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Annotation / Notes: Steve Cardano.
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Annotation / Notes: Tom Horton.
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Annotation / Notes: Annotated excerpts from ten contemporary descriptions of traveling along the post road. The authors include such well known Colonial figures as Dr. Alexander Hamilton, Charles Willson Peale, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.
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Annotation / Notes: Contains George Alsop's "A Character of the Province of Maryland," 1666.
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Annotation / Notes: This booklet, issued as part of Maryland's 350th year, includes a facsimile of Lord Baltimore's original description of Maryland's natural resources (plus a remarkable explanation of the Gulf Stream and coastal fisheries!) , and an announcement that the ship "Arke of Mary-land" would sail August 20th, 1633.
Straus, Robert Ware. The Possible Dream: Saving George Washington's View. Accokeek, MD: Accokeek Foundation, 1988.
Annotation / Notes: Bob Straus did the nation a great service with the effort behind this work, one which people striving for environmental preservation should learn about. The Accokeek Foundation has also sponsored a wide range of other publications (over three dozen), many on agriculture and crops in colonial times, which have impacted the State's course through history.
Weeks, Christopher. "Perfectly Delightful": The Life and Gardens of Harvey Ladew. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Annotation / Notes: Harvey Ladew lived a privileged life of excitement and venture. He counted Lawrence of Arabia among his friends. Weeks's very readable book tells the story of Ladew and his gardens, now a public attraction.
White, Roger. "Round Bay Resort and 'Mount Misery'." Anne Arundel County History Notes 19 (January 1988): 3-4.
Annotation / Notes: The article reprints an account by L.A. Burck of an 1888 visit to the Anne Arundel County resort of Round Bay on the Severn River. Burck describes his trip from Baltimore's Camden Station on the B&A Railroad to the waterside park and its nearby promontory, Mount Misery, a Civil War-era lookout where Union soldiers watched for blockade runners.
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