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Browne, Gary L. "Urban Centers of the Past." Maryland Heritage News 2 (Fall 1984): 6-7.
Annotation / Notes: A variety of factors effect the rise and fall of urban centers -- transportation, market, environmental, and political changes, as well as the rise of other centers. Browne presents a brief discussion of the fate of approximately ten urban centers.
Nurnberger, Ralph D. "The Great Baltimore Deluge of 1817." Maryland Historical Magazine 69 (Winter 1974): 405-8.
Annotation / Notes: Calamities are popular topics for local historians. This discussion of a major flood of the Jones Falls, in Old Town Baltimore, includes an eyewitness account.
Tack, George E. "The Romantic Gwynn's Falls Valley." History Trails 26 (Autumn 1991-Winter 1991-92): 1-5.
Annotation / Notes: A reprint of poet Tack's 1907 Maryland Monthly Magazine article describing the Valley, its businesses, its mills, its homes, etc., including the natural world. It ends with a poem by Folger McKinsey and one by Tack on the Valley.
Trostel, Michael F. "Mondawmin: Baltimore's Lost County Estate." Bulletin of the Southern Garden History Society 8 (Summer 1991): 3-4.
Weeks, Christopher. "Bouncing Along the Post Road: Eighteenth Century Harford County as Seen by Travelers." Harford Historical Bulletin 57 (Summer 1993): 74-127.
Annotation / Notes: Annotated excerpts from ten contemporary descriptions of traveling along the post road. The authors include such well known Colonial figures as Dr. Alexander Hamilton, Charles Willson Peale, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.
Wilstach, Paul. Tidewater Maryland. Indianapolis, IN: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1931.
Annotation / Notes: A narrative history of those Maryland counties, all but seven of the twenty-three, touched by saltwater, arranged by theme and locale. There is a great deal of emphasis on the founding of towns and important personages, a wide variety of subjects are covered.
Griffith, Philip L. "Maryland's Bird: The Baltimore Oriole." The Record 77 (October 1997): 3.
Maryland Hall of Records Commission. A Declaration of the Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary-land. 1663; reprint, Annapolis, MD: Maryland Hall of Records Commission, Department of General Services, 1983.
Annotation / Notes: This booklet, issued as part of Maryland's 350th year, includes a facsimile of Lord Baltimore's original description of Maryland's natural resources (plus a remarkable explanation of the Gulf Stream and coastal fisheries!) , and an announcement that the ship "Arke of Mary-land" would sail August 20th, 1633.
Norden, Arnold W., T. David Schofield, and Joyce J. Evans. "Sea Turtle Strandings from Maryland Waters Reported to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, 1990 through 1997." Maryland Naturalist 42 (January/June 1998): 20-23.
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