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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
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Annotation / Notes: A photo essay of the changing lives of the Eastern Shore's peoples focusing on watermen, boat builders, environmentalists, and chicken farmers. Special emphasis is placed on Smith Island and Crisfield. Photographs by Jon Naso and Marion Warren.
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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
Fusonie, Alan, and Donna Jean. George Washington, Pioneer Farmer. Mount Vernon, VA: Mt. Vernon Ladies Association, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: Washington's life gives many insights into colonial farming, and he had many contacts among Maryland Agriculturalists.
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Annotation / Notes: These are the first "pictures" of this region, accurately depicting marine, terrestrial and avian species, and both Native Americans and sundry of their crafts. They are widely applicable to the nearby Chesapeake Indians and some drawings may directly depict Bay life because John White explored there during his stay.
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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
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Categories: Agriculture, Environment
Fleming, Patrick. "Agricultural Cost Sharing and Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay: Estimating Indirect Effects of Environmental Payments." American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99 (October 2017): 1208-27.