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Annotation / Notes: A reprint of poet Tack's 1907 Maryland Monthly Magazine article describing the Valley, its businesses, its mills, its homes, etc., including the natural world. It ends with a poem by Folger McKinsey and one by Tack on the Valley.
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Annotation / Notes: Brief descriptions of fifteen industrial sites in Maryland. When considering sites on this topic most museum goers would probably know of the Baltimore Museum of Industry but people may overlook many of the other sites covered, such as the Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum, the Poultry Hall of Fame, and the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Visitor Center.
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Annotation / Notes: The battles between Baltimore City and Baltimore County over the suburban territory spanning a century and a half. This fight was for a larger tax base and the promise of better services providing an important historical perspective on current city-suburban problems.
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Annotation / Notes: The Baltimore harbor and shipping and Maryland's internal improvements are covered.
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Annotation / Notes: Captures the social world of steelworkers' wives in Dundalk, Maryland, through sixty interviews. A planned industrial community from the 1880s, steel dominated life in Dundalk. Male work culture, swing shifts, and high wages served company needs and kept women out of the paid labor force. A decline in steelmaking forced women to "get a working life," which has altered role expectations and gender relations in that community. Class bias and racial divisions are also factors in this transformation.
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