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Annotation / Notes: A useful introduction to an underutlized resource. This article would be worthwhile reading for anyone interested in agricultural censuses whether or not their area of study was Calvert County.
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Annotation / Notes: A compilation on the history of the historic African American community of Winters Lane in Catonsville, this volume includes a rich collection of family history and documents related to the history of black churches, civic organizations, businesses, and social groups. It also provides several extensive oral histories with elders in the community. Like many African American communities in Baltimore County, Winters Lane had its roots in the pre-Civil War era as a settlement of free blacks who worked on area farms and in the growing village, and it has persisted into the modern period of suburbanization. Louis Diggs in this and other volumes on the county's historic African American communities includes an extensive set of photos and other documents previously unpublished on local black family and community life.
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Annotation / Notes: Walsh uses methods drawn from community studies to reconstitute a census for adult white males in Charles County in 1705, based upon a provincial census and rent rolls from the period. She argues that such methods provide the researcher the opportunity to establish reasonable accurate profiles of Chesapeake society in the colonial period.
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