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Wennersten, John R., and Ruth Ellen Wennersten. "Separate and Unequal: The Evolution of a Black Land Grant College in Maryland, 1890-1930." Maryland Historical Magazine 72 (Spring 1977): 110-17.
Annotation / Notes: The authors examine how Princess Anne Academy on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland developed after 1890 as a state and federally supported land grant school. Like other land grant schools, Princess Anne Academy was neglected by state and federal agencies. This academy was an example of separate education provided for blacks which demonstrated how land grant schools were indeed separate ad unequal.
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Annotation / Notes: 1940-70.
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Annotation / Notes: The author examineS the functions of a black YMCA in Baltimore. The Druid Hill Branch of the YMCA helped to augment the limited educational and recreational facilities available in the 1880s. In Baltimore, black ministers helped to organize this branch of the YMCA. Increasing urbanization and concomitant issues as well as continuing racial segregation helped spur the 'Y.'
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