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Graybeal, Jay. Carroll County and the Great War for Civilization, 1917-1919. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1993.
Annotation / Notes: A companion to a Historical Society of Carroll County exhibit, this work deals with both the men who went to war and the efforts of the community they left behind. It includes a contemporary report, excerpts from letters written home, and a memoir of a Carroll Countian who served in Europe. Included is a list of the men who served.
Hattery, Thomas H., ed. Western Maryland : A Profile. Foreword by Charles McC. Mathias Jr. Mt. Airy, MD: Lomond Books, 1980.
Annotation / Notes: This work describes the Counties which make up Maryland's Sixth Congressional District. The chapters are written by individuals involved in current affairs. The focus is on politics, government, and the economic nature of the counties. There is a great deal of statistical information. Chapter VIII includes brief essays on the future of Western Maryland by notable Maryland Officials, such as Governor Hughes, the heads of various state agencies, and people of note in the counties.
Historical Society of Carroll County. "A Celebration of the Fabulous Forties." Carroll County History Journal 42 (Spring 1991): 1-5.
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Annotation / Notes: An index to two early maps of the county.
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Marks, Lillian Bayly. Reister's Desire: The Origin of Reisterstown, Maryland, Founded 1758, With a Genealogical History of the Reister Family and Sketches of Allied Families. N.p.: Published by the author, 1975.
Annotation / Notes: A history of the early development of today's Reisterstown as documented primarily through land records. The largest portion of this work is dedicated to the genealogy of the Reister, and allied, families.
Stenley, Virginia D., comp. Keysville Historical Reflections. Keysville, MD: Keysville Bicentennial Committee, 1976.
Warner, Nancy M., Ralph B. Levering, and Margaret Taylor Woltz. Carroll County, Maryland: A History 1837-1976. Westminster, MD: Carroll County Bicentennial Committee, 1976.
Annotation / Notes: The authors of this county history concentrated on the daily life, not on the political development of the towns or biographical sketches of prominent people. They dealt with the schools, the organizations, the newspapers, how people obtain health care, and the influences of the national wars and the Great Depression on the County. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the twentieth century.
Bunting, Elaine, and Patricia D'Amario. Counties of Northern Maryland. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 2000.
Annotation / Notes: A series designed for young readers.
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Gelbert, Doug. Company Museums, Industry Museums, and Industrial Tours: A Guidebook of Sites in the United States That Are Open to the Public. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1994. 94-104.
Annotation / Notes: Brief descriptions of fifteen industrial sites in Maryland. When considering sites on this topic most museum goers would probably know of the Baltimore Museum of Industry but people may overlook many of the other sites covered, such as the Ocean City Lifesaving Station Museum, the Poultry Hall of Fame, and the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Visitor Center.
Gelbert, Doug. A Guide to Maryland State Archives Holdings of Carroll County Records on Microfilm. Annapolis: Maryland State Archives, 1989.
Gelbert, Doug. "The Historical Society of Carroll County: Fifty Years of Service to the Community." Carroll County History Journal 40 (Winter 1990): 3-6.
Annotation / Notes: The story of the Society's founding as told by its first curator.
Gelbert, Doug. "An Organizational Profile of the Historical Society of Carroll County." Carroll County History Journal 43 (Fall 1992): 7-8.
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Annotation / Notes: Includes a chapter on Charles Carroll of Carrollton.
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