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Annotation / Notes: Broadneck is a former Anne Arundel County hundred, located between the Severn and the Magothy Rivers. This work, published for the American Bicentennial, consists of thirteen essays, written by community leaders and local scholars, on a variety of themes -- education, religion, etc. One essay is the work of former Maryland State Archivist, Morris L. Radoff. Included is a list showing the dates of the area's first families' first residences.
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Annotation / Notes: Divided into three regions -- southeastern Maryland, Upper Bay, and the Eastern Shore, this work includes a history for each, written by five noted authors, followed by a description of the counties in each, along with places of interest and the people of these places. The histories of the areas places special emphasis on major houses and genealogy of the owners. It is nicely illustrated with contemporary photographs, which nearly 80 years later serve as historic images. There are four pages of interesting photos of African Americans.
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Annotation / Notes: Highland Beach.
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Annotation / Notes: Detailed architectural histories of over 100 of Annapolis best documented structures. Some histories include historic images, interior photographs, and architectural drawings. Includes a twelve-page history of Annapolis's architecture.
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Annotation / Notes: Banneker-Douglass Museum of Afro-American Life and History.