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"Maryland Bibliography: 1953." Maryland Historical Magazine 49 (March 1954): 64-69.
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Annotation / Notes: McCauley's is the major reference point for anyone researching Maryland prints. It is well illustrated, with descriptive text. This is as close as one comes to a union catalog for Maryland prints. This work should also be of interest to anyone seeking pre-photographic images of Maryland sites, as well as to map historians.
McCauley, Lois B. The Official Museum Directory. Washington, DC: American Association of Museums, 1971-.
Annotation / Notes: This guide has been published yearly since 1971. The American Association of Museums is the museum world's major professional organization, although it is oriented more towards large wealthy institutions.
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Annotation / Notes: Records of Allegany County through Baltimore County and City.
Pedley, Avril J. M., ed. The Manuscript Collections of the Maryland Historical Society. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1968.
Annotation / Notes: Collection level descriptions of 1,724 collections in the Society's Manuscripts Division. It includes an extensive index. This is the first of two books the Society published describing their holdings. The collection information can now be found on the Society's webpage. See also Cox and Sullivan, (1981), for further information.
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Annotation / Notes: This survey of the records created by Maryland's counties, and Baltimore City, has its origins in the Depression era's Historical Records Survey. The introduction includes descriptions and explanations of the records. At the start of each county section is a general history of the county's records. This is the second of two books. The first in the series focuses of the history of each courthouse building.
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Annotation / Notes: An annotated bibliography of the commentary written by 31 foreign visitors to Maryland. Overall, the emphasis is on Baltimore and surrounding area.
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