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Annotation / Notes: This excellent biography of the designer of the Battle Monument and other buildings in Baltimore covers his difficult personality and his tragic return to Europe.
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Annotation / Notes: The first of several volumes in this series, a multi-year effort, published for the Maryland Historical Society where most of Latrobe's records reside. Succeeding volumes encompass Latrobe's other journals, papers and correspondence, architectural and engineering drawings, views, etc.
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Annotation / Notes: Forman listed himself as "architect and archaeologist." One of the early investigators of St. Mary's City and a dedicated preservationist, he documented many of the 18th and 19th century dwellings on the Eastern Shore. Forman illustrated his books with his own charming drawings and enlivened them with stories of his visits to remote sites, accounts both entertaining and edged with melancholy. See also Radoff, Morris L., The Old Line State.
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Annotation / Notes: Gardens are the result of a particular culture and are an outward sign of a special grace, according to Maryland architecture writer H. Chandlee Forman. Early gardens reflected the tastes and enthusiasms of their owners as much as did their mansions. The author's engaging account of the significance of the domestic landscape to its proprietors and their visitors includes color illustrations of several of the estates.