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Annotation / Notes: Letters of Baltimore County farmer William Chapman, 1831.
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Annotation / Notes: A photohistory of buildings no longer standing, arranged by periods.
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Annotation / Notes: Brief, quick descriptions of street and neighborhoods names, including some surrounding communities in other counties. Includes a history of the city's development.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of the early development of today's Reisterstown as documented primarily through land records. The largest portion of this work is dedicated to the genealogy of the Reister, and allied, families.
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Annotation / Notes: A study of Baltimore County structures in eight of the County's twelve hundreds, using information gleaned from the 1798 tax assessment. The assessment provides an inventory of structures with exact measurements. Through this early government document it is possible to deduce how people lived.
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Annotation / Notes: One of the co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination.
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Annotation / Notes: A modern photo documentary, using color Polaris Image Transfers of "charming spots" in Baltimore. These spots may not be considered so charming any place else in the world, but definitely display Baltimore's character. Through these image the authors show buildings, building details, and streetscapes. There is an accompanying text that gives a brief history of neighborhoods, buildings, and roads. A visual documentation of Baltimore in the 1990s.
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Annotation / Notes: The product of a geographer, this excellent history of Baltimore focuses on its physical growth as an urban center. Special emphasis is placed on how the city, and its inhabitants, handled the changes brought about by city growth.