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The following people worked on this project.

- Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library -
John Davis, Interim Curator for Special Collections in Performing Arts

- Digital Collections & Research -

Susan Schreibman, PhD, Assistant Dean for Digital Collections & Research
Gretchen Gueguen, Digital Collections Librarian
Jennifer O'Brien Roper, Metadata Librarian

- Nonprint Media Services Library -
Allan Rough, Head
George Weber, Engineer

- Technical Services Division -
Robert Bratton, former AV Cataloger
Thomas Whittaker, Graduate Assistant for Music/AV Cataloging

- Information Technology Division -
Janet Evander, Web Designer
Paul Hammer, Programmer
Ben Wallberg, Programmer
Hans Breitenlohner, Programmer
Holley St. Germaine, Programmer
Gary Phillips, Web Systems Manager
Tina Rice, IT Procurement Coordinator
Sara Snyder, Web Services GA
Laura Wrubel, Systems Librarian
Dave Cooper, Manager, Computing Services
Jean Phillips, Manager, Library Systems Development

Thanks to the following UMD graduate students for contributing to the development of this website:
Laurence Zoll, Chrystyna Dail, Beck Krefting, Cheryl Tobler, and Victor Vicente.

All doodles and sketches used with the permission of The Jim Henson Company and The Jim Henson Legacy.
All images of the Muppets provided courtesy of Henson Family Properties, LLC, Sesame Workshop, The Muppets Holding Company, LLC and The Jim Henson Company Inc.

The work of the following photographers were used in this website:
Ackard Photography
Ankers, Anderson & Cutts Photography
John E. Barrett
Star Black
Richard Blanchard
John Consoli, University of Maryland
Childrens Television Workshop (CTW)
David Dagley & Still Photography Dept. of ATV Network Ltd.
Nancy Moran
Richard Termine

Gracious thanks are due to Kimberly Poppiti, PhD for editing the text and to Cheryl Tobler for her research assistance and essay on Jim Henson at UM.

Karen Falk, Archivist, The Jim Henson Company, NYC; Trustee Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Carla DellaVedova, Archivist, The Jim Henson Company, Los Angeles

Special gratitude to the Trustees of The Jim Henson Legacy Board:
Jane Henson, Founder & Trustee Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Al Gottesman, President, & TrusteeĀ  Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Bonnie Erickson, Vice President & Trustee Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Dick Wedemeyer, Treasurer & TrusteeĀ  Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Craig Shemin, Secretary & Historian Trustee Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy

Arthur Novell, Executive Director & Trustee Board of Directors The Jim Henson Legacy
Rhoda Cosme, Assistant Director & Collections Manager, The Jim Henson Legacy

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