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Categories: Agriculture
Dabney, William M. Letters from Norfolk: Scottish Merchants View the Revolutionary Crisis.
Categories: Other
Dabney, William M. Rowhouse Exhibit label copy, Peale Museum.
Annotation / Notes: In 1981, Baltimore's municipal museum reopened after a major renovation, with this "permanent" exhibit, one of its finest, created, among others, by assistant museum director Barry Dressel and Mary Ellen Hayward, co-author, with Charles Belfoure, of The Baltimore Rowhouse. The label copy is all that remains of this superb local exhibit, which was later de-mounted. The museum itself, housed in the oldest museum building in the United States, closed permanently in 1997. Its collections are now housed at the Maryland Historical Society.
Truitt, Reginald Van. High Winds, High Tides: A Chronology of Maryland's Coastal Hurricanes. Solomons, MD: University of Maryland, Natural Resources Institute.
Categories: Environment
Delaplaine, Ruth Carty. A Walking Tour of Downtown Frederick At the Turn of the Century.
Thomas, M. Carey. The Making of a Feminist: Early Journals and Letters of M. Carey Thomas.
Categories: Other
Babits, Lawrence E. Cowpens Battlefield: A Walking Guide. Johnson City, TN: Overmountain Press, n.d.
Jordan, Gerald, ed. Merrill Single-Shot Breech-Loading Percussion Carbines from the Collection of William D. Moore, Jr. Baton Rouge, LA: Gerald Jordan, n.d.
Categories: Military
Cronin, William B. The Chesapeake's Vanishing Islands. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, in press.
Annotation / Notes: With sea level rise and shoreline erosion one of the most evident natural processes in the Chesapeake. Cronin, an oceanographer, provides a detailed account of virtually every island in the Bay.
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Categories: African American
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Categories: African American
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Categories: General
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Categories: General, Civil War
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Categories: African American
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Categories: African American, Women
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Categories: African American
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Categories: African American, Women
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