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Annotation / Notes: The birth of Progressivism began with the good government revolt in Baltimore City in the 1880s, associated with efforts to purge the state of the influence of the Gorman-Raisin machine, and it expired in the years 1916-17. While much of its vitality is associated with urban America, Sweeney argues that the movement found support in rural Maryland. Using statistical techniques to explain this phenomenon, he found that progressive counties were those where "...the cities grew fastest, the Socialist Party thrived most, Catholics were more numerous, and Negroes, immigrants, and wage-earners existed in relatively great or small proportions." (p. 237) Progressive leaders, on the other hand, shared many of the socio-cultural characteristics of their non-progressive opponents, with subtle differences. With admirable detail, he traces the complex interactions between political leaders, and the ways in which the Democrats attempted to weaken their opponents by disenfranchising African-Americans in 1904.
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Annotation / Notes: Sharp and amusing accounts of visitors' journeys and reactions to Baltimore.
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