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Distinctive Collections

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Featured and curated collections brought together from across the University of Maryland Libraries. Discover unique images, archival material and more from our STEM Library, Special Collections and beyond.

Digital Collections

A Century of Progress Official Book of Views cover

A Treasury of World's Fair Art and Architecture

Sampling of material from the World’s Fair collection with coverage of 32 fairs from 1851-1970.

Item types: images of ephemera and publications

Standalone collection

Array of postcards

National Trust Library Historic Postcard Collection

Images of peoples and places across early 20th century America drawn from the University of Maryland Libraries historic postcard collections.

Item types: images

Crape Myrtle plant named 'Violet Filli' (Myrtle)

Plant Patents Image Database

This database contains color images for US Plant patents, with links to the US Patent and Trademark Office full text.

Item types: images

Standalone collection

Be a Customs Vessel Commander

United States Government Posters Collection

Digitized posters from the late 20th century covering informational and artistic posters produced by US government agencies.

Item types: images

a section of a poster reading "Sisterhood is Blooming"

Women's Studies

Includes  materials created by and about individual women and feminist organizations that examine the social and cultural constructs of women’s experiences.

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