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Fraggle Rock: The honk of honks


Running length: 25  minutes


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Gobo wanders into Doc's laboratory in the world of "outer space" above the caves of Fraggle Rock. Gobo is invisible to Doc but Doc's dog, Sprocket, sees him. When Gobo returns to Fraggle Rock he is told by Cantus, the Fraggles spiritual leader, that he has been chosen to honk the "honk of honks," the signal needed for the Fraggles to sing the "song of songs." Gobo sets out to find the honk of honks, and collects parts of it from the Trash Heap, the Doozers, and the Gorgs, but is disappointed when he discovers that it is still incomplete. Cantus offers Gobo spiritual guidance, and only after an emotional encounter with Doc does Gobo find the missing piece.


Muppet performers, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Kathryn Mullen, Karen Prell, Richard Hunt, Jim Henson, Trish Leeper, Gord Robertson, Bob Stutt, Frank Meschkuleit, Terry Angus, Cheryl Wagner, Robert Mills, Tim Gosley, Sandra Shamas, Mike Petersen, Nikki Tilroe ; Muppets by Tim Miller, Sherry McMorran, Jane Gootnick ; creative producer/head writer, Jerry Juhl ; executive producer, Jim Henson.

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