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Video Index

Celebrations, Compilations & Documentries

Celebrative and documentary programs on the respective work of Jim Henson and Children Television Workshop and compilations of Muppet Appearances in commercials and on television shows.

Feature & Experimental Films

Feature films first released in movie theatres worldwide from 1980-1990 and experimental films made in the late 1960s first shown on television.

Fraggle Rock

Episodes of an internationally acclaimed children's cable television show that promoted peaceful coexistence for independent, yet symbiotic, complex societies.

The Jim Henson Shows

Televised specials spanning 1974 - 1988 and several series of programming spanning 1971 - 1990 produced by Jim Henson: Tales from Muppetland; Jim Henson Storyteller; Jim Henson Presents; Jim Henson's Muppet Babies; and The Jim Henson Hour.

The Muppet Show

A wide range of episodes of the internationally celebrated prime time variety-style show from 1976 - 1981 that had been one of Jim Henson's driving visions since the late 1960s. Hosts include: Steve Martin, John Cleese, Brooke Shields, and a wide range of other celebrities from that era.

Sesame Street

Episodes from various points in the expansive history of this educational show highlighting its role in the lives of millions of children - many now adults - worldwide.