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Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes, and Linda Zeidman, eds. The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1991.
Annotation / Notes: Eleven essays documenting the working class history of Baltimore, stretching across many of Baltimore's neighborhoods -- from Federal Hill to Hampden, Edmondson Village to Dundalk. This work grew out of a "People's History Tour of Baltimore." Each chapter includes a map of relevant sites. There are fifteen interviews. It is well illustrated and includes an excellent bibliography.
Rukert, Norman G. The Port: Pride of Baltimore. Baltimore: Bodine & Associates, Inc., 1982.
Smith, Bert. Down the Ocean: Postcards from Maryland and Delaware Beaches. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Annotation / Notes: Arranged by theme and subject -- famous housing, boardwalk, on the beach, life saving. It presents a vivid picture of life at the shore as interpreted through postcards. Includes some illustration on spots on the way -- diners, bridges, etc. Information on the cards themselves is included and adds to the work's usefulness.
Smith, Bert. Greetings from Baltimore: Postcard Views of the City. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.
Annotation / Notes: The history of Baltimore as told through postcards, arranged by subject -- harbor, shopping downtown, monuments, etc. Each section is accompanied by several paragraphs of text. Also included is information on the postcards themselves, as well as on the collecting and history of postcards. Illustrations are excellent, slightly enlarged, and show off the medium.
Steffens, Charles E. "Who Owns the Waterfront: Property Relations in Fell's Point, Baltimore, 1793." Urbanism Past and Present 8 (Winter/Spring 1983): 12-17.
Cox, Richard J. "Two Marylanders in the Early Navy: The Hambleton Family Papers, MS. 2021." Maryland Historical Magazine 69 (Fall 1974): 317-21.
Perlman, Nancy. "BMI Research Center Officially Opens." Nuts and Bolts 10 (Summer 1992): [5].
Annotation / Notes: This detailed, single page, article provides an excellent introduction to the collections of the Baltimore Museum of Industry's research center.
Steele, Ann E. "A Short History of the BMI's Exhibits and Programs." Nuts and Bolts 9 (Special Anniversary Edition 1991): 4-5.
Annotation / Notes: This administrative history includes a very useful list of "Highlights of the Museum's Exhibits and Programs" which provides an excellent history of the museum during its first ten years.
Garitee, Jerome R. The Republic's Private Navy: The American Privateering Business as Practiced Baltimore during the War of 1812. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, Published for Mystic Seaport, Inc., 1977.
Annotation / Notes: The British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812 was motivated by a desire to punish the city for being a nest of republicans and privateers. This book traces in admirable detail the history of privateering - from the ships, outfitting, captains and crews, investors, their successes and failures, through the distribution of the prize money. While the pirates on the Spanish main may have been the dregs of the sea, Baltimore's privateers were underwritten by some of its leading mercantile and political leaders. The book includes useful appendices identifying the privateers, investors and proceeds.
Wood, H. Graham. "Baltimore Steamboats." Steamboat Bill 49 (Fall 1992): 173-80.
Dill, Alonzo Thomas. "Steamships, Trains and Jolly Trolleys: Virginia and the Baltimore Trade." Virginia Cavalcade 36 (1987): 170-183.
Gilbert, Geoffrey. "The Ships of Federalist Baltimore: a Statistical Profile." Maryland Historical Magazine 79 (1984): 314-318.
Mueller, Edward A. "The Merchants and Miners Transportation Company." Steamboat Bill 56 (no. 2, 1999): 89-107.
Roylance, Frank D. "Two Cities Fight for Forrestal." Naval History 14 (April 2000): 54-57.
Shaum, John H., Jr. "One Man's Shipping Company: a History of the Norfolk, Baltimore and Carolina Line." Steamboat Bill 55 (1998): 5-24.
Shugg, Wallace. "The Cigar Boat: Ross Winans's Maritime Wonder." Maryland Historical Magazine 93 (1998): 428-442.
Pohuski, Michael. "A U-Boat in Baltimore's Harbor: The Deutschland, 1916-1921." Maryland Historical Magazine, 87 (Spring 1992): 42-58.
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Plummer, Norman H. "A Submarien Visits Baltimore." Weather Gauge, 27 (Fall 1991): 22-27.
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Matthes, Nikolas, John Butler MacGibbon, and Timothy Baker. "The Health of Merchant Seamen in Baltimore and its History." Maryland Medical Journal, 48 (May/June 1999): 127-30.
Dalleo, Peter T. "Baltimore-Bahamian Trade before the Civil War: Samuel R. Keene, the 'James Power', 'Emily Ann Thompson', and 'Milton'." Maryland Historical Magazine, 88 (Spring 1993): 26-37.
Bray, William J., Jr. "Rappahannock Dayboats: The Revolt against Baltimore's Monopoly of Trade." Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine, 4 (1991): 4734-51.
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Gillmer, Thomas C. Pride of Baltimore: The Story of the Baltimore Clippers. Camden, ME: International Marine, 1992.
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Leiner, Frederick C. "The Baltimore Merchants' Warships: 'Maryland' and 'Patapsco' in the Quasi-War with France." Maryland Historical Magazine, 88 (Fall 1993): 260-85.
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Leiner, Frederick C. "The Baltimore Merchants' Warships: Maryland and Patapsco in the Quasi-War with France." Maryland Historical Magazine, 88 (Fall 1993): 260-85.
Categories: Maritime, Baltimore City