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Annotation / Notes: A photohistory of buildings no longer standing, arranged by periods.
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Annotation / Notes: Brief, quick descriptions of street and neighborhoods names, including some surrounding communities in other counties. Includes a history of the city's development.
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Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the move of the Jewish community (the people and their institutions) towards the suburbs. A move brought about, in large part, by racism and the search for greater social status.
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Annotation / Notes: In 1962 two major, yet very different, construction projects were occurring in downtown Baltimore within blocks of each other. One Charles Center was a Bethlehem Steel project and was outside the official Charles Center development area. One North Charles was the design of Mies Van der Rohe and was being constructed out of reinforced concrete. It was also an official part of the larger plan for downtown development.
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Annotation / Notes: Details, details, details. You thought you knew Baltimore. This book contains 100 pages of questions on almost any imaginable Baltimore subject. Most answers include explanatory text which makes this work more than just a passing entertainment.
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