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Broadneck Jaycees. Broadneck, Maryland's Historic Peninsula. Annapolis, MD: Fishergate Publishing Co., Inc., 1976.
Annotation / Notes: Broadneck is a former Anne Arundel County hundred, located between the Severn and the Magothy Rivers. This work, published for the American Bicentennial, consists of thirteen essays, written by community leaders and local scholars, on a variety of themes -- education, religion, etc. One essay is the work of former Maryland State Archivist, Morris L. Radoff. Included is a list showing the dates of the area's first families' first residences.
Getty, Joseph M., ed. The Carroll Record: Histories of Northwestern Carroll County Communities. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1994.
Annotation / Notes: Reprints of nineteenth century newspaper articles, from the Carroll Record, on the histories of fourteen of Carroll's communities, written by various authors. Includes an "historical supplement" which provides information on late twentieth century organizations and businesses, along with some family histories.
Tull, Willis Clayton, Jr. "An Every Name Index to R.V. Truitt & M.G. Les Callette's 'Worcester County, Maryland's Arcadia.'" Maryland and Delaware Genealogist 23 (Spring 1982): 39-41.
Cox, Richard J., and Larry E. Sullivan, eds. A Guide to the Research Collections of the Maryland Historical Society: Historical and Genealogical Manuscripts and Oral History Interviews. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1981.
Annotation / Notes: The second of Maryland Historical Society's books describing collections from their manuscript division. See citation under Pedley for the first work. Although out of print, both books are still excellent research starting points and can serve as a good introduction to the Society's manuscript holdings.
Eff, Elaine, ed. You Should Have Been Here Yesterday. Crownsville, MD: Maryland Historical Trust Press, 1995.
Annotation / Notes: This guide covers every aspect of a cultural documentation study. It should be consulted by anyone starting out on such a project.
Beauchamp, Virginia Walcott, ed. A Private War: Letters and Diaries of Madge Preston, 1862-1867. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1987.
Jabour, Anya. "'It Will Never Do For Me to be Married': The Life of Laura Wirt Randall, 1803-1833." Journal of the Early Republic 17 (1997): 193-236.
Jabour, Anya. Marriage in the Early Republic: Elizabeth and William Wirt and the Companionate Ideal. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: In the early American Republic the beau ideal was in vogue. It called for companionate marriage characterized by egalitarian, loving relations between husband and wife whose mutual happiness was foremost. Unfortunately, other ideologies prevented the reaalization of the beau ideal. Men pursued the cult of the self-made man, and women found value in the cult of domesticity (true womanhood) which stressed women's duties in the home and rebuked the male dominated public sphere. The Wirts wanted the beau ideal, but separate duties, often in separate locales, undermined their efforts.
Barnes, Robert. Gleanings from Maryland Newspapers, 1776-1785. Lutherville, MD: Bettie Carothers, 1975.
Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1888-December 30, 1892. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2006.
Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1893-December 31, 1896. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007.
Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1897-December 31, 1901. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007.
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Duncan, Patricia B. Genealogical Abstracts from The Brunswick Herald, Brunswick, Maryland, 4 January 1895 to 30 December 1898. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2006.