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Historical atlas map of Maryland

State of Maryland

Collecting Area

We collect a variety of items to support the study of the state of Maryland. Whether interested in historical research or the current state of the state, you can find a multitude of resources to support your needs. Our collections cover a broad range of subjects and are contained within a variety of formats including state documents, literature, cookbooks, maps, newspapers, photography and much more.

Digital Collections

Red Bullets hat and suit

Community Archives

Access to collections generated by local groups who work to preserve and sustain their cultural heritage in partnership with UMD.

black and white photograph of a young woman sifting through an archival file

Gateway to Digitized Maryland Newspapers

The Gateway to Digitized Maryland Newspapers is a resource that compiles information about Maryland newspapers that have been digitized and are accessible online.

Item types: (metadata only) links to digitized newspapers

Standalone collection

spines of books about Maryland

Maryland History and Culture Bibliography

The Maryland History and Culture Bibliography database contains select citations of articles, books, and doctoral dissertations about various aspects of Maryland's history and culture.

Item types: (metadata only) citations

Standalone collection

image of a map of Maryland

Maryland Map Collection

Over 2,500 maps depicting Maryland from 1590 – present.

items types: images

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Maryland (AV Collection)

This collection includes resources documenting the history of the state as well as some material with a national scope. Notable recordings include the Greenbelt Oral History Project, 1980-1986.

Other Resources 

These might also interest researchers looking at the State of Maryland Historical Collections.


Politics and Civic Life (AV Collection)

Consists of nearly one thousand recordings primarily concerning the political career of Spiro T. Agnew.

Item types: audio recordings

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