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Annotation / Notes: The product of a geographer, this excellent history of Baltimore focuses on its physical growth as an urban center. Special emphasis is placed on how the city, and its inhabitants, handled the changes brought about by city growth.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of that portion of Prince George's County that in 1748 became Frederick County as told through the stories of the original land patents and their owners. The appendix includes many handy lists including a list of 1733-1734 inhabitants, early German Settlers, and Frederick County Muster Rolls, ca. 1757.
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Annotation / Notes: Essays on aspects of the social history of Baltimore provide case studies of social issues and neighborhood dynamics. Paired chapters first consider the lives of ordinary B&O Railroad workers involved in the railroad strike of 1877, then examine the powerful family of B&O magnate John Work Garrett. Chapters on work consider the area's mill villages, the garment industry, and union activity. Studies of neighborhoods address the history of Fells Point in terms of race and ethnicity and racial change in west Baltimore.
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Annotation / Notes: 1916
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