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Annotation / Notes: The Cone sisters, Etta and Claribel, were responsible for assembling the unsurpassed Cone Collection of works by Matisse and other modern artists at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Patrons of modern art before it was fashionable, the Cones were closely associated with their friend from her Baltimore days, Gertrude Stein. Art lovers will find the story of their collecting to be an important background for the enjoyment of the collection.
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Annotation / Notes: Photographer Laird Wise.
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Annotation / Notes: A Havre de Grace wood carver.
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Annotation / Notes: Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827), artist, naturalist, museologist, began his career in Maryland as the son of a clerk transported to the colonies for forgery. Sent to England for artistic training by Maryland patrons, Peale became a leading artist and portrait painter of the new republic. Peale was also noteworthy for his excavation of a mastodon's skeleton and his establishment of museums displaying art and natural history collections. His sons and other relatives formed a dynasty of artists who were influential in Maryland and beyond. Readers seeking in-depth biographical information on the Peales should consult the Selected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and his Family.
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Annotation / Notes: The first of several volumes in this series, a multi-year effort, published for the Maryland Historical Society where most of Latrobe's records reside. Succeeding volumes encompass Latrobe's other journals, papers and correspondence, architectural and engineering drawings, views, etc.
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Annotation / Notes: The Pulitzer prize-winning biography of an architect closely identified with Maryland, and one of the greatest to practice in the state, is still the standard biography.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of colonial Annpolis presented through the lives of eleven prominent citizens. Represented are a printer, a governor, a doctor, and a cabinetmaker. Included are such well known Maryland surnames as Carroll, Paca, Dulany, Chase, and Shaw.