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The Muppets go to the movies


Running length: 50  minutes


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Lily Tomlin and Dudley Moore join Jim Henson's Muppets in a tribute to film classics. Kermit the Frog hosts the program, which begins with Gonzo, Capt. Link Hogthrob, and Scooter in a spoof of the "Three Musketeers". Other film spoofs include: Moore and Tomlin in a science fiction movie entitled "Invasion of the Unpleasant Things from Outer Space"; Miss Piggy as Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz"; Moore playing jazz piano as Caesar in "The Fool of the Roman Empire"; a tribute to horror movies, which includes Fozzie Bear as "The Nephew of Frankenstein"; Kermit in a silent film as the Sheik of Araby; "Silent Strawberries", a parody of Ingmar Bergman films, directed by Muppet character Gummo Bergman, 'Ingmar's brother'; the airport scene from "Casablanca", with Kermit bidding a wind-blown Miss Piggy the famed farewell; a tribute to the western, "Small in the Saddle"; "Tarzan and Jane" starring Tomlin; Miss Piggy as Marilyn Monroe, performing with a chorus line of penguins; Moore and Miss Piggy as Rhett and Scarlett in "Goon with the Wind"; and Kermit as an air force pilot with his leading lady, Tomlin, in the war movie "A Frog too Far."


Muppet performers, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Kathryn Mullen, Brian Muehl, Robert Payne, Rollin Krewson, Jim Henson ; Muppet designers, Amy Van Gilder, Caroly Wilcox, Leslee Asch, Cheryl Blalock, Ed Christie, Deborah Coda, Christine Cooper, Nomi Fredrick, Jane Gootnick, Janet Kuhl, Will Morrison ; Muppet costumes, Calista Hendrickson, Barbara Davis, Joanne Green, Connie Peterson, Carol Spier, Mary Strieff.

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