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Andre Kostelanetz Recordings Collection


Andre Kostelanetz Recordings Collection
Kostelanetz, Andre
Collection number:
2.0 linear feet
Bulk dates:
1942-1945, 1979
Inclusive dates:
Collection Area:
Special Collections in Performing Arts
Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Contact the curator:

Andre Kostelanetz (1901-1980) was a Russian conductor, orchestrator, pianist, and composer known for his radio programs and concert series. He began his work in radio in 1928, and by 1930, was the conductor the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) orchestra. His programs featured a blend of classical music and popular music, much of which was orchestrated by Kostelanetz himself to suit the radio format. This collection contains recordings of Kostelanetz's broadcasts and interviews conducted with Kostelanetz, as well as supporting materials. Interviews conducted by Robert Sherman and George Jellinek were for radio broadcast on WQXR, and interviews conducted by Gloria Hammond were for Kostelanetz's memoir, Echoes: Memoirs of Andre Kostelanetz.

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Historical Note

Andre Kostelanetz, born December 22, 1901 in St. Petersburg, Russia, was a conductor and orchestrator. Kostelanetz studied composition at St. Petersburg Conservatory under Alexander Glazunov. He came to the United States in 1922 as a refugee, and worked in New York City as a vocal coach and accompanist. In 1928, he became a United States citizen and began working for Atlantic Broadcasting System, which would be acquired by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). He then became the conductor for the CBS orchestra in 1930, and conducted a series of programs including the Chesterfield Hour. These programs often featured arrangements made by Kostelanetz of both classical music and popular music of the time.

In 1963, he began a series of spring concerts with the New York Philharmonic known as the Promenades, which would feature symphonic music, folk songs, dance, and spoken word. Kostelanetz guest conducted the New York Philharmonic for twenty-seven consecutive seasons, from 1952 to 1979. He commissioned several works for orchestra, including Aaron Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait." Kostelanetz died in Haiti on January 13, 1980.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Andre Kostelanetz Recordings Collection covers the period from 1932 to 1980; the bulk of the materials date from 1942-1945 and 1979. The collection consists of recordings from Kostelanetz's radio broadcasts and interviews with Kostelanetz, both for radio and for his memoir. This collection also contains an index of the recordings, a copy of his memoir, a photocopy of a periodical feature on Kostelanetz, and correspondence regarding the acquisition of the collection. Most of the broadcasts in this collection were made for the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and frequently featured soprano Lily Pons. The radio interviews were conducted on WQXR-FM by Robert Sherman and George Jellinek, and the interviews for his memoir were conducted by Gloria Hammond.

Custodial History and Acquisition Information

Gift of Robert Frank. Received on February 20, 2009.

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Processed by Alice Rogers in May and June 2015.

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EAD markup created using EAD database in Microsoft Access. Markup completed by John Davis, September 2015

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Recordings, 1932-1980 (1.75 linear feet)

This series contains recordings of or about Andre Kostelanetz.

Subseries 1.1: The Radio Broadcasts of Andre Kostelanetz, 1932-1978 (1.25 linear feet)

This series consist of recordings of Andre Kostelanetz's radio broadcasts, from 1932-1978, with the bulk of the recordings dating from 1942-1945. Materials are arranged in the original order given, which differs slightly from chronological order.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
CD 1: Pontiac Presents, CBS 12/28/32, 3/2/33; Andre Kostelanetz Presents, CBS 9/18/1933.series 1.1box 1folder 1
CD 2: Pontiac Presents, CBS [Spring] 1933; Threads of Happiness, CBS [Autumn] 1933; Kostelanetz Presents, CBS 11/9/33.series 1.1box 1folder 2
Benefit for Hollywood Musicians [undated]; Buick Christmas Special, 12/25/33; Buick Presents, 2/8/34.series 1.1box 1folder 3
CD 4: CBS Special: 50th Anniversary of ATandT and the Bell Systems, 4/28/35.series 1.1box 1folder 4
CD 5: Coca Cola Jubilee, Refreshment Time, CBS 6/7/35.series 1.1box 1folder 5
CD 6: Chesterfield Time, 6 Selections, CBS 1936-1938.series 1.1box 1folder 6
CD 7: Summer 1937, with Lily Pons and the Chicago Civic Opera Orchestra.series 1.1box 1folder 7
CD 8: Music for the New York World's Fair, [undated]; Music in the Modern Manner, CBS [undated]; Little Moments with Big People, WINS [February 2, 1935]; Stoopnagle and Bud, CBS [undated].series 1.1box 1folder 8
CD 10: Music of the Two Americas, CBS 7/31/38; The Pause that Refreshes, CBS 4/25/43.series 1.1box 1folder 9
CD 11: Concert for the Canadian War Effort, Toronto, CBS, CBC 5/16/41.series 1.1box 1folder 10
CD 13: Promenade Symphony Concert, Live from Toronto (partial) 5/21/42.series 1.1box 1folder 11
CD 14: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, selections, 12/8/40 - 7/6/41.series 1.1box 1folder 12
CD 15: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, selections, 5/24/41 - 1/25/42.series 1.1box 1folder 13
CD 16: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS 6/7/42 - 11/1/42.series 1.1box 1folder 14
CD 16a: Coca Cola Programs, CBS, Two Sections 9/13/42; Six Sections 12/6/42; Complete 12/13/42series 1.1box 1folder 15
CD 16b: Coca Cola Programs, CBS, Complete 12/20/42; Six Sections 12/27/42; Two Sections 6/20/43.series 1.1box 1folder 16
CD 18: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, selections 9/17/42 - 10/3/43.series 1.1box 1folder 17
CD 19: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, 6 selections 10/10/43 - 2/6/44.series 1.1box 1folder 18
CD 20: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, 7 selections 2/20/44 - 4/30/44.series 1.1box 1folder 19
CD 21: Coca Cola, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air, CBS, 4 selections, 3/16/41 - 11/26/44. The Chrysler Show CBS 10/25/45.series 1.1box 1folder 20
CD 22: Music for the New York World's Fair, 1939. The March of Dimes, 1946. A Date with Music, 1949 [August 26, 1949].series 1.1box 1folder 21
CD 25: Memorial Concert for FDR, CBS 4/15/45.series 1.1box 1folder 22
CD 27A: Introduction to Birmingham Alabama Symphony Concert, [March 25, 1942]. CBC interview on his 30th Anniversary in Radio, [November 1958]. The Tex and Jinx Show (abridged) WRCA, [December 1955].series 1.1box 1folder 23
CD 27B [labeled "CD 27" on CD, "27b" on case]: Chrysler Presents, CBS 10/18/45. Time for Woman ABC 4/27/46. Feature Story CBS 6/20/46.series 1.1box 1folder 24
CD 28: White House Concert 5/20/78; Army, Navy, Air Force Bands.series 1.1box 1folder 25

Subseries 1.2: The Radio Talks of Andre Kostelanetz, 1972-1980 (0.50 linear feet)

This subseries contains recordings from Andre Kostelanetz's on-air radio interviews and memorials, from 1972-1980. Materials are arranged in the original order given, which is chronological.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
CD 2: The Listening Room, WQXR 1/20/72 with Robert Sherman: Works Commissioned by Andre, with music.series 1.2box 1folder 26
CD 4: The Vocal Scene, with George [Jellinek], WQXR 2/17/72: "Singers I have known and Worked With"series 1.2box 1folder 27
CD 5: The Listening Room with Beverly Sills WQXR 10/20/76.series 1.2box 1folder 28
CD 6: Great Artists Series, WQXR 5/14/78 with Robert Sherman: Celebrating the Promenade Concerts.series 1.2box 1folder 29
CD 7: The Vocal Scene, WQXR 9/21/78 with George [Jellinek]: Remembering Lily Pons.series 1.2box 2folder 1
CD 8: Remembering Andre Kostelanetz, two weeks after his death [January 17, 1980].series 1.2box 2folder 2
CD 9: Adventures in Good Music, A Tribute to Andre with Karl Haas, WQXR, WJR 2/8/80.series 1.2box 2folder 3
CD 10: The Vocal Scene, with George [Jellinek], WQXR 1/30/80: A Tribute To Andre.series 1.2box 2folder 4

Subseries 1.3: Echoes: Memoirs of Andre Kostelanetz, Interviews with Gloria Hammond, 1979-1980 (0.10 linear feet)

This subseries contains recordings of the personal interviews conducted by Gloria Hammond in preparation for publishing Andre Kostelanetz's memoir, Echoes: Memoirs of Andre Kostelanetz from 1979-1980. Materials are arranged in the original order given, which differs slightly from chronological order.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
CD 1A: 6/5/79 - World War II, 1942series 1.3box 2folder 5
CD 1B: 6/5/79 - Childhood, part I (Some discussion of childhood composers and authors)series 1.3box 2folder 6
CD 2: 6/5/79 - Atomic Bomb, Nevada 1955; Dr. Nicholas; 6/5/79 - Childhood, part 2series 1.3box 2folder 7
CD 3A: 6/6/79 - Youth - to Kislovodsk; Typhus; Coaching at opera.series 1.3box 2folder 8
CD 3B: 6/6/79 - Youth - Leningrad; Grand Opera.series 1.3box 2folder 9
CD 4A: 6/7/79 - Leningrad - Youth (contd.); Decision to Leave Russia for Good.series 1.3box 2folder 10
CD 4B: 6//7/79; Minsk to Vilna to Warsaw to NYC 1922; Composers, Misc., Inserts of Childhoodseries 1.3box 2folder 11
CD 5A: 6/8/79; Richard Rodgers; View on Music Today, (especially musicals), Musical Portraits (Virgil Thompson)series 1.3box 2folder 12
CD 5B: 6/18/79; Jimmy Thompsonseries 1.3box 2folder 13
CD 6 [labeled "CD 6A" on CD, "6" on case]: 6/18/79; Misc. (Earl Mountbatten, [etc.])series 1.3box 2folder 14
CD 7 [labeled "CD 7A" on CD, "7" on case]: 6/19/79 - Interview with Maria Frank; 6/20/79 - Modern Music, (see newsclip) Radioseries 1.3box 2folder 15
CD 8A: 6/20/79 - Radioseries 1.3box 2folder 16
CD 8B: 6/21/79 - Lily Ponsseries 1.3box 2folder 17
CD 9A: 6/21/79 - Lily Pons (cont'd)series 1.3box 2folder 18
CD 9B: 6/21/79; 11/20/79 - Andre Kostelanetzseries 1.3box 2folder 19
CD 10A: 6/25/79 - Lily Pons (cont'd); The Beret Storyseries 1.3box 2folder 20
CD 10B: 6/26/79; Supplementary early years in US.series 1.3box 2folder 21
CD 11A: 6/25/79; Jokesseries 1.3box 2folder 22
CD 11B: 6/26/79 - Sara Gene; 6/27/79 - Beginning of Ogden Nashseries 1.3box 2folder 23
CD 12A: 6/27/79; Sara Geneseries 1.3box 2folder 24
CD 12B: 6/27/79; 6/28/79 - Radio - Sandburgseries 1.3box 2folder 25
CD 13A: 6/28/79; "Mixed" Somerset Maugham in [Istanbul] Recordingseries 1.3box 2folder 26
CD 13B: 6/28/79; "Mixed" (cont'd); Leopold Stokowski, William Waltonseries 1.3box 2folder 27
CD 14A: 6/29/79; William Walton, World's Fair, Casals, Reinerseries 1.3box 2folder 28
CD 14B: 6/29/79; Monteux, Dogs - "Peace and Victory"; 7/2/79; Indonesia Fansseries 1.3box 2folder 29
CD 15 [labeled "CD 15A" on CD, "15" on case]: 7/2/79; Learning to Fly; What Music Means (to others); July 4, 1976 at Wolftrapseries 1.3box 2folder 30
CD 16A: 7/5/79; Commissioning Music - Lincoln Portrait [etc.] (?)series 1.3box 2folder 31
CD 16B: 7/6/79; Commissioning Music - Lincoln Portrait [etc.]series 1.3box 2folder 32
CD 17A: 7/6/79; Commissioned Works (cont'd)series 1.3box 2folder 33
CD 17B: 7/6/79; Commissioned Works (cont'd); 7/9/79 - Travelseries 1.3box 2folder 34
CD 18A: 7/9/79 - Travelseries 1.3box 2folder 35
CD 18B: 7/9/79 - Travelseries 1.3box 2folder 36
CD 19A: 7/14 - 7/16/79; Musicians, Criticism, Beecham, Travelseries 1.3box 2folder 37
CD 19B: 7/16 - 7/17/79; Travel, Michener, Recording Technique, "Kostelanetz" meaningseries 1.3box 2folder 38
CD 20A: 7/17/79; Guest Conduction; Tempo; Sandburgseries 1.3box 2folder 39
CD 20B: 7/17/79; Early days Miscellaneous; 7/18/79; Composers - esp. Stokowski; Misc.series 1.3box 3folder 1
CD 21A: 7/18/79; Casals (rep.); 7/19/79; Cologne; Glenn Millerseries 1.3box 3folder 2
CD 21B: 7/19/79; [Philippines]; Arthur Judson; Musicians; Stokowski and Roerichseries 1.3box 3folder 3
CD 22B: 7/24/79; Misc.; White House, May '78series 1.3box 3folder 4
CD 23A: 7/25/79; Pictures and Comments (Callas [etc.]); Tribute to Andre Kostelanetz as #1 air passengerseries 1.3box 3folder 5
CD 23B: 7/25 - 7/26/79; Pictures and Comments (Callas [etc.]), Tribute to Andre Kostelanetz as #1 air passenger (cont'd)series 1.3box 3folder 6
CD 24A: 7/26/79; Conversations - gold, money, misc.; JPM arrives (Julian Muller); Amusing stories (some new)series 1.3box 3folder 7
CD 24B: 7/26/79; JPM (Julian Muller), AK and Gloria Hammond - three way; conversation continues; "Rainmaker" (Denver); Boris, winds.series 1.3box 3folder 8
CD 25A: 8/1/79; Miscellaneous Wonderful Session.; Faith Healing; Appreciationseries 1.3box 3folder 9
CD 26A: 8/3/79 (cont'd); India, China storiesseries 1.3box 3folder 10
CD 26B: 8/3/79 (cont'd); Cole Porter; Subject of Sharingseries 1.3box 3folder 11
CD 27A: 8/7/79; Gloria Hammond's impression of 8/8/79 Park Concert; Andre Kostelanetz on Concertseries 1.3box 3folder 12
CD 28A: 8/13/79; Faure; New Orleansseries 1.3box 3folder 13
CD 28B: 8/13/79; [Haute] Cuisine; 8/14/79; Light vs. Classical Musicseries 1.3box 3folder 14
CD 29A: 8/14/79series 1.3box 3folder 15
CD 29B: 8/14/79; Rubinstein (taped from Ch. 13); 8/16/79; Misc.; Opinions of Malcolm Sargent; Tom Dooleyseries 1.3box 3folder 16
CD 31A: 8/17/79; Acoustics, Recording; AK's playing machine idea; 8/20/79series 1.3box 3folder 17
CD 31B: 10/9/79; Misc. thoughts, White House, Pope visit, Reviewers; Answers to some tape questions...etc.series 1.3box 3folder 18
CD 32 [labeled "CD 32A" on CD, "32" on case]: 9/25/79; About writing autobiography viz a viz; conversation re Picasso's Former wife (My Life with Picasso); Cuban Revolution, Incidental conversation (not noted); Bill Stevenson?series 1.3box 3folder 19
CD 33A: 9/26/79; Bill Stevensonseries 1.3box 3folder 20
CD 33B: 9/26/79; Bill Stevenson (cont'd); 11/20/79; Andre Kostelanetzseries 1.3box 3folder 21
CD 34 [labeled "CD 34A" on CD, "34" on case]: 10/1/79; [Rubaiyat], Misc.; Questions Answered; Hebrew Storyseries 1.3box 3folder 22
CD 35A: 10/9/79; Misc.; Reviews cont'd; School memories; Efrem Kurtzseries 1.3box 3folder 23
CD 35B: 10/9/79; Misc.; "Wealth"; 10/17/79; Misc. items. Esp. re: [Shostakovich] Autobiographyseries 1.3box 3folder 24
CD 36A: 10/17/79 - Misc. cont'd; "You have the hands of Anton Rubinstein"; First coaching experience; 10/25/79 - Misc., [plagiarism], Kurtz, Petersburg Conservatory, Promenades, First recordingseries 1.3box 3folder 25
CD 36B: 10/25/79; Misc., Prince Bernard, Music, How book should begin, First nonsubscription concert and Philharmonic encoresseries 1.3box 3folder 26
CD 37A: 10/25/79; Misc., Some repetitions. Answers to one or two gaps. More on beginning of book. Washington visit for unclear purpose. Alexander Dymshitz, cousin, who became a Communist. D.N.V.series 1.3box 3folder 27
CD 37B: 11/25/79; The courtroom putdown story. Childhood: learning languages; Smirnoffs, Schooldays (rep.); Practical joke on German teacherseries 1.3box 3folder 28
CD 38 [labeled "CD 38A" on CD, "38" on case]: 9/13/79; Interview with George Jellinek; 11/12/79; Misc., Answer to gaps; Conductors' egos; Beecham coke on plane storyseries 1.3box 3folder 29
CD 39 [labeled "CD 39A" on CD, "39" on case]: 10/5/79; Interview with Francis; Robinson; 11/12/[79?] Misc. info; Answer to questionsseries 1.3box 3folder 30
CD 40A: 6/12/79; Interview with Horace Suttonseries 1.3box 3folder 31
CD 40B: 6/19/79; Interview with Marian Frank (sister)series 1.3box 3folder 32
CD 41A: 9/29/79; Interview with Lou Robbinsseries 1.3box 3folder 33
CD 41B: 9/29/79; Interview with Lou Robbins (cont'd)series 1.3box 3folder 34
CD 42A: 2/11/80; Interview with Karl Haas and Andre Kostelanetz; Interview with Efrem Kurtzseries 1.3box 3folder 35
CD 42B: 2/11/80; Interview with Efrem Kurtz (cont'd)series 1.3box 3folder 36
CD 43A: 1. 10/26/56 - w. Wesley Pearson; 2. 3/2/58 - w. Jim Fassett, NY Philharmonic; 3. 3/21/65 - w. John Daly, WQXR; 4. 11/13/65 - w. Edward Downs, NY Philharmonic programseries 1.3box 3folder 37
CD 43B: 5. 5/14/69 - w. Lloyd Moss, WQXR; 6. 11/2/75 - w. Martin Bookspan, WQXR; 7. No date - w. Hugh Thompsonseries 1.3box 3folder 38

Series 2: Print Materials, 1934-1981 (0.25 linear feet)

This series contains print materials related to this collection. Materials are arranged chronologically.

DescriptionSeriesBox / ReelFolder / Frame
"Kostelanetz Brews a New Radio Formula" by Herbert Westen, July 1934 series 2box 4folder 1
Echoes: Memoirs of Andre Kostelanetz, by Andre Kostelanetz in collaboration with Gloria Hammond, 1981., 1981 series 2box 4folder 2
Index of Kostelanetz Recordings, undated series 2box 4folder 3

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Andre Kostelanetz Collection, 1930-1960, Music Division, Library of Congress.

Echoes [sound recording]: Memoirs of Andre Kostelanetz, New York Public Library.

Kostelanetz Score Collection, New York Philharmonic,

Kostelanetz, Andre. Wonderland of Golden Hits. New York: Columbia Records, 1963. LP record. [PAL Paged Collections MD2241]

Robert Sherman Collection, Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, University of Maryland.

Kostelanetz, Andre, and Liz Dribben. His Life and Music. New York: Encyclopedia Americana/CBS News Audio Resource Library, 1977. Cassette. [Hornbake Library Media Services D411.V5]

North, James H. Andre Kostelanetz on Records and on the Air: A Discography and Radio Log. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2011. [PAL Stacks ML156.7.K67 N67]

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