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Labor History, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, undated

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Summary:Image 1 - Still from a film of the Memorial Day Massacre of steelworkers in Chicago in 1937. May have been included in the Carpenters Magazine. Image 2 - Back of Memorial Day Massacre photo. Pasted on caption reads "L4123 - SUPPRESSED FILM -- This scene is from a five-minute film of the 1937 Memorial Day Massacre of Steelworkers in Chicago during their strike against Republic Steel Corp. The amazing story of how the film was suppressed and later obtained was told in the Columbia (University) Journalism Review. PAI-PHOTO". Handwritten is "Carpenter/July 20 pi." Image 3 - Steel workers on strike clash with police in the street during the Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago, Illinois, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, May 30, 1937. Image 4 - Back of steel workers on strike photo. Reads "Carpenter/Sept 85 25 pf circle screen". Image 5 - Photograph of a poster of Uncle Sam wearing a cap over an urban skyline silhouette. It reads "Defend American Freedom It's Everybody's Job". May have been used in the Carpenter Magazine. Image 6 - Back of poster of Uncle Sam. It reads "Labor History" and "Carpenter/March 11 pi". Image 7 - Color photograph of union ribbon. Reads "Granite Miners Union / No 4, W.F. of M / Granite, Montana / Org. Sept. 28, '88". May have been used in the Carpenter Magazine. Image 8 - Back of ribbon photo. Reads "Labor <crossed out>Symbols<crossed out> history / Carpenter/March 88 6pi out line". Image 9 - Article and photograph about Del Webb being presented a life membership card by the California State Council of Carpenters. Photograph depicts Ed Davies, Del Webb Company vice president; California State Council of Carpenters President Gordon A. McColloch; Del Webb, Del Webb Company president; George Zack, vice president of California State Council of Carpenters. Handwritten on the side are "Labor History" and "Life Membership Card." Probably clipped out of the Carpenter Magazine. Image 10 - Back of Del Webb article of jokes submitted by UBCJA members. Image 11 - A field with police and protesters fighting and two men laying on the ground. Handwritten on the bottom is "Carpenter Sept". Image 12 - Typed caption reads "L444 - BICENTENNIAL - MEMORIAL DAY, 1937 has been called the blackest day of modern labor history. Ten workers were slain and more than a hundred injured by police as Republic Steel strikers and their families peacefully demonstrated in South Chicago. NOTE: See Bernstein article PAI-PHOTO-SERVICE (Suggest 3 cols.) (continued)." Handwritten below is "Carpenter/Sept 85 25 pi circle screens." Image 13 - Mug shot of a man, underneath it reads "Joe Hill - 48/48-2-88". Image 14 - Back of mug shot has typed caption reading "48/49-2-88 Joe Hill's Ashes Joe Hill, whose IWW songs lived on after he was executed in Utah in 1915, was back in the news when an envelope of ashes from his cremation was found at the National Archives in Washington. It was turned over to a labor group in Chicago." Image 15 - Photograph of color label for Labor's Choice cigars. It depicts a blacksmith and workers' tools. It may have been included in the Carpenter Magazine in March 1988. Image 16 - Back of cigar label photograph. It reads "Labor History" and "Carpenter/March 88 21pi." Image 17 - Photograph of round, red pin with United Farm Worker's eagle symbol on it. It reads "Viva la huelga / Support farm workers." Image 18 - Back of pin photograph that reads "Labor <crossed out>symbols<crossed out> history" and "Carpenter/March 7pi". Image 19 - Cartoon of a man sawing in hell surrounded by a devil and demons. Underneath it reads "IN HADES. - Proper Punishment for the Contractor for Whom a Fair Day's Work Is Not Enough." Signs read "2 3 1/2 hours is a days work. No pay for over time. Red Devil Construction Co.", "Notice file your saws on your own time.," and "No Union-men wanted." A demon says "We're the saw sharpeners," and the devil says "Hurry up! I'm losing money on this job fetch a couple of sharp saws in the morning." Image 20 - Cartoon of a carpenter holding tools pasted onto a larger paper. Caption reads "HIRAM CHEAP JOHN - "Gee Whiz' This yere talk about yer dodrotted Unions and high dues makes me sick. I'm an economical Carpenter!" Reprinted from the April 1896, Carpenter." Image 21 - Corner, eight story building, headquarters of the Plumbers & Pipe Fitters. Underneath it reads "Shrine D-840." Image 22 - Typed caption reads "HEADQUARTERS BUILDING that housed the AFL in Washington for <crossed out>50<crossed out> 40 years has been declared a national historical landmark. The structure at 901 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. is now the headquarters of the Plumbers & Pipe Fitters. The National Register of Historical Places also designated the Washington home of Samuel Gompers, the first president of the AFL, as a historical site. It is located at 2122 First St. N.W." Image 23 - Two images from a mural of farm workers and an industrial worker. Above them read "Mural D-837". Image 24 - Typed caption reads "FORBIDDEN MURAL in Blue Island, Ill., depicting the labor history of Mexican-Americans was dedicated Oct. 19 although half-finished. City officials have banned further work on the 15-foot by 45-foot outdoor painting on the claim it violates a zoning ordinance. It is one of a series of murals planned by the Illinois Labor History Society for the naiton's [sic] bicentennial celebration." Image 25 - Negative of cover of Harper's Weekly with painting of a man with a stick in his hands. Image 26 - Photograph of a meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council at a round table covered with papers. The side reads "Council D-995." Image 27 - Typed caption reads "MEMBERS OF THE AFL-CIO Executive Council meet in Washington to update labor's program in view of continuing high unemployment and an inadequate response by both the Administration and Congress. It said budget ceilings set by Congress will keep unemployment "intolerably high."" Image 28 - AFL-CIO label of a white and a black hand clasping. It reads "Labor's Centennial AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations 1881-1981". Image 29 - Square photograph of Joseph Jacobs and George Meany with framed ribbons and buttons. Above it reads "Medals E-74". Image 30 - Typed caption reads "COLLECTION OF BADGES and buttons depicting the involvement of American labor in campaigns, conventions, elections and memorial tributes is presented by Chicago labor attorney Joseph Jacobs to AFL-CIO President George Meany. The collection, dating back to the turn of the century, will be on display at the AFL-CIO headquarters to help spur the federation's efforts to collect additional labor memorabilia." Image 31 - Two men standing next to an Ohio Historical Marker that reads "American Federation of Labor since 1881 On this site, December 10, 1886, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Union merged with trade unionists of the Knights of Labor to create the American Federation of Labor. Delegates elected Samuel Gompers president and dedicated the Federation to improving the life of America's working men and women. The AFL recognizes November 15, 1881, as its anniversary date to honor the origin and legacy of FOTLU. AFL-CIO 1979." Above the photograph reads "Ohio - 43-2-83". Image 32 - Back of historical marker reads "Labor History marker in Ohio" and "Carpenter/Dec 13pi". Image 33 - Photograph of a black and red poster of a town with a hand grasping a wrench. It reads "United Association Convention Atlantic City 1938." Image 34 - Back of black and red poster photograph that reads "Labor History." Image 35 - Photograph of a colored ribbon with a circle with an image of Theodore Roosevelt framed with flags, underneath which is a man pointing up toward it and wearing a square white hat and an apron, holding a metal box with a handle. It reads "Republican Party," "He's good enough for me, and so is the whole REPUBLICAN TICKET." On a wall next to the man is a listing of the rest of the ticket, including Charles W. Fairbanks for vice president and John P. Elkin for Justice of Supreme Court. Underneath it reads "Election Tuesday November 8th 1904." Image 36 - Back of photograph of ribbon photograph. It reads "Labor History" and "Carpenter/March 8 pic wide outline." Image 37 - Photograph of a poster which reads "Demonstration of Labor. Mammoth Festival, Parade and Pic-Nic of the Trade & Labor Unions Under the Auspices of the Central Labor Union of New York City and Vicinity, Tuesday, Sept. 5th, 1882, at Wendels' Elm Park, 92d St. & 9th Ave. Route of Parade. The First Division will consist of all Unions from Brooklyn, Jersey City, and below Canal Street, and assemble at City Hall Park. The Second Division comprises all Unions on the Eastside, above Canal St., and form at Cooper Union. The Third Division consists of all Unions on Westside above Canal Street, to meet at Washington Square. At 10 o'clock, A.M., Sharp, The First Division shall move up Broadway, and at Fourth Street the Second Division will fall in; the Third Division to connect at Waverly Place. Thence up Broadway to 14th St. to 4th Ave., to 17th ST., to 5th Ave., and dismiss at Reservoir Square (42d St. and 5th Avenue). The procession will be reviewed at Union Square and 17th Street. Committee Post Conspicuously. Samisch & Goldmann, [?} & 87 Chatham ST., N. Y." It may have been included in the Carpenter Magazine in September 1976. Image 38 - Back of parade poster reads "Carpenters," "A176," "Carpenter/Sept/76 same size also 10% or 15% [?] block." Image 39 - Photograph of three men looking at a poster for defense bonds that shows two male workers walking through a town. It reads "A.F. of L. 100% for Defense / By Defense Bonds." The seated man is President Franklin D. Roosevelt and those standing are AFL President William Green and George Meany. Above the image it reads "FDR-4-6-82". Image 40 - Captions dated from March 1, 1982 to March 6, 1982. They are titled "'How's About the Hair of the Dog?'", "'Have I Got a Deal for You!'", "Excesses and Inequities", "Human Rights Award", "Labor and Citizen", "Full Cooperation". The last caption seems to describe Image 39. It reads "3-6-82 Full Cooperation of organized labor in efforts to win World War II was enlisted by President Roosevelt. Roosevelt insisted that labor be represented on the War Labor Board as equals with business to help maintain both production and labor standards and to settle disputes. Labor's drive to sell revenue-raising war bonds was symbolized in this post presentation to Roosevelt at the White House by then AFL President William Green and Sec.-Treas. George Meany." It is stamped "Received Jan 25 1982 Editor's Office". Handwritten on the page is "Labor History." Image 41 - Photograph of cover of Harper's Weekly of September 14, 1878. It bears the image of a man holding a stick signed AKappes [Alfred Kappes], captioned "'Is sercierty to be reorganized? Is the wurkin'-man to hev his rights? That's wot I wants to know!'" Image 42 - Drawing of an eagle holding lightening bolts and a gear. It reads "NRA member U.S. We do our part." Underneath it reads "Historic Photos - Labor 8-3 57%" The symbol is that of the National Recovery Administration. Image 43 - Back of NRA eagle. It reads "8-3 group with 2 + 4" and is stamped "Credit National Archives 9-X-1." Image 44 - A crowded stand in a stadium with a sign that reads "Simon - We're not simple." Signs in the crowd read "Save our Jobs. Save Our Cities" and "Jobs Now! UAW". It reads "Rally D-989" on the side. Image 45 - Back of stadium photo with typed caption that reads "Stands are filled at Washington's Robert F. Kennedy Stadium by trade unionists from dozens of eastern and midwestern states for the Apr. 26 jobs rally sponsored by the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Dept. Official estimates put the crowd at 60,000. Demonstrations protesting the nation's high unemployment rate also were held at Capitol Hill and outside the White House." Image 46 - Four men sitting at a table, including (from left) Sidney Hillman, president of the Clothing Workers; John L. Lewis, president of the Mine Workers; Philip Murray, chairman of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee; and John Brophy, CIO director. The side of the photo reads "CIO - 46-3-85." Image 47 - Back of photo of men at table. Caption is taped to it. It reads "46-3-85 CIO's Founding Force President John L. Lewis of the Mine Workers presided over the founding of the Committee for Industrial Organization in November 1935. From left, President Sidney Hillman of the Clothing Workers, Chairman Philip Murray of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee and CIO Director John Brophy." Handwritten on it are "Labor History." Image 48 - Photo of a crowd standing in a columned room listening to a speech by Samuel Gompers. Image 49 - Back of crowd in columned room photograph. A caption pasted to it reads, "Historic photo from an exhibit marking the 75th anniversary of the Ladies' Garment Workers was taken on Nov. 22, 1909, in the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York. That's the meeting at which shirtwaist workers, mostly young immigrant women, boldly voted to strike all of the city's shirtwaist shops. Shown addressing the group is Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor. They won their 10-week strike and wrote an important page in labor history." Handwritten is "same size [?] blue + black." Image 50 - Photo of men meeting at a long rectangular table. Along the side reads "Council E-76." Image 51 - Back of meeting photo with caption "Warning of a deeper recession because of Ford Administration economic policies was issued by the AFL-CIO Executive Council at its mid-summer meeting in Chicago. "The recession will not be over until the unemployed are back to work," the council said. It accused the Administration of substituting "optimistic, groundless press releases" for the substantive government action that is needed to stimulated the economy." Image 52 - Photo of a crowd outside a large building in Toronto. One of the signs they hold reads "Tripartism is class treason! General strike to smash wage controls! Trotskyist League." This image may have been used in the Carpenter Magazine in December of 1976. Image 53 - Back of Trotskyist protest photo with handwritten words that read "Demonstration in Toronto" and "Carpenter/Dec 76 25 pi wide + 14 pi deep". Image 54 - Promotional photograph from the film The Molly Maguires and includes information about the film. It shows five miners walking away from a min carrying lunch pails and with dirty faces. The foremost man is Sean Connery. Image 55 - Back of The Molly Maguires photo. It reads "Carpenter/April 20 pi", "April 1970 Labor History". It bears a stamp and information about the photo. Image 56 - Photograph of a photograph of a painting of a confrontation between protesters and the police. The side reads "Haymarket - 15-4-86." Image 57 - Back of photograph of drawing of confrontation. It reads "Haymarket riot 1886." Image 58 - Paper that was attached to Image 56. It reads "15-4-86 Haymarket Centennial The 100th anniversary of the Chicago Haymarket tragedy and labor's fight for the eight-hour day will be commemorated on May 1. On that day in 1886, workers in eight major cities left their jobs and joined peaceful demonstrations for an eight-hour day. In Chicago, however, the deaths of six striking workers just two days later raised the call for a mass protest against police brutality on May 4 in Haymarket Square. As the police advanced on the small crowd, a bomb exploded, killing workers and police. Eight leaders of the protest were arrested and convicted of murder. Four were hung in 1887." Image 59 - Photograph of Bayard Rustin speaking from a podium with an American Federation of Labor seal on it, from Merkle Press, Inc. Image 60 - Back of photograph of Bayard Rustin, text reads "Labor Personalities, Bayard Rustin, (?) Bldg [Building] Trades Dept. [Department] Convention Atlantic City, NJ [New Jersey] Sept [September] 1969" and bears a stamp from Merkle Press, Inc. Image 61 - Photograph of a painting of John R. Commons, economist and labor historian at University of Wisconsin–Madison. Image 62 - Back of photograph of John R. Commons. Reads "John R. Commons, Labor Hall of Fame, File: Labor history, Carpenter/March 7 1/2, 16 1/2%" Image 63 - Photograph of a red 25 cent stamp of A. Philip Randolph, leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and a Civil Rights leader, with a train and three sleeping car porters, 1999. Reads "Black Heritage USA" and "Carpenter/March 89." Image 64 - Back of A. Philip Randolph stamp. Text reads "Labor History." Image 65 - Photograph of a painting of Cyrus S. Ching, chairman of the Atomic Energy Labor Management Relations Board. Possibly printed in the Carpenters Magazine, March 1989. Image 66 - Back of photograph of Cyrus S. Ching, reads "Cyrus S. Ching, Labor Hall of Fame, File: Labor History, Carpenter/March 89 7 1/2." Image 67 - A protest march against the Taft-Hartley Act, circa 1947. The men marching carry shields, a spear, a casket and signs, and appear to be from Carpenters Local Union 105, Cleveland, Ohio. The signs read "Give us liberty! Down with the Taft-Hartley Law!," "Here Lies the Country's #1 & 2 Labor Crushers May their souls toast in hell! and their bones burn to ashes," and "Taft-Hartley Act Help us bury this or it will bury you." Image 68 - Back of photograph of Taft-Hartley Act protest march. It bears a stamp from the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University. Handwritten is "6.8b / 25194 / 1-30-79 / #70". Image 69 - Photograph of a painting of Frances Perkins, U.S. Secretary of Labor. Possibly printed in the Carpenters Magazine, March 1989. Image 70 - Back of photograph of painting of Frances Perkins, reads "Frances Perkins, Labor History, Carpenters/March 89 7 1/2" Image 71 - Portrait of four men in suits and hardhats at a construction site. Pictured: Ed Davis V.P. - Del Webb Corporation, Gordon McCulloch, President Calif. [California] State Council of Carpenters, Del E. Webb, George Zack, Vice President Calif. [California] State Council of Carpenters, September 1970. Image 72 - Back of Del Webb photograph. Reads "Left to right: Ed Davis V.P. - Del Webb Corporation, Gordon McCulloch, President Calif. [California] State Council of Carpenters, Del E. Webb, George Zack, Vice President Calif. [California] State Council of Carpenters, Life Membership Card, Del Webb, September, 1970" Image 73 - Samuel Gomper's rowhouse, 2122 First St. N.W., Washington, D.C., undated. Image 74 - Back of Gompers house photograph. Text reads "Carpenters/Dec." Image 75 - Photograph of an intersection and a seven-story brick and stone building, headquarters of the AFL or the Plumber and Pipefitters with a flag on the top, Merkle Press, Inc., circa 1950-1960. Image 76 - Back of building photograph. Text reads "Carpenter/Dec" Image 77 - Still of a newsreel of the Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago, 1937. Image 78 - Back of Memorial Day Massacre photograph. Text reads: "L84-4 -- Memorial Day Massacre in 1937 at Republic Steel Co. in South Chicago left ten people dead and 80 wounded as police routed members of Steel Workers Organizing Committee. The tragedy showed how Little Steel fought unionism even though Wagner Act set national policy to foster collective bargaining. Employer opposition continues to this day. Photo from newsreel, source unknown, via PAI Photo Service."
Creator:Merkle Press, Inc.
Kappes, Alfred, 1850-1894
Provider:United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Tamm Productions
Wayne State University. Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs
Place of origin – Continent:North America
Place of origin – Country:United States of America
Place of origin – Region:Illinois
New York
District of Columbia
New Jersey
Place of origin – Settlement:Chicago
New York City
Atlantic City
Temporal subject: 1871-1880
Geographical subject – Continent:North America
Geographical subject – Country:United States of America
Geographical subject – Region:Illinois
District of Columbia
New York
New Jersey
Geographical subject – Settlement:Chicago
Blue Island
New York City
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Topical subjects: United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
Labor unions
Columbia University
Steel industry strikes
United Farm Workers of America
Webb, Del E., 1899-1974
Police brutality
Hill, Joe, 1879-1915
Industrial Workers of the World
National Archives and Records Administration (U.S.)
Tobacco package labels
Buttons (Information artifacts)
United Farm Workers of America
Construction industry
Construction workers
Plumbers and Pipefitters
American Federation of Labor
Gompers, Samuel, 1850-1924
Illinois Labor History Society
Mexican American agricultural laborers
Meany, George, 1894-1980
Historical markers
Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada
Knights of Labor
Political elections
Republican Party
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Fairbanks, Charles W. (Charles Warren), 1852-1918
Elkin, John P. (John Pratt), 1860-1915
Sulzberger, Mayer, 1843-1923
Vare, Wm. S. (William Scott), 1867-1934
Washington Square (New York, N.Y.)
Parades & processions
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Defense industry
Green, William, 1870-1952
Kappes, Alfred, 1850-1894
Harper's weekly
National Recovery Administration (U.S.)
United Automobile Workers (A.F. of L.)
AFL-CIO. Industrial Union Department
Lewis, John L. (John Llewellyn), 1880-1969
Hillman, Sidney, 1887-1946
Murray, Philip, 1886-1952
Brophy, John, 1883-1963
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Mine Workers' Union
United Steelworkers of America
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
AFL-CIO. Executive Council
Ritt, Martin, 1914-1990
Haymarket Square Riot, Chicago, Ill., 1886.
Eight-hour movement
Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987
Merkle Press
American Federation of Labor. Building and Construction Trades Department.
Commons, John R. (John Rogers), 1862-1945
Randolph, A. Philip (Asa Philip), 1889-1979
Postage stamps
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Ching, Cyrus S. (Cyrus Stuart), 1876-1967
Taft-Hartley Act, 1947
Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965
Webb, Del E., 1899-1974
Row houses
Republic Steel Corporation
Steel Workers Organizing Committee (U.S.)
Collective bargaining
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