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Annotation / Notes: A history of Baltimore County's various volunteer fire companies, arranged by location and order of development.
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Annotation / Notes: Comments about Worthington Valley.
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Annotation / Notes: Much of the contact information is outdated, but it is still the best quick tool for determining who collects what in the Baltimore area.
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Annotation / Notes: Records of Allegany County through Baltimore County and City.
Thompson, Lawrence S. "Foreign Travellers in Maryland, 1900-1950." Maryland Historical Magazine 48 (1953): 337-43.
Annotation / Notes: An annotated bibliography of the commentary written by 31 foreign visitors to Maryland. Overall, the emphasis is on Baltimore and surrounding area.
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Arnold, Joseph L. "Suburban Growth and Municipal Annexation in Baltimore, 1745-1918." Maryland Historical Magazine 73 (June 1978): 109-28.
Annotation / Notes: The battles between Baltimore City and Baltimore County over the suburban territory spanning a century and a half. This fight was for a larger tax base and the promise of better services providing an important historical perspective on current city-suburban problems.
Brooks, Neale A., and Eric G. Rockel. A History of Baltimore County. Towson, MD: Friends of the Towson Library, 1979.
Annotation / Notes: A history of Baltimore County inspired by the United States bicentennial, this comprehensive volume traces the evolution of the county which once represented the sole political jurisdiction in the region. Early settlement led to subdivision to establish other counties, and the growth of Baltimore City produced eventual separation of legal and governmental functions between county and city in the 1850s. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries growth and expansion of the city further eroded the county's space in the annexations of 1888 and 1918. The book concludes with consideration of the suburban boom of the post-World War II period and its impact on the county's politics. Extensive source notes make this a valuable resource for students of Baltimore County social history.
Diggs, Louis S. Holding On To Their Heritage. Catonsville, MD: privately printed, 1996.
Annotation / Notes: Baltimore County African-American communities: Bond Avenue, Reisterstown; Piney Grove, Boring.
Diggs, Louis S. In Our Own Voices: A Folk History in Legacy. Catonsville, MD: Uptown Press, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: Baltimore County African-American communities: Chattolanee, Cowdensville, Oblate Sisters of Providence.
Diggs, Louis S. It All Started on Winters Lane: A History of the Black Community in Catonsville, Maryland. Baltimore: Uptown Press, 1995.
Annotation / Notes: A compilation on the history of the historic African American community of Winters Lane in Catonsville, this volume includes a rich collection of family history and documents related to the history of black churches, civic organizations, businesses, and social groups. It also provides several extensive oral histories with elders in the community. Like many African American communities in Baltimore County, Winters Lane had its roots in the pre-Civil War era as a settlement of free blacks who worked on area farms and in the growing village, and it has persisted into the modern period of suburbanization. Louis Diggs in this and other volumes on the county's historic African American communities includes an extensive set of photos and other documents previously unpublished on local black family and community life.
Orser, Edward, and Joseph Arnold. Catonsville, 1880-1940: From Village to Suburb. Norfolk, VA: Donning Pubishing Co., 1989.
Annotation / Notes: This photographic history traces the history of Catonsville, on Baltimore County's west side, from the 1880s, when the village center served the needs of travelers on Frederick Road and the surrounding agricultural area, as well as afforded sites for summer homes for some of Baltimore's elite, to 1940, when growth, development, and transportation links heightened its suburban character within the Baltimore metropolitan region. The volume includes research evidence on the social make-up of the community, such as the impact of German and Irish immigrants and the role of its historic African American community.
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