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"For Preservation Information Check Out the University of Maryland National Trust Collection." The Preservationist 6 (March-April 1991): 4-5.
Annotation / Notes: A description of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's library, located at the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, and the services it offers. This facility of the nation's largest preservation organization, and the largest preservation collection in the states, is under utilized. Of particular note is the library's index to preservation journals.
"Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine." Inland Architect 115, no. 4 (1998): 88-89.
Gatewood, Gloria V. "Life Begins at Forty." Calvert Historian 8 (Fall 1993): 4-8.
Annotation / Notes: Calvert County Historical Society.
Glick, Susan. "A Story Hidden in Suburbia." Maryland 26 (February 1994): 60-64.
Annotation / Notes: This article, based on the writer's own experience researching her home, is an excellent introduction for someone just beginning house research.
Grimes, Michael A. "Sources for Documenting Baltimore's Suburban Landscape." Maryland Historical Magazine 84 (1989): 163-68.
Guroff, Margaret. "Been Dead, Done That." Baltimore 91 (March 1998): 128.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the work of the "Dead Architects Society", a group investigating the work of nineteenth century architects.
Hammond, Helen. "Field Trip: Historical Society of Frederick County." Frederick Magazine (April 1994): 31-33.
Kalisch, Philip A. The Social History of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Ed.D. diss., The Pennsylvania State University, 1967.
Annotation / Notes: Baltimore businessmen, Enoch Pratt, had a goal to establish a free reading library that people could use it to acquire education and make themselves financial successful. Although the first two directors of this library were only moderately successful, they were responsible for laying the groundwork for a strong liberal arts collection, however, there was little outreach into the community. After 1926, the Pratt's directors guided the library to become a leading public library system, known for innovation, and for professional education. The author emphasizes the social objectives of the library and how the Pratt fits into the cultural world of Baltimore.
Kellman, Naomi. "From File Drawer to Heritage Center: A Brief History of the Jewish Historical Society." Generations (Fall 1986): 9.
Kelly, Jacques. The Pratt Library Album: Baltimore Neighborhoods in Focus. Baltimore: Enoch Pratt Free Library, 1986.
Annotation / Notes: A photohistory of Baltimore told through the branches of the Pratt Library and their surrounding communities. Includes several pages of historic images of the Central Library. An appendix includes brief histories of all branches. One of Kelly's best works. H. L. Mencken's Baltimore in photographs. Well-known areas of the city are highlighted and interiors are again prominently featured.
Klaus, Susan L. Links in the Chain: Greenbelt, Maryland and the New Towns Movement in America, an Annotated Bibliography on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Greenbelt, Maryland. Washington, DC: Center for Washington Area Studies, George Washington University, 1987.
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Annotation / Notes: This history focuses on the architecture of the library's building.
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Annotation / Notes: Maryland Historical Society Museum.
Stoddaryd, Ann B. "Trust Library Re-Debuts." Preservation News 27 (November 1987): 12, 16.
Annotation / Notes: National Trust for Historic Preservation Library at the University of Maryland, College Park.