 25, 1989, in Santa Clara, CA.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Charles O. Moody Collection contains materials that span the period of 1960 to 1984 with additional undated materials; the bulk of the material dates from 1969 to 1975. The collection consists of correspondence, research, articles, legislation, budget information, photographs, and other documents related to Moody's work with various MENC projects, such as the National Building Fund Campaign and the Goals and Objectives Project. Items have been left in their original order.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

The collections transferred to what was the MENC Historical Center in January 1983 as a routine transfer of official records by Marlynn Likens.

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Processed by Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez, May 2015

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Correspondence, 1968-1980 and undated (null)

This series contains Moody's correspondence with MENC members and outside organizations. Correspondence related to specific MENC projects is also located in respective folders in the Working Files series. MENC members that figure prominently in this series are Eugene Morlan, A. Theodore Tellstrom, Robert Klotman, and Don Dillon. Items are arranged in their original order within their respective boxes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
COM drafts 3/21/78 - 6/30/78, 1978 series 1box 1folder 1
July - Sept., 1978 series 1box 1folder 2
Oct - Nov, 1978 series 1box 1folder 3
Dec - (1978) Jan - (1979), 1978-1979 series 1box 1folder 4
Feb 79 - June 79, 1979 series 1box 2folder 1
July - Aug., 1979 series 1box 2folder 2
Sept. - Nov., 1979 series 1box 2folder 3
Com Drafts Dec 79 and Jan 80, 1979-1980 series 1box 2folder 4
Feb - March - April, 1980 series 1box 2folder 5
Drafts - Correspondence 4 - 7/80, 1980 series 1box 3folder 1
Misc 73 -74 Correspondence, 1973-1974 series 1box 3folder 2
General Correspondence, 1977-1978 series 1box 3folder 3
COM/Mary Hoffman Correspondence, 1979-1980 series 1box 3folder 4
Correspondence prepared for J. A. Mason's Signature, 1978-1980 series 1box 3folder 5
Assignments to COM from Dr. Dillon, 1979 series 1box 3folder 6
Correspondence to JAM from COM, 1979-1980 series 1box 3folder 7
COM: Gene Morlan Corres File, 1979-1980 series 1box 3folder 8
COM/D. Dillon Correspondence, 1979-1980 series 1box 3folder 9
Jeri Forster - C. O. Moody Corres., 1977 series 1box 3folder 10
Memos to CLG (Copies), 1968-1969 series 1box 3folder 11
C. O. Moody to A. T. Tellstrom, 1977 series 1box 4folder 1
C. O. Moody to A. T. Tellstrom, 1978 series 1box 4folder 2
Gene Morlan - COM Correspondence, 1977 series 1box 4folder 3
Livingston Biddle - COM Correspondence, 1977 series 1box 4folder 4
James Mason - COM Correspondence, 1977 series 1box 4folder 5
James A. Mason - COM's Correspondence, 1978 series 1box 4folder 6
Letters Signed Over Robert Klotman's Signature, 1977-1978 series 1box 4folder 7
Robert Klotman - General Correspondence, 1976-1978 series 1box 4folder 8
corresp. - to answer, 1968-1969 series 1box 4folder 9
COM corresp, 1969 series 1box 4folder 10
COM corresp, 1971 series 1box 4folder 11
COM corresp, 1972 series 1box 4folder 12
COM Corresp, 1973 series 1box 5folder 1
Chronological File - January, 1978 series 1box 5folder 2
Chronological File - February, 1978 series 1box 5folder 3
Chronological File - March, 1978 series 1box 5folder 4
Chronological File - April, 1978 series 1box 5folder 5
Chrono File - May, 1978 series 1box 5folder 6
Chrono File - June, 1978 series 1box 5folder 7
Chrono File - July, 1978 series 1box 5folder 8
August, 1978 series 1box 5folder 9
September, 1978 series 1box 5folder 10
October, 1978 series 1box 6folder 1
November, 1978 series 1box 6folder 2
Chrono - December, 1978 series 1box 6folder 3
January, 1979 series 1box 6folder 4
February Chrono, 1979 series 1box 6folder 5
March Chrono, 1979 series 1box 6folder 6
Chrono - April, 1979 series 1box 6folder 7
Chrono - May, 1979 series 1box 6folder 8
Chrono - June, 1979 series 1box 6folder 9
Chrono - July, 1979 series 1box 6folder 10
August, 1979 series 1box 6folder 11
Chrono - September, 1979 series 1box 6folder 12
October, 1979 series 1box 6folder 13
November, 1979 series 1box 6folder 14
December, 1979 series 1box 6folder 15
January, 1980 series 1box 6folder 16
February, 1980 series 1box 6folder 17
March, 1980 series 1box 6folder 18
COM's Drafts of Correspondence, 1978 series 1box 7folder 1
Gen. Corresp. - Miscellaneous Inquiries, Requests, etc., 1971-1974 series 1box 7folder 2
Bulletin Board, 1974 series 1box 7folder 3
Gen. Corresp. - Memoes to Exec. Staff on Misc. Items, July 1, '77 to [incomplete], 1972-1974 series 1box 7folder 4
Gen. Corresp. - Memos to Exec. Staff on Misc. Items (Prior to July 1, 1972), 1971-1972 series 1box 7folder 5
Gen. Corresp. - Division Officers, 1973-1975 series 1box 7folder 6
Gen. Corresp. - State Associations, Officers, etc., 1972-1974 series 1box 7folder 7
General Corresp. - NEB Exec. Bd. Schaeffer (Schaeffer, Andrews, Benner), etc., 1971-1974 series 1box 7folder 8
Gen Corresp. - MEJ/Editorial Board/JAME Publications in general, 1972-1974 series 1box 7folder 9
PRAC - Public Relations Advisory Committee, 1974 series 1box 7folder 10
State Supervisors of Music, 1972-1973 series 1box 7folder 11
Gen. Corresp. - Associated Orgns. ACDA - ASTA - CBDNA - NACWP - NAJE - NBA - NSOA, 1973-1974 series 1box 7folder 12
Gen. Corresp. - Wiley W. Housewright Council of Assoc. Orgn. Pres., 1973 series 1box 7folder 13
Misc. Correspondence - COM, 1973 series 1box 7folder 14
Misc. Publications and Articles, 1972-1974 series 1box 7folder 15
Chronological File - December, 1977 series 1box 7folder 16
Chronological File - November, 1977 series 1box 7folder 17
Chronological File - October, 1977 series 1box 7folder 18
Chronological File - September, 1977 series 1box 7folder 19
Music Industry Council (Other than Building Fund), 1972-1973 series 1box 7folder 20
August Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 21
July - Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 22
June - Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 23
May Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 24
April Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 25
March 1977 Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 26
February 1977 Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 27
January Chronological File, 1977 series 1box 7folder 28
Chron. File - Staff and NEB, 1976 series 1box 7folder 29
General Correspondence and Notes on Constitution Revision, 1976 series 1box 7folder 30
December Chronological File, 1976 series 1box 7folder 31
Chronological File (November), 1976 series 1box 7folder 32
Chronological File (October), 1976 series 1box 7folder 33
Chronological File September, 1976 series 1box 7folder 34
August Chronological File, 1976 series 1box 7folder 35
Chron. File - General (July), 1976 series 1box 7folder 36
Chron. File - General (June), 1976 series 1box 7folder 37
Chron. File - General (June), 1975-1976 series 1box 7folder 38
Chron. File - Mason, Dr. James A. (May, 1976 - [incomplete], 1976-1977 series 1box 7folder 39
Chron. File - General (May), 1976 series 1box 7folder 40
Chron. File - General (March), 1976 series 1box 8folder 1
Chron. File - General (April), 1976 series 1box 8folder 2
Chron. File - General (February), 1976 series 1box 8folder 3
Chron. File - General (January), 1976 series 1box 8folder 4
Chron. File - General (December), 1975 series 1box 8folder 5
Chron. File - General (November), 1975 series 1box 8folder 6
Chron. File - General (October), 1975 series 1box 8folder 7
Chron. File - General (September), 1975 series 1box 8folder 8
Chron. File - General (August), 1975 series 1box 8folder 9
Chron. File - General (July), 1975 series 1box 8folder 10
Chron. File - General (June), 1975 series 1box 8folder 11
Chron. File - General (April - May), 1975 series 1box 8folder 12
Chron. File - General (January - April), 1975 series 1box 8folder 13
Date Keeper, 1972 series 1box 8folder 14
Date Log, 1973 series 1box 8folder 15
1970, 1970 series 1box 8folder 16
Translations, 1973 series 1box 8folder 17
Chron. File - Staff and NEB Memos, 1975 series 1box 8folder 18
Misc. Correspondence (1975) COM, 1975 series 1box 8folder 19
General Correspondence - Staff, 1975 series 1box 8folder 20
General Correspondence, 1975 series 1box 8folder 21
Chron. File - Glassie, Pewett, Beebe and Shanks (9/75), 1975 series 1box 8folder 22
Chron. File - Schaeffer, 1975 series 1box 8folder 23
Chron. File - Klotman, 1975 series 1box 8folder 24
Chron. File - Benner, 1975 series 1box 8folder 25
General Correspondence - Staff Committee, 1975 series 1box 8folder 26
Misc. Correspondence (1974) COM, 1974 series 1box 8folder 27
Misc. Correspondence (1973) COM, 1973 series 1box 8folder 28
Phone Calls, undated series 1box 8folder 29
Assignments from C.O. Moody to Debbie, 1976-1977 series 1box 8folder 30
COM Drafts, 1977 series 1box 8folder 31
Videodata Computing On-Line Systems Computer Centers Corporation, 1976 series 1box 8folder 32
Pending Matters - Staff Committee, 1975 series 1box 8folder 33
Headquarters Building - Move, 1975 series 1box 8folder 34
U.S. Lighting Products, undated series 1box 8folder 35
Litton Industries Credit Corporation, 1976-1977 series 1box 8folder 36
Oak Firewood (MENC Tree), 1976 series 1box 8folder 37
Headquarters Building - Marriott Security Systems (possible alternative alarm system), 1976 series 1box 8folder 38
Headquarters Building - Alarm Master, 1975-1976 series 1box 8folder 39
Misc. Correspondence (1971-72) COM, 1971-1972 series 1box 8folder 40

Series 2: Working Files, 1958-1984 and undated (null)

Subseries 2.1: General MENC, 1960-1980 and undated

This subseries contains materials related to Moody's general duties for MENC in his roles as deputy executive secretary and director of development. The material types include correspondence, serials, and documents in this subseries concern legislative actions, conferences, the coordination of conventions and symposiums, fundraising efforts, employee insurance, staff files, project and grant proposals, notepads with contents written in shorthand, and a cassette tape. MENC members that figure prominently in this series are Eugene Morlan, A. Theodore Tellstrom, Robert Klotman, Charles Gary, and Don Dillon. One folder from MENC's biographical files at SCPA has been incorporated into the collection (Series II, Box 9, Folder 1). Items are arranged in their original order within their respective boxes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
Moody Bio File [from SCPA's MENC bio file], 1969-1986series 2.1box 9folder 1
11th Interim, 1979series 2.1box 9folder 2
1978 Natl. Assembly Planning, 1978series 2.1box 9folder 3
Documents from MENC Eleventh Biennial Interim Meeting and Leadership Conference, Reston, Virginia, July 24-26, 1979series 2.1box 9folder 4
CMEA Handbook, 1980series 2.1box 9folder 5
"What is MENC?" (Theodore Tellstrom, Executive Director) (explan. of the org.), undatedseries 2.1box 9folder 6
1976-1977 Division President's Slide Show, 1976-1977series 2.1box 9folder 7
Responses to Introd. Estate Planning Workshop - Anaheim Conv., 1979series 2.1box 9folder 8
G.M.'s Handbook for MENC Officers Work Draft Edition, undatedseries 2.1box 9folder 9
Responsibility of Division Presidents and Committee Appointments 8-22, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 10
Ohio MEA and New Jersey MEA, May 20-21, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 11
Fairfax County Music Mess, 1976series 2.1box 9folder 12
1978 General Session - Speakers, 1978series 2.1box 9folder 13
O.M.E.A. Higher Educ. Mtng. 11/17/77 Keynote Speech Contem[?], 1977series 2.1box 9folder 14
MIC Board of Directors Meeting 5/3-5, 1979series 2.1box 9folder 15
New Jersey M.E.A. State Meeting Appearance, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 16
COM Commitments in Chicago, 1978series 2.1box 9folder 17
Council of Assoc. Org. Presidents Chicago - 4, 1978series 2.1box 9folder 18
Eastern Division Exec. Bd. Mtng. Concord Hotel, 4/27, 1979series 2.1box 9folder 19
COM's 1980 MENC Convention Commitments, 1980series 2.1box 9folder 20
Atlanta Convention Planning, 1972series 2.1box 9folder 21
Atlanta Conv., 1972series 2.1box 9folder 22
Minnesota MEA Board Meeting - Mid-winter In-service Clinic 2/19, 1976series 2.1box 9folder 23
Louisiana MEA Meeting in November, 1975 - COM - 10/3, 1975series 2.1box 9folder 24
Eastern Division Board Meeting (Atlantic City - March), 1976series 2.1box 9folder 25
TMEC Revised Constitution - COM Review, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 26
NWMENC - Minutes of Board meetings, 1973-1977series 2.1box 9folder 27
North Central Division Board Meeting (August), 1975series 2.1box 9folder 28
California MEA Executive Board Meeting Report - May 21-22, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 29
Draft Guidelines for Division Pres., 1977-1978series 2.1box 9folder 30
1977 Division Conventions Info. (for office use here and info.), 1977series 2.1box 9folder 31
Klotman's Division Convention Speech, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 32
Atlanta Division Convention, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 33
COM - 1977 Eastern Division Convention, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 34
John Aubochon East P.R., 1972-1977series 2.1box 9folder 35
Kansas City Convention, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 36
1977 MENC Division Conventions Corr. And Related Materials, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 37
Salt Lake City - Seattle Conventions, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 38
South Carolina MEA Convention (March 25-27), 1976series 2.1box 9folder 39
West Virginia M.E.A. Fall (77) Conf., 1977series 2.1box 9folder 40
West Virginia State Meeting (April 1, 2 and 3), 1976series 2.1box 9folder 41
Florida MEA State Meeting (1/8-10, 1976) (R. Klotman attending), 1976series 2.1box 9folder 42
NYSSMA Summer Convention, 1977series 2.1box 9folder 43
Maryland MEA Meeting (10/17), 1975series 2.1box 9folder 44
Interim Meeting - President's Response Forms, 1978-1979series 2.1box 10folder 1
Interim mtg. Mailings - (July), 1979series 2.1box 10folder 2
Interim Meeting Planning File, 1975-1979series 2.1box 10folder 3
Interim Mtg Response Form - GRC State Coordinators, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 4
Council of State Supervisors of Music: Response Form - Interim Meeting, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 5
Council of State Editors: Response Form - Interim Meeting, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 6
Interim Mtg Correspondence, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 7
Council of State Secretary-Treasurers: Response Form - Interim Meeting, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 8
Xeroxed Copies - Kennedy Center Response Forms, 1979series 2.1box 10folder 9
SSOM - Interim Mtg August, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 10
Natl'l Assembly Atlanta, 1972series 2.1box 10folder 11
National Assembly - Chicago, 1969-1970series 2.1box 10folder 12
MENC Interim Meeting (8/15-17, 1967) (Agenda), 1967series 2.1box 10folder 13
MENC Interim Meeting (8/14-16/'69) (Agenda), 1969series 2.1box 10folder 14
Materials Distributed - Natl. Assembly Sessions, Interim Mtg., Aug. 14-17, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 15
Procedure Material - Natl. Assembly Sessions, Interim Mtg., 1973series 2.1box 10folder 16
Aug. 1973 Interim Mtg. (Wash, D.C.), 1973series 2.1box 10folder 17
Interim Meeting - Aug. 14-17, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 18
1973 Interim Meeting, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 19
Follow-up to Interim meeting Aug. 14-17, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 20
Klotman/Moody Mini-Session (8/75 Interim Session), 1975series 2.1box 10folder 21
Natl. Assy [NEB] Mtg - Anaheim, 1974series 2.1box 10folder 22
Natl. Assemb., 1973series 2.1box 10folder 23
1972 - National Assembly Meeting - Interim, 1972series 2.1box 10folder 24
1973 - National Assembly Meeting Interim, 1973series 2.1box 10folder 25
Interim Meeting August 14-17, 1973 Washington, D.C. (first mailing April 1973), 1973series 2.1box 10folder 26
National Assembly Recommendation to NEB - April 19, 1978series 2.1box 10folder 27
Interim Meeting, 1977series 2.1box 10folder 28
Nat'l Assembly Meetings April 10-11 Planning, 1977-1978series 2.1box 10folder 29
1978 MENC National Assembly Kits and Materials Returned from Chicago, 1978series 2.1box 10folder 30
National Assembly (March), 1976series 2.1box 10folder 31
AASP Planning for Session II, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 1
AASEP Typed Transcripts of Comments and Discussion from Sessions I and II, 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 2
COM AASP Traveling File Folder, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 3
AASP Session I-12 Papers from Music Edu, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 4
AASP Prospectus, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 5
Mailing to official participants from P. Lehman 8/22/78, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 6
AASP Session I Xerox List, undatedseries 2.1box 11folder 7
AASP Invitations, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 8
Interested Parties List AASP Session I, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 9
Pre-Registration Inquiries Ann Arbor Symposium - Session I, 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 10
AASP Session II Interested Party List, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 11
AASP Session II Pre-Registrant List (Previous to MEJ Article), 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 12
AASP Session II - Material for the Music Educators Journal, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 13
Ann Arbor Symposium - 1979 Division Convention Sessions, 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 14
Ann Arbor - Session II Letter to Preregistrants - P. Lehman, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 15
AASP Session II Xerox List, undatedseries 2.1box 11folder 16
AASP - August 1979 Cassette Tape Transcripts, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 17
AASP Akron Institute, 1980series 2.1box 11folder 18
AASP Session II Correspondence File, 1978-1980series 2.1box 11folder 19
AASP Session II - Press Release, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 20
Ann Arbor Symposium Second Session Observers, undatedseries 2.1box 11folder 21
Ann Arbor Symposium Final Report, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 22
AASP Dissemination Team, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 23
Memo Re AASP Session II Registration, 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 24
AASP Session II Pre-registrants from MEJ - February, 1979series 2.1box 11folder 25
Ann Arbor Symposium project - Planning Meeting #1 - 6/6/78, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 26
Ann Arbor Symposium project - Planning Committee Business, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 27
Ann Arbor Project Proposal - Traveling File, 1978-1980series 2.1box 11folder 28
AASP Correspondence - Copies of P.L. Letters, 1978-1979series 2.1box 11folder 29
Ann Arbor Symposium Project - MEJ Article - Sept. 78 (COM Resp.), 1978series 2.1box 11folder 30
Ann Arbor Project (P. Lehman), 1975series 2.1box 11folder 31
Presser Foundation Proposal, 1978series 2.1box 11folder 32
[Papers given at AASP], undatedseries 2.1box 11folder 33
AASP - Dissemination Team - Corres. and Members, Activities, etc., 1978series 2.1box 11folder 34
Various Memoes + News Clippings, 1973 and 1978series 2.1box 12folder 1
Management Committee, 1968-1972series 2.1box 12folder 2
MENC/OPEIU Negotiations - 1979 (Office File) NOT To Be Removed, 1979series 2.1box 12folder 3
Union Contract, 1979series 2.1box 12folder 4
Executive Staff Meetings, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 5
Executive Staff Meetings, 1977series 2.1box 12folder 6
Executive Staff Meetings, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 7
Executive Staff Meetings (1974-1975) + General Staff Mtgs., 1974-1975series 2.1box 12folder 8
Maintenance File, 1976-1977series 2.1box 12folder 9
Purchase Orders (completed), 1975-1977series 2.1box 12folder 10
Resumes of JRME Board Nominees May, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 11
CLG Memo to Senior Staff on Employment Records - 9/27/72, 1972series 2.1box 12folder 12
Men and Management - Hay Newsletter, 1972series 2.1box 12folder 13
OPEIU Negotiation Sessions, 1975-1976series 2.1box 12folder 14
1976-79 OPEIU-MENC Collective Bargaining Agreement, 1976-1979series 2.1box 12folder 15
1976-79 OPEIU-MENC Collective Bargaining Agreement, 1976-1978series 2.1box 12folder 16
Statement About Union Membership for Employment Interview, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 17
U.S. Labor Department Compliance Interviews, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 18
Headquarters Building - Part-Time Help (Kelly and Temporarily Yours), 1976-1978series 2.1box 12folder 19
ASAE 1979 Key Award - Letter of Recommendation for John Mahlmann, 1979series 2.1box 12folder 20
ASAE Staff Supervision Manual, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 21
Personnel, 1977-1978series 2.1box 12folder 22
Personnel, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 23
Maintenance Man Position Interviews Fall 1977 and Winter 1978, 1977-1978series 2.1box 12folder 24
Stan Miller, 1979series 2.1box 12folder 25
Bill Farrar, 1976-1977series 2.1box 12folder 26
New Secretary for COM 9/29/76, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 27
Development Dept. Vacation Schedule, 1977-1979series 2.1box 12folder 28
Manning, Selvage and Lee, Inc., 1979series 2.1box 12folder 29
AAHPER Search Procedures, undatedseries 2.1box 12folder 30
Music Educators National Conference Personnel Policies and Procedures, undatedseries 2.1box 12folder 31
M.E.N.C. Personnel Policies and Procedures, undatedseries 2.1box 12folder 32
Personnel Handbook Revision Comm., 1976-1977series 2.1box 12folder 33
Robert Klotman - Pending Matters, 1976-1977series 2.1box 12folder 34
Executive Directors Annual Report, 1979series 2.1box 12folder 35
Telephone Conversations w/ J.A.M. Re. NEB Actions 7/78, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 36
Long Distance Telephone Sheets, undatedseries 2.1box 12folder 37
Exec. Dir. Annual Report - 1977 C.O.M.'s Input, 1977series 2.1box 12folder 38
Holding, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 39
Benner - General Correspondence Pending, 1975?series 2.1box 12folder 40
COM Telephone Credit Card, 1976-1977series 2.1box 12folder 41
Telephone Calls, 1976series 2.1box 12folder 42
COM - MENC Telephone Credit Card, 1977series 2.1box 12folder 43
Interoffice Communications (Memos), 1977series 2.1box 12folder 44
Volunteer Office Assistance (Wats Line, etc.), 1977series 2.1box 12folder 45
Appointment Letters for J.A.M./ATT 7/78 PPC, JRME, GRC, MAC, METC. Edit., MERC, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 46
Drafts for Executive Directors Annual Report, 1977-1978series 2.1box 12folder 47
Mason's Appointments, 1978series 2.1box 12folder 48
Development Department Progress Report, 1977-1978series 2.1box 12folder 49
Administrative Structure Committee, 1965series 2.1box 12folder 50
MENC-NEB List, 1975-1976series 2.1box 12folder 51
Itinerary for Week Beginning MENC Headquarters Office, undatedseries 2.1box 13folder 1
Staff Meeting Discussion Items, 1977series 2.1box 13folder 2
Dr. James A. Mason, undatedseries 2.1box 13folder 3
1973 - Various MENC Correspondence (CLG), 1973series 2.1box 13folder 4
Staff, 1968-1969series 2.1box 13folder 5
Dr. Herbert MacArthur - Associate Provost for Research - State University of New York (re Robert B. Washburn), 1978series 2.1box 13folder 6
Moody's Itineraries, 1976-1979series 2.1box 13folder 7
Purchase Orders, 1978-1980series 2.1box 13folder 8
Administrative, 1969series 2.1box 13folder 9
[untitled], 1969series 2.1box 13folder 10
Overnight WATS calls, 1977-1978series 2.1box 13folder 11
Records, 1969series 2.1box 13folder 12
"Management" Info Needs, 1969series 2.1box 13folder 13
C.M.P., 1966?series 2.1box 13folder 14
CMP, 1966?series 2.1box 13folder 15
Bookkeeping, 1969series 2.1box 13folder 16
McManis Negotiations, 1970series 2.1box 13folder 17
MENC Headquarters - Mailroom, Mail Handling, George's Respon, Etc., 1976series 2.1box 13folder 18
Personnel Handbook Revision, 1977series 2.1box 13folder 19
Committee for the Study of the MENC Administrative Structure Revision, 1964-1965series 2.1box 13folder 20
Joan Gaines, 1976-1977series 2.1box 13folder 21
DAMT Proposed USOE, 1976-1977series 2.1box 13folder 22
Comm. App., 1978series 2.1box 13folder 23
Thesaurus, 1972series 2.1box 13folder 24
Tea Council, 1972series 2.1box 13folder 25
Liaison with School Administrators, 1976-1977series 2.1box 13folder 26
MENC President's Plaque, 1966-1972series 2.1box 13folder 27
Undergraduate Teaching, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 28
Dillon, 1979-1980series 2.1box 13folder 29
Morlan, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 30
Gary, 1975series 2.1box 13folder 31
Tellstrom, 1977-1980series 2.1box 13folder 32
NCI - Dir. Of Exemp. Prog, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 33
NCI - Dir. Of Exemplary Programs, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 34
Completed, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 35
Directory - Discards, 1976series 2.1box 13folder 36
Office Procedures, 1974series 2.1box 14folder 1
MENC Employees (incl. Personnel Policies, Benefits, etc.) + General Office, 1971-1974series 2.1box 14folder 2
Time Sheets - Debbie - Weekly, 1976-1977series 2.1box 14folder 3
COM - Weekly Time Sheets, 1973series 2.1box 14folder 4
Debbie (Memorandums to the Staff, etc.), 1976-1977series 2.1box 14folder 5
Receptionist's Desk - Cathy Trimarchi (Responsibilities, Related Corr. Etc.), 1975-1976series 2.1box 14folder 6
United Way Campaign, 1975series 2.1box 14folder 7
Paul Alouf, 1976series 2.1box 14folder 8
Paul Alouf - Leave Status, 1976series 2.1box 14folder 9
Letters - A-J Filed by Last Name, Alphabetic, with Latest Date on Top - re Each Name, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 10
Misc. Memos, 1970series 2.1box 14folder 11
[untitled], undatedseries 2.1box 14folder 12
Letters - K-Z Filed by Last Name, Alphabetic, with Latest Date on Top - re Each Name, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 13
Memorandums - November 1971 Filed by Date, Latest on Top, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 14
Memorandums - October 1971 Filed by Date, Latest on Top, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 15
Memorandums - September 1971 Filed by Date, Latest on Top, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 16
Southern Division Membership - [illegible], Cleino, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 17
Planning: 1971 Division Conventions Budget + Organization, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 18
Nominating Committee - Election Committee, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 19
NEA-NEASO Strike, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 20
To Be Filed, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 21
Memos to Clara McIntyre - Short Memo Filed by Date fr 9/3/71 to [incomplete], 1971series 2.1box 14folder 22
Tom Brown Quest., 1971series 2.1box 14folder 23
N.Y. Situation, 1969series 2.1box 14folder 24
Cooperative Research Program, 1965?series 2.1box 14folder 25
RTP - Seattle, 1967-1968series 2.1box 14folder 26
Staff Organization + Function Policies + Procedures, 1968series 2.1box 14folder 27
Zipper - Nat'l Guild Comm'y Music Schls., 1968-1971series 2.1box 14folder 28
1971 Eastern Div. Atlantic City, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 29
Albuquerque, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 30
Boise Convention, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 31
Daytona Beach - Southern Div. Board 1971 N.C. Cinncinnati Conv. + Chicago Planning Mtng, 1970-1971series 2.1box 14folder 32
Changes in MEJ Subscription Rates, 1969-1970series 2.1box 14folder 33
COM-DES, 1968-1969series 2.1box 14folder 34
E.B. Questionnaire!, 1970series 2.1box 14folder 35
GO, 1971series 2.1box 14folder 36
Moody Questionnaire - "Model District President", 1971series 2.1box 14folder 37
Membership Promotion Project - Memphis, 1968series 2.1box 14folder 38
A Membership Insurance Plan Designed for the National Council for the Social Sciences, 1969-1971series 2.1box 15folder 1
PPH Project, 1975series 2.1box 15folder 2
National Endowment for the Arts, 1968-1975series 2.1box 15folder 3
National Endowment for the Arts [2], 1973series 2.1box 15folder 4
NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities, 1974series 2.1box 15folder 5
Washington Society of Assoc. Executives, 1971series 2.1box 15folder 6
Endowments - ACA, 1970series 2.1box 15folder 7
DAMT - Staff, 1972series 2.1box 15folder 8
EPDA, A+H Branch, Etc., 1970-1973series 2.1box 15folder 9
Arts and Humanities Program Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, 1970-1973series 2.1box 15folder 10
IV Kennedy Center, 1970-1973series 2.1box 15folder 11
Ispheming Case, 1973series 2.1box 15folder 12
MEJ Complaints, Injuries + Plans, 1969-1972series 2.1box 15folder 13
Doug Kidd Writing Project Legislative Guide, 1970series 2.1box 15folder 14
Relations W. States, 1971series 2.1box 15folder 15
"I Told You So", 1970-1971series 2.1box 15folder 16
MEJ Schedules, 1969-1972series 2.1box 15folder 17
State Music Supervision, 1968-1972series 2.1box 15folder 18
1973 Division Conventions, 1973series 2.1box 15folder 19
Wichita-Milwaukee-Tucson-Portland Norfolk, 1973series 2.1box 15folder 20
NEA - Other Depts - Activities - Comparative Stuff, 1968series 2.1box 15folder 21
NEA - Legis + Fed Relations, 1968-1971series 2.1box 15folder 22
1972 Appointment Calendar, 1972series 2.1box 15folder 23
NEB Correspondence and Minutes, 1970-1974series 2.1box 15folder 24
1972 HEW OE Fellows Program Application, 1972series 2.1box 15folder 25
Minnesota Youth Organization (II), 1975-1976series 2.1box 15folder 26
Special Guidelines Committee - Minnesota Youth Orchestra Situation (See Also - Main Folder of MYO Situation), 1975series 2.1box 15folder 27
Actions of NEA Exec. Comm, 1968-1971series 2.1box 15folder 28
Comprehensive Management Study, September, 1969series 2.1box 15folder 29
Advanced Placement in Music, Institute on, 1972-1975series 2.1box 15folder 30
NCI - Articles for State Journals, 1973series 2.1box 15folder 31
National Commission on Instruction [1], 1971series 2.1box 15folder 32
National Commission on Instruction [2], 1971series 2.1box 15folder 33
Philadelphia (Eastern Div.) Thank Yous (Special Gifts Sessions), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 1
San Francisco (Western Div.) Thank Yous (Special Gifts Sessions), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 2
Spokane (NW Div.) Thank Yous (Special Gifts Sessions), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 3
Special Gifts Sessions - Schaeffer, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 4
1975 Conventions Exhibit Mailing, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 5
San Francisco Special Gifts Sessions, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 6
Spokane Special Gifts Sessions, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 7
Southern Division Convention 3/23/75 (COM Work Folder), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 8
North Central/Southwestern Convention (COM Work Folder) 4/3-6/75, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 9
North Central/Southwestern Div. Conv., Apr. 3-6, 1975 (Omaha), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 10
Eastern Convention (COM Work Folder), 1975series 2.1box 16folder 11
Paul Freeman Project, 1968-1977series 2.1box 16folder 12
Study Guide and Source Materials, NEB Meeting, Nov 1973 [1], 1973series 2.1box 16folder 13
Study Guide and Source Materials, NEB Meeting, Nov 1973 [2], 1973series 2.1box 16folder 14
O'Brien and O'Brien (Jobfile) (Faculty Placement Specialists), 1976series 2.1box 16folder 15
Schaeffer-Wersen Shock, 1973 Div. Conventions, 1973series 2.1box 16folder 16
D.C. Youth Concert, 1970series 2.1box 16folder 17
Frances Andrews, President 197-72, 1970-1972series 2.1box 16folder 18
Cleino, 1974series 2.1box 16folder 19
George Wilson North Central Division, 1970-1972series 2.1box 16folder 20
Russell Getz Eastern Division 1969-1971 [empty], 1969-1971series 2.1box 16folder 21
W. Gibson Walters Western Division 1970-72 [empty], 1969-1972series 2.1box 16folder 22
Charles Emmons Southwestern Division, 1969-1971series 2.1box 16folder 23
Avery Glenn Northwest Division, 1969-1971series 2.1box 16folder 24
NJMEA-NJACDA Membership Survey Project, 1968-1969series 2.1box 16folder 25
Western Division Convention, 1968-1969series 2.1box 16folder 26
1974 Anaheim Convention, 1974series 2.1box 16folder 27
Southern Division Convention, 1969series 2.1box 16folder 28
N.W. Division Mtng, 1969series 2.1box 16folder 29
Fargo Convention, 1969series 2.1box 16folder 30
1975 Division Conventions, 1975series 2.1box 16folder 31
Committee on Comprehensive Musicianship, 1973series 2.1box 16folder 32
CMP, 1973series 2.1box 16folder 33
Future Conventions - Except Anaheim, 1973series 2.1box 16folder 34
Bicentennial Commission, 1972-1974series 2.1box 16folder 35
Eric/Chess and Other Clearing Houses, 1969-1973series 2.1box 16folder 36
Relations with NEA - Paper for NEB, 1969-1971series 2.1box 17folder 1
Georgia Computer Data Base, 1973series 2.1box 17folder 2
ACAE - American Council on Arts Education, 1972-1973series 2.1box 17folder 3
CNAOE (Council of Natl. Arts Orgn. Executives), 1973series 2.1box 17folder 4
NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants, Inc.), 1972-1973series 2.1box 17folder 5
NEA - (Other than Building Fund), 1972-1974series 2.1box 17folder 6
MENC - Nominating Committee Mtg., May, 1973series 2.1box 17folder 7
Misc. Education and Arts Associations (other than for which there are subject files), 1972-1973series 2.1box 17folder 8
AAAE Mtg. 5/15/74, 1974series 2.1box 17folder 9
Editors, Data, by State, 1972-1974series 2.1box 17folder 10
[untitled], 1970series 2.1box 17folder 11
Archives - MENC Historical Center, 1974series 2.1box 17folder 12
Minority Concerns - Mtg. Sep. 20-22, 1973-1974series 2.1box 17folder 13
"75" Project Mailing, 1974-1975series 2.1box 17folder 14
Consulting Service - COM for Taft Corporation, 1974-1975series 2.1box 17folder 15
How to Arrange for Meetings, 1974series 2.1box 17folder 16
Educational Research Training Program in Music Education, 1969?series 2.1box 17folder 17
Preconference Educational Research Training Project in Music Education, 1968?series 2.1box 17folder 18
Identification of Musical Behaviors Advisory Committee (IMB), 1970series 2.1box 17folder 19
Minnesota Youth orchestra Resolution, 1974-1975series 2.1box 17folder 20
[Legal-Minn.][1], 1974-1975series 2.1box 17folder 21
[Legal-Minn.][2], 1974series 2.1box 17folder 22
[Legal-Minn.][3], 1975series 2.1box 17folder 23
Music Industry Solicitations, 1973?series 2.1box 18folder 1
Purchase Order [Receipts], 1975series 2.1box 18folder 2
Illinois, 1974-1976series 2.1box 18folder 3
R.J. Davis - M.I.C. Letters, 1973-1974series 2.1box 18folder 4
Music Industry Council - Address Listing, 1975-1977series 2.1box 18folder 5
Accounting Department Personnel Interviews, August, 1976series 2.1box 18folder 6
"GO" Project Institute Number Three - Salt Lake City, Utah, 1972series 2.1box 18folder 7
Memorandum for Music Educators National Conference Regarding a Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan for its Employees [3 copies], 1972series 2.1box 18folder 8
Report on a Retirement Plan for the Employees of the Music Educators National Conference, 1971series 2.1box 18folder 9
Southwestern Life [Contract Date: January 1], 1972series 2.1box 18folder 10
Southwestern Life [Contract Date: October 1], 1971series 2.1box 18folder 11
Employee's Retirement and Annuity Plan of the Music Educators National Conference, 1972series 2.1box 18folder 12
[Insurance/Benefits Documents and Related Correspondence], 1970-1973series 2.1box 18folder 13
MENC Retirement Plan, 1973-1975series 2.1box 18folder 14
J. Lamb, 1971-1972series 2.1box 18folder 15
IRS and DOL Form 5500-C "Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan" + IRS 5302 Employee Census, 1975-1976series 2.1box 18folder 16
MENC Retirement Plan Information Distribute to Staff (7/15/75), 1975series 2.1box 18folder 17
MENC Retirement Plan (1975 contd. through 1976), 1975-1976series 2.1box 18folder 18
TIAA, 1970-1975series 2.1box 18folder 19
[Diagrams for "Music Educators National Conference Work Station Configuration"], 1975series 2.1box 18folder 20

Subseries 2.2: Building Fund, 1968-1980 and undated

This subseries contains materials related to Moody's involvement in the fundraising campaign for and the planning of MENC's headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Materials include correspondence, photographs, serials, overheads, floor plans, and other related documents. Items are arranged in their original order within their respective boxes.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
April, 1980series 2.2box 19folder 1
Chrono May, 1980series 2.2box 19folder 2
June, 1980series 2.2box 19folder 3
July, 1980series 2.2box 19folder 4
MENC Building Fund Fact Sheets, 1976-1977series 2.2box 19folder 5
Named Gift Opportunities, 1974-1976series 2.2box 19folder 6
MENC Building Fund Articles, 1977series 2.2box 19folder 7
Texas Building Fund Campaign, 1978series 2.2box 19folder 8
Sample Packet Taken to All 1977 Conventions, 1977series 2.2box 19folder 9
Bldg Fd. Tax Deductible Statement, 1973series 2.2box 19folder 10
National Building Fund Pledge Sheet (with payment record), undatedseries 2.2box 19folder 11
Instructions (Building Fund Telethon) (Mailing, Typing, Labels, etc.), 1975series 2.2box 19folder 12
FAME Miscellaneous Fall and Win, 1978-1979series 2.2box 19folder 13
Master Builders - Gifts/Pledges Rec'd, 1974-1978series 2.2box 19folder 14
Master Builder Pledges Completed During, 1975-1980series 2.2box 19folder 15
Master Builders - Gifts/Pledges received 12/12/74, 1974series 2.2box 20folder 1
MENC Building Fund Campaign, 1972-1975series 2.2box 20folder 2
To File, 1970-1975series 2.2box 20folder 3
Dedication (MENC Reston), 1973-1975series 2.2box 20folder 4
Nat. Student Building Fund, 1975-1976series 2.2box 20folder 5
Planning Papers - Building Fund Campaign (1974 NEB Mtg.), 1974series 2.2box 21folder 1
New Members Solicitation (Planning paper I), 1975series 2.2box 21folder 2
Bandwagon Booth/Division Conventions Solicitation (Plan. Paper II), 1975series 2.2box 21folder 3
Roll Call Mailing (Jan. 1975) Re: Planning Paper V or Gen. Member Follow-up, 1975series 2.2box 21folder 4
Leadership Solicitation, 1975series 2.2box 21folder 5
Official Directory Solicitation, 1974-1976series 2.2box 21folder 6
Life Members Solicitation (Planning Paper IV), 1975-1976series 2.2box 21folder 7
Possible Building Fund Solicitation of Non-MIC Groups, 1975series 2.2box 21folder 8
Student Honor Roll Project, 1974-1975series 2.2box 21folder 9
MEJ - Student Honor Roll Announcement (May '75 Jrl.), 1975series 2.2box 21folder 10
Annual Fund-raising Program for Support of Special Activities (per Benner) (similar to ASOL Challenge Fund), 1975series 2.2box 21folder 11
For Conference - CLG - Bldg. Fund Camp., 1974series 2.2box 21folder 12
Direct Mail and "No's" Files Status, 1974series 2.2box 21folder 13
Building Fund Brochure - 1975 Edition, 1975series 2.2box 21folder 14
State Campaign Cleanup Letter, 1974series 2.2box 21folder 15
MEJ - Article re: Gifts Honoring Past Leaders in Music Educ. and the Conference, 1975series 2.2box 21folder 16
"A Development Program for MENC", 1975series 2.2box 21folder 17
"Topping-Out" Invitational Open Houses (Follow-up in D. C. Metro. Area), 1975series 2.2box 21folder 18
MEJ Articles - Benner Appeal (General Bldg. Fund), 1974-1975series 2.2box 21folder 19
Bldg. Fund - Division Presidents (material mailed for use with slide presentation), 1976series 2.2box 21folder 20
Fund Raising Development, 1974series 2.2box 22folder 1
Building Fund Financial Considerations, 1975series 2.2box 22folder 2
Building Fund Financial Committee, 1976series 2.2box 22folder 3
Building Fund Finance Committee, 1974-1975series 2.2box 22folder 4
Bldg. Fund - Special Gifts Campaign - Broido - Ernst - Ludwig (incl. Life Members) Master Builders Memorials, 1973-1976series 2.2box 22folder 5
G. C. Conn Pledge - Background Info, 1974-1978series 2.2box 22folder 6
Wengert - Jones Music, Inc. Building Fund Gift, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 7
Florida (1976) - Special Concert Fund-raising Project by FMEA (Wersen), 1976-1977series 2.2box 22folder 8
Minnesota Follow-Up Telethon, 1976series 2.2box 22folder 9
Colorado MEA Board Meeting (Denver), 1976series 2.2box 22folder 10
Wyoming MEA Membership Assessment for Building Fund, 1978series 2.2box 22folder 11
Orange County, New York, Meeting, 1976series 2.2box 22folder 12
Building Fund - New York State - July 1979 Correspondence, 1979series 2.2box 22folder 13
New Mexico Music Educators Assoc. Building Fund Assessment, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 14
Klotman Invitations and Thank-You's, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 15
Division Convention Bldg. Fund Meetings - Spring, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 16
Kansas City Bldg. Fund Meeting, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 17
Continental Hosts (Seattle), 1977series 2.2box 22folder 18
Building Fund Session - Atlanta, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 19
Seattle Bldg. Fund Meeting, 1977series 2.2box 22folder 20
Salt Lake City Bldg. Fund Mtng., 1977series 2.2box 22folder 21
American Association of Fund-Raising Council. Inc., 1977series 2.2box 22folder 22
Marts and Lundy, 1977series 2.2box 23folder 1
Suzanne Mendelssohn, Inc., 1977series 2.2box 23folder 2
Meetings w/ Herb Richman and Bill Brown May 17, 1977 - Marts and Lundy, 1977series 2.2box 23folder 3
J. R. Taft Corp. - Exploration of Support Assistance for Bldg. Fund, 1977series 2.2box 23folder 4
Solicitation Letters - D. C. Fund Raising Firms, 1977series 2.2box 23folder 5
Lee Bernard and Company Service, 1977-1979series 2.2box 23folder 6
Building Fund Survey - Life Members, Undatedseries 2.2box 23folder 7
Bldg Fund Projection, 1973series 2.2box 23folder 8
DJA - COM Building Fund Correspondence, 1976series 2.2box 23folder 9
Solicitor Follow-Up Project, 1974-1975series 2.2box 23folder 10
Bldg. Fund - Foundation Grants, 1973-1976series 2.2box 23folder 11
Dedication Program Mailing, 1975series 2.2box 23folder 12
New Building Dedication, 1975series 2.2box 24folder 1
Response Forms to Solicitor Mailing, 1975series 2.2box 24folder 2
Reston - Plaques, 1975series 2.2box 24folder 3
Bldg. Fund - Student Membership Campaign, 1974-1976series 2.2box 24folder 4
Student building Fund Follow-Up (NSBF - 1) (Ltr. To Chapter Presidents), 1975series 2.2box 24folder 5
Student Chapter Gifts (Corres.), 1977series 2.2box 24folder 6
Student Chapter Gifts - Plaque, 1977series 2.2box 24folder 7
Responses from Student Honor Roll Announcement Mailing, 1975series 2.2box 24folder 8
NSBF Student Chapter Adviser Responses (responses from 2/75 mailing), 1975series 2.2box 25folder 1
Holding, 1975-1976series 2.2box 25folder 2
State Student Coordinator Nominees (re: response/NSBF Chairman request - 2/75), 1975series 2.2box 25folder 3
General Reference - Jaffe, 1975-1976series 2.2box 25folder 4
Letters re: Past Due Pledge Accts., 1977series 2.2box 25folder 5
Klotman Campaign to Recover Past Due Bldg Fund Pledges, 1977series 2.2box 25folder 6
Building Fund - Payments Past Due, 1977series 2.2box 25folder 7
Oct. 19 Letter - Building Fund re. Address Change and Pledge Amounts Due - Dec. 9 Letter also, 1976series 2.2box 25folder 8
Past Due Form Letters - Mason's Signature - Also Sample of R. K., 1976series 2.2box 25folder 9
180 Day Delinquent Pledge Acct. Follow-Up Letter Project, 1976series 2.2box 25folder 10
Building Fund - Corres. With Jim Mason, 1976-1977series 2.2box 25folder 11
Building Fund Master Builder Gifts, 1977series 2.2box 25folder 12
Special Gifts - Received 12/12/74, 1975series 2.2box 25folder 13
Special Gifts/Master Builder Solicitation Projects (COM) and General Correspondence, 1974-1978series 2.2box 26folder 1
Master Builder Certificates (General Information), 1974-1978series 2.2box 26folder 2
Master Builder Prospects (Pending Correspondence), 1974-1975series 2.2box 26folder 3
Gehrkens Commemorative Mailing for Master Builder Fund (Geo. Waln), 1975-1976series 2.2box 26folder 4
Master Builders - Benner, 1975-1976series 2.2box 26folder 5
MEJ - Master Builder Article (March 1975) and Update Article May and Sept., 1975-1976series 2.2box 26folder 6
Work Folder [Includes photographs of MENC benefit concerts], 1976-1978series 2.2box 26folder 7
Named Gift Materials - Opportunities, 1976-1977series 2.2box 26folder 8
Additional Donor Plaques, 1977series 2.2box 26folder 9
CBS Foundation Presentation (MENC Building Fund), 1976series 2.2box 26folder 10
Building Fund - Sponsors/Changes in Name or Pledge, 1977series 2.2box 26folder 11
Ralph Rush Memorial Gift, 1974-1976series 2.2box 26folder 12
Tear Sheets MEJ 54/55 Oct., 1977series 2.2box 26folder 13
Ben Grasso Memorial Fund - 6/1979 Building Fund, 1979series 2.2box 26folder 14
Gift Plaques for New Building (MIC, MB, and SS/SB) and Dedication Invitations, 1974-1976series 2.2box 27folder 1
MIC - Solicitor Correspondence, 1974-1977series 2.2box 27folder 2
MIC Solicitation Brochure, 1974-1975series 2.2box 27folder 3
MIC Follow-Up Solicitation, 1974-1976series 2.2box 27folder 4
Music Industry Solicitation project (Planning Paper III), 1973-1975series 2.2box 27folder 5
MEJ - Music Industry Gifts, 1974series 2.2box 27folder 6
Solicitor Work Sheets - MIC Wrap-Up, 1976series 2.2box 27folder 7
MIC Mailing Lists, Undatedseries 2.2box 28folder 1
Music Industry Contacts, 1973-1974series 2.2box 28folder 2
Inventory - Campaign Material, 1974-1975series 2.2box 28folder 3
Music Educators Assoc. Building Fund Correspondence (By Individual State), 1976series 2.2box 28folder 4
Bldg. Fund - Misc. Corresp. and General Information - MEJ, 1973-1976series 2.2box 28folder 5
Building Fund Pledge Material for Mailing, Undatedseries 2.2box 28folder 6
Thank You Note Mailing to Workers, 1974-1975series 2.2box 28folder 7
"Thank Yous" for Building Fund Pledges Received (CHB's and RHK's), 1976series 2.2box 28folder 8
Building Fund Memorial Gifts (All Correspondence), 1974-1976series 2.2box 28folder 9
MacMillan Foundation Letter, 1977series 2.2box 28folder 10
Bldg. Fund - Special Gifts Lists, 1972-1974 and undatedseries 2.2box 28folder 11
1976 Follow-Up Building Fund Campaign Summary Work Folder, 1976series 2.2box 28folder 12
Bldg. Fund - Casebook, 1973-1974series 2.2box 28folder 13
Sample Klotman Letter to Prospective "Richard Perry - Peripole", 1977series 2.2box 28folder 14
MENC Bldg Fund - List of MIC and Other Business and Foundation Donors, 1977series 2.2box 28folder 15
Richard Perry - Peripole Solicitation Wersen Visit - Follow-Up, 1977series 2.2box 28folder 16
MIC List - re: Stuffed Grey Folders to, 1974 and undatedseries 2.2box 28folder 17
Broido, Arnold/Presser, 1973-1977series 2.2box 28folder 18
Bldg. Fund - Progress Reports, Schedules, Forms, etc. and Corresp. Re: it w/ Davis, etc., 1973-1976series 2.2box 29folder 1
Building Fund Correspondence, 1977series 2.2box 29folder 2
Building Fund - Gen. Correspondence, 1975-1976series 2.2box 29folder 3
Building Fund Operations (General Correspondence), 1976-1977series 2.2box 29folder 4
MRP Income Projection for 1977-78 COM to JM, 1977series 2.2box 29folder 5
Summary Report on Bldg Fund Program, 1977series 2.2box 29folder 6
Bldg. Fund Progress Report - 3/31/77, 1977series 2.2box 29folder 7
Bldg. Fund Progress Reports (By COM) (1974/75 Solicitations/Conv./Etc.), 1974-1977series 2.2box 29folder 8
Percentages - Members in Relation to Gifts (Fall), 1975series 2.2box 29folder 9
Building Fund Campaign - Comparative Report - 1st Quarterly, 1976series 2.2box 29folder 10
Corr. With James Mason re: Bldg. Fund, 1976-1977series 2.2box 30folder 1
Building Fund on Membership Enrollment Application, 1977series 2.2box 30folder 2
Building Fund - Budget, 1973series 2.2box 30folder 3
Student Chapter Pledge Thank Yous - (incl. Certificate of Honor and Student Chapter Honor Roll Qualifiers), 1974-1976series 2.2box 30folder 4
Interlochen Center Development Program, 1978series 2.2box 30folder 5
Salt Lake City natl. Music Educ Fund Planning Meeting - 2/26/77, 1977series 2.2box 30folder 6
Bldg Fund Planning Activities in May 77 - MandL, Burtch, Ludwig, etc., 1976-1977series 2.2box 30folder 7
Pending Building Fund Matter, 1975-1977series 2.2box 30folder 8
Percentage of Member Solicitations Accountable for (Fall '74), 1976series 2.2box 30folder 9
Washington, DC [illegible] Bldg Fund Meetings, 1972, 1976-1977series 2.2box 30folder 10
Endowment Fund - Orlando Meeting, 1976series 2.2box 30folder 11
Bldg. Fund Report Materials for Orlando Meeting, 1975-1976series 2.2box 30folder 12
"Contributions to MENC Are Tax Deductible" Bldg Fund Handout, 1973series 2.2box 30folder 13
MENC Fact Sheet, 1976-1977series 2.2box 30folder 14
"To Be a Master Builder" Bldg. Fund Handout, 1974series 2.2box 30folder 15
The List of Master Builders - MEJ March, 1975series 2.2box 30folder 16
"Summary of Bldg Fund Data" Handout As of 1/31/76, 1976series 2.2box 30folder 17
Building Fund Facts: How MENC Supports the Individual Music Educator Thru a Variety of Continuing Programs and Projects, Undatedseries 2.2box 30folder 18
Building Fund Facts - How the Individ. Music Educators Benefits from MENC's Services to the State Music Educator Associations, Undatedseries 2.2box 30folder 19
Building Fund Fact Sheet #1 Spr. 77 - Current Info on Bldg. Fund, 1976series 2.2box 30folder 20
MENC Bldg. Fund Fact Sheet #2 - Spr. 77 - Mortgage Characteristics, 1977series 2.2box 30folder 21
MENC Bldg Fund Fact #3 - Spr. 77, 1976-77 MENC Program Update, 1977series 2.2box 31folder 1
Building Fund Campaign Telethon Letter (By State) 1975 - States: Minnesota, Idaho, North Dakota, Ohio, 1975-1976series 2.2box 31folder 2
Building Fund Campaign Telethon Letter (By State) 1975 - States: Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, D. C., New Hampshire, S. Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, 1975series 2.2box 31folder 3
MENC Building Fund Campaign Progress Report as of February 29, 1976series 2.2box 31folder 4
Special Instructions to Building Fund Campaign Telethon Workers, Undatedseries 2.2box 31folder 5
MENC Building Fund Telethon Follow-Up Campaign - Supplement Instruc. Sheet, 1975series 2.2box 31folder 6
MENC Building Fund Campaign Follow-Up Telethon - A Descriptive Outline, 1974series 2.2box 31folder 7
MENC Building Fund Follow-Up Telethon Telephone Use Information (By State), Undatedseries 2.2box 31folder 8
Nov. 1975 Article on MENC Natl. Headquarters Building - Tearsheets, 1975series 2.2box 31folder 9
Handout (Bldg. Fund) 6/74 Editorial in High Fidelity and Reid Poole in MEA, 1974series 2.2box 31folder 10
[National Building Fund Transparencies], Undatedseries 2.2box 32folder 1
Raleigh - Hudson - Belk Bldg Fayetteville St. [Transparencies], Undatedseries 2.2box 32folder 2
Slides - Gels [Transparencies], 1973 and undatedseries 2.2box 32folder 3
Triad [Transparencies], 1973 and undatedseries 2.2box 32folder 4
Conf. Corresp. w/ Dr. Gary re; Personnel, 1970-1974series 2.2box 33folder 1
Partnership for the Arts, 1970-1971series 2.2box 33folder 2
Music Belongs, 1972series 2.2box 33folder 3
Buck Hill NEB Mtng., 1970series 2.2box 33folder 4
Hawaii Curriculum Project - Addison-Wesley, 1970series 2.2box 33folder 5
MIC Business, 1972series 2.2box 33folder 6
Coke Project, 1970-1972series 2.2box 33folder 7
Motiva, 1972-1973series 2.2box 33folder 8
Smithsonian Request + Kennedy Center Mail, 1972-1973series 2.2box 33folder 9
Calif. Membership Project, 1968series 2.2box 33folder 10
Western Div. EPDA, 1968-1969series 2.2box 33folder 11
MENC Associated Orgs - Mtng., 1970-1972series 2.2box 33folder 12
OMEA State Meeting May 14-15, 1971series 2.2box 33folder 13
TMEA Membership Problems, 1971-1973series 2.2box 33folder 14
TMEA Hassle, 1972-1973series 2.2box 33folder 15
Alabama, 1973-1975series 2.2box 33folder 16
Alaska, 1973-1975series 2.2box 33folder 17
Arkansas, 1974-1975series 2.2box 33folder 18
Arkansas/Texas Mailing Projects Mailing Jan. 30, 1975series 2.2box 33folder 19
Arizona, 1973-1975series 2.2box 33folder 20
Canada, 1974-1975series 2.2box 33folder 21
California, 1972-1976series 2.2box 33folder 22
Colorado, 1973-1976series 2.2box 33folder 23
Connecticut, 1973-1975series 2.2box 33folder 24
Delaware, 1973-1975series 2.2box 33folder 25
District of Columbia, 1975series 2.2box 34folder 1
Florida, 1972-1976series 2.2box 34folder 2
Georgia, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 3
Guam, 1973series 2.2box 34folder 4
Hawaii, 1974-1975series 2.2box 34folder 5
Idaho, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 6
Illinois - Chicago Project, 1974-1975series 2.2box 34folder 7
Illinois, 1973-1974series 2.2box 34folder 8
Iowa, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 9
Indiana, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 10
Kansas, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 11
Kentucky, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 12
Louisiana, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 13
Maine, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 14
Maryland, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 15
Massachusetts, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 16
Michigan, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 17
Bldg. Fund - Michigan Temporary (for Moody Field Campaign), 1973-1974series 2.2box 34folder 18
Bldg. Fund - Minnesota Campaign, 1973series 2.2box 34folder 19
Bldg. Fund - Minnesota Campaign, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 20
Bldg. Fund Campaign - Mississippi, 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 21
Mississippi (Office), 1973-1974series 2.2box 34folder 22
Mississippi Campaign Solicitor Cards and Assignment Sheets, 1975series 2.2box 34folder 23
Mississippi - MMEA Board Meeting March 22, 1975series 2.2box 34folder 24
Missouri Campaign, 1973-1976series 2.2box 34folder 25
Montana Campaign - Bldg. Fund (See also Salt Lake City Mtg.), 1973-1975series 2.2box 34folder 26
Bldg. Fund - Nebraska Campaign, 1974-1975series 2.2box 34folder 27
Temporary Nebraska Bldg. Fund File, 1974-1976series 2.2box 34folder 28
Bldg. Fund - George Christopher Campaigns NY, Conn. , MD, MA., R.I., 1973-1974series 2.2box 34folder 29
Nevada, 1974-1976series 2.2box 34folder 30
New Hampshire, 1975series 2.2box 34folder 31
New Mexico, 1973-1975series 2.2box 35folder 1
New York State, 1973-1976series 2.2box 35folder 2
RK and Truscello - NYSSMA Named Gift Opportunities, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 3
North Carolina, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 4
Bldg. Fund - North Carolina Campaign, 1974-1976series 2.2box 35folder 5
North Dakota - Pending, 1974-1976series 2.2box 35folder 6
Mayer Beverlie (Mrs.), Chairman Ohio Building Fund Campaign, 1972-1975series 2.2box 35folder 7
Oklahoma, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 8
Ohio Clean-Up Campaign (OMEA Board Meeting - 2/5/75), 1975series 2.2box 35folder 9
Ohio, 1972-1975series 2.2box 35folder 10
Other Countries, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 11
Oregon (Fall '73), 1973series 2.2box 35folder 12
Pennsylvania, 1972-1976series 2.2box 35folder 13
Rhode Island, 1973-1975series 2.2box 35folder 14
South Carolina, 1974-1976series 2.2box 35folder 15
South Dakota, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 16
Tennessee, 1973-1975series 2.2box 35folder 17
Texas, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 18
Bldg. Fund - Oct. 27 Salt Lake City Mtg. (1973) MT, ID, WY, Utah, 1973series 2.2box 35folder 19
Salt Lake City Mtg. - (Working Folder), 1973series 2.2box 35folder 20
Salt Lake City Mtg. - (Re: Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming), 1973series 2.2box 35folder 21
Vermont, 1973-1975series 2.2box 35folder 22
Utah, 1973-1976series 2.2box 35folder 23
Bldg. Fund - Washington State Campaign, 1973-1975series 2.2box 35folder 24
Washington (State), 1972-1973series 2.2box 35folder 25
West Virginia, 1973-1976series 2.2box 35folder 26
Wisconsin, 1973-1976series 2.2box 35folder 27
Wisc. Temporary File, 1973-1974series 2.2box 35folder 28
Wyoming, 1974-1975series 2.2box 35folder 29
Florida Building Fund Article Wersen/Moody (9/75), 1975series 2.2box 36folder 1
Michigan - Dierk's Solicitor Responses, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 2
Alabama - Solicitor Lists, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 3
Idaho Telethon Results, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 4
Illinois Solicitor Lists, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 5
New Hampshire Telethon Returns, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 6
North Carolina Campaign Solicitor Cards and Assignment Sheets, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 7
North Dakota Solicitor Lists, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 8
Utah Telethon Results, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 9
Wyoming Telethon Returns, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 10
Arizona Telethon Results (Also Record Any Info. On Solicitor's Cards), 1975series 2.2box 36folder 11
District of Columbia Telethon Returns (Also Enter on SC Cards), 1975series 2.2box 36folder 12
Ohio Clean-Up Telethon Returns (Also Enter on SC Cards) [Empty], Undatedseries 2.2box 36folder 13
Oklahoma Telethon Returns (Also Enter on SC Cards) [Empty], Undatedseries 2.2box 36folder 14
Information Memo Mailings to State Building Fund Chairmen 3/1, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 15
Bldg Fund - Memos Between COM and CLG to Dec. 1974, 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 16
Gary, 1972-1974series 2.2box 36folder 17
Gaines, 1974series 2.2box 36folder 18
Roll Call Meeting - 6/12/74, 1974series 2.2box 36folder 19
Special Mailing Lists - NLA, 1975series 2.2box 36folder 20
Direct Mail Follow-Up Projects (Drafts + Work Materials), 1974series 2.2box 36folder 21
Bldg. Fund - Corresp., MENC Exec Board incl. Schaeffer, Benner, Andrews, etc., 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 22
Bldg. Fund - Gary Van Bodegraven Memos, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 23
Bldg. Fund - Corresp. w/ Van Bodegraven Sep. 16, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 24
Bldg. Fund - Corresp. w/ Van Bodegraven thru Sept. 15, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 25
Bldg. Fund - Full Bd. Of Overseers, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 26
Bldg. Fund - BOO Exec. C'tee (PVB, Randall Rockhill, Ray Van Diest) (Bodegraven in Sep. File), 1973series 2.2box 36folder 27
Foundation Meeting - 11 Jun, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 28
Bldg. Fund - Corresp. w/ Imig and Wersen (Ernst), 1973series 2.2box 36folder 29
Bldg. Fund - Field Coordinators/Campaigns (General) (Davis' Campaigns), 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 30
Bldg. Fund - Misc. Study, Background Papers, etc. (Incl. some Corresp. w/ CLG and JES), 1972-1973series 2.2box 36folder 31
Bldg. Fund - Reports in Prep. Of 1/10/74 NEB Conference Call, 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 32
Tax Deductibility; Proofs of MENC Status, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 33
Bldg. Fund - Slide Presentation Outline, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 34
Bldg. Fund - Corresp. Marts and Lundy, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 35
State Progress Report - 8/74, 1974series 2.2box 36folder 36
Bldg. Fund - NEA, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 37
Board of Overseers MENC Building Fund, 1971-1973series 2.2box 36folder 38
Reston Educational Park: Master Plan, Site Report, Cost Analysis (Board Master Copy), 1970series 2.2box 36folder 39
Telephone Credit Card Procedure for Area Use, Undatedseries 2.2box 36folder 40
Responsibilities of Building Fund Area Chairmen, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 41
Wills - Bequests, 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 42
Bldg. Fund - Moving Office to Leased Housing in VA (Old), 1973-1974series 2.2box 36folder 43
Building Fund - "Hand-Outs" to State Coordinators, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 44
C. Moody - I-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 45
C. Moody - 6-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 46
C. Moody - July - '73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 47
C. Moody - RJD: Corres. Between 7+8-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 48
C. Moody - 9-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 49
C. Moody - 10-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 50
C. Moody - 11-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 51
C. Moody - 12-73, 1973series 2.2box 36folder 52
C. Moody - Jun. '74, 1974series 2.2box 36folder 53
C. Moody - Feb. 1974, 1974series 2.2box 36folder 54
March, April, May, June - Moody, 1974series 2.2box 37folder 1
COM to Ch 6 Bldg Fund, 1974series 2.2box 37folder 2
Ivie, Davis, Hatfield, etc., 1973series 2.2box 37folder 3
Employee Agency Fees Agreement, 1974series 2.2box 37folder 4
Re: Van Bodegraven, 1973series 2.2box 37folder 5
P.U.B., 1973series 2.2box 37folder 6
Building Fund, 1973-1974series 2.2box 37folder 7
IGP Administration Agreement/George B. Buck (Pine), 1971-1972series 2.2box 37folder 8
United Buying Service, 1974-1976series 2.2box 37folder 9
Bldg. Fund - Bills, P.O.'s - NLA/Wilma Ivie (NLA Corres.), 1973-1975series 2.2box 37folder 10
Institutional Advancement Consultants, Inc., 1977-1978series 2.2box 37folder 11
Oram, Goldstein, 1977-1978series 2.2box 37folder 12
Tamblyn and Brown, 1977-1978series 2.2box 37folder 13
Chron. File - Gary (1975) Jan. - June, 1975series 2.2box 37folder 14
Misc. Building Fund Materials COM Cgary, 1973-1974series 2.2box 37folder 15
[Building Fund and Misc. 1973], 1973series 2.2box 37folder 16
For the Future of Music Education, 1973series 2.2box 37folder 17
Fund-Raising Survey Report, 1972series 2.2box 37folder 18
M.I.C. Campaign, 1973-1974series 2.2box 37folder 19
Fund Raising Management (September/October), 1969series 2.2box 37folder 20
Giving USA, 1970series 2.2box 37folder 21
Site Selection Study for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Undatedseries 2.2box 37folder 22
Scrap Book, 1972series 2.2box 37folder 23
Chron File - Gary (1975) July-December thru 1/2/76, 1975-1976series 2.2box 37folder 24
An Insurance Program, 1968series 2.2box 38folder 1
Membership Benefits - Insurance, 1968-1969series 2.2box 38folder 2
Music Educators National Conference [2 copies], 1968?series 2.2box 38folder 3
Report on a Study of Proposed Insurance Plans for Members of Music Educators National Conference [4 copies], 1971series 2.2box 38folder 4
A Pension Plan Report for Music Educators National Conference, 1971series 2.2box 38folder 5
Group Tax Deferred Annuity Plan for the Employees of Music Educators National Conference, 1971series 2.2box 38folder 6
MENC Building Floorplans - Reston, 1975?series 2.2box 38folder 7
Brochures on Group Insurance of Several Other Educational Groups, esp. NEA, 1971?series 2.2box 38folder 8
[Brochures on Several Insurance Firms, etc.], 1972?series 2.2box 38folder 9
I.G.P. (Pine/Buck), 1973series 2.2box 38folder 10
IGP - MENC, 1971-1972series 2.2box 38folder 11
National Convention (Atlantic City), 1976series 2.2box 38folder 12
Bldg. Fund - Prospective Tenants (MENC's), 1974-1975series 2.2box 38folder 13
[General Corresp. 1970 (Mostly COM's)], 1970series 2.2box 38folder 14
Various Corresp. COM, 1968-1970series 2.2box 39folder 1
Memos to CLG, 1969-1970series 2.2box 39folder 2
1972 filing?, 1972series 2.2box 39folder 3
Various Corresp. 1968, 1969, etc., 1968-1973series 2.2box 39folder 4
[American Film Institute Materials, ca. 1969], 1969?series 2.2box 39folder 5
COM Various Corresp., 1968-1969series 2.2box 39folder 6
Various Reports, Corresp., Handbooks, Guidelines, 1971-1973series 2.2box 39folder 7
California (Ernst), 1973-1974series 2.2box 39folder 8
Special Gifts Campaign - Prospects and Misc. 1/14/74-12/12/74, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 9
Andrews [1], 1974series 2.2box 39folder 10
Andrews [2], 1974series 2.2box 39folder 11
Benner, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 12
Edward Cleino Southern Division, 1969-1971series 2.2box 39folder 13
Florida (Housewright), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 14
Hamre, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 15
Klotman, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 16
Wilson, Geo. H., 1974series 2.2box 39folder 17
Knuth, 1973-1974series 2.2box 39folder 18
Krenz, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 19
Landis, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 20
Lehman (Paul), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 21
Mason, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 22
Middleton, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 23
Ohio (Cal Rogers), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 24
Penna (Zimmerman), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 25
Schaeffer, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 26
Schell (MIC Officials), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 27
Serposs, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 28
Van Bodegraven (Paul), 1974series 2.2box 39folder 29
Van Diest, 1974series 2.2box 39folder 30
Master Builder Campaign - Miscellaneous 1974 - Joan Gaines, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 1
Special Gifts Campaign (Prior to 1/14/74), 1973series 2.2box 40folder 2
Master Builders - Parties - Anaheim (March), 1974series 2.2box 40folder 3
Master Builders Letter + Posters, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 4
"To Be A Master Builder...", 1974series 2.2box 40folder 5
"Should You Contribute to the MENC Building Fund?" (by Van Bodegraven), Undatedseries 2.2box 40folder 6
"The MENC Master Builders Campaign", 1974series 2.2box 40folder 7
"High Fidelity and Musical American editorial, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 8
"Suggested Long Distance Call for MB Solicitation", 1974series 2.2box 40folder 9
Special Gifts Campaign - Expenses Misc., 1974series 2.2box 40folder 10
Master Builders + Higher (Maria), 1974series 2.2box 40folder 11
Pledges from $500.00 to $999.00 (Maria), 1974series 2.2box 40folder 12
Building Fund - Miscellaneous (Margaret) 1974 (inactive), 1974series 2.2box 40folder 13
Building Fund Material, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 14
For the Future of Music Education (Philadelphia), 1973series 2.2box 40folder 15
For the Future of Music Education (R. J. Davis), 1973series 2.2box 40folder 16
Purchase Order Triplicate (Nov '73 to '74), 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 17
Assistants - Division, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 18
Account Chart, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 19
Appraisal, Undatedseries 2.2box 40folder 20
Architectural Review Committee..., 1972series 2.2box 40folder 21
Annaheim [sic], 1974series 2.2box 40folder 22
Bessom, Mack, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 23
Boo Exec Com - Nov. 72, Aug '73, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 24
Budget Info BF, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 25
Campaign Materials, 1972series 2.2box 40folder 26
Campaign Plans, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 27
Conventions, 1974-1975series 2.2box 40folder 28
Schaeffer Letter, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 29
Benner Letters, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 30
Board - Atlanta, 1972series 2.2box 40folder 31
Bill Brown (C. Wellman Brown), 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 32
Correspondence, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 33
Andrews, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 34
Benner, Charles H. Dr., 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 35
Board of Overseers - Members, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 36
Christopher, George, 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 37
Ernst, Karl, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 38
Correspondence - Imig, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 39
Rockhill, Randy, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 40
Correspondence - Ludwig, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 41
Ludwig, William F., Jr., 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 42
Nash, Louis P., 1972series 2.2box 40folder 43
Correspondence - Schaeffer, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 44
Stone, W. Clement, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 45
Van Bodegraven - Special Gifts, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 46
Wersen, Louis G. - National Chairman, 1972-1973series 2.2box 40folder 47
Correspondence - Van Bodegraven, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 48
Division Conventions, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 49
Division Leaders/Proposal, 1972series 2.2box 40folder 50
Division Meetings, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 51
Exhibit Material, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 52
Ex-Speed-Ite (Mr. Cobb), 1973series 2.2box 40folder 53
Gift Opportunities, 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 54
Gift Prospects, 1972-1974series 2.2box 40folder 55
Hatfield, Wilma, 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 56
Lawyer - Glassie, Tewett, Beebe and Shanks, 1972-1975series 2.2box 40folder 57
Leadership Gifts, 1972series 2.2box 40folder 58
Gifts - Tax Ruling, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 59
Interlochen, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 60
McGregor and Werner, Inc., 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 61
Master Builders, 1974series 2.2box 40folder 62
Membership, 1973-1974series 2.2box 40folder 63
Memo #1, 1972series 2.2box 40folder 64
Memo of Understanding to J. Schaeffer, 1973series 2.2box 40folder 65
MENC - Releases, 1971series 2.2box 40folder 66
Music Industry Council, Undatedseries 2.2box 40folder 67

Subseries 2.3: MENC National Executive Board Meetings, 1968-1979 and undated

This subseries contains materials related to MENC Executive Board meetings. Materials include correspondence, minutes, organizational documents, and other related documents. Items are arranged in their original order within their respective boxes.

The box inventory for this subseries is not currently available online. Please refer to the subseries description above for a broad description of the materials or contact the department for more information.

Subseries 2.4: Goals and Objectives Project (GO Project), 1958-1984 and undated

This subseries contains materials related to the GO Project and the eighteen National Committees established by its steering committee. Included in this subseries are files related to the National Committee on Instruction (NCI) and the National Commission on Organizational Development (NCOD), the two major bodies tasked with realizing GO Project recommendations. Also included are materials related to other entities involved in the GO Project: the Publication Planning Committee, the National Committee on Minority Concerns, the Music Educators Research Council, the Music Educators Journal, the Government Relations Committee, the Constitution Revision Committee, and the Commission on Teacher Education. Also included is Moody's correspondence and research regarding the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Items are arranged in their original order within their respective boxes.

The box inventory for this subseries is not currently available online. Please refer to the subseries description above for a broad description of the materials or contact the department for more information.

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Mark, Michael and Charles L. Gary. A History of American Music Education, 3rd ed. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Education, 2007.

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Mark, Michael and Charles L. Gary. A History of American Music Education, 3rd ed. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Education, 2007.

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