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Collections by Subject: Athletics at the University of Maryland, College Park

A Selected List of Holdings in Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries

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The history of athletic activity on the University of Maryland campus stretches back to the 1860s, when the Maryland Agricultural College cadets first played baseball recreationally. Since those early days, the number and variety of sports in which members of the institution's community participate have increased greatly. Changes over time have included the widespread participation of women in intercollegiate athletics and the expansion in the number and size of athletic facilities on the campus. Archival material covers both intercollegiate and intramural activity from the 1870s to the present. Materials documenting university athletics include programs; media guides; publications; scrapbooks; budget documents; brochures; correspondence; newspaper clippings; reports; photographs and posters; audio and videotapes; film; and uniforms.

This resource guide describes holdings in the Archives and Manuscripts Department which document athletic activity at University of Maryland, College Park. It also lists other potential sources outside the Archives and Manuscripts Department.

Table of Contents

A guide to conducting research using primary resources is available at

For background information on the differences between processed and unprocessed collections, see Research Using Primary Resources - Definitions

University Archival Record Groups

University Publications

For more information, visit the University Archives.

The University Publications collection consists of a wide variety of printed materials produced by and about the various administrative units, academic departments, and student groups on the College Park campus. All University of Maryland intercollegiate teams are represented in the holdings. There are significant groupings of media guides, game day programs, and miscellaneous brochures. Football and men's basketball are particularly well-documented, although coverage is not comprehensive for either team's long history. Athletic-related academic programs, intramural sports and non-competitive athletic activities are also documented. In the listing below, the categories of publications appear in italics and are followed, in many cases, by relevant individual titles within that category.

Alumni Association. (UPUB A43) The Alumni Association promotes the university's interests and maintains a relationship with its graduates. This group of publications includes occasional athletic news in the Alumni Bulletin, between 1957 and 1971, the period for which the University Archives has holdings. Other items in the group include a program from a "Testimonial Dinner Honoring President Harry Clifton Byrd," featuring biographical information covering his days as student athlete and coach, and the "Alumni Log," a collection of newsletters dated 1927 to 1930, featuring reminiscences of games and players in the 1910s and 1920s.

Alumni Association International. (UPUB A44) This category contains Maryland, the alumni publication of the University of Maryland, which occasionally mentions university athletics; issues date from 1937 to 1980. A special issue dated July-August 1948 covers the athletic program in detail, including profiles and photographs of players, teams, and coaches.

Athletic Media Relations. (UPUB I11) This office, which provides information about university athletics to the media, was known as the Sports Information Office until 1996. This collection features the 1996 and 1998 editions of "Getting the Word Out," a newsletter about University of Maryland football, primarily about each year's team and including pictures of and statistics about team members and coaching staff. Each also features some Maryland football history, such as ACC championship team pictures and "Terps in the NFL."
See also Athletic Media Relations under University Archival Record Groups and Photographs.

Budget. (UPUB B7) The budget, produced by the Department of Budget and Fiscal Analysis, covers the entire university and includes expenditures for athletic programs, facilities, and staff salaries. Years of coverage include 1919 to the present; some budgets are more detailed than others. The budgets do not include "soft money" or grants, nor do they include bonuses, incentive pay, or any non-University of Maryland income earned by coaches.

Buildings and Grounds. (UPUB B9) This group includes items such as blueprints, floor plans, and other planning documents for new and existing campus buildings. Selected highlights include a program, "Dedication of the Ritchie Coliseum," dated January 20, 1932; a newsletter about the new multi-purpose recreation center that includes floor plans, background information on the need for the building, and the names of those who helped to finance it; and a report entitled "Reckord Armory feasibility study." Also included in this grouping is the final report for the task force charged with creating the recreation, physical education, and athletic facilities master plan. The University Archives holds only a very small number of scattered blueprints for athletic facilities, in this university publications category and under the records of the Department of Physical Plant. The main grouping of blueprints and specifications for campus buildings is maintained separately in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction archives.
See also Buildings and Grounds under Photographs.

Catalogs. (UPUB C11) The university publications collection includes a full run of course catalogs for both graduate and undergraduate offerings, beginning with the Maryland Agricultural College's first catalog in 1859 and continuing to the present. These volumes contain information on athletic fees charged to students, physical education requirements, and courses relating to physical education or other aspects of athletics. Many of the earliest catalogs have been digitized and are available at

College Park Alumni Association. (UPUB C30) The College Park Alumni Association succeeded the university system-wide Alumni Association in 1988 when each campus was granted autonomy to create and maintain its own alumni organization. This collection consists of College Park Alumni Association publications. The University of Maryland alumni magazine, entitled College Park, features a section, "In Bounds," which reports athletic news. "Alumni Updates: The Newsletter for College Park Alumni" contains brief articles about athletes and Homecoming activities. Maryland Alumni, a publication that appeared between issues of College Park, included highlights of campus activities of interest to alumni and feature stories on particular graduates; it often contains brief pieces on athletic accomplishments or upcoming events.

Directories. (UPUB D7) The university publications collection contains a run of directories listing faculty, staff, and students on campus from 1927 to the present. These volumes include the names of the athletic administrative staff and coaches. The directories were published in several different combinations over the years - student-faculty-staff; student-faculty; faculty-staff; and students alone.

History of the University of Maryland. (UPUB H11) This category is a general catchall for pieces on University of Maryland history. Included are books, student papers, and newspaper clippings. George H. Callcott's A History of the University of Maryland (1966) discusses athletics at the university during the period from 1890 to 1950. Helpful index headings within Calcott's history include "Athletic Association," "Atlantic Coast Conference," "Baseball," "Basketball," "Bowl Games," "Football," "Gator Bowl," "Gymnasium," "Maryland Athletic Association," "Ritchie Coliseum," and "Ritchie Gymnasium." A second book, Forty Years as a College President: Memoirs of Wilson Elkins (1981), includes transcripts of conversations between Elkins and George H. Callcott. The men discuss athletics in Elkins's youth and during his years as University of Maryland president, 1954 to 1978. Chapter 5, "The University in the 1950s," treats the perceived tension between the university's academic and athletic goals at the time Elkins became president. In 2005, Callcott authored a second book on the university's history titled The University of Maryland at College Park, A History; it revises his earlier history and provides an account of the subsequent years. Index entries for athletics within this volume are divided into "Athletics after 1954," "Athletics and women," and "Athletics before 1954." Also relevant to university athletics in the 1950s is Bayard Webster's report, "The Fall and Rise of the University of Maryland," in which he details how the university faced the loss of accreditation because the athletic program was too prominent. Finally, this group contains a small selection of newspaper clippings about the "Queen's Game" in 1957, when Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, visited the university to attend a football game.
See also Queen's Game Collection under University Archival Record Groups and Vertical File.

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. (UPUB I11) The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics provides the administrative framework for the university's athletic teams, as well as academic support services for student athletes, sports marketing, fan and ticketing services, and fundraising and alumni relations targeted at athletics. This category contains a variety of programs and media guides as well as other miscellaneous information about University of Maryland athletics. Included are football programs; basketball programs; and media guides for many sports, including football, softball, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's soccer, field hockey, track, tennis, golf, swimming and diving, and men's and women's basketball. Also included is general information on women's basketball and several other teams and issues of Terp Talk, the newsletter of the Terrapin Club. There are also several boxes of miscellaneous uncataloged material, organized alphabetically. Several sports are represented, including basketball, fencing football, and wrestling, as well as functional topics such as Athletic Council, Budget, and Field Day Activities.
See also Department of Intercollegiate Athletics under University Archival Record Groups, Photographs, and Websites.

Intramural Athletics. (UPUB I21) Intramural athletics are those played between different groups on campus, for example, fraternity versus fraternity or between groups organized through Campus Recreation Services. The centerpiece of this collection is a set of illustrated handbooks from the years 1947-1948 to 1984-1985.

M Club. (UPUB M1) The M Club was founded in 1923 by Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd, H. Burton Shipley, Geary Eppley, and Reginald Truitt to encourage athletic excellence and to give former university letter winners a means to remain actively involved in the University of Maryland. This collection includes banquet programs and member directories dating from 1924.
See also M Club under University Archival Record Groups and Websites.

Official Publication Series. (UPUB O2) The series includes promotional viewbooks from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s that include brief athletic program descriptions and photographs. One from September 1930, "Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Maryland," focuses entirely on university athletics.

College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health. (UPUB P9) This collection contains a pamphlet entitled "The Physical Education Program, University of Maryland, 1962" which provides information about class policies. Other items include a memo about curriculum changes circa 1965; an annual report dated 1971-1972; faculty and staff news from 1971 and 1976; newsletters from 1974 to 1978 and 1981; a pamphlet from 1974 celebrating the College of Physical Education's twenty-fifth anniversary; promotional materials for academic programs; and facility regulations

Department of Recreation. (UPUB R3) This group contains a curriculum revision report from 1972, a comprehensive self-study from 1981, and undated course descriptions.

Office of Sports Information. (UPUB S16) The Office of Sports Information facilitated communication between Intercollegiate Athletics and the media and maintained records of team, player, and coaching statistics, photographs, and newspaper clippings until 1996, when it became known as Athletic Media Relations. The publications of this office include media guidebooks for football and basketball teams of the 1990s.
See also Office of Sports Information under University Archival Record Groups and Photographs.

Student Handbooks. (UPUB S30) The Archives and Manuscripts Department's collection of student handbooks dates from 1916 to 1991. While content varies over the years, the handbooks convey information about campus life of interest to new students. This information usually includes a listing of athletic teams and intramural activities available for student participation. Some list songs, yells, and cheers.

Student Organizations. (UPUB S34) Student sports clubs may be social or competitive, and most are open to any interested student. This collection includes programs from shows, meeting fliers, and other promotional materials for the following groups: Badminton Club; Blackbelt Club; Bowling Club; College Park Ninjutsu; Crew; Fencing; Gymkana; Karate Club; Martial Arts; Maryland Collegiate Cycling Team; Maryland Equestrian Team; Maryland Mountain Bike Club; Maryland Multisport; Maryland Rugby; Maryland Sailing Association; Maryland Shotokan Karate; Maryland Club Swim Team; Maryland Ski Team; Maryland Tae Kwan Do; Maryland Water Polo; Okinawan Karate; Riding Club; Skydive Club; Soccer Players' Club; Terrapin Scuba Divers; Terrapin In-Line Skating; Terrapin Ski Club; Terrapin Trail Club; Terrapin Trail Masters; University of Maryland Calvary; Women?s Club Basketball; Women's Ice Hockey; Women's Club Softball; Women's Ultimate Frisbee; and Wrestling.

Student Publications. (UPUB S36) Several campus publications feature information about athletic activity at the university.

Black Explosion. (UPUB S36.015) This newspaper documents the African-American experience on campus. Each issue contains articles about current sports teams, players, and coaches. Coverage includes 1970 to the present.

Diamondback. (UPUB S36.005) The Diamondback is the student newspaper and has been published since 1910. Articles and editorials discuss teams, players, coaches, and games of the moment; photographs accompany many stories. Various indices provide access to the paper; time periods covered are the 1930s, 1960s, and 1979 to the present. The most comprehensive access is to browse the newspaper on microfilm.

Eclipse. (UPUB S36.016) Like Black Explosion, this newspaper documents the African-American experience on campus. Issues may contain news about current sports, teams, players, and coaches. Coverage includes 1985 to the present.

Old Line. (UPUB S36.010) This magazine, first published in 1930, featured brief, light-hearted articles about campus life and personalities, including profiles of athletes, teams, and coaches. Emphasis was on the basketball, football, and swim teams. Other articles discussed the construction of the golf course in 1958, University of Maryland students at the 1960 Olympics, and Homecoming. The University Archives has issues covering the years 1935 to 1962.

Terrapin Crier. (UPUB S36) Like Old Line, Terrapin Crier covers campus life with a light touch. Some issues contain player profiles. The University Archives has issues covering the period October 1991 to March 1994.

Yearbook. (UPUB S36.002) Known by four names over the years, Reveille (1897 to 1920 and 1925 to 1934); Terra Mariae (1921 to 1924); Us (1971 to 1972); and the Terrapin (1935 to 1970 and 1973 to present), the yearbooks cover every year from 1897 to the present. Almost all feature pictures of athletic teams (the years 1923 and 1924 are exceptions); coverage of the teams peaks in depth in the middle twentieth century, while the emphasis on images increases up to the present. Yearbooks through 2009 have been digitized and are available online at

Task Forces and Committees. (UPUB T1) This group contains records of campus-wide task forces and committees. Among the documents included here are reports from the Task Force on the Academic Achievement of Student Athletes, the Campus Committee for the Study of Recreation Facilities and Programs, and the Chancellor's Ad Hoc Committee on Recreation Alternatives.

Office of University Relations. (UPUB U17 and UPUB U26) The Office of University Relations coordinates and releases official university communications to the public, students, faculty, and staff. It produced the faculty/staff newsletter Outlook, which occasionally included athletics news and profiles of coaches and athletic administrators. This office also published University Record, the University of Maryland faculty/staff newsletter before 1970, Precis, the post-1970 faculty/staff newsletter, and Portrait, a publication for alumni issued from 1968 to 1972, all of which contain features on university athletics. Terp, its current publication for alumni, includes occasional features about athletics.

Vertical File

Location: University Archives

The vertical file consists of newspaper clippings covering University of Maryland campus life and individuals associated with the campus. Useful headings in this grouping include:

Alumni (Individuals).Some of the members of the University of Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame and other notable student athletes have clippings on file, including: Benny Alperstein '37; Louis "Bosey" Berger '32; Brooke "Untz" Brewer '22; Joe Burger '25; Charles F. Ellinger '37; Bill Guckeyson '36; Charley Keller '37; Doyle P. Royal '43; Jack Scarbath '52; Gene Shue '54; and Norwoood Sothoron '35.

Maryland University Athletics. This folder contains several clippings dating between 1966 and 1975. These include an article about Jim Kehoe, Maryland Athletic Director, dated February 1975; an article about a new coaching staff for the football team, dated 1972; an article about Coach Charles "Lefty" Driesell and the basketball team defeating South Carolina; and finally, a picture and short article about a football game played in the rain on November 24, 1935.

Clubs. This category includes several relevant to informal athletic activity.

Gymkana. Clippings from the late 1940s to mid 1950s.

Maryland Riding. Documentation of the annual riding show from the 1930s to the early 1950s.

Terrapins Ski. 1956 feature article from the Baltimore Sun.

Faculty/Staff (Individuals). Clippings on athletic coaches and other notable staff members are found in this category including: Joe F. Blair; Paul "Bear" Bryant; Jerry Claiborne; Frank Cronin; Charles "Lefty" Driesell; Geary Eppley; J. E. "Jack" Faber; Frank Fellows; Warren Giese; H.C. Griswold; Ernie Jorge; Roy Lester; Charles Mackert; Heinie Miller; Bud Millikan; Tommy Mont; Tom Nugent; Clark Shaughnessy; H. Burton Shipley; Clarence Spears; James Tatum; Reginald V. Truitt; Bob Ward; and Duke Wyre.

Football. Miscellaneous clippings from the 1940s and 1950s.

University of Maryland, Hall of Fame. Clippings in this folder include a story about the induction of quarterback Bob Williams and others into the Maryland State Hall of Fame in November 1965 and an article about Bill Guckeyson, a posthumous inductee who died in World War II while on a bombing mission in Europe. While at the University of Maryland, the multi-talented Guckeyson excelled in basketball, baseball, football, horseback riding, soccer, and track.

Physical Education, Recreation, & Health. Miscellaneous collection documenting the department, including a 1940 article about an innovative modern dance program

Queen's Game. This folder contains voluminous clippings from both local newspapers and those as distant as San Francisco covering the excitement that surrounded Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's visit to campus for a football game in 1957. Many clippings feature photos of the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, watching the game. Other clippings of interest depict the Queen's visit to an area Giant grocery store, Prince Philip accepting an autographed football, and pictures of Lynne Needle. Needle, who was not a student at the University of Maryland, was lucky enough to be Student Government Association President Howard Miller's date for the game. Both Miller and Needle were presented to the Queen.
See also Queen's Game Collection under University Archival Record Groups and Photographs. Additional information on this event may be found in the History of the University of Maryland and Department of Intercollegiate Athletics categories in University Publications, the Papers of Theodore McKeldin, and the Records of the President's Office and Board of Regents.


Location: University Archives.

Photographs documenting the history of University of Maryland athletics include images of individual athletes and coaches, teams, athletic facilities, and sporting events dating back to the 1890s. The collection is continually growing. It is divided into two parts: processed and unprocessed.

Processed photographs are mounted on acid-free matte board and grouped by subject headings.

Images of the following campus figures are included in the portrait section of the processed photographs: Harry Clifton Byrd; Theodore Bissell; Geary Eppley;Jack Faber; Adele Stamp; and H. Burton Shipley.

Subject headings in the processed section of the photograph collection include sport, club and facility names, as well as celebrations and ceremonies.

Unprocessed photographs are grouped first by office of origin or donor and then by accession (Acc.) number, the number assigned upon acquisition by the Archives and Manuscripts department. Record group titles are given below along with brief descriptions of contents; many include multiple accessions.

Records of the Agricultural Experiment Station, 20th Century. The "Julia Behring" file in Box 1 of the unprocessed photographs from AES contains a clipping about the 1924 women's rifle team and a photograph of old Byrd Stadium.

Alumni Day [1935], 20th Century. Acc. 72-179. This accession contains images of lacrosse, track, and baseball, and one photograph of H. Burton Shipley leaning against the statue of Testudo.

Records of the Alumni Office, 20th Century. Included amongst the images from this office are photographs of the Gymkana troupe entertaining a group of alumni.
See also Gymkana under University Archival Record Groups and Vertical File, as well as David Field Gymkana, Gymkana, and Subject Files, UMCP under Photographs.

Records of the Department of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, 20th Century. Acc. 2002-39. This collection of photographs of campus facilities, created by Baltimore Contractors, Inc., in the mid-1950s, includes images of the William P. Cole Student Activities Building (Cole Field House), the girls' gym (Preinkert Fieldhouse), and the swimming pool attached to Cole.

Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW), 20th Century. Established in 1971, the AIAW provided governance and leadership in the assurance of standards of excellence and educational soundness in women's intercollegiate athletics. It replaced the Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women which had been founded in 1967 by what is today the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports, of which the AIAW was a sub-unit. The collection includes black and white action photographs of the 1979 basketball championships in which the University of Maryland women's team played against UCLA.
See also Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women under Historical Manuscript Collections.

Records of the Office of Athletic Media Relations, 20th Century. The Office of Athletic Media Relations has transferred a large quantity of records to the University Archives documenting athletic activities at the University of Maryland throughout the campus's history. Highlights include both black and white and color pictures of swimming and diving from the 1960s to the 1990s, basketball in the 1960s and 1970s, slides and photographs of 1950s and 1960s football, and color negatives of football bowl games and tickets. Preliminary inventories are available for all accessions.
See also Athletic Media Relations under University Publications and University Archival Record Groups.

Records of Baltimore Contractors, Inc., 20th Century. Acc. 2007-204. This collection of prints, obtained from the company responsible for much of the building on campus during the 1940s and 1950s, includes construction images of the Stadium of University of Maryland (Byrd), the Addition to the girls' gymnasium, Student Activities Building (Cole Field House), and the swimming pool. There are also several pictures of the first game played at Byrd Stadium on September 15, 1950.

Joe F. Blair Collection, 20th Century. Joe F. Blair, who signed his name in lowercase letters, became sports information director at the University of Maryland in 1950, while Jim Tatum was the head football coach. He left the university in 1962 to work for the Washington Redskins but returned to the university in 1983. In 1988, he became football publicist, a job he held until his death in November 1995. Most prints in this collection cover the 1950s and are football-oriented, a few are of basketball. Several feature specific football games, including the "Queen's Game" in 1957; others are shots of players in action. Also highlighted are All-Americans Gary Collins and Bob Pellegrini, the 1952 Sugar Bowl winners, and the 1953 national champions. Basketball prints include game shots such as Maryland vs. Duke and Maryland vs. Boston College and images of individual players. A preliminary inventory is available.

Buildings and Grounds, 20th Century. Among the many campus buildings featured in this collection are those used for athletic events, including an undated aerial photo of a football game, Ritchie Coliseum, and Cole Field House.
See also Buildings and Grounds under University Publications.

Campus Photographic Services, 20th Century. This collection includes contact sheets and negatives of photographs taken at campus events and for campus publications such as the Diamondback and the Terrapin. Among the photos are shots of teams, individual players, and game day action covering from the late 1960s to 1998; the bulk of the images are from the 1970s and 1980s.

Cobey Family Collection, 20th Century. William W. Cobey was the Director of Athletics for the University of Maryland from 1956-1957 to 1969-1970. This collection, gathered by Cobey and other members of his family, is composed primarily of pictures related to football in the 1950s, including the "Queen's Game," 1957; exceptions are a 1959 softball game, a 1963 football game and aerial shots of Cole Field House, the golf course and other athletic facilities.

Diamondback Photo Morgue, 20th Century. This collection includes photographs taken by student photographers for the Diamondback campus newspaper covering local news and campus events. Athletic photographs include shots of teams, individual players and coaches, as well as game day action from the 1970s through the 1990s; the bulk of the images are from the 1980s and 1990s. Work on a preliminary inventory is underway; however, not all photographs were labeled and dated.

William F. Dove Collection, 20th Century. This collection features campus construction in 1954, including shots of Byrd Stadium and Cole Field House.

Warren Evans Collection, 20th Century. Evans, a 1930s track star, collected newspaper clippings, photographs, and sports schedules from his time as a student-athlete and materials related to his 50th anniversary reunion. Evans also donated a leather wall hanging with the university seal and his name and signatures of classmates, Geary Eppley, future Dean of Men, and Charlie Keller, who went on to play major league baseball for the New York Yankees.

Papers of John E. "Jack" Faber, 20th Century. Faber, a professor of microbiology, both played and later coached football at the University of Maryland, but he is best known as the coach of the lacrosse team. The collection includes photographs of Faber with H. Burton Shipley, Al Heagy, Frank Dobson, the Southern Conference men's basketball champions of 1931, and the lacrosse national champions of 1955 and 1956.
See also Papers of John E. Faber under Historical Manuscript Collections.

David Field Gymkana Collection, 20th Century. These five photographs feature Gymkana founder, David Field, in the 1980s and 1990s. For more information about the gymnastic troupe, see Gymkana Collection under University Archival Records and Vertical File.
See also Gymkana under University Archival Record Groups and Vertical File, as well as Records of the Alumni Office, Gymkana, and Subject Files, UMCP under Photographs.

Philip Geraci Collection, 20th Century. Philip Geraci, a University of Maryland alumnus and lecturer in the College of Journalism, taught news photography courses. This collection contains numerous athletic-related pictures; some were taken by students and others by Mr. Geraci. Student photographs include a wide array of sporting events, while his athletics pictures are of football and basketball subjects. An inventory is available; the collection must be screened prior to researcher use.

John B. Gray, Jr. Collection, 20th Century. Acc. 91-276. Gray, Class of 1914, was editor-in-chief of the Reveille yearbook, and his collection includes originals of action shots from the 1914 edition, including some of track, football and lacrosse.

Gymkana Collection, 20th Century. This large collection of black and white and color photographs and slides features acrobatic stunts performed from the 1940s through the 1990s and it includes practice and performance images. A preliminary inventory is available.
See also Gymkana under University Archival Record Groups and Vertical File, as well as Records of the Alumni Office, David Field Gymkana, and Subject Files, UMCP under Photographs.

Emory Harman Collection, 20th Century. Harman was a Maryland alumnus active on campus, a member of the M Club and the Terrapin Club, and a founding member of both the Fastbreakers and Rebounders, the men's and women's basketball booster organizations, respectively. The collection is comprised primarily of memorabilia and publications but there are Terrapin football player headshots from the 1970s and basketball portraits and headshots from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. See also Emory Harman under Audiovisual Resources and Memorabilia.

Milton M. Holden Collection, 20th Century. Holden, a student at the Maryland State College of Agriculture in 1919-1920, collected a small set of images, including a picture of the football team for that year, photographs of individual football and baseball players, lacrosse action, and individual photos of Coach Harry Clifton and Geary "Swede" Eppley.

Records of the Office of Institutional Advancement, 20th Century. This collection of promotional shots contains images used in publications. It includes photographs of women's track, field hockey and volleyball from the late 1970s to mid-1980s and folders with the more general descriptions, such as Student Activities - Athletics, and Sports.
See also Office of Institutional Advancement under University Archival Record Groups.

Records of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries. This is a large collection, consisting of many accessions covering a variety of sports topics over a long time span, beginning in the 1880s and covering the entire twentieth century. Older items include a 1915 Maryland Agricultural College football team photo featuring Harry Clifton Byrd and baseball team shots covering the 1880s to 1920s.
See also Department of Intercollegiate Athletics under University Publications, University Archival Record Groups, Audiovisual Resources, and Websites.

Nick Kovalakides Collection, 20th Century. Nick Kovalakides, Class of 1961, was a multi-sport star during his undergraduate career and later coached track at the university from 1969 until 1974. This collection includes photographs of ACC indoor and outdoor track championship meets from the late 1960s through the mid 1970s.

Maryland Agricultural College Collection, 19th and 20th Centuries. Maryland Agricultural College was the original name for the University of Maryland, College Park, campus. This collection includes photographs of the first two football teams, which played in 1892 and 1893. Other photographs showing the early years of athletics at the university feature track team members, the baseball team, and the relay team, all from 1912; the 1915 football field and team; the 1919 Maryland-Hopkins football game; three lacrosse team photos c. 1910; and other baseball, track, and tennis teams from the early 1900s.

Maryland Men's Basketball Collection, 20th Century. Reproductions of photographs taken from the 1970s to the 1990s, these were used in the video titled "Maryland Basketball: From Tragedy to Triumph."

Papers of Lee. R. Pennington, 20th Century. The collection consists of images scanned from the scrapbook of Lee Pennington, Maryland Agricultural College Class of 1915; baseball, football, and track and field action shots are included.

Edwin Powell Collection, 20th Century. Powell, Class of 1913, served as both captain and coach of the lacrosse team from 1910, the first year of varsity play, to 1913, and was instrumental in the establishment of the sport at the Maryland Agricultural College. This collection includes images of MAC football and baseball games from 1912.

Queen's Game Collection, 20th Century. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, came to the University of Maryland on October 19, 1957, to watch a football game between the Terrapins and their arch-rivals, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. The royal couple expressed an interest in seeing a typical American sport during their trip to the United States in the fall of 1957, and the convenient location of the College Park campus and the game's timing made the University of Maryland an ideal site for their visit. This event became known as the "Queen's Game." Photographs documenting the occasion include images of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Governor and Mrs. McKeldin, and President and Mrs. Elkins watching the game and aerial shots of band formations during half-time.
See also Queen's Game Collection under University Archival Record Groups, Photographs, and Vertical File. Additional information on this event may be found in the History of the University of Maryland and Department of Intercollegiate Athletics categories in University Publications, the Papers of Theodore McKeldin, and the Records of the President's Office and Board of Regents.

Charles Ross Collection, 20th Century. Ross, a student at the University of Maryland in the early 1950s, created this collection of black and white negatives that includes images of track events and lacrosse games from that period.

H. Burton Shipley Collection, 20th Century. Shipley was a 1914 graduate of Maryland Agricultural College who lettered in football, baseball, and basketball. In 1923, he returned to his alma mater to coach baseball, football, and basketball for over twenty-five years. He is best known for his years as coach of the baseball team, and the baseball field is named in his honor. Images in this collection cover the years 1911 to 1987 and document the dedication of Shipley Field as well as tributes to Shipley, such as a testimonial banquet.
See also the H. Burton Shipley Collection under Historical Manuscripts Collections

Slide Collection, UMCP, 20th Century. The collection includes color and black and white slides depicting a wide variety of subjects at University of Maryland, College Park. Relevant headings include: "Track and Wrestling and Lacrosse;" "Basketball;" "Football Action;" "Other Sports;" and "Miscellaneous Sports." The collection dates from the early 1960s to the late 1970s.

Records of the Office of Sports Information, 20th Century. This office provided information about university athletics to the media until 1996, when it became known as Athletic Media Relations. The images date from the early 1900s to the 1970s and are mostly of football, baseball, and basketball, but also include boxing, lacrosse, and track.
See also Office of Sports Information under University Publications and University Archival Record Groups.

Subject Files, UMCP, 20th Century. The subject files contain prints of campus buildings, organizations, and events. File headings containing athletic subjects are "Football" (1952), "Gymkana" (1951, 1953), and "Men's Lacrosse" and "Track" (undated.)

George Wick Collection, 20th Century. Wick, a member of the Class of 1923, donated this collection of pictures of the baseball team in the 1930s, including group, individual, and action shots.

Women's Athletic Collection, 20th Century. This is a CD-ROM with a PowerPoint presentation, including images tracing the history of women's athletics at the University of Maryland from 1965 to 2001. The coverage is quite varied in terms of sports included and type of image.

Jack Zane Collection, 20th Century. This collection includes images of some of the marquee names in University of Maryland athletic history including James Kehoe, Geary Eppley, Len Elmore, Tom McMillen, H. Burton Shipley, Renaldo Nehemiah, Steve Francis, Bill Guckeyson, and Arthur Cook, as well as many lesser-known but accomplished athletes. Championship teams are also featured: track (1959), fencing (1978), tennis (1956, 1964), soccer (1950s), lacrosse (1954, 1973, 1975, and baseball (1970, 1971), among others. An item-level inventory is available.
See also Jack Zane under Audiovisual Resources.


Location: University Archives.

There are over 2,000 memorabilia objects in the holdings of the Archives and Manuscripts Department; a large number of items relate to University of Maryland athletics. Included are trophies; ceremonial baseballs and footballs; plaques; lettermen's sweaters; uniforms; ticket books; a woman's gymsuit; bumper stickers; and pompoms distributed to fans at games. Also in the collection are lacrosse sticks; a hand-painted silk banner awarded to Captain T. D. Jarrell for excellence in gallery rifle practice; certificates; patches; pennants; and souvenir pins from Gator and Cotton bowl games. While many memorabilia items were transferred from Intercollegiate Athletics, individual alumni have also made significant contributions. In particular, former Director of Sports Information Herb Hartnett and alumnus Emory Harman have each donated varied collections of items, including t-shirts, buttons, pens, cups, water bottles, key chains, press passes, flags, and more. A separate listing of memorabilia control numbers relating to University of Maryland athletics is available upon request.

Audiovisual Resources

Location: University Archives.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (including the Sports Information Office and Athletic Media Relations) has transferred nearly 5,000 pieces of audiotape, videotape, and film to the University Archives. The quantity of audiotape is quite limited and only includes a small number of basketball and football games. The film and videotape holdings are much more voluminous and date to 1947. Coverage of football and men's basketball is most extensive. Other sports represented among the films and videos are men's and women's lacrosse; men's and women's soccer; wrestling; volleyball; gymnastics; field hockey; tennis; baseball; track and field; and water polo. Generally, formal games, matches, and meets are covered, but there is some footage of various practices and scrimmages. Due to formats and conditions of some of the holdings, not all footage may be immediately accessible. To determine if a specific athletic event is included in the University Archives' audiovisual holdings, please contact University Archivist Anne Turkos (, 301-405-9060.)

Several other university archival record groups include audiovisual records of university athletics:

Cobey Family Collection, 20th Century. This collection includes Kodascope film reels of the 1957 "Queen's Game."

Records of the Libraries - Office of the Dean, 20th Century. This DVD depicts news coverage of the 2001 "Red Hair Affairs," a celebration of the football team's 10-1 record; deans of all thirteen schools sprayed their hair red and were led by Coach Ralph Friedgen in the singing of the fight song.

Records of the Libraries - Nonprint Media, 20th Century. Nonprint Media Services, a department of the Libraries' Special Collections Division, acquires audio-visual materials from a variety of sources including public television programs, documentaries, and independent and world cinema. In the past, it also collected audio-visual materials related to university activities; that material has since been transferred to University Archives. Several accessions contain footage related to athletics: clips of Len Bias, football film from 1950 and 1951, basketball coverage from the early 1990s, and most notably, news coverage of changes at the university after the death of Len Bias in 1986. In addition, Nonprint Media Services holds two titles of interest:

"Maryland's Queen for a Day: 1957 Queen's Game," directed by Mike Springirth. This 53-minute documentary film, made in 2007 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the "Queen's Game," takes a look back at that special day through interviews with game participants and attendees.
UMCP HBK Nonprint Media - DVD GV958.M3 M37

"Tragedy to Triumph: Maryland Terrapin Odyssey," a CBS Sports production. This 70-minute program chronicles the history of the University of Maryland's basketball program, including interviews with former coaches and players, and culminates with their 2002 NCAA championship victory.
UMCP HBK Nonprint Media - VHS Videocassette GV885.72.M3 T75

For information about the Nonprint Media Services, visit

Football Bowl Game Collection, 20th Century. DVDs of the 1956 Orange Bowl (Maryland vs. Oklahoma) and 1952 Sugar Bowl (Maryland vs. Tennessee.)

Emory Harman Collection, 20th Century. Acc. 2006-127. Harman, a longtime supporter of Terrapin sports, emceed "A Salute to Lefty Driesell" on December 9, 1986, weeks after Driesell's resignation; a videocassette of the event is included in this collection. See also Emory Harman under Photographs and Memorabilia.

Charles R. Hayleck, Jr., Collection, 20th Century. Football footage from individual games and practices in 1952, 1954, and 1966. Opponents include Auburn, Navy, South Carolina, and Duke.

Records of University Video, 20th Century. This collection consists of university-filmed footage and news footage; several items are athletics-related, including coverage of basketball player Walt Williams's scholarship program (1996), presentation of a distinguished alumnus award to standout football player Boomer Esiason at Winter Commencement (1999), a press conference held to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Len Bias (1996), and video about Maryland's 1984 record-breaking football comeback victory over University of Miami.

Records of WMUC, 20th Century. This collection consists of audio reels from the campus radio station covering Maryland sporting events, including women's basketball, football, lacrosse, and sports talk shows from 1977 and 1978.

Jack Zane Collection, 20th Century. Acc. 2006-119 contains several university-produced videos related to athletics: "The Proud Season - Maryland Basketball 1993-94," "Building on a Winning Tradition - A Bold Plan to Build a New 17,000 Seat Arena," circa 2000-2002, "The Year of the Terps - 2001-2002 Highlights Video," and a DVD produced by Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum titled "Maryland's Great Sports Moments," circa 2002-2005, that includes Maryland football from the early 1950s and the 2002 NCAA basketball championship. This collection also contains several audio files, including play-by-play of the first half of a Maryland-North Carolina basketball game in 1958, Dean Geary Eppley's testimonial dinner in 1964, and a 1975 basketball banquet at which John Wooden, UCLA's head coach, was the guest speaker.
See also Jack Zane under Photographs.

Audiovisual documentation of Maryland athletics can also be found outside the university's holdings at these repositories:

University of Baltimore Langsdale Library Special Collections

The WMAR-TV News Collection is held by the University of Baltimore's Langsdale Library Special Collections. The majority of footage has not been indexed; it is necessary to contact the archivist with specific dates to identify all holdings. The online indices list football and news-sports generally for the 1950s and 1960s.

Appointments are required to access Special Collections at University of Baltimore.

The Vanderbilt Television News Archives

This online collection contains footage from major network news broadcasts, beginning with the year 1968. The ups and downs of the University of Maryland basketball program made national news over the years; among other stories, there is footage from 1986 about the death of Len Bias and from 2002 about the national championship. Free registration is required to search the database of news abstracts and broadcast. Fees are charged for borrowing.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

NARA holds both government and commercially produced newsreels and documentary films covering a wide range of subjects. Two card catalogs provide access to information about holdings related to University of Maryland athletics: the Main Card Catalog and the Universal Newsreel Catalog. Most footage is of 1950s football, including the 1957 "Queen's Game," but basketball and lacrosse are also included.

More information about NARA's collection of Motion Picture Films and Sound and Video Recordings can be found at

Historical Manuscripts

Reference Works

The reference collection of the Archives and Manuscripts Department contains the following books related to the history of Maryland athletics:

Cole Classics! : Maryland Basketball's Leading Men & Moments, by John McNamara and David Elfin. Waldorf, MD : 21st Century Online Publishing, c2001.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 M36

One of several publications focusing on the history of the University of Maryland's legendary basketball arena, Cole Field House, the authors recount the history of the venue through vignettes on important games at Cole and star players who graced its hardwood.

Good Enough to Be Great: The Inside Story of Maryland Basketball's National Championship Season, by Josh Barr. Washington, DC: Regnery Pub., c2003.
Multiple locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 B37

A Washington Post sportswriter, the author had unique access to Terrapin players and Coach Gary Williams and recounts the many obstacles overcome, both individually and as a team, on the run to Maryland's first national championship.

Hoop Tales: Maryland Terrapins Men's Basketball, by Johnny Holliday with Stephen Moore. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, c2007.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.U535 H65

The radio voice of Maryland football and men's basketball since 1978, Holliday brings his unique perspective to the 2002 championship season, Maryland's rivalry with Duke, the tragedy of Len Bias and other notable aspects of the Terrapin basketball program.

Johnny Holliday: From Rock to Jock, by Johnny Holliday, with Stephen Moore. [Waldorf, MD]: Sports Publishing, L.L.C., 2002.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference PN1991.4.H65 H6

Holliday recounts his transformation from radio DJ to play-by-play sports announcer for the University of Maryland, including his years with ABC Sports and his professional relationships with many major sports figures.

Kings of American Football: The University of Maryland 1890-1952, by Morris Allison Bealle. Washington, D.C.: Columbia Publishing Co., 1952.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV958.M3 B4

This monograph devotes a chapter to each season of Maryland football from 1890 to 1951 and another chapter to the 1952 Sugar Bowl win over Tennessee.

Legends of Maryland Basketball, by Dave Ungrady. Champaign, IL: Sports Publishing, 2004.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.U535 U54

This book profiles both men and women who shaped the basketball tradition at University of Maryland including Louis "Bosey" Burger, Tom McMillen, John Lucas, Bud Millikan, Charles "Lefty" Driesell, Chris Weller, Joe Smith, and Gary Williams.

Lenny, Lefty, and the Chancellor: The Len Bias Tragedy and The Search for Reform of Big Time College Basketball, by C. Fraser Smith. Baltimore: Bancroft Press, 1992.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 S63

Newsman C. Fraser Smith examines the far-reaching consequences of the overdose death of Len Bias, both at the University of Maryland and throughout intercollegiate basketball.

A March to Madness: The View from the Floor in the Atlantic Coast Conference, by John Feinstein. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1998.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.415.A85 M37

Feinstein's work focuses on all men's basketball coaches in the Atlantic Coast Conference in the late 1990s and includes a chapter on the Terrapins and Coach Gary Williams.

Maryland Basketball: Tales from Cole Field House, by Paul McMullan. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 M35

Baltimore Sun sportswriter Paul McMullan traces the forty-seven-year history of the legendary Cole Field House through stories about coaches and players.

Maryland: Reflections on 150 Years. Virginia Beach, VA: Donning Co. Publishers, 2006.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference LD3231.M702 M37

Chapter 7, "The Terrapin Spirit," of this pictorial history focuses on the role of athletics at the university.

Men's Track and Field at the University of Maryland: Its First 101 Years, 1894-1994, by Nick Kovalakides. [MD]: N. Kovalakides, 2005.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, University Publications UPUB I11.036

Kovalakides updated his previous publication (see above) with an additional thirty years of coverage.

My Way: Football and Life Lessons with Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen, by Keith Cavanaugh with Ralph Friedgen. Baltimore, MD: United Book Press, 2007.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV939.F75 A3

Coach Friedgen shares his approach to achieving football success and encouraging personal growth for the athletes on his team.

Never Too Young to Die: The Death of Len Bias, by Lewis Cole. New York: Pantheon Books, 1989.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV884.B53 C65

This book on the death of Len Bias focuses on events leading up to Bias's overdose, the police investigation that followed, and the trial of Brian Tribble, who was charged with providing the drugs.

100 Years of Maryland Track and Field, 1894-1994, by Nick Kovalakides. [College Park, Md.? : s.n.], c1994.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, University Publications UPUB I11.002

Kovalakides provides year-by-year accounts of track and field athletics. This early, self-published edition, ends with 1964. His later volume, see below, covers track and field through 1994.

Overtime is Our Time: The Inside Story of the Maryland Terps' 2006 National Championship, by Chris King with Coach Brenda Frese. Bel Air, MD: Terrapin State Publishing, 2006.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.U535 K56

Coach Frese provides her perspective on her young team's surprising march to the NCAA championship, a season with six overtime road wins including the title game.

Red, White, and Amen: Maryland Basketball, by Kent Baker. Huntsville, AL: The Strode Publishers, 1979.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 B34

Baker's monograph covers the Maryland basketball program from its inception in 1905 through 1979.

Sweet Redemption: How Gary Williams and Maryland Beat Death and Despair to Win the NCAA Basketball Championship, by Gary Williams and David Vise. [Waldorf, MD]: Sports Publishing, L.L.C., 2002.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 W55

In this autobiographical piece, men's basketball coach Gary Williams, with co-author David Vise, examines his life and coaching career and the ups and downs of University of Maryland basketball over the last forty years.

Tales from the Maryland Terrapins, by Dave Ungrady. [Champaign, IL]: Sports Publishing, 2003.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV691.U548 U54

Ungrady uses first-person anecdotes to illustrate the long and varied history of athletics at the University of Maryland.

Terp Time! : Maryland's Unforgettable National Championship Season. Chicago: Triumph Books, 2002.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 T46

This is a lavishly illustrated account of the Terrapins' run to the national basketball championship in 2002; stories were written by Associated Press and New York Times reporters.

Terps: National Champions. Baltimore: Baltimore Sun, 2002.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 T47

This is another extensively illustrated, game-by-game summary of the Terrapins' national championship season, assembled by the Baltimore Sun's sportswriters and editors.

The Terrapins: Maryland Football, by Paul Attner. Huntsville, AL: The Strode Publishers, 1975.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV958.M3 A88

Attner's work, like Bealle's listed above, covers University of Maryland football from its beginnings but updates its history to 1974.

University of Maryland Football Vault: The History of the Terrapins, by John McNamara. Atlanta, GA: Whitman Publishing, 2009.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV958.M3 M36

Designed as a scrapbook with photographs (many previously unpublished) and replica memorabilia items, this book covers Maryland football from the first game in 1892 through the 2008 season. It includes a foreword by Johnny Holliday and afterword by Coach Ralph Friedgen.

University of Maryland Men's Basketball 2002 National Champions, by Bill Wagner, with Assistance from Keith Cavanaugh, Mike Ashley, and John McNamara. Charlotte, NC: UMI Publications, 2002.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV885.43.M37 W24

This is the official publication chronicling the Terrapins' run to the top of college basketball.

The University of Maryland Then & Now, by Garry E. Adelman. Rockville, MD: Montrose Press, 2003.
Multiple Locations - UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference LD3231.M7033 A34

This pictorial work of campus scenes from the past and present includes early baseball, football and tennis team pictures, an image of the construction of Cole Field House (1954) and Byrd Stadium (1950), and a picture of the Student Bowling Alley circa 1962.

Winning a Day at a Time, by John Lucas with Joseph Moriarity. Center City, MN: Hazelden, 1994.
UMCP HBK Maryland Room Archives, Reference GV884.L83 A3

Standout Terrapin basketball player John Lucas recounts his life and career, the impact of drugs and alcohol on both, and his eventual recovery through a 12-step program.

Local Newspapers

Outside the holdings of the Archives and Manuscripts Department, researchers should also consult the Baltimore News American, Washington Post, the Washington Evening Star, and the Baltimore Sun for additional reporting on University of Maryland athletics. Coverage includes athletic event and results reporting, as well as a wide range of feature articles. The University of Maryland Libraries provide access to several Washington Post databases, two offering coverage from the late 1970s and late 1980s, and also Washington Post Historical, a searchable, full-text database of the Post from 1877 until 1988, an extremely valuable resource for information on the history of university athletics. Databases are accessible through Research Port on the UM Libraries' main page at

Microfilm of three of the newspapers, the Washington Post, Evening Star, and the Sun is located in the Periodicals Room of McKeldin Library. Microfilm of the fourth paper, the Baltimore News American is available in the Maryland Room in Hornbake Library. The News American's extensive photo morgue of approximately 1.5 million images is also available in the Maryland Room and may be an additional resource when seeking photographs of University of Maryland athletes and athletic events.

Beyond the University of Maryland, College Park, campus, researchers should consult the photo morgue for the Washington Star (previously published as the Evening Star), a collection now held by the Washingtoniana Division of the D. C. Public Library. Information about this collection is available at


Coach Gary Williams,

This is the official website for Maryland's head men's basketball coach Gary Williams. An alumnus of the university, he has coached the team since 1989. The site includes a biography of Coach Williams, information on the university and Terrapins who are now playing professional basketball, and the schedule, roster, and statistics for and news about the current men's basketball team. Coach Williams's site also includes information about his summer basketball camp and his weekly radio and television broadcasts during the season.

Gary's Fastbreakers,

The site of the official support group of the University of Maryland's Men's Basketball team highlights its volunteer and fundraising activities that support the program.

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics,

Homepage of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Maryland, the site documents all 27 currently offered sports with detailed rosters, schedules and results, statistics and recent news. It also includes pages about athletic history and tradition at the university, including team championships, famous alumni, the victory song, information about the M Club and the Athletic Hall of Fame, background on when and why the diamondback terrapin mascot was chosen, and a link to information about the diamondback terrapin. The site also features a link to the Terrapin Club webpage, pictures of athletic facilities, and a current staff directory, as well as pictures and brief biographical sketches of administrative staff.
See also Department of Intercollegiate Athletics under University Publications, University Archival Record Groups, and Unprocessed Photographs.

M Club,

The M Club is one of the oldest letterwinners organizations in the United States. Founded in 1923 by Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd, Geary Eppley, and Reginald Truitt, among others, the organization provides linkages between former University of Maryland athletes and their alma mater. The club's website includes information about its history, sponsored events and merchandise, membership and dues, and the Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame.
See also M Club under University Archival Record Groups and University Publications.

Terrapin Club,

The Terrapin Club originated as the social segment of the football booster organization formed in 1946 by then-football coach Clark Shaughnessy. Its members are University of Maryland alumni and friends of the campus, whose annual donations help support scholarships for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The club's website contains information on giving opportunities, membership, events sponsored, athletic facilities, andthe club's history.

UM Rebounders,

This is the official site of the University of Maryland Women's Basketball booster organization. The focus is on group activities, past and planned, but it also includes links to blogs about the team and careers of former players.

University of Maryland A to Z: MAC to Millennium,

The "MAC" in the title stands for Maryland Agricultural College, the University of Maryland's original name. This site features an alphabetical listing of interesting university facts, including information on which students and staff members have participated the Olympics and founding dates for athletic teams at the university.