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Annotation / Notes: Joshua Barney (1758-1818) was a naval hero in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Aside from his military exploits, this patriotic Marylander's life is closely associated with the history of the American flag. Barney is best known for the spirited action of the barge men under his command at the Battle of Bladensburg in 1814. Alone among the Americans at the battle, Barney and his men fought bravely against a superior British force.
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Annotation / Notes: Londontown, located on the South River, was a very early example of successful town planning in Maryland. The community, however, did not have any long term success due to its economic base in the tobacco system.
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Annotation / Notes: Students of Maryland transportation and maritime development probably would agree that the canal is the most important per mile ever dug in the United States. Experts depend on this volume; lovers of lore may wish to add it to their libraries, said a Maryland Historical Magazine reviewer (84:401, Winter 1989).
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Annotation / Notes: During the Revolution.
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