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Categories: Agriculture
Dabney, William M. Letters from Norfolk: Scottish Merchants View the Revolutionary Crisis.
Categories: Other
Dabney, William M. Rowhouse Exhibit label copy, Peale Museum.
Annotation / Notes: In 1981, Baltimore's municipal museum reopened after a major renovation, with this "permanent" exhibit, one of its finest, created, among others, by assistant museum director Barry Dressel and Mary Ellen Hayward, co-author, with Charles Belfoure, of The Baltimore Rowhouse. The label copy is all that remains of this superb local exhibit, which was later de-mounted. The museum itself, housed in the oldest museum building in the United States, closed permanently in 1997. Its collections are now housed at the Maryland Historical Society.
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Categories: Environment
Delaplaine, Ruth Carty. A Walking Tour of Downtown Frederick At the Turn of the Century.
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Categories: Other
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Categories: Military
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Annotation / Notes: With sea level rise and shoreline erosion one of the most evident natural processes in the Chesapeake. Cronin, an oceanographer, provides a detailed account of virtually every island in the Bay.
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Categories: African American
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Categories: African American
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Categories: General
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Categories: African American, Women
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Categories: African American, Women
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Categories: African American, Women
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Annotation / Notes: Harriet Tubman and Pauli Murray.
Categories: African American
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Categories: African American
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Categories: African American
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Categories: Agriculture
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Categories: Archaeology
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Categories: Archaeology
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Categories: Archaeology
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Categories: Archaeology
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Categories: Environment
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Categories: Environment
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