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Blumgart, Pamela James, ed. At the Head of the Bay: A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County, Maryland. Elkton, MD: Cecil Historical Trust, 1996.
Annotation / Notes: This beautifully illustrated book presents a history of the development of the county along with a history of its architecture, including house forms, methods of construction, and outbuildings, along with brief write-ups on 700 historic sites.
Comer, Elizabeth Anderson, and Kirsten L. Stevens. "Mount Clare: Introducing Baltimore to Eighteenth Century Splendor." Maryland Archeology 26 (March and September 1990): 86-94.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of Charles Carroll, the Barrister's, Baltimore estate, with special emphasis on the gardens and the archeological work done there during the mid-1980s as a percussor to landscape restoration.
King, Julia A. "Rural Life in Mid-19th Century St. Mary's County: The Susquehanna Farm at Cedar Point." Chronicle of St. Mary's 38 (Spring 1990): 289-300.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the nineteenth century rural character of St. Mary's County as seen through life at Susquehanna Farm. Two worlds inhabited the farm. The world of the land owner and his family and the world of the slaves who worked the farm.
Pogue, Dennis J. King's Reach and 17th-Century Plantation Life. Annapolis, MD: Maryland Historical and Cultural Publications, 1990.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the archeological digs at King's Reach and what the findings tell of life at the time, focussing on what can be learned of the plantation's physical layout.
Sword, Gerald J. "House Cove Point Lookout State Park." Chronicles of St. Mary's 26 (July 1978): 391-402.
Annotation / Notes: This article compiled all available information on House Cove. It, therefore, serves as a good example of the wide variety of resources that can be found and utilized when researching a Maryland property.
Waesche, James F. "Maryland's Museums: The Peale Museum." Maryland Magazine (Winter 1985): 32-7.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the building boom Baltimore's City Life Museums experienced during the 1990s. The Peale, and all the City Life Museums, closed about ten years later. Includes a history of the Peale, in both its manifestations.
Sarudy, Barbara Wells. "An Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Kryder-Reid." Maryland Humanities (July/August 1994): 28-29.
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Lounsbury, Carl. "Slave Dwelling Project." A Briefe Relation, 34 (Holiday 2013): 2.
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Miller, Henry M. and Jay F. Custer. "Archeological Analysis of the Architecture and Landscape Features of the 17th-Century 'My Lord's Gift' Site (18QU30)." Maryland Archeology, 52 (March-September 2019): 9-40.