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Brooks, Richard O. New Towns and Communal Values: A Case Study of Columbia, Maryland. New York: Praeger, 1974.
Annotation / Notes: This work is the product of the consultancy year the author spent with the Rouse Company. He includes a snapshot of residents at the time, such as their population characteristics and their reason for purchasing in Columbia. Included is a chapter on the now gone Antioch College.
Feaga, Barbara W., and Various Howard Countians. Howard's Roads to the Past. Ellicott City, MD: Howard County Sesquicentennial Commission, 2000.
Adams, Cheryl, and Art Emerson. Religion Collections in Libraries and Archives: A Guide to Resources in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Washington: Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Library of Congress, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: Institutional level descriptions for nineteen Maryland libraries and archives holding significant religious collections. A tremendous level of detail is given. Subject headings are assigned to each institution. This guide is also available online at
Hires, Will E. "Profile of the R. E, Gibson Library and Information Center and Mr. Robert S. Gresehover, Director." The Cutting Edge 49 (December 2000): 9, 11.
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Varlack, Genee A. The Impact of School Climate on Student Achievement in an Affluent Maryland Suburb. Ph.D. diss., Morgan State University, 2008.
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Curtis, Edith C. "The Little Schoolteacher--Pfeiffer's Corner School." The Legacy, 45 (November 2007): 4-7.
Lutz, Paulette. "Continuing the Great Education Tradition of Howard County." The Legacy, 50 (Summer 2013): 5-6.
Categories: Education, Howard County