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Sutton, Stanley B. Beyond the Roadgate: Kent County, 1900-1980. Privately published, 1983.
Annotation / Notes: This history of twentieth century Kent was compiled by a former Agricultural Extension Officer. Naturally enough, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the agricultural and rural heritage of the County. Pivotal 1980 leaders of the county supply commentary on their areas of expertise.
Sutton, Stanley B. "History of Women in Cecil County." Bulletin of the Historical Society of Cecil County 49 (October 1979): [1-2].
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Categories: Medicine, Eastern Shore
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Categories: Medicine, Eastern Shore
Allen, Alysha. "Searching for Cures in the Sky: Sickness Hysteria on the 19th-Century Eastern Shore." Shoreline, 21 (January 2015): 7-10.
Categories: Medicine, Eastern Shore
Vennos, Amy. "The Life of John Vigorous: The Practice of Surgery and the Pursuit of Social Status in Late 17th Century Somerset County." Shoreline, 23 (January 2017): 22-23.