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Collections by Subject: Agriculture in Maryland

A Selected List of Holdings in Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries

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Additionally, the University of Maryland Libraries have compiled two bibliographies of historical agricultural literature:

Please note that not all titles listed in these web-based bibliographies are available at the University of Maryland.

University Publications

For more information, visit the University Archives

The university publications collection consists of a wide variety of printed materials produced by and about the various administrative units, academic departments, and student groups on the College Park campus. Within this grouping are a number of headings and particular documents which are excellent sources of information on agriculture in Maryland. In the listing below, headings under which items may be located have been italicized and are followed by relevant individual titles within that category.

Additional, uncataloged University Publications are available in the Backlog. Please see the University Archivist for assistance.

Agricultural Affairs, Office of. (University Publications A64) Annual reports and copies of the newsletter "Excel" describe the Office's activities.

Agricultural Biotechnology, Center for. (University Publications A29) A prospectus and an annual report, both from the 1990s, provide background information on the center.

Agricultural Economics, Department of. (University Publications A30) The Agricultural Economics Information Series and the Agricultural Economics Mimeo Series were published in conjunction with the Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Topics of these publications include agricultural statistics by county, farm business and family living, farm labor, Maryland granges, marketing, drought damage, price trends for various agricultural products, and departmental dissertation abstracts.

Agricultural Education, Department of. (University Publications A31) The department published pamphlets, course suggestions, and a program proposal.

Agricultural Engineering, Department of. (University Publications A32) The materials include studies of aquatic environments and marine life, program proposals, and a report on studies of the Chesapeake oyster industry.

Agricultural Experiment Station. (University Publications A33) Annual reports from 1888 to 1984 offer department news and project descriptions. Bulletins produced between 1888 and 1982 explain the results of studies on produce varieties and livestock and provide practical advice for farmers. The station also publishes scientific articles (arranged by contribution number), special bulletins, news releases, faculty and staff minutes, and miscellaneous publications. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Agricultural and Natural Resources Programs. (University Publications A39) The programs published a 1998 report by M. F. Smith, entitled "Nutrient Management Practices of Farmers in Pocomoke River Watershed - 1996."

Agriculture, College of. (University Publications A37) Reports, strategic plans, faculty assembly minutes, the "Coll-O-Ag" newsletter, alumni news, and college prospectus brochures provide an overview of college activities. Maryland-Delaware Crop Report Service publications document development in livestock, grain, produce, and dairy operations. This category also includes bound volumes of reports from the Resources Study Committee for Southern Maryland and the "Agriculture '76" reports. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Agriculture and Extension Education, Department of. (University Publications A23 and A69) Reports and studies cover topics such as demographics for metropolitan and rural Maryland counties, farm machinery, farm labor, adult education, service and training, and policy issues. "Maryland Vo-Ag News," published in coordination with the State Department of Education, featured articles by professors, executive board members of the Maryland Vo-Ag Association, and high school teachers of agriculture.

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Division of. (University Publications A25) Included are annual reports, the departmental plan of governance and bylaws, pamphlets on international programs, and a series of publications entitled "Agriculture '76."

Agriculture and Natural Resources, Vice Chancellor for. (University Publications A27) The vice chancellor sent out a news release in 1991, entitled "Maryland Agriculture Still Strong in Spite of Urban Pressures."

Agriculture and Resource Economics, Department of. (University Publications A28) The Agriculture and Resource Economics Information Series (AREIS) published reports on various topics, for instance, dairy farms, food controls, solar heating, artificial breeding, fuels, irrigation, Agricultural Census data, agricultural cooperatives in Maryland, organic food production, and Chesapeake Bay fisheries. AREIS no. 3 contains a bibliography of all University of Maryland agriculture publications between 1923 and 1971. The publications "Maryland Agricultural Outlook Activities," "Maryland Farm Manpower Activities," and "Proceedings of Maryland Farm and Land Brokers Institute" consist of conference proceedings. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Agronomy, Department of. (University Publications A40 and C51) Reports on "Research, Teaching, and Service Programs," "Crops and Soils Research" progress reports, and miscellaneous reports collect information on various departmental projects. "Agronomy Mimeo" published departmental news. "The Agronomist" newsletter, from 1964 to 1987, provided information on soil, crops, seeds, lime, fertilizers, herbicides, and turf.

Animal and Avian Science, Department of. (University Publications A70) The department produces miscellaneous reports.

Animal Science, Department of. (University Publications A49) This category contains miscellaneous reports and an incomplete series of Maryland Nutrition Conference Proceedings from 1954 to 1992. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Applied Agriculture, Institute of. (University Publications A51) The institute published newsletters, handbooks and manuals for students and faculty, and program overviews.

Bee Keepers Association. (University Publications B1) The first three annual reports issued by the association, from 1909 to 1911, and the proceedings of the 21st International Apicultural Congress, held at the University in August 1967, are included.

Board of Agriculture Reports. (A36) The reports, published biennially and triennially, collect information on the departments, Cooperative Extension Service projects, teaching, students, and facilities at the University of Maryland.

Botany, Department of. (University Publications B6) Lab manuals, the "Botany Chronicle" newsletter, teaching reviews, departmental self-evaluations, and technical bulletins illustrate departmental activities. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. (University Publications C21) Since its beginning in 1925, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory has been affiliated with the University of Maryland. In 1961, it came under the direction of the Department of Research and Education, later called the Natural Resources Institute. In 1975, the institute was renamed the Center for Environmental & Estuarine Studies, and in 1997, it became the Center for Environmental Science. The laboratory published reports, studies, contributions, and reference series in cooperation with the Conservation Department of Maryland and the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station. Miscellaneous publications cover 1927 to 1954, and "The Chesapeake Bay in Maryland: An Atlas of Natural Resources" was issued in 1973.

Chesapeake Research Consortium, Inc. (University Publications C22) Reports of research findings and literature reviews provide information on water quality, storms, sewage, and pollution affecting the Chesapeake Bay. Annual reports and proceedings of the Bi-State Conference on the Chesapeake Bay in 1977 document the consortium's projects.

Coastal and Environmental Policy Program. (University Publications C27) An environmental leadership report provides information on this program.

Coastal Research, Lab for. (University Publications C28) A pamphlet describes the lab's research projects.

Cooperative Extension Service. (University Publications C51) The Service published a wide variety of publications that correspond with its diverse programs. Annual reports, Emis Narrative progress reports, press packs, news releases, and news/features describe the Service's activities and projects. Publications sent to farmers, housewives, youths, and other Maryland residents illustrate the kinds of information the Service sought to disseminate. Titles include the "Maryland Poultryman," the "Maryland Fruit-Grower," the "Maryland Nurserymen's News," "Farm Notes," the "4-H Cloverleaf," the "4-H Voice," "Ag Engineering Topics," the "Homemakers Newsline," "College Week for Women," "The Golden Years," and an assortment of bulletins, circulars, programs, county extension newsletters, and miscellaneous publications. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Dairy Husbandry, Department of. (University Publications D1) The department published "Advanced Registry News" from 1922 to 1925.

Dairy Science, Department of. (University Publications D2) The department produced "Maryland Dairy Production News" from 1945 to 1970. Miscellaneous publications are included as is a history of the department written by C. Walter England in 1985.

Entomology, Department of. (University Publications E18) "Antennae," "The Enlightening Bug," Entomology leaflets, and miscellaneous publications provide information on insects and insecticides. Theodore Bissell wrote a "History of Entomology at the University of Maryland" that appeared in June 1960. Reports from a comprehensive review conducted in 1977 also provide information on the department. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Environmental and Estuarine Studies, Center for. (University Publications E19) The Center issued "Chesapeake Science" between 1960 and 1977. Reference series and study reports describe research conducted at the various labs under the center's direction, including the Appalachian Environmental Laboratory, the Horn Point Laboratory, the Inland Laboratory, and the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. The center published status reports and results of studies on the Power Plant Sitting Program. Forerunners of the center include the Department of Research and Education and the Natural Resources Institute; the center became known as the Center for Environmental Science in 1997.

Environmental Science, Center for. (University Publications E19 and E28) Forerunners of the center, which was established in 1997, include the Department of Research and Education, the Natural Resources Institute, and the Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies. The center administers three laboratory sites: the Appalachian Laboratory in western Maryland, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in southern Maryland, and the Horn Point Laboratory on the Delmarva Peninsula. Reference series and study reports describe research primarily on water quality and the Chesapeake Bay. Publications from 1997 to 1998 are located under E19; publications since 1999 are located under E28.

Farmer's Institute. (University Publications F10) Bulletins, reports, and programs illustrate the activities at Farmer's Institutes held by the Maryland Agricultural College and the Agricultural Experiment Station in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Food, Nutrition, and Institution Administration, Department of. (University Publications F21) The department's proposal for a Ph.D. program received approval from the University Senate in September 1981.

Food Science Teaching Program. (University Publications F22) This category contains a review of the program.

Horticulture, Department of. (University Publications H15) The department produced the "Maryland Florist" with the Growers Division of Allied Florists of Baltimore and Greater Washington between 1953 and 1980. The department also published miscellaneous newsletters and reports, as well as a report of the comprehensive review of the department conducted in 1977. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Livestock Sanitary Service. (University Publications L8) The Maryland State Board of Agriculture organized this service whose regulations and reports cover the 1930s and 1940s.

Maryland Agricultural College. (University Publications M5) Annual reports from 1869 to 1895 trace the college's history. The college also published bulletins from the Extension Service, circulars, and programs for training schools for rural teachers and for short courses in horticulture, poultry, and other agricultural topics. The "MAC Quarterly," published between 1898 and 1923, often printed articles related to farming in Maryland.

Maryland Department of Research and Education. (University Publications M14) The department published reports with the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, a unit it directed. The department was the forerunner of the Natural Resources Institute, which began in 1961. The institute was renamed the Center for Environmental & Estuarine Studies in 1975 and the Center for Environmental Science in 1997.

Maryland Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers. (University Publications M22) The departments of Animal Science, Dairy Science, and Poultry Science organized the annual conference. Proceedings were published from 1953 through 1982.

Maryland State College of Agriculture. (University Publications M23) Annual reports and programs for short courses in agriculture, among other topics, reflect college activities. The College published "Instructions to Patrons of Maryland Livestock Sanitary and Biological Labs" in August 1919.

Natural Resources Institute. (University Publications N6) The institute published a Reference Series and an Educational Series that included reports, meeting proceedings, and plans for Maryland waterways, forests, and fisheries. Progress reports, "Biological and Geological Research on the Effects of Dredging and Spoil Disposal in the Upper Chesapeake Bay," include charts and statistics. The institute also compiled an index to its publications. The institute directed three laboratory sites: the Appalachian Environmental Laboratory in western Maryland, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in southern Maryland, and the Horn Point Environmental Laboratory on the Delmarva Peninsula. The Natural Resources Institute became the Center for Environmental & Estuarine Studies in 1975; it became the Center for Environmental Studies in 1997.

Nutritional Science Program. (University Publications N8) The University Senate received a proposal for an interdisciplinary graduate program in nutritional science in 1967.

Poultry, Department of. (University Publications P21) This category contains handbooks and miscellaneous publications. Two histories of the department, one from 1932 and another from circa 1973, are included.

Poultry Science, Department of. (University Publications P22) Reports for the comprehensive review conducted in 1977 as well as other miscellaneous reports provide information on the department. See also corresponding University Archives Record Group description.

Plant Pathology, Department of. (University Publications P34) A 1943 report on apple scab spore development in Maryland gives an example of the department's publications.

Rural Women's Short Course Programs. (University Publications R21) Programs for courses, lectures, and commencement exercises detail the activities at the annual Rural Women's Short Course. The Cooperative Extension Service organized the course for rural homemakers from 1923 through the 1960s, when the new program "College Week for Women" began.

Veterinary Medicine, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of. (University Publications V1) Brochures describe the college's research programs, students, and projects and the Avrum Gudelsky Veterinary Center.

Veterinary Science, Department of. (University Publications V2) One plan describes a veterinary college under the auspices of the university, while another plan discusses a shared regional college. A 1956 report on common respiratory diseases of poultry provides an example of departmental research. The reports for the 1977 comprehensive review offer an overview of the program.

Water Resources Research Center. (University Publications W1) The center produced special and technical reports on Maryland's waterways.

Zoology, Department of. (University Publications Z1) Annual reports describe a project at the seafood-processing lab. The department published "Index to Catalogue to Russian, Central and Eastern European, and Chinese Literature in Medical Entomology" in eleven volumes with six supplements, printed between 1963 and 1968.

Maryland Manuscripts

For more information, visit Historical Manuscripts

The Maryland Manuscripts grouping consists of a wide variety of materials, such as letters, diaries, printed ephemera, and business ledgers, which have been described individually. Among these items are a number that relate to agriculture, including premium lists, annual fair regulations, farm ledgers, constitutions and by-laws of agricultural associations, farm prospectuses, and exhibit catalogues.

The Maryland Manuscripts have been entered into a database that is available in the Maryland Room and divided into several broad categories. Subjects that include the bulk of the items related to agriculture are "Business and Other Financial Records," "Civil and Social Organizations' Records," "Land Records," and "Legal Records." Print versions of the Subject Categories listings are also available in the Maryland Room. The Maryland Manuscripts database allows for keyword searching through a feature called "Search 'Notes' by a Text String." Keyword searches that produce a number of relevant items include "agricultural" and "agriculture," "farm," "tobacco," "barn," "account book," "horse," "cow," "dairy," and "chicken."

There are also several items of special importance:


Among the departmental photographic holdings are a variety of agricultural images, from the 19th century to the present, with the bulk from the 20th century. Images capture farms, barns and farm buildings, animals, plants, agricultural exhibits, demonstrations, farm labor, and agricultural science laboratory work. Collections with photographs that significantly feature agricultural themes include:


Memorabilia consists of historical artifacts that are housed separately from textual records and photographic materials. The memorabilia collection includes a variety of objects such as badges, ribbons, plaques, trophies, locks of hair, articles of clothing, and souvenirs. Many memorabilia items relate to agricultural history.


Maryland Agriculture Exhibit! (November 2002) This exhibit highlights four themes in the history of Maryland agriculture with materials selected from the Archives and Manuscripts Department of the University of Maryland Libraries.