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Diggs, Louis S. Since the Beginning: African American Communities in Towson. Baltimore: Uptown Press, 2000.
Annotation / Notes: East Towson, Sandy Bottom, Lutherville, Schwartz Avenue.
Orser, W. Edward. "Neither Separate Nor Equal: Foreshadowing Brown in Baltimore County, 1935-1937." Maryland Historical Magazine 92 (Spring 1997): 4-35.
Chapelle, Suzanne Ellery Greene. Baltimore, An Illustrated History. American Historical Press, 2000.
Annotation / Notes: A history of Baltimore, 1608-2000, for the general reader. A chronological history is presented which touches upon growth, politics, economics, education, cultural organizations, etc. Included at the end is a series of approximately 45 histories of leading 20th century businesses, companies, and organizations.
Thomas, Dawn F., and Robert Barnes. The Green Spring Valley-Its History and Heritage. 2 vols. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1978.
Annotation / Notes: One of the largest histories dedicated to a Maryland locale. The first half of the first volume includes intensive information on the area's land grants, biographical sketches of early settlers, a discussion of the economic development of the area, histories of the area's religious congregations, the areas educational institutions, and horse culture. The second portion deals with the history of the area's houses and the people who lived in them. The second volume, by Robert Barnes, is a genealogy of 32 major families.
Adams, Cheryl, and Art Emerson. Religion Collections in Libraries and Archives: A Guide to Resources in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Washington: Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: Institutional level descriptions for nineteen Maryland libraries and archives holding significant religious collections. A tremendous level of detail is given. Subject headings are assigned to each institution. This guide is also available online at
Baltimore History Network. Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources. Baltimore: Baltimore History Group, 1989.
Musser, Frederick O. The History of Goucher College, 1930-1985. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990.
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Annotation / Notes: Reisterstown school.
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