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Waesche, James F. "Maryland's Museums: The Peale Museum." Maryland Magazine (Winter 1985): 32-7.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the building boom Baltimore's City Life Museums experienced during the 1990s. The Peale, and all the City Life Museums, closed about ten years later. Includes a history of the Peale, in both its manifestations.
Willmann, William G. "The Historical Society: First Hundred Years." Historical Society of Frederick County, Inc. Newsletter (March 1988) 3-4.
White, Roger B. "Whither the Urban History Exhibit? The Peale Museum's 'Rowhouse'." Technology and Culture 24 (January 1983): 76-90.
Annotation / Notes: White argues that the Peale Museum's exhibit,"Rowhouse: A Baltimore Style of Living," reflected recent trends in urban and work history to interpret the lives and experience of ordinary--rather than extraordinary-urban residents. White explains how the exhibit represented a major shift from the Peale's more traditional offerings, contending that the focus upon the ubiquitous, yet distinctive, rowhouse form and its associated life-styles provided an effective way to make a fresh interpretive statement about the history of life in the city. The eventual demise of the Baltimore City Life Museums, of which the Peale was a constituent, lends a special importance to this commentary in terms of museum exhibition history in Baltimore.
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