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If you are having difficulties viewing the films after reading the information below, fill up the Contact Us form and somebody will assist you.

Accessing Films


Films@UM are available via any computer directly connected to the University of Maryland network (including Shady Grove) using a campus Local Area Network (LAN) or the UMD wireless network.

Other collections of films, such as The Jim Henson Works, have different use policies. The Jim Henson Works are only viewable at public computers in the following UM College Park locations: the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Theodore R. McKeldin Library, and Hornbake Library.


Users of Films@UM with the proper campus affiliation can view these films from home if they are using the Virtual Private Network (VPN). This software allows the Office of Information Technology (OIT) network to authenticate a computer off-campus. To view films from home, you must install the Cisco VPN on your home computer. Further information about VPN and how to download and install it can be found on OIT's IT Service Center website Type "VPN" in the search box, and then follow the directions that pertain to your computer and operating system. Once you have installed the VPN client, you will need to login by following the directions on OIT's site. Windows users please note that a small yellow padlock should appear in your system tray (where most Windows computers display the time) while the VPN client is running. You can check that the VPN is running correctly by visiting OIT's IP resolution check web site at If you are connected properly, your computer's IP address should begin with "128".

Films from the The Jim Henson Works may not be viewed from off-campus.

How do I Find a Film?

The easiest way to find available films is through Digital Collections. Alternatively, films within the Films@UM collection can be located through the UM Libraries catalog by doing a title search. Once a record has been located, the film may be accessed via the link in the record or through the "Find It" menu. When a digital film is available, it is also listed at the "UMCP-Online-Resources" location.

Viewing Films

Downloading Flash

Digital films at the University of Maryland are available only through a viewer called "FlowPlayer," a Flash-based video viewer for the Web. Flowplayer will open automatically when a film is selected, but you must have Adobe's Flash Player installed on your computer. To download the free Adobe Flash plugin, please visit the Adobe site.

Please note: Certain mobile products, such as Apple's iPhone or iPad, do not currently support Adobe Flash. Films@UM will not currently play on those devices.

Playing Films

When you search Digital Collections for a film, you will land on a page that displays a description of the film on the left, and a play box embedded on the right.

Once the proper plugins and authentication are in place, press the large triangular play button on the screen to launch the Flowplayer viewer. For multi-part films, users can select the appropriate part from the pull-down menu, and press the "Load" button next to the pull-down menu option underneath the film.

Initial Films View Screen

Contact Us

If you are having other technical difficulties viewing films in the collections, please use the contact form and somebody will be in touch with you within one working day.