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Annotation / Notes: The research for this political science dissertation was undertaken immediately after the failure of the effort to re-write the state constitution in 1967. Based upon interviews with 89% of the 142 delegates to the convention, the author examines why reform failed. He found that the draft constitution was written by non-partisan reformers, who wanted to modernize government, but who were out of touch with the voters and whose reforms were opposed by the political establishment. The reformers had come to power only because the election of 1966, the first after the impact of the Supreme Court's Baker v. Carr decision, resulted in an 80% turn-over in the state legislature. A coalition of rural voters, Baltimore area suburbanites, and middle class white residents of Baltimore City defeated the new constitution in 1968 for being too far out of step with the mainstream of Maryland's political thought. Although it was not covered in this book, many of the individual reforms advocated in the failed constitution would be enacted in the ensuing years under the leadership of Governor Marvin Mandel.
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