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Annotation / Notes: Johnson's book covers many of the fishing techniques and inventions which have so strongly impacted Chesapeake Bay's natural resources.
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Annotation / Notes: This intensive and insightful study of a single county offers insight into several large themes in Maryland history - "the American Revolution as a transforming, ongoing phenomenon, civilian's responses to the War for Independence, the tenor of the nation's formative years, and the nature of Chesapeake society." During this period Charles Country changed from prosperous economy, securely connected to the outside world through overseas trade, into a stagnant backwater, whose forward looking population searched for opportunity elsewhere. Unlike other areas of Maryland, where the Revolutionary years were tumultuous, there were few challenges to the status quo. Cut off from the empire, entrepreneurial whites left the county in search of wealth and opportunity, often as close as Washington, DC, and the population became overwhelmingly unfree.
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Annotation / Notes: Walsh uses methods drawn from community studies to reconstitute a census for adult white males in Charles County in 1705, based upon a provincial census and rent rolls from the period. She argues that such methods provide the researcher the opportunity to establish reasonable accurate profiles of Chesapeake society in the colonial period.
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Annotation / Notes: Underwater archaeology.
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